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3 Key Things Dentists Need To Know About Teledentistry To Survive The COVID-19 Pandemic
While teledentistry has been growing steadily over the last few years, the ongoing  has thrust teledentistry into the spotlight as the “must have” technology to care for our patients while maintaining social distancing. Understandably, dentists are confused as to what teledentistry is, how to get...  Read More
COVID and Dentistry: 'It's goin' to be alright'
The COVID situation actually gives dentists the time to pray, plan and prepare.   There are opportunities out there, if you look for them.     Read More
Predictions for Doctors on the Corona Virus Impact on Practices and People
No, no one knows anything for certain but there are five logical predictions that you might want to think about as a practice owner and professional.  We have actually seen this pattern before and we were proved right them.  But just because something is not certain does not mean that it isn't...  Read More
12 Steps to Rise From the Ashes after a Catastrophic Event
Rise from the Ashes after a Catastrophic Event When this crisis if over, we must Restore our Practice, Remake our Systems, Rebuild our Dreams, and Reclaim our Bright Future. Note: you can watch this video in our  In 2013 I faced a similar crisis when my practice burned down overnight. This...  Read More
Predictions for When the Pandemic Ends
The pandemic/virus/regulation situation is going to end. You know it will.  I know it will.  So how are you going to use your time and opportunity to make necessary changes?  This little episode is a little warning and prediction.  You don't want to waste you time right now.   Read More
Episode 111: Smart Steps To Take During The COVID19 Epidemic
Dr. Bryan Laskin is riding solo on this episode of The Operatory Podcast to share with the dental world 5 smart steps to take during the COIVD-19 epidemic. Smart Steps To Take During COVID19   Find us on Radio!  Read More
Demographics or PR: Crisis Planning
When panic creeps in the door and disaster is shouting its name, you don't have to stand idle and helpless.  Sure demographics can help but it is Public Relations that will get the results.   Read More
Generational Demographics Revisited: Is a private practice still a viable option?
It may surprise you but there is a multi-year news cycle that recurs which seems intent on making you worry.  As a professor of mass communications, I can share with you that these come around regularly.  This year, the perfect storm of a presidential election, 10-year national census, and other...  Read More
3 Signs it's Time to Find a New SEO Provider
Have you outsourced your SEO (search engine optimization) to a third party only to find you’ve spent a bunch of money with no results? Are you nowhere to be found when prospective patients are looking for a dentist in your area? Are you beginning to suspect that SEO is too difficult to put into...  Read More
Of course it depends on many factors, but for the average solo-dentist practice, in an acceptable location, with an average annual gross --what is a good/simple formula to put a value on a practice?  Read More
Population per Household: Important Factors in Site Selection
While the population per household may not be the best known demographic fact about a practice site, it can be among the most important in determining a location, particularly if it is used as a means to compare and contrast the site to other locations.   Read More
Why The Rent Is Always TOO DAMN HIGH
Remember Jimmy McMillan? This is the perpetually black-gloved guy with the over-the-top personality and delightfully outlandish mustache and haircut. A few years back, he made for a welcome respite from the too-deadly seriousness of the political discourse.   He ran for a variety of political...  Read More
How To Level The Playing Field When You're Looking For Dental Office Space
Are you looking for healthcare office space? If you are, and you want to make the journey to getting the office space you've always been dreaming of an easy one, hire a tenant rep. This is an agent whose only allegiance is to you—not the landlord, even though the money to pay the tenant rep comes...  Read More
Aging in Place: Trends on Serving the Elderly
Finding a place that dentists can have a growing patient-base is an important goal for start-up practices is a major practice goal.  This session deals with an analysis of one of the largest and most important target markets: the Elderly.   Read More
Episode 104: Be Oprah Worthy
What makes someone recommend their friends to a dental practice? In this episode of The Operatory, Dr. Bryan Laskin and Dave Pryor discuss how to best differentiate yourself and create a patient experience that will drive referrals.  Be Oprah Worthy Find us on Radio!  Read More
Today Is National Fun At Work Day
Today is National Fun At Work Day! This is the perfect day to recognize having fun isn't a frivolous luxury that should be completely absent from the workplace. Instead, it's an essential ingredient for keeping the myriad stresses of the workaday world at bay. Corporations around the world are...  Read More
1345 Life After Dental School with Dr. Jason Genta : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Dr. Jason Genta received his undergraduate degree in Economics from Saint Louis University, and is a 2011 graduate of Creighton University School of Dentistry in Omaha, Nebraska. Following dental school, he completed a 1 year AEGD at UCLA in Westwood California. In 2012, Dr. Genta moved to Chicago...  Read More
Why You Must Pay Attention To Rent Escalation Clauses
Residential leases are much easier for real estate agents than commercial real estate leases are. That’s because these kinds of contracts call for a rent amount that doesn’t change from month to month. Unfortunately, this doesn’t hold true with commercial leases, which can be mind-bogglingly...  Read More
Is There Room for One More: Competition Ratios for Dental Specialists
The question is often asked at Doctor Demographics, "How do you know if a location will support another specialty practice like ours?"  This little episode of our webinar series answers that questions.  I hope you find it useful.   Read More
Never Sign A Tenant Representation Agreement
  Just this month, I had several new clients who inadvertently put themselves in a precarious position.      What happened was they signed a tenant representation agreement with a realtor because they thought this would be in their best interests. What a tenant representation agreement says...  Read More
How to Always Get the Best Work From Your Team
            You can deliver the best dental care in the world, have the latest technology, and serve the most gourmet coffee to your patients, but you can’t run a WOW practice without an amazing team. One of the best ways to make your team do great work is to make them feel a part of the...  Read More
Building a Best in Class Practice in today’s Dental Industry with Justin Goodbread CFP
Our guest Justin Goodbread CFP sits down with our host Brandon Fetters and discusses how the Dental Industry is comprised on roughly 8 different areas/tiers that could dictate your success in this industry. He shares a few tips for the younger dentists coming out of school in debt and how they...  Read More
We're Here To Make Your Office Space Dreams Come True
Are you dreaming of flying solo in your own private practice so you can care for patients in a way that’s an expression of your unique abilities and talents? Maybe something deep within you is saying now is the time to transform that long-held dream into glorious reality.   If so, you’re going to...  Read More
1339 Practice Ownership and Dental Music with Dr. Kurt Heuerman and Dr. Dan Durance : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Dr. Heuerman has been practicing dentistry for almost 30 years. He enjoys the challenge of dentistry and making long-lasting relationships with his patients. In addition to general dentistry, Dr. Heuerman loves providing a range of services including orthodontic services. Dr. Heuerman enjoys...  Read More
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