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Dental Implants: A Comfortable Solution
Nowadays Despite improvements in dental care, millions of people suffer tooth loss — mostly due to tooth decay, periodontal disease, or injury. For many years, the only treatment options available for teeth were bridges and dentures. But, today, dental implants are available. A dental implant (also...  Read More
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Guided Surgery vs Freehanded
Dentaltown is pleased to present....Guided Surgery vs Freehanded. By Dr. Isaac Tawil. This CE course can be viewed at no cost due to the sponsorship of CHROME GuidedSMILE. This CE course can be found here.... This program covers the basics of full-arch guided surgery for applications...  Read More
Important Points UK Dental Patients Need to Consider When Choosing Braces
If you are an adult with misaligned teeth, you are probably aware of the fact that your teeth can be straightened, often in a matter of months, with braces. There may be a number of reasons why your teeth weren’t seen to as a child, but that’s not something you can worry about at this late stage....  Read More
Categories: Implant Dentistry
Montclair Dentist; Dental Implant Dentist New Jersey
Everyone has a traumatic experience when one or more of their teeth are missing. Dental implants are a great option for those who have one or more missing teeth. Dental implants are the most secure, dependable, and aesthetically pleasing way to replace lost teeth.  When you visit Dr. Arthur...  Read More
Categories: Implant Dentistry
Can toothache cause a headache?
Ever experienced that feeling when your toothache just won't go away? You're in a lot of pain, and nothing seems to help. It's frustrating, isn't it! Majority of the people, including yourself, are familiar with the all so annoying toothaches!  Often, you may be suffering from a toothache as well...  Read More
Categories: Implant Dentistry
7 Steps to Buying or Selling Your Used Dental Equipment
Setting up your dental practice (or replacing equipment in your current one) are factors many dentists and their team will face. So how do you ensure you're getting the most bang for your buck? And when it comes to buying or selling pre-owned dental equipment, how can you ensure the smoothest...  Read More
Missing natural teeth can cause a lot of problems. Not only do missing teeth affect one’s facial esthetics and smile, but they also create difficulty speaking and eating normally. That is why it is essential to get your missing teeth replaced as soon as possible.  If you are tired of...  Read More
HIPAA Compliance Best Practices
HIPAA compliance is a practice that healthcare workers, insurance companies, hospitals, and other related institutions must follow to ensure the safekeeping of Protected Health Information (PHI). Employees working in organizations dealing with Protected Health Information (PHI) must go through...  Read More
Categories: Implant Dentistry
Why Would You See A Periodontist For Dental Implants Over An Oral Surgeon? . While any dentist can replace missing teeth with dental implants, the clinical outcome of implant therapy highly depends on the   If you are considering getting your teeth replaced with dental implants and...  Read More
Day 44 of 75…. Are you sending patients irrelevant messages?
The days of sending blanket emails and promo campaigns to patients are coming to a fast end. Savvy dentists are crafting and deploying messages, appointment notifications, promo campaigns and other patients communications that are targeted based on pre-defined patient segments.  Read More
Day 43 of 75…Social Media For Sh*ts And Giggles
According to Dr. @Tejas Patel, the man behind the fast rising Austin Cosmetic Dentistry, when it comes to building social media content… The best way to think about content is it think of it as everything that helps a patient come in for the first time already knowing what it is that you're doing,...  Read More
Day 42 of 75 - Build Your Practice Like Bezos
Would you like to build your practice on the same foundation that @Jeff Bezos used to build Amazon on? Businesses that have leveraged @Jim Collins’ Flywheel Framework go from good to great. Are you ready for that transformation?  Read More
Day 41 of 75 - The Secret to market dominance
The practice that becomes the premier destination for implants, cosmetic dentistry or orthodontics is the one the establishes itself by delivering the most awesome experience. The 9-Star Patient Experience. Are you working towards becoming city-famous, state-famous, or even world famous for the...  Read More
Day 40 of 75… Is your digital quarterback messing up?
  Suppose you were the coach of a football team. Your quarterback suddenly develops a weird habit of throwing the straight at the opposing team. Would you even think twice about replacing him if this happens in 3 games multiple times a game? Chances are high you wouldn’t let this happen for...  Read More
Day #39 of 75 … What matters more, patients' oral health or your oral health business?
Day #39 of 75 … in the #75DaysOfMomentum So, what matters more for a dental practice owner? Taking care of patients’ teeth or growing the business? #75DaysOfMomentum #DentalMarketing #CosmeticDentistry #DentalImplants #DigitalMarketing  Read More
Day #38 of 75… Jay Abraham's secret to consistent referrals
How can you ensure that you're getting a consistent flow of referrals coming into your office month in month out. You take a leaf out of @Jay Abraham’s playbook.  Read More
Day #37 of 75 - Are your helping competitors steal your patients?
Your competitors have a job to do. To make sure as few patients as possible enter your doors. That’s understandable. It’s business. But are you unintentionally helping the competition do their job? I mean, are you helping competitors steal your patients that should be coming to you?...  Read More
Day #36 of 75 - Where does your story start?
Everybody has a story. Where does the story of your life start? Here is where mine started...  Read More
Day #35 of 75 - Are worthless Digital Real Estate Assets pulling your practice down?
To become the ultimate destination for everything dentistry in a city, a practice’s leadership must commit to building the most compelling portfolio of digital real estate assets. In short… You must become a digital real estate developer.  Read More
Day #34 of 75… Is your marketing confusing patients?
Do you want to guide your prospective patients along an emotionally compelling journey….? From being complete strangers… To full fee-paying patients sitting in your chairs? Then design and deploy marketing funnels for your high-ticket offers.  Read More
Day #33 of 75 … What is your One Thing?
Without this one thing, everything you do as a dental practice team will be harder and less effective.   If on the other hand, you have this One Thing figured out, then like  said…   Everything will be easier or altogether unnecessary.   So, what’s your One Thing?  Read More
Day #32 of 75 - Are you sitting on a diamond mine?
Are you stressing yourself over new patients? If you are, as most dentist do, are you aware that there is a diamond mine of new production sitting right in your patients database?  Read More
Day #31 of 75 - Swipe a $12 million a year orthodontist's method
Do you want to take a leaf out of the $12 million/year multi ortho practice power player Dr. Dustin Burleson? Make one of the most pivotal moves he made after his entire team walked out on him in one afternoon. This is a legacy making power move that will free your team to focus on other needle...  Read More
Benefits of intra oral scanning – Highlighted reasons you may want to finalize the transition.
      Immediate impression results- Traditional impressions are not only messy but time consuming. With an intra oral scanner, results for patients are immediate. A dental professional will be able to assess the impression, following the scan, vs. mailing the impression and waiting for results. If...  Read More
Day #29 of 75... 50% of new patients not returning after the 1st visit?
Day #29 of 75 Do you want to 10X the number of new patients who return after the first appointment?   According to the legendary @Fred Joyal, 50% of dental patients never return after the first appointment.   Wanna increase the chances of new patients returning after the first visit?   Then deploy...  Read More
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