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Using Technology to Relieve Burnout
I am a full-time practicing dentist in Massachusetts and went through a period of burnout, regret, and resentment toward dentistry. It took years but during the long climb back to getting . I don’t want any other dentist to have to go through what I did. But if they are, then I have a few...  Read More
#50 - What Would (Darth Vader) Say?
Daily and weekly, dental professionals are put in situations where we may not know what to say or how to react. On Episode 50, find out how some of our favorite Star Wars characters may respond to a variety of patient comments and actions. Also, learn how we as dental professionals should respond....  Read More
Dental Microscopes How-To Guide: Transitioning from Loupes
Originally published article: Perhaps you’ve read our article:. After learning about the enhanced visualization and improved ergonomics of a dental microscope over loupes, you considered making the investment in microscopy yourself – and your practice. Or, maybe you’re like Dr. Shane Smith, a...  Read More
The Patient First Podcast Episode 120: How to Be Exceptional at Both the Practice and the Business of Dentistry
Once a clear-cut path to financial and professional success, dentistry as a career has become a much more murky prospect to the next generation of oral healthcare professionals. Rapid developments in digital technology and the gold rush of the DSO business model have left younger dentists...  Read More
Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing in Dentistry
Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing in Dentistry  have become increasingly prominent in the dental industry, and for good reason: they are proving to be an invaluable tool in the creation of dental appliances and models. Continue reading for an ultimate guide to 3D printing in dentistry with insights...  Read More
Dental Education: Dental Microscopes for Engaging Lectures
Originally published article: In the field of dental education, lectures serve as a fundamental platform for knowledge dissemination and theoretical understanding. To make lectures more engaging and impactful, dental educators are increasingly incorporating innovative teaching tools. Among these...  Read More
Dental Microscopes & Documentation: Getting the Most from Your Scope
Originally published article: According to long time Global Surgical customer and user, Dr. Glenn van As, one of the four primary advantages of using a dental microscope is documentation. For background, Dr. van As is a general dentist in North Vancouver. He has been using Global Microscopes in...  Read More
1650 Dr. Monzer Shakally - From Syrian Refugee to American Dentist : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Dr. Monzer Shakally, DDS is a newly practicing dentist in Tempe, Arizona. Dr. Shakally was born and raised in Damascus, Syria until the age of 17 when he was exiled out of his country and forced to become a refugee in Cairo, Egypt. He was later relocated to Des Moines, Iowa, where he finished his...  Read More
Top 5 Mistakes New Dental Microscope Users Make
Originally published article: Integrating a dental microscope into your practice should feel like a “win” for enhanced visualization, improved treatment outcomes, and reduced fatigue. However, like any new tech in your operatory, the learning curve to get proficient can seem overwhelming. To help...  Read More
#49 - The One Where Chandler Bing is a Dental Student
Join the Star Wars School of Dentistry to honor Matthew Perry, who sadly passed away last week at the age of 54. SWSoD discusses how Matthew's most famous character, Chandler Bing, would have navigated some of the different scenarios he may encounter in dental school.  Whether you are a Star Wars...  Read More
Prolonging Dental Careers: How Dental Microscopes Enhance Career Longevity
A long and fulfilling dental career relies not only on skill and expertise but also on maintaining physical well-being and minimizing occupational hazards. Dental professionals often face the challenge of repetitive strain injuries, musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), and visual fatigue due to the...  Read More
Dental School Graduate's Guide to Dental Microscopes: Elevating Your Dental Career
Originally published: Congratulations, recent dental school graduates! As you embark on your journey into the world of dentistry, it’s a good idea to stay informed about the latest advancements in dental technology. And maybe you’ve done so already as a student, by attending nearby conferences...  Read More
Comparing Ergonomics: Dental Microscope vs Loupes
Originally published:  The two most popular magnification technologies today are dental loupes and microscopes. In this article, we’ll compare and contrast these devices on their contributions to long-term ergonomics. For full disclosure, our company manufactures microscopes, but we understand...  Read More
Dental Microscope How-to Guide: Counterbalancing Your Dental Microscope
Originally published: For over 25 years, we’ve worked closely with doctors to help them maximize the value they see from a including giving customers the best possible experience with high-quality products as well as service. And, as part of our commitment, we’ve collected considerable feedback...  Read More
How to Market Your Dental Microscope
Originally published: When you invest in a dental microscope for your practice, the new technology and expanded capabilities for your dental practice can be exciting for both you and your staff. Your scope is not only a powerful tool for its clinical benefits like magnification, illumination and...  Read More
1648 Dr. Irving Chao on What to Look for When Becoming an Associate Dentist : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Dr. Irving Chao was awarded high honors and received his Doctorate of Dental Surgery degree from the University of the Pacific’s School of Dentistry in San Francisco. He continued to receive postgraduate training at UCLA School of Dentistry in areas of cosmetic dentistry, root canal therapy,...  Read More
Dental Microscope How-to Guide: Focusing Your Scope
Originally published: In the mid-1990’s, the incorporation of dental microscopes into treatment began to increase as clinicians took notice of  higher magnification levels and greater illumination that are not possible with dental loupes. Around this time, the AAE (American Association of...  Read More
How is Magnification Used in Dentistry? Why the Naked Eye Isn’t Always Enough
Originally published: We got into the microscopy business over 25 years ago because we strongly believed magnification would make a huge impact on the field of dentistry. Over the years, numerous research studies set out to observe the effectiveness of magnification over the naked eye on...  Read More
1647 Dr. Irving Chao on What To Look For In An Associate Dentist : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Dr. Irving Chao was awarded high honors and received his Doctorate of Dental Surgery degree from the University of the Pacific’s School of Dentistry in San Francisco. He continued to receive postgraduate training at UCLA School of Dentistry in areas of cosmetic dentistry, root canal therapy,...  Read More
Ergonomic Benefits of a Dental Microscope
Originally published: As a dental professional, you’ve likely experienced the physical strain that’s inherent from a long day of caring for your patients. After all, you may be spending hours each day hunched over, in arched positions and/or making repetitive motions to get the perfect angle for...  Read More
3 Dental Microscope Cleaning & Disinfecting Tips
Originally published: Today, dental professionals across the world are more concerned than ever about keeping their equipment clean and sanitized. This is especially top of mind between patient exams, but also necessary between work days for routine sanitization of clinical contact surfaces and...  Read More
Your Dental Practice Investment Guide: Dental Microscopes
Originally published: As a dental practice owner, you’re likely confronted with new investment opportunities on a regular basis. Dental technologies, in particular, have the potential to make major improvements in your patient care, such as the type and/or volume of procedures you can provide....  Read More
How to Choose Magnification Steps on a Dental Microscope
Originally published: If you’ve ever had the opportunity to demo a , you may already be familiar with the concept of magnification steps. If that term is new to you, it’s the number of different magnification levels a microscope user can select from during a procedure. In today’s marketplace,...  Read More
1646 Dr. Rhonda Kalasho on the Business Tips They Don't Teach In Dental School : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Dr. Rhonda Kalasho is a graduate from the prestigious UCLA School of Dentistry, which is consistently ranked as the #1 Dental School in the US.  She completed an extended residency in hospital dentistry at UCSD/VA San Diego. Dr. Kalasho is trained in placements of implants, and wisdom teeth...  Read More
How to Mount a Dental Microscope
Originally published:  With over 25 years of experience helping dental professionals outfit their operatories with , we’ve learned no two practices are exactly alike. When improved ergonomics are at stake, it’s critical to get your scope properly configured to your operatory. We designed our...  Read More
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