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General Dentist Vs Dental Specialist
Regular dentists are equipped to handle most simple dental problems. There are times when a dentist comes along with a difficult complex case. In this instance, the dentist will then refer their patient to a local specialist. In this post, we will cover the differences between a regular dentist and...  Read More
Confession #3: 10 Reasons Dental School Sucked
As I look back on my journey into dentistry, dental school itself was the launchpad.  As I sat down to write this post, I was surprised to find myself struggling to write about hating dental school. I know I hated a lot about it when I was there.  When I wrote the , I found myself sifting through...  Read More
Which Dental Procedures Spread COVID-19?
Mitigating the spread of COVID-19 is more than just avoiding an outbreak being traced back to your practice. It’s about keeping your dental employees safe at work. OSHA legally requires you to provide a safe workplace for your employees, and COVID-19 poses a threat. Dental Professionals: Highest...  Read More
Episode #17: Dr. Chris Phelps, Founder of the Phelps Institute, Call Tracker ROI and Golden Goose Scheduling.
Episode #17 Dr. Chris Phelps We discuss The Cialdini Method of training, The Phelps Institute, Call Tracker ROI, and Golden Goose Scheduling.  Dr. Phelps explains the power of persuasion and the importance of properly collecting and measuring phone call data for your dental practice to be...  Read More
Dealing With Tragedy - What No One Talks About
How do you remain professional when tragedy happens in your life? Where do you draw the line of communicating with your team or Choosing to still show up to work? Tragedy happens to all of us, regardless of our profession. It’s an unspoken rule that when tragedy strikes, it’s okay to step back and...  Read More
Are Respirators with Exhalation Valves Effective?
Respirators with Exhalation Valves With the , Smart Training’s Vice President of Healthcare, Lee Slaton, told Practice Owners not to use respirators with exhalation valves.  This blog post explains why your dental employees should not wear respirators with exhalation valves. What is the exhalation...  Read More
Laser Dental Procedures Vs. Traditional Treatment - Which Is Better
Traditional dentistry uses drills, enamel scissors, rotary tools, and cleaning brushes, which can cause vibrations that can lead to pain. In contrast, laser dentistry uses dental lasers, which can eliminate such pain and inconvenience. LASER is the abbreviation for “light amplification by the...  Read More
Episode #16: Elijah Desmond
Episode #16: Elijah Desmond We discuss some of his many businesses and achievements.  He currently has new customer offers for his companies: Lyfee, Driven Dental Implant Marketing, and Smiles at Sea on . He also discusses his life as a motivational speaker, hygienist, Facebook groups,...  Read More
From Data Driven Dentists to Digitalized Insurance Plans: Toothpic’s Experts Predict What 2021 has in Store for the Dental Industry
The COVID-19 pandemic has been a transformative event for all of our lives, and things won’t simply go back to normal in 2021. Whilst all industries have been affected by changes to workplaces and working practices, the dental industry in particular has seen a transformation in relation to oral...  Read More
2020 Reflections: The Year that Brought us Clear Vision
The other day I saw a 2020 hindsight meme. It made me laugh, but of course, now I can’t find the exact meme. Ugh. That is so 2020. It got me thinking, though, which I guess is a good thing. 20/20 is a term used to describe visual acuity or sharpness. To me, that means clarity. I actually thought...  Read More
Ep. 1 Dr. Wright: The Beginnings
Episode 1 Dr. Whitney Wright gives an overview of how he developed depression, anxiety, and panic attacks. He discusses his education and company creation. Join him on his new podcast adventure!  Read More
Ep.2 Heal or Die
Episode 2 Dr. Wright openly discusses how he was instructed by his psychiatrist to start healing or keep dying. 30 days in a wellness facility was a massive turning point, and Whitney’s roommate Gabe played a large part in his recovery.  Read More
Your dentist has probably told you the impact your oral health has on general health. The two are interlinked, which is why it is important for you to ensure good oral health.  Your daily oral regimen is vital to your oral health. Not taking it seriously is likely to result in teeth and gum...  Read More
Difference Between a Fit Test and a User Seal Check
OSHA Respiratory Protection Program First: know that if you have any employees wearing respirators in your practice, OSHA requires that you comply with the respiratory protection standard. Both the respirator fit test and the user seal check are essential to be compliant with the OSHA respiratory...  Read More
Confession #2: I didn't take the time to learn about myself or dentistry
Hindsight is Always 20/20. It’s amazing how the unknown can make life so confusing. When we have to make the huge life decisions, everything seems so foggy and muddled. But once we get through it, it's all so clear. Why is it so hard to miss the clarity of a situation when it is ours? Looking...  Read More
Episode #15: Dr. Alden Cass: Founder of Competitive Streak Consulting, Inc.
Episode #15: Dr. Alden Cass, Clinical Psychologist Dr. Alden Cass discusses being a clinical psychologist and performance coach for high-intensity professionals. Go to to find new customer offers across the industry. Contact us at  if you have any questions or comments. Enjoy the Episode!  Read More
Health is Wealth
  The WealthAbility Show - Health is Wealth 04:43 How Does Your Being Relate to Health? 07:56 How Can You Become Receptive to Illness? 14:16 What Role Do Emotions Play in Health & Wealth? 16:55 How Can Meditation Help? 18:28 How Does Love Relate to Heart Disease? 26:49 How Does Wealth Relate to...  Read More
Saliva Ejector: Is one Patient’s Junk Ending up in Another’s Mouth?
Two questions from our compliance inspection checklist often draw blank stares from clinical staff.             Do you flush your air/water syringes at least 20 seconds between patients?             Do you ask your patients to close their lips around the saliva ejector? Most clinicians we ask...  Read More
Episode 149: How To Make Rest Massively Productive With Amanda Leaveck
Ever heard of the phrase, "no rest for the weary"? Well, Dr. Bryan Laskin is joined by Amanda Leaveck in this episode to discuss how rest can actually be majorly productive for high-level achievers.  Learn more on how to "live deliciously" by visiting . How To Make Rest Massively Productive ...  Read More
Confessions of a Recovering Dentist: Why Dentistry?
One of the most common questions I often heard from patients was, “why did you choose to become a dentist?” It always made me smile because the question usually arose from different intentions. Many were simply curious and fascinated to learn how one falls into this career. They just wanted to get...  Read More
Texas Dentists: Title 22 Extended, Requires Respirators
Texas State Board of Dental Examiners Extends Rule Texas dentists: Title 22 was extended. On . The rule extension will begin on December 23, 2020 and remain in effect until February 21, 2021. There are many requirements of Title 22, which is why you should . However, one of the main aspects of...  Read More
COVID-19 OSHA Citations and How to Avoid Them
Most Common OSHA COVID-19 Citations The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is responsible for upholding workplace standards. OSHA cites and fines employers who are not adequately protecting their employees from hazards in the workplace. COVID-19 is a new hazard. When employers...  Read More
Dentistry Needs to Evolve to Meet Patient Demands in the Digital Age
Dentistry is about 14,000 years old, making it the oldest medical specialization in the world. Our understanding of dental care, and the techniques used, have changed drastically since our ancestors began cleaning infected teeth with flint – with the advent of the digital age and the upheaval of...  Read More
1523 Dr. Whitney Wright on Orthodontics and the Importance of Mental Health : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Dr. Whitney Wright is the Founding Orthodontist of Risas Dental and Braces, including 26 practices in 4 different states. He is the creator and host of The Wright Talk podcast, where he openly discusses his struggles with severe depression, anxiety and panic attacks. He is the father of three...  Read More
CHOOSE TO BE CURIOUS It’s your choice, you realize that right? I was thinking about what I wanted to share about my coaching programs what kept coming to my mind was… you! I’ve been coaching for several years now and I first want to say that I truly love – all of you! My general dentists, my...  Read More
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