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3 Reasons Why You Should Sharpen Dental Instruments Chair-side
3 Reasons Why You Should Sharpen Dental Instruments Chair-sideChair-side sharpening of my scalers and curettes is something I’vedone throughout my career as a periodontist. In each of my scaling androot planing kits, and in my surgical set-ups, I have a sterile dentalinstrument sharpening...  Read More
What's My Line? The Dental Edition
For those readers who think the 90’s were ages ago, long before then there was a game show that aired for 25 years called “What’s My Line?”In the game a panel of four celebrity panelists would ask questions of a guest requiring “yes” or “no” answers...  Read More
Complex recovery of a upper bicuspid
Like to share a complex case of recovery of an upper bicuspid with almost no sound healthy tooth structure . Patient will was to restore in a predictable way the tooth without doing an implant so a multidisciplinary treatment was carried on doing a orthodontic extrusion , a crown lengthening and...  Read More
How To Get Free Website Traffic
Website Traffic, How Facebook Can Increase Yours Completely Free Of ChargeNeil SandersonWe all know that saying thank you is a great courtesy and makes the person who is receiving, feel much better don’t we. Well here’s a tip to makethose twolittle words “Thank You” increase...  Read More
Choosing a Toothbrush for Children
The importance of dental care doesn’t only apply to adults or teens. Children, especially those in the preschool years, also need to practice proper dental hygiene. Did you know that deciduous (primary) teeth affect the overall health of permanent teeth? When children get early gum disease...  Read More
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The #1 metric for practice success
When we talk to dentists about their practice they are oftenconcerned because they have no real feel for their data. Usually they have goneto a seminar or talked to a consultant and have heard about all the variedreports they should be running to monitor their practice. In reality 80% ofpractices...  Read More
Stacking the Deck : A response to questions about our selection of testing protocols
Recently, we received feedback regarding our methodology for creating protocols for evaluating endo file performance on our ,a computer controlled clinical simulator. As always, we encourage yourparticipation in our discussions and we felt others might benefit fromincluding these comments in our...  Read More
Deliver Exceptional Scaling and Root Planing With Sharp Dental Instruments
Sharp dentalinstruments are essential for the delivery of exceptional scaling androot planing. Sharp instruments do indeed “sharpen your performance”.There are many reasons for this.Sharp instruments allow you towork faster. Calculus removal is more complete with fewer strokes...  Read More
The Five P's of Internal Collections
I often ask practices if they know “howmuch future revenue their current A/R will cost”. After receivingpuzzled looks, I explain what I’m asking is how much it cost to billeach patient and how many bills are required to recover what is owed?Itis easy to determine what is owed; the...  Read More
Ways to Motivate Patients to Floss
Everyone knows the importance of brushing your teeth at least twice a day, but many people skip flossing, which is just as crucial! Flossing helps to maintain the highest oral health possible because plaque, bacteria and other food particles will be removed from the hard to reach places in between...  Read More
The Voice of Dentistry with ADA Presidents Dr. Maxine Feinberg and Dr. Carol Summerhays : Howard Speaks Podcast #52
How has dentistry changed in the last 25 years and how will it change in the next 25? Why should a graduating dental student with $300,000 in debt pay their ADA dues? Do female dentists actually work less like many have predicted? Why can't dentists give HPV and other vaccines, while a pharmacy...  Read More
Financial Matters in a Dental Office
FinancialMatters in a Dental Office It is imperative that dental team members in financial roles recognize the often delicate nature of their assigned tasks. In many dental practices, the negotiation of patient financial arrangements and management of account receivables is delegated to an office...  Read More
4 Tips for Running a Legal Dental Patient Referral Contest on Social Media
Are Dental Patient Referral Contests Legal?We’re going to shift gears here for a bit and talk about dental patient referrals - as opposed to professional .With social media at the forefront of our day to day dental practice communications, we see LOTS of practices diving head first into...  Read More
Why Do My Teeth Hurt When I’m Ill?
Let’s say you’ve come down with a really bad cold. Or the flu. Or bronchitis. The type of illness doesn’t really count, but it has to be severe enough that you have a slight or moderate fever and you ache. You also have a runny nose, possibly nasal decongestion and a sore throatIn...  Read More
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Smart Retirement Planning for Dentists: Sell Now - Retire Later
Don't Wait Until Retirement Time to Sell Your Dental PracticeDeciding on the right time to put your dental practice for sale can be a daunting experience. While it may seem logical to wait until you're ready to retire, the truth is that selling your dental practice earlier can have a positive...  Read More
What is A Dentist's Biggest Dream For Their Professional Career?
For some people becoming a dentist is their biggest dream, which takes a lot of work and dedication. But what happens when they finally earn their license and can start practicing dentistry? They quickly find out there is more to the dental profession than simply taking care of teeth. Before they...  Read More
Are You a Prisoner of Your Comfort Zone?
How do you determine whether your comfort zone has held you captive? One telltale sign, when you repeatedly avoid an activity that could create the greatest results. For instance, you’re in the room with key people that could make a difference to your business and you avoid them or speak with...  Read More
The Business Anarchist's Guide to The Business of Dentistry - How To Leverage Holidays & Special Occasions  To Attract & Retain More Patients
There are two ways you can send out an ad to promote your practice – whether it’s to your existing patients (internal marketing) or to prospective patients (external marketing) – and in fact, I’d go so far as to say there’s a right way and a wrong way: )You can send...  Read More
Staying Focused
advise practice owners NOT to spend a lot of time on management.They should instead focus on servicing patients with the best possible care.Stay focused on helping patients get better; not on the money. The money will come if you stay focused on helping as many people as possible in your community...  Read More
Episode 4 - The 8E8 Dental Marketing Show
Episode 4 - The 8E8 Dental Marketing Show In episode 4 we talk aboutlocation, location, location, delegating the marketing and is it possible to be too gimmicky.?Watch the video version of the show at:  Read More
A Microscope in Every Operatory with Dr. Glenn van As : Howard Speaks Podcast #51
Dr. Glenn van As has a microscope in every operatory. Hear his story of why he got into magnification in a big way.Electrosurge is officially dead and lasers have taken their place. Dr. van As shares why every dentist should have a diode laser in their office.Stream Audio Here: ...  Read More
The Art of Asking for Dental Patient Referrals
My guess is that is you are reading this blog post, you have yet to master the art of referrals. There is a “right way” to get dental referrals, and there is a way that isn’t as effective.Let’s take a look at what it takes to master the art of referrals and grow your...  Read More
Free eBook: “Practical Pearls: CAD-CAM 3D Printed Nylon Sleep Apnea Appliances”
By now most everyone practicing Sleep Dentistry has seen or handled a nylon sleep appliance; the Narval CC by RESMED and the D-SAD by Panthera . These companies have introduced us to a “New World” way of viewing appliances that manage Sleep Apnea; the CAD-CAM 3-D Printer way. Using...  Read More
Turn your practice into a Brand with Video
Brands evoke feelings in the minds of consumers. If I say tab32,I hope you think of.When done right, this brand loyalty causes customers to choose you over thecompetition. A good brand identity will tell your customers who you are, whatyou do, and how you do it. Loyalty will make people drive...  Read More
Is your Website Mobile Ready?
Mobile Dental WebsiteNeil SandersonI purchased the new iPhone 6 last month, and it’s brilliant, I’m sure they will improve on it, but at the moment I really can’t see how they’re going to do it, it’s the ideal platform for displaying a mobile dental website.It’s...  Read More
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