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What's My Line? The Dental Edition
For those readers who think the 90’s were ages ago, long before then there was a game show that aired for 25 years called “What’s My Line?” In the game a panel of four celebrity panelists would ask questions of a guest requiring “yes” or “no” answers...  Read More
The Five P's of Internal Collections
I often ask practices if they know “how much future revenue their current A/R will cost”. After receiving puzzled looks, I explain what I’m asking is how much it cost to bill each patient and how many bills are required to recover what is owed? It is easy to determine what is...  Read More
The Voice of Dentistry with ADA Presidents Dr. Maxine Feinberg and Dr. Carol Summerhays : Howard Speaks Podcast #52
How has dentistry changed in the last 25 years and how will it change in the next 25?  Why should a graduating dental student with $300,000 in debt pay their ADA dues? Do female dentists actually work less like many have predicted? Why can't dentists give HPV and other vaccines, while a pharmacy...  Read More
Financial Matters in a Dental Office
Financial Matters in a Dental Office It is imperative that dental team members in financial roles recognize the often delicate nature of their assigned tasks. In many dental practices, the negotiation of patient financial arrangements and management of account receivables is delegated to...  Read More
What is A Dentist's Biggest Dream For Their Professional Career?
For some people becoming a dentist is their biggest dream, which takes a lot of work and dedication. But what happens when they finally earn their license and can start practicing dentistry? They quickly find out there is more to the dental profession than simply taking care of teeth. Before they...  Read More
The Business Anarchist's Guide to The Business of Dentistry - How To Leverage Holidays & Special Occasions  To Attract & Retain More Patients
There are two ways you can send out an ad to promote your practice – whether it’s to your existing patients (internal marketing) or to prospective patients (external marketing) – and in fact, I’d go so far as to say there’s a right way and a wrong way: )You can...  Read More
Staying Focused
 advise practice owners NOT to spend a lot of time on management. They should instead focus on servicing patients with the best possible care. Stay focused on helping patients get better; not on the money. The money will come if you stay focused on helping as many people as possible in your...  Read More
Episode 4 - The 8E8 Dental Marketing Show
Episode 4 - The 8E8 Dental Marketing Show In episode 4 we talk about location, location, location, delegating the marketing and is it possible to be too gimmicky.? Watch the video version of the show at: ...  Read More
A Microscope in Every Operatory with Dr. Glenn van As : Howard Speaks Podcast #51
Dr. Glenn van As has a microscope in every operatory.  Hear his story of why he got into magnification in a big way. Electrosurge is officially dead and lasers have taken their place.  Dr. van As shares why every dentist should have a diode laser in their office. Stream Audio Here:      ...  Read More
Categories: Laser Dentistry
3 Compliance Mistakes That Are Hurting Your Dental Practice
Have you ever heard of another dentist making a compliance mistake that you regularly make and started to panic a little? This seems to be when our phone rings; after someone is penalized or after they finally realize some of the errors they are making. Maintaining compliance as an employer is a...  Read More
Retargeting:  Dental Marketing's Newest Frontier
98% of Visitors to Your Website Leave Without Calling Your Office for An Appointment: Retargeting Facebook and Google (The New Frontier in Dental Marketing) Brings Them Back The Statistics: 98% of prospective patients who are “shopping” for a Dentist will leave your website without...  Read More
Top 5 Websites Dentists Should Visit for Daily Industry News
Remaining on of top industry trends is an important part of any career, especially so within the the field of dentistry. Having a clear idea of the technology and resources that are available allows dental professionals to identify possible business prospects. Following industry news gives...  Read More
How to Make Your Dental Website Patient-Friendly?
For a dental website to be user-friendly, you should provide enough information about your practice to your target audience. Your information should be comprehensive, easily navigated and well organized so the prospective patient can search for the information he/she needs. Here is the example...  Read More
Apples to Apples - Dental Intel with Adam Smith : Howard Speaks Podcast #50
Adam Smith, VP of Analytics at Dental Intel, shares his expertise on practice overhead, accounting in a dental office, uncovering embezzlement and more! Stream Audio Here:                                                                                                                   ...  Read More
Dentaltown Learning Online "The New OSHA Hazard Communication Standard" by Leslie Canham
Dentaltown Learning Online is proud to present OSHA expert Leslie Canham CDA, RDA and her new CE course..."The New OSHA Hazard Communication Standard" This course satisfies the new requirements mandated for your staff. This course can be found here... The OSHA Hazard Communication...  Read More
Testing the Limits of Endodontic Surgery
This patient came to Superstition Springs Endodontics in 2012. She reported trauma in the early 1970's - when one of her kids accidentally head butted those teeth. They became infected and a RCT was done in the early 70's. Original crowns still in place. Her dentists ever since have pointed out...  Read More
Your Next 7 Medical Emergencies with Dr. Catharine Goodson : Howard Speaks Podcast #49
On average in a 10 year span, 7 medical emergencies occur in a dental office.  Dr. Catharine Goodson shares the story that started her on the pathway to become an expert in medical emergencies in dentistry, followed by the steps you can take to have your office ready for your next incident. What...  Read More
Episode 3 - The 8E8 Dental Marketing Show
Episode 3 - The 8E8 Dental Marketing Show In this episode we talk about spending $1000 a month on SEO, what to do with all those community sponsorship requests and a few good marketing books. Watch the video version of the show...  Read More
HIPAA Breach Notification Deadline Quickly Approaching
Did your practice experience a breach affecting fewer than 500 individuals in 2014? If so, the deadline for reporting the breach to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is quickly approaching. Per the Code of Federal Regulation (CFR), your practice has until March 1, 2015 to...  Read More
The Essential Guide for Successfully Using Social Media to Generate More New Dentist Patients and Referrals
™. Dr. Newhouse has created The Essential Guide for Successfully Using Social Media to Generate More New Dentist Patients and Referrals (SlideShare Below) and has provided FREE Tuition for the Dental Marketing University™ Module #1: Social Media Marketing Success now through May 15,...  Read More
It Still Has Teeth After 66 Years
The first year this celebrated annual national event was held, the price of gasoline was $0.17 a gallon, the minimum wage was $0.70 and the average cost of a new house was $7,450. If you guessed we’re talking about the first year nitrous oxide was used to perform a dental surgery that...  Read More
The Art of Dental Photography with Dr. Jason Olitsky : Howard Speaks Podcast #48
You've been told to use a nice camera to increase case acceptance, improve communication with the lab and build a library of before and after cases.  But which camera should you buy?  And once you buy it, how do you take good enough pictures to post on Dentaltown? As the expert on clinical...  Read More
Consultant Tip: Staff Meeting Protocol
The Purpose of Staff Meetings: Have orderly, productive, and uplifting meetings; which will help create a more unified staff and thus a more productive practice. Go over practice monitors from the previous month. Acknowledge staff members who refer patients to the office [along...  Read More
Abandoning Paternalistic Care with Dr. Mo Taheri : Howard Speaks Podcast #47
These days fewer patients answer with, "Whatever you say, you're the doctor" after a treatment plan presentation.  In today’s episode, Dr. Mo Taheri, a published prosthodontist, lecturer, and active townie on the forums, urges dentists to shift to a patient-centered team model. Dr. Taheri...  Read More
Below are Some Tips and Ideas on  How to Manage Patient Risk
Talk with and listen to your patients. Make sure each patient's treatment expectations are realistic. Encourage your patients to ask questions. Eliminate excessive waiting time for patients in the office. Monitor staff courtesy; discourteous staff may be costly to attracting and...  Read More
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