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Episode #720: Do You Bet on Yourself? With Pierce Krol
Kiera is joined by scrappy entrepreneur and fellow Tony Robbins fan Pierce Krol. They talk about the evolution of your professional life — hard work, facing challenges, consistently executing, and overall, betting on yourself! Episode resources: Reach out to Kiera:     Read More
Episode #719: When Was The Last Time You Truly Had Fun?
This episode is all about reapplying the FUN! in your life. Kiera reflects on how as adults, we often stop enjoying life when adult responsibilities take over. She encourages incorporating a handful of things back into your life that you consider fun and talks about how making moves like this will...  Read More
Episode #718: Making Success Manageable With Denae Black
Kiera is introducing the Dental A-Team’s latest consultant, Denae! Together, the two talk about Denae’s love for dentistry, her consulting strong-suits, how to make your goals manageable, having the right mindset to succeed, and a ton more. Episode resources: Reach out to Kiera and Denae:     Read More
Episode #716: Allow Yourself to Be YOU!
There’s a line between being authentic and professional, and in today’s episode Kiera talks about blending the two in your dental practice. She encourages listeners to bring some of themselves into the workplace, even just 1% to 2% more of who they are, to ramp up the human-to-human element. ...  Read More
Episode #715: Set Killer, Achievable Daily Goals
It’s another consultant takeover episode, this time with Tiff and Denae, who talk about goal production and how that affects your schedule. The pair touches on:          How to make scheduling to a daily goal not feel like numbers-only               How to go about setting daily goals            ...  Read More
The Future of Green Dentistry: How to Make Your Practice More Sustainable
As a dental professional, you have the power to make a real difference in protecting the health of your patients as well as the planet. The choices you make each day in your practice have an impact. By implementing eco-friendly policies and procedures, you can reduce your environmental footprint...  Read More
Episode #714: How to Put Millions in Your Pocket
This episode is all about what billing correctly looks like. Kiera dives into tips for being the best stewards of your practice’s billing, including how to keep claims from getting stuck or denied, what to take out of accounts receivable, double-checking that provider, and more. Episode resources:...  Read More
Episode #711 The Four Agreements (in the Workplace)
Welcome back to Dental A-Team Book Club! In this episode, Kiera’s reviewing  by Don Miguel Ruiz. She talks about the themes touched on in this book and how they can shape each of us — personally and professionally. Episode resources: Reach out to Kiera:     Read More
Dental Crowding: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment
When there's too little space between your teeth, it makes daily tasks difficult. As such, your teeth will struggle for space in the mouth, which is the main cause of dental crowding. It is a relatively common condition and usually causes people to get crooked or misaligned teeth. Generally...  Read More
Episode #707: You Don’t Have to Work Insane Hours to Be Successful
Sometimes the right response to all the things the world demands of us is to do less, not more. In this episode, Kiera touches on giving ourselves time to repair — by doing less to create more. It’s all about intentionality, and Kiera describes just how that works. Episode resources: Reach out to...  Read More
Episode #705: Are You Fueling the Energy of Your Company? With Josh Scott at S8E8
Josh Scott of Studio 8E8 is the star of this episode! He puts his marketing mind to work and discusses with Kiera the building of energy for a dental practice, and how to help translate that to current and future patients. Josh and Kiera talk about the following:          How to maintain...  Read More
Episode #701: Find Ways to Be Unified
In this episode, Kiera challenges listeners to consider the countries they’ve grown up in, and what benefits they’ve received because of those roots. She suggests considering divisions in our lives and ways everyone can be unified through kindness, love, and understanding. Episode resources: Reach...  Read More
Episode #698: How To Own Your Life
Kiera reviews the book . This was a controversial book for Kiera and the Dental A-Team, and in this episode, she touches on how to sift through information to find things that resonate. She shares her takeaways, her team’s takeaways, and how to apply useful information into dental practices....  Read More
Episode #694: If You Met Yourself…
Kiera comes to this episode with an invitation for listeners to self-assess: If you met yourself, would you like you? She talks about heroes, their attributes, and where each of us stack up. Episode resources: Reach out to Kiera:     Read More
A Growth Mindset: A conversation with Dr. Cedric Lewis and Eric Block
   A conversation between Dr. Cedric Lewis and Dr. Eric Block A couple of dentists with multiple side gigs  Eric shares his own experience of having multiple side gigs alongside his dental practice. The episode ends with planning the interview structure and contact information exchange between the...  Read More
The practice of dentistry does not lend itself to being able to work with ideal posture. In this course you will learn about some common challenges faced in the dental office and how to make some changes to help prevent a possible career-ending injury. We will start by breaking down the main...  Read More
Episode #164: Achieving Dental Freedom with Dr. Cedric Lewis
Dr. Lewis shares what it’s like owning multiple dental practices, shedding light on the challenges and triumphs of such a venture. This firsthand account provides a valuable perspective for listeners considering or navigating the path of managing multiple practices. Dr. Lewis provides an...  Read More
Episode #687: Scaling Back from 5-Day Work Weeks. With Dr. Paul Etchison
Dr. Paul Etchison is on the DAT podcast again! In this episode, Dr. Etchison shares his experience on scaling back his work week — from five days to his current two half-days. He talks about          How he gained confidence to cut back and not lose his sense of identity and finances            ...  Read More
Episode #685: How to Stop Comparing and Start Enjoying?
Kiera is reviewing another book club read:  by Melissa Ambrosini. She shares her takeaways about comparing versus inspiring, language to focus on, and knowing your own course. Episode resources: Subscribe to    Read More
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