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Straight Wire Orthodontics Is Not Enough
Why is Straight Wire Orthodontics NOT enough?   Why do our pre-programmed brackets not give us desired finished results?   Read More
253: Dr. Jessika Jahnsen | Boston Smiles Dental
Who here... has ever put their complete confidence in a specific company... only to be let down? This can be a heavy hit especially when you have a million things going on! This happened to Dr.  Jessika Jahnsen  during her start-up process!! In this episode, she opens up about her whole...  Read More
 Detrimental factors on Staff quality in  Dental Practice
When a dental practice needs an additional team member and you have determined that you need to hire another employee there are so many factors aligned along with the same. This decision is  made for one of two reasons: 1. Your ability to increase production, provide better service for...  Read More
'As Within, So Without'
"As Within, So Without' is an ancient phrase that contains a lot of wisdom.  Here's how it transforms the dentist's life.    Read More
Your Ortho Fees and Other Thoughts
During the orthodontic patient conference, the most sensitive subject is often the fee for the treatment. Here are great strategies to consider.   Read More
Greater Ortho Case Success With the Right ERDTC
The smart doctor knows the right ERDTC and orthodontic case success increases dramatically.  Here's how to be that smart doctor.   Read More
Be wary of air filtration and UV light claims. It could lead to legal hot water.
Equipment manufacturers and several dental professionals are making potentially false statements regarding newly introduced infection control equipment; and it could get them into legal trouble. Dental practitioners should be wary about making claims regarding filtration equipment destroying or...  Read More
What are you doing for YOU?
You create the change that the world needs when you start with yourself.       Read More
149: A Strong, Purposeful Year Ahead
Kiera and Dr. Mark Costes are back to talk accountability, pushing one another, and inspiration. This feel-good episode will push you to be successful this new year. (We’re only a month in, there’s so much time to have your best year yet!) The pair chat about time journaling, knowing when to...  Read More
141: Complimentary Skillsets
Kiera finally shares her Tony Robbins experience! This episode is all about personal development and how Kiera became a better version of herself during a five-day event with Tony. She talks about her own fears as a business owner, and why she was THIS CLOSE to walking out of the event. The biggest...  Read More
Share the Love. Be the Light.
A routine visit to Sam's Club became a great lesson in 'sharing the love and being the light.'     Read More
Robert Montgomery - Practice Valuation Post COVID - What You Need to Know
Podcast Episode #276: Robert Montgomery - Practice Valuation Post COVID - What You Need to Know Episode #276: Dentist Freedom Blueprint Podcast Robert Montgomery - Practice Valuation Post COVID - What You Need to Know Making decisions for the future of your practice—whether it is a basic...  Read More
Dr. Brady Frank - 5 Recession Rebound Strategies
Podcast Episode #275: Dr. Brady Frank - 5 Recession Rebound Strategies Episode #275: Dentist Freedom Blueprint Podcast Dr. Brady Frank - 5 Recession Rebound Strategies A lot of people are suffering and dealing with mental anguish as they try to figure out what to do during this pandemic and...  Read More
The Final COVID
In this episode, Joe explores a few lingering issues resulting from COVID, like whether to claim COVID on insurance, what happens if you run out of PPE, and if your employer can renegotiate your contract. The Final COVID   Read More
Reimagining Dentistry: Post COVID-19 Opportunities
In these unprecedented times, dentists are faced with confusing and overwhelming change in the way they practice, and it’s clear that things will not go back to the way they were before COVID-19. As you face this new normal, in which the foundations of your practice are shaken, you can either be...  Read More
The American Medical System is Broken. Prosper Anyway.
Recovery from the epidemic is underway. American medicine (mislabeled as "healthcare") is broken.   Yet, a dentist can still prosper within this problematic American medical system.   Read More
Lessons Learned Part 2
Joe shares valuable business lessons the firm has learned over the years providing service for dental practices. Part two of two.  Lessons Learned Part 2   Read More
How to Reopen Your Practice
How to Reopen Your Practice Most states are now beginning to see stay at home orders relaxed and elective surgeries resuming. Here in Arizona, Governor Ducey signed executive order 2020-32 allowing elective surgeries, including dental surgery providers, to resume beginning May 1st. Dentists are...  Read More
Local Vs. Dental Specific Vendors
Keep it local? Joe discusses using dental-specific vendors versus local vendors for your practice needs. Local Vs. Dental Specific Vendors   Read More
The Emperor Has No Clothes with Dr. Lane Ochi
  In this Episode of the Dentistry Rising Podcast, I'm joined by Dr. Lane Ochi.  You will probably recognize him since he is active on Dentaltown.  Lane is funny and practical, and his office is where many want to be (although with the pickiest of patients)- Beverly Hills, CA!   Dr. Lane...  Read More
Amy Borden, Esq. on Business Insurance and Practice Transition Concerns
In this Dentistry Rising Podcast Episode, California Dental Attorney Amy Borden, Esq. talks me about new contract clauses she is writing and seeing in transition contracts, and what you might want to consider doing if your business insurance is not paying.   Amy Borden, Esq.  WHAT IS...  Read More
Dental CPAs
Joe keeps it positive by explaining why using a dental-specific CPA for your practice may make life easier. Dental CPAs   Read More
Dentaltown Learning Online....The Ultimate Guide to Dentistry’s Standard of Care. By Dr. John Dovgan.
Dentaltown is pleased to present... The Ultimate Guide to Dentistry’s Standard of Care. By Dr. John Dovgan.. This 10 credit CE Book can be found online at  This four-part book (10 CE credits) will be revolutionary because it brings to an end the ambiguity over what’s considered by dental boards...  Read More
Episode 115: How Dentistry Unwittingly Created a Monster
There are two very important factors that dentistry is overlooking when it comes to standards within the industry.  Dr. Laskin and Dave discuss what those are and how  is working to address those in order to improve the safety of dental patients.  How Dentistry Unwittingly Created a Monster   ...  Read More
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