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Big Drama in Dental Demographics World
There is big news in the demographics world. Some of it is great news for dentistry and practices.  Some of it is just plain sobering.  Take a look and your future.   Read More
When You're Looking For Dental Office Space, You're Going To Need A Specialist
You might think that when you’re looking for dental office space, you can hire any old real estate agent. Even those who mostly handle residential deals. After all, you might think all real estate is pretty much the same.   But you’d be wrong!   That’s because healthcare real estate has very...  Read More
How Long Will it Take to Sell Your Dental Practice?
How Long Will It Take to Sell Your Dental Practice? The most common question leading up to a dental practice transition is, “How long will it take to sell my practice?” While the answer isn’t cut and dry, there are a number of factors that contribute to how long your dental practice will be on...  Read More
1333 Bob Fontana of Aspen Dental on the Changing Dental Landscape : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Robert Fontana has served as ADMI’s Chief Executive Officer since the company’s inception in 1998. Under his leadership, ADMI has advanced from its Northeastern roots to become one of the largest and fastest-growing dental support organizations in the United States. With a unique grasp of the...  Read More
If You Want To Be Successful, You Need To Speak The Language
Did you ever see the movie “Arrival?”  In this rousing cinematic adventure, Amy Adams plays Louise, a linguist hired by the government. Alien ships have descended upon the planet. And, she has to learn how to speak the language of the strange beings traveling inside.     She spends a lot of...  Read More
A Simple Two-Step Process for Getting Online Reviews for Your Practice
            When you first get started with the marketing strategies I teach, you might be surprised by how simple they are at their core. Whether it’s Facebook marketing for dental practices, dental marketing funnels, or any other strategy I teach, all of them boil down to applying what has...  Read More
Have You Found Your Dream Team Yet?
Most healthcare professionals dream of the day they get to open their own office.    When that time comes for you, it’s important to find the right people for your “dream team.” These are the professionals who are going to make your journey a smooth one.    Part of that task is hiring a broker who...  Read More
Run Your Own Life... Or Someone Else Will Run It For You
Are you in charge of your own life, or are you controlled by circumstances?   Here's how to create a solid, healthy plan for your future and the future of your patients.     Read More
Episode 100: How to Grow Your Practice In Only Five Minutes Per Day
Dr. Bryan Laskin and David Pryor discuss how dental offices can grow their practice, using a simple investment of just five minutes per day.  Find out more at  Grow Your Practice In Only Five Minutes Per Day Find us on Radio!  Read More
What To Look For When Leasing Dental Office Space
Dental practitioners have office space requirements that significantly differ from those of other types of commercial tenants. For starters, they need an office in a building that allows for the safe and legal disposal of hazardous biological material. And, space has to be able to be configured to...  Read More
1.20 - When and How Much to Pay Yourself As a New Owner
One of the most confusing parts of dental practice ownership is knowing how to pay yourself. How do you know when to do it? How do you know how much? Listen to this episode to understand how to do the thing you're in business to get - money and control! And do it the right way... See more...  Read More
1.19 - The 5 Things That Must Be Done Before Closing Day
There is a long checklist of things to do to get ready to own a dental practice you're buying, but it's impossible to get everything done and ready to go. There are 5 non-negotiable tasks that absolutely MUST be done and ready to go before closing day.  Listen to the second-to-last episode of...  Read More
1.18 - How and When to Complete Your Due Diligence
Due diligence when buying a dental practice is the art and science of ensuring that what you think you're buying actually IS what the seller and broker have told you it is. Listen to this episode to learn the best steps and best timing for your due diligence. See more episodes, full show notes,...  Read More
1.17 - The 3 Most Important Things to Start Immediately After the LOI is Signed
You hired a team, found and analyzed a practice, and had your LOI accepted - but the work is just beginning! There is so much to do to get ready to own your dental practice so listen to this episode to learn the three crucial things to start immediately after you sign that letter of intent.  See...  Read More
Today's The Day To Stop Procrastinating!
Today is “Still Need to Do Day.”    The creators of this holiday were concerned about the adverse physical and psychological effects of procrastination, including obesity and depression. So, they set aside a day in the twilight of the year for consummate procrastinators to accomplish all the...  Read More
1.16 - The Legal Documents You'll See and What They Mean When Buying a Practice
Listen to this episode to learn what legal documents you can expect to see and what they mean when buying a dental practice. Learn what to watch for, who will negotiate on your behalf and how to read the key documents that will transfer ownership of a successful dental practice into your hands.  ...  Read More
1.15 - How to Decide Between Two Dental Loans
Deciding between two bank loans when buying a dental practice can difficult, but only if you don't know exactly what matters and what doesn't.  Listen to this episode to learn what really matters, and what you can ignore when negotiating with the banks to ensure you choose the best dental loan....  Read More
4 Ways Your Scheduler Can Help You Grow
            Effective scheduling is one of the most important components of any dental practice. When done well, it can instantly boost productivity, profitability, and the return on investment for  efforts. Do you have a dedicated scheduler? If not, having one who is trained in four key growth...  Read More
1.14 - Exactly How to Get the Best Rates and Terms from Banks
One of the scariest parts of buying a dental practice is getting a practice loan. Make the best of the necessity of going into debt and learn how to get the very BEST dental loan to buy your dental practice.  There is a right way to approach banks. You need to know which banks to approach, how...  Read More
1.13 - 3 Tips Using Psychology To Make Sure Your LOI Is Accepted
The best buyers know that submitting a successful letter of intent when buying a dental practice involves as much psychology as it does numbers.  Listen to this episode to learn three tricks that take advantage of simple psychology to maximize the chances that your LOI is the one accepted buy a...  Read More
A Tenant Rep Can Help You Get The Office Space That's Right For You
The world of dental real estate can make you dizzy with its complexity.    It's enough to give anyone a whopping headache!    This is a world of zero transparency…where secretive owners guard their listings and have a vested interest in keeping you forever in the dark.    Landlords control what...  Read More
1.12 - Negotiate This In Your LOI (and Ignore These 3 Things)
When you submit your letter of intent on a dental practice there's more included than just the price. The best buyers know the right areas to include and negotiate, and how to set up the LOI perfectly to allow both sides to win in the right way.  Listen to this episode to also learn two common...  Read More
How to Not Let the Value of Your Dental Practice Drop during a Transition
How to Not Let the Value of Your Dental Practice Drop during a Transition    With so much going on during a dental practice transition, it’s easy to let things slide off your radar. A common and honest mistake is letting the value of your practice drop leading up to the proverbial changing of the...  Read More
Summit Shoutout with Samantha Leonard
          Summit Shoutout with Samantha Leonard I’m so excited about our line-up of expert speakers for the Delivering WOW Summit in New Orleans in March 2020. One of our speakers will be Samantha Leonard of . She was the most talked-about speaker at our summit in Jamaica and she’s going to be...  Read More
1.11 - When to Submit an LOI & 2 Common Negotiation Pitfalls to Avoid
How do you know when the right time is to submit an LOI? How important is it to get right if it's non-binding?  Learn a few common broker's tricks that take advantage of psychology and the average buyer's lack of knowledge to get you to pay just a liiiiiitle bit more for dental practices, and how...  Read More
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