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1463 Dr. Ben Baranes on Mistakes to Avoid After Dental School : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Dr. Ben Baranes is a general dentist practicing in Phoenix, Arizona. Dr. Baranes was born and raised in Paris, France. At the age of 18, he decided to pursue his American Dream and moved to California for his undergraduate studies. A decade later, he still feels like it was the best decision he...  Read More
How to Revamp Your Dental Practice Post Pandemic
It would be natural, with everything going on, to return to what you were doing for marketing before the pandemic; running theand resuming whatever external efforts you had in place. Will this work?  While we don’t know for sure, considering patients may be hesitant to return to care quickly, the...  Read More
Episode 135: Help, I'm Understaffed And Can't Find Team Members!
Dr. Bryan Laskin and David Pryor discuss a huge issue offices are currently facing. If you're up for some tough love though, it can be a massive opportunity for the right dentist.  Understaffed and Cannot Find Team Members Find us on Radio!  Read More
How to Increase Your Appointment Volume through Online Dental Scheduling
Can your patients go directly to your website and book an appointment without shuffling back and forth to the dental office or making multiple calls to the front desk?  In this article, you’ll get to know about the importance and benefits of online appointment scheduling systems for dentists,...  Read More
Episode 134: A New Tool Allison Lacoursiere Is Using To Drive Younger Patients To The Office - Part 2
Dr. Bryan Laskin continues the conversation with Allison Lacoursiere from  to discuss the clear choice in social media when it comes to attracting new patients for your practice. In part 2 of this episode, you will learn the workflow Allison has implemented to bring those new patients in. A New...  Read More
Innovation for Effective Care
Greater adherence to recommended care, better clinical care, and health care quality outcomes are associated with positive patient care experiences. It applies to all forms of health care including dental. A patient should have access to dental care when it is most needed. In that way, the patient...  Read More
Three Pitfalls of Calling On Properties Without Representation
Finding a new location for your medical or healthcare practice can be exciting. The prospect of a newly designed office in a better part of town with the anticipation of growing your practice is an enticing adventure for many doctors. It’s fun to imagine and dream of what’s possible. This process...  Read More
Episode 133: A New Tool Allison Lacoursiere Is Using To Drive Younger Patients To The Office
Dr. Bryan Laskin welcomes Allison Lacoursiere from  to discuss the clear choice in social media when it comes to attracting new patients for your practice.  A New Tool To Drive Younger Patients Find us on Radio!  Read More
Episode 132: Big Dental Technologies That Are Being Fast Tracked By COVID-19 with Mike Uretz
Dr. Bryan Laskin is joined by Mike Uretz for this week's episode of The Operatory Podcast to discuss dental technologies that have been made widely popular due to COVID-19. Mike Uretz is a nationally-recognized Dental software and Electronic Health Records (EHR) expert. He is the founder of  as...  Read More
Dental Realist: Episode 51 - Practice Transitions w/ Randon Jensen
On Episode 51 we welcome Randon Jensen, practice transition consultant with CTC Associates, to the Dental Realist Podcast to discuss all aspects of practice transitions. -Is practice ownership still an attractive option for dentists? -What is the profile of a first-time buyer? -When is the right...  Read More
Text to Pay: Drive Patient Payments Securely with Automated Texts
Managing overdue payments can be a huge challenge for dental practices. So it's important for dental providers to have an effective patient payment collection strategy in order to reduce bad debt and protect their practice’s financial well-being. An effective way to drive timely patient payments...  Read More
How Does the COVID-19 Pandemic Affect Dental Practice Valuation?
We’ve gone through some crazy months with the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown. Those owning dental practices undoubtedly wonder how locking their doors for all procedures aside from emergencies would affect their numbers and, in turn, the value of their practice. Unlike businesses such as restaurants,...  Read More
Episode 130: How Teledentistry Failed Dentists...And How To Make It Profitable
Teledentistry has been around for years, but it has gained exponential interest during COVID-19. With the immediate urgency to take on Teledentistry in a short period of time, there has been a lack of understanding of how to properly utilize this technology effectively. Listen in as Dr. Bryan...  Read More
1432 Howard Speaks with Dental School Students About the Business of Pandemic Dentistry
On his 30 year anniversary of lecturing, Howard spoke with members of the University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine's Business Book Club about the business of dentistry and what to expect coming into the profession during a pandemic. VIDEO - DUwHF #1432 - Michael Mulady AUDIO - DUwHF...  Read More
Episode 129: You Are Right, It Is Time For You To Retire
Dr. Laskin takes on this episode solo as he brings in the dentist perspective to a social media post that stopped his scrolling dead in its tracks. "Just my opinion", but this may change your perspective on the future of dentistry.  You Are Right It Is Time For You To Retire Find us...  Read More
The Age Old Question For a Dental Practice Buyer: Should You Pay For Potential?
This is a very common question we get with certain practice transitions and many believe the answer is easy, NO! Sometimes I’d agree and other times I would flatly disagree. Unfortunately, it depends on what the potential is and who’s selling it. I believe there are two types of potential when it...  Read More
Is Your Dental Practice a Toyota or a Mercedes? Ways to Maximize the Value of Your Dental Practice: Part 3: Brand
What can you do now to make your dental practice more profitable now, and more valuable in the future? In our next series, we will explore the  — a set of factors that impact the value of an enterprise. All of these value drivers also make your dental practice more profitable now. This week we’ll...  Read More
241: Dr. Joshua Gaskill | What You Need to Know for a Smooth Dental Practice Transition
Sometimes we learn so much more from the people we probably least expected from... Dr. Joshua Gaskill is in the middle of a practice transition and he had "experts" and "consultants" who were specific in this field but he ended up getting some of the MOST valuable advice from two specific...  Read More
Episode 128: Are You Setting Yourself Up For Future Frustrations By Not Keeping It Simple?
Automated systems such as sending appointment reminders to your patients should be simple to navigate, but many offices are finding their current systems to be overly complicated and bogged down. Listen to this episode as Dr. Bryan Laskin and co-host Dave Pryor discuss a simple and easy solution to...  Read More
1423 Practice Transitions in a COVID World with Thad Miller of ddsmatch : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Thad Miller is a dental industry leader with twenty-four years experience. His circles of influence span across the United States and include practicing dentists, dental schools, manufacturers, suppliers and beyond. Over the years he saw firsthand the difficulty dentists had when it came time to...  Read More
How Ortho Can Make DOCTORS Joyful
I heard from one of my seminar doctors on a case we'd first reviewed four months ago... and this happens.    Read More
Episode 127: 4 Paths To Fixing Lower Production Post COVID-19
Dr. Laskin is joined by co-host Dave Pryor to discuss what dentists are doing now to try and hit pre COVID-19 levels of production.  4 Paths To Fixing Lower Production Post COVID-19 Find us on Radio!  Read More
Helping People Who Help People™
Helping People Who Help People™ truly is one of our favorite things about our jobs! If you find yourself in a tough situation with a landlord, contact an agent near you, to see how we can help.  ABOUT CARR CARR is the nation’s leading provider of commercial real estate services for healthcare...  Read More
Why Landlords Love Lease Renewals
Commercial real estate landlords operate their buildings like any savvy business owner operates their company – with a focus on maximizing their profitability. One of the top ways they maintain and increase profitability is through lease renewal negotiations. A landlord’s goal during renewal...  Read More
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