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Diets That Will Protect Your Teeth From Harm
If you are looking to begin a new diet, you may be wondering how to choose what plan works best for you. There are many options out there, but it is important to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each. You should also consult with a nutritionist or dietitian if necessary, in case you have...  Read More
Five Reasons Dental Temp Agencies are Outdated
As a dental practice owner, it’s almost certain you work with dental temp agencies when one of your employees is absent due to illness, vacation or personal reasons. Maybe you use a dental temp agency because it’s what you’ve always done. Or maybe you use one because you don’t think there’s a...  Read More
A Better New Year's Resolution
A Better New Year’s Resolution: Objective:  Find one (two at the most!!) resolutions from this list to try and keep.  Keep, meaning to allow these changes to become habits!  These resolutions are specifically meant to be very small changes in the beginning that can have very big effects on your...  Read More
Dental Hygienist’s Patient Scheduled for a Prophy but NOT a Prophy!
I want to talk about the elephant in the room. Let’s take for example Ronda who is a twenty-year patient of Dr. Curry. Susan is her hygienist of ten years, but Ronda is out sick today. On this particular day the dental hygienists’ patient is schedule for a Prophy but Ronda, the patient, is NOT a...  Read More
Burn out or Game Changer?
"There is virtue in work and there is virtue in rest.  Use both and overlook neither...." ~Alan Cohen, Author     Karen is an Integrative health coach - check out her blog by clicking the picture!   This blog is inspired by a combination of LIFE and the book  (you can get for free by...  Read More
Revitalize your Health and your Dental Practice in 2020 with Dr. Uche Odiatu, DMD
Our guest this week Dr. Uche Odiatu, DMD sits down with our host Brandon Fetters and discusses why its crucial that you get to know your patients and their overall habits which helps predict the long term success of any treatment you provide today.  Dr. Odiatu shares a few quick workouts for...  Read More
I Hate Dentistry................You do not hate dentistry!
I Hate Dentistry by Dr. Frank Carter Part I/6 This thread is nine years old. Nine years and people are still asking the same question and receiving the same well-intentioned answers. I would like to add some empirical information to the collective mindset of Dentaltown. The subject is, "I hate...  Read More
Episode 99: Boost Your Production Immediately With This Simple Mindset Shift
Patient anxiety is a big part of working in dentistry. But, as Dr. Bryan Laskin and Dave discuss in this episode, it is also one of your biggest opportunities. Listen in as they tackle the familiar subject of anxiety in the dental chair and how you can see it as an asset instead of a pain point. ...  Read More
Periodontal Disease Could Be Killing You
Periodontal disease could be killing you. It is often considered a causal factor for many chronic diseases. But you need to know the complete story – not just part of it. While periodontal disease could be a nidus for chronic systemic inflammation and spread of infection, this is only part of the...  Read More
CATS in Crossbite!
While watching the recent movie, CATS, I noticed that two of its main actresses had crossbites.  Just what is causing the huge increase of crossbites over these last two decades?   Here are some things to consider.    Read More
1314 Dr. Gamer Verdian on New Tech, Business Models & Stress Management : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Over the last decade Dr. Verdian has become one of Australia’s leading cosmetic dentist specialising in Facial Aesthetic Design for Smile makeovers and veneers. He has pioneered novel technology utilisation and was one of the first dentists to use 3D Facial Scanning technology to provide lifelike...  Read More
Any job has some stressful elements, even if you love what you do. However, the kind of stress that makes you apathetic, tired, angry or nervous and takes its toll on your productivity is constant, ongoing stress that just doesn’t ever let up.  This type of stress is harmful to your mental and...  Read More
How to Find Purpose in Your Dental Practice
Why did you become a dentist, anyway?   To make more money?   To own and run your own business?   To help people?   Here is the route to finding purpose in your profession.   Read More
Overcome Fear: Be the Best Dentist You Can Be
Fear can be the biggest obstacle between the dentist and whether he or she has a happy and excellent practice. Here are concrete steps you can take to reach your goal.   Read More
Live With Gratitude – 7 Ways To Be More Thankful
Live With Gratitude I recently read a quote about Thanksgiving from Erma Bombeck. She said, “Thanksgiving dinners take eighteen hours to prepare. They are consumed in twelve minutes. Half-times take twelve minutes. This is not coincidence.” At Thanksgiving, do you take time and appreciate all of...  Read More
Episode 94: Why Traditional CE Is Going The Way Of The DINO And What’s Next with Elijah Desmond
Dr. Laskin Speaks with author, speaker, Dental Hygienist and founder of , Elijah Desmond. They discuss why the old way of delivering CE courses needs to be buried at sea and why dentistry needs to get on board with a fun and more engaging CE experience.  Why Traditional CE Is Going The Way Of The...  Read More
2019 Dental Mission Trip to La Misión, Ica, Perú
Hello members of DentalTown.  My name is William Silverthorn, and together with my wife Lily, we founded a mission in south Peru area of Ica.  Due to a devastating earthquake in this area in 2007, when we retired a few years later, we decided that this was an area we wanted to serve.   We have...  Read More
1294 Karen Daw, "The OSHA Lady," on OSHA and Infection Control Training : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Karen Daw is an award-winning national speaker, author of numerous articles and CE courses on safety in dentistry, and a consultant to practices across the country. She earned her BA from the Ohio State University and her MBA with concentrations in Healthcare Administration and Business Management....  Read More
1290 Dr. Kim Wright on the Importance of Hands-On C.E. : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Kim Wright, DMD, MAGD is a 1989 graduate from Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland, Oregon.  She was born and raised in Alaska, At 21 she decided she better go to college, not sure what she wanted to do but knew what she did not want to do and she set off in a path that landed her in...  Read More
Why You Need More Than Information to Get Results
            At Delivering WOW, we pride ourselves in creating the best, most comprehensive training on everything you need to do to run and grow an amazing dental practice. And we’ve helped thousands of dentists improve their practices in the process. One lesson we learned along the way is no...  Read More
Beating All Odds: How You Can Succeed in Business and Life with Dr. Taylor Clark DDS
Our guest Dr. Taylor Clark DDS, sits down with our Senior Technical Advisor Brandon Fetters and discusses Dr. Clark’s latest book “Beating All Odds Discover Exactly how you can Succeed in Life and Work”. Dr. Clark goes in-depth on the process of writing the book and shares what he learned from...  Read More
Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder, where a person’s breathing is interrupted during sleep. Two common types of sleep apnea are obstructive sleep apnea and central sleep apnea. Obstructive sleep apnea occurs when your airway gets blocked. It causes low blood oxygen levels and fragmented sleep. Central...  Read More
Episode 90: The Value of Clarity Breaks
Taking a break is easily overlooked. But in Dr. Laskin's case, it was once the most productive three days of his entire year. In this episode, he and Dave discuss the value of clarity breaks, the need to take your mind out of the work, and how it often leads to tremendous outcomes.  The Value of...  Read More
Biomimetic Dentistry and the Use of CBD Oil in today’s Dental Industry with Dr. Lauren Becker, DDS
Our guest this week Dr. Lauren Becker, DDS sits down with our host Brandon Fetters and shares her experience on being a Dentist in a very over saturated location, New York City. She explains how she established her brand over the years, which helped her stand out and attract the right patients....  Read More
1279 Disability Insurance Roulette with Edward O. Comitz : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Ed is nationally regarded for his disability practice and unparalleled track record of success over the past 26 years. His practice is unique. Unlike other disability attorneys, he only represents professionals (dentists, physicians, executives, other attorneys)—but, as he will discuss, most of...  Read More
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