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Growing Success in Cosmetic Dentistry and Patient to Doctor Relations with Dr. Mehrrafiee
In this episode of The Dental Up Podcast, Dr. Laleh Mehrrafiee shares her experience opening her first practice, and how she has grown her business since. Dr. Mehrrafiee is an advocate in educating others on the importance of oral health and its effects on overall health. In her spare time, she...  Read More
Dental Sensors and Equipment Maintenance - Tips to Maximize Their Lifespan
Dental equipment represents a significant financial investment in oral health practices. In the case of any faulty replacement or repair, it can cost you more,  especially the dental sensors which comprise complex and sensitive internal workings. Unfortunately, due to age and constant use, they get...  Read More
Revolutionizing the Dental World with Dr. Kanca
In this episode of The Dental Up Podcast, Keating Dental Lab's General Manager Bob Brandon interviews Dr. Kanca about his influence on dentistry today. Dr. Kanca is known worldwide as an authority on adhesive and restorative dentistry. Many of the techniques used in dentistry today were developed...  Read More
PPO Participation
Highlight from this years survey: More dentists are dropping PPOs. 13% said that they dropped a PPO in the last 12 months. Another 13% say they plan on leaving a PPO within the coming 12 months. Only 3% have joined a PPO in the last 12 months. We are helping dentists here and all across the country...  Read More
The Patient First Podcast Episode 16: How Dentists Accidentally Under Bid Treatment Plans And Why You Should Stop
In this episode, Dr. Laskin discusses the drawback of treatment planning based on assumptions made about your patients' financial status.  To get your free copy of The Patient First Manifesto visit  View our full list of training, events, and resources at  How Dentists Accidentally Under Bid...  Read More
Better than sifting through PubMed- A Visual Literature Review of Biodentine
CLINICAL BOOST Pulps Are Feeling #Blessed “Well, that right there is the pulp...” Deep caries. Excavation. Pulp exposure. Calcium hydroxide....and ehh, root canal. It’s a process as old as the practice of dentistry itself But new materials from the much appreciated scientists in the dental...  Read More
Episode 169: The Operatory Gets An Upgrade
On this final episode, Dr. Bryan Laskin and fan-favorite co-host, Dave Pryor, reflect on the evolution of The Operatory Podcast. The Operatory Podcast is making an upgrade to The Patient First Podcast with Dr. Bryan Laskin. Keep following for to stay up to date on the latest and greatest in...  Read More
In an effort to help California Townies stay up-to-date and informed regarding current Cali-COVID updates, let us help you connect with an  important announcement from ), regarding Healthcare Professionals and Vaccination Requirements.  Please read the announcement below.   On July 26, 2021, the...  Read More
Benefits of intra oral scanning – Highlighted reasons you may want to finalize the transition.
      Immediate impression results- Traditional impressions are not only messy but time consuming. With an intra oral scanner, results for patients are immediate. A dental professional will be able to assess the impression, following the scan, vs. mailing the impression and waiting for results. If...  Read More
S3 E24 - Former NHL Ref discusses how the playoff game has changed and how the Solea All-Tissue Laser is changing Dentistry with Andy Thiessen of Convergent Dental
To listen to the latest episode please click here: S2 E24 - Former NHL Ref discusses how the playoff game has changed and how the Solea All-Tissue Laser is changing Dentistry with Andy Thiessen of Convergent Dental Andy Thiessen used to ref NHL games, now he sells the Solea All-Tissue laser....  Read More
TMD Demystified Episode 3: Why I Stopped Doing TMJ Surgeries
As an oral maxillofacial surgeon I've seen TMD patients for 40 years. Surgery was my treatment of choice for the first 30. Then 10 years ago I quit doing TMJ surgery.  In today's episode I'll walk you through the personal journey and patient-driven research that led me to the permanent non-surgical...  Read More
Day #23 of 75 - How to leverage decision makers in your patient community to grow your practice
Day #23 of 75  Do you want to attract into your practice people that are in the network of leaders or businesspeople within your current patient base?  Read More
Day #20 of 75 - Does your digital persona make prospects dislike you?
Day #20 of 75 … in the #75DaysOfMomentum  Prospective patients check out the About the Doctor page on a dental website more than any other. Does your digital persona communicate confidence, expertise, trust worthiness and likability?  Read More
Day #12 of 75 - Wow Patients On Milestone Birthdays
The reason most patients switch dental care providers is the perception that these providers don’t care. Do you want to lock patients into lifetime clients? Then wow them on their milestone birthdays. Create birthday campaigns for 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th and 80th birthdays. Every birthday is...  Read More
1635 Don Bell & Priscilla Esparza on Ivoclar Vivadent's Dental Innovation Tour : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Howard recently met up with Ivoclar Vivadent's Don Bell and Priscilla Esparza on their Dental Innovations Tour to discuss the company's latest offerings in dental technology and where the dental profession is headed as we come out of the Coved-19 pandemic. VIDEO - DUwHF #1635 - Ivoclar Bus Tour ...  Read More
310: Dr. Travis Campbell | How Much Should You Be Producing By Now?
Listen to the full episode on The Dental Marketer podcast. You can find this podcast wherever you listen to podcasts or here: . How much time do you spend with the patient on their initial appointment? . This is something  breaks down for us in this episode. It's always such a pleasure talking...  Read More
[EP49 - 2021] Valerie Berger - Women in Dentistry: Paving the Way for Women in Publishing and Entrepreneurship
[EP49 - 2021] Valerie Berger - Women in Dentistry: Powerhouse publisher and entrepreneur Valerie Berger, Group Publisher- Inside Brands AEGIS Dental Network, Co-Founder IDT Magazine, and WID Rise; shares her career journey, the value of mentorship, connection, and the future of publishing.  ...  Read More
[EP48 - 2021] Dr. Camille Dixon - Women in Dentistry: Making Dentures Fun Again! Part 2
[EP48 - 2021] Dr. Camille Dixon - Part 2 Dr. Dixon takes a deeper on how to make dentures fun again by leveraging digital technologies. Craftsmanship powered by technology at its finest. Excited that today’s technology allows her to “wow” her patients by digitizing their denture chairside for...  Read More
[EP47 - 2021] Dr. Camille Dixon - Women in Dentistry: Making Dentures Fun Again! Part 1
[EP47 - 2021] Dr. Camille Dixon - Part 1 Dr. Camille Dixon knew she wanted to be a dentist from an early age. After spending ten years providing dental services to residences in nursing homes, Dr. Dixon found herself drawn to removables. She organically shifted her focus to edentulous patients...  Read More
The Deals for Dentists Podcast Episode #36: Austin Ritter, CEO of Ascentcare Dental Products
Episode #36: Austin Ritter Austin and I discuss his process of inventing and manufacturing his innovative dental products. He explains, "It is our desire at Ascentcare to provide dentists and hygienists with dental equipment to help streamline their efficiencies and safety protocols." Go to  to...  Read More
[Special - 2021] Announcement - New Collection of Talks May 2021 - Women in Dentistry
[Special - 2021] Announcement - Women in Dentistry Connect –   Read More
[EP46 - 2021] Rocksand Grogan & Rebecca Wade - Women in Dentistry: Our Heart is on the Bench!
[EP46 - 2021] Rocksand Grogan & Rebecca Wade -  Rocksand Grogan, CDT and Rebecca Wade, CDT share their journeys of becoming industry leading cosmetic technicians committed to lifelong learning who continually elevate their craft. Inspired by those who have gone before them, energized by creating...  Read More
[EP45 - 2021 Dr. Christina Blacher - The Queen of Invisalign
[EP45 - 2021] Dr. Christina Blacher - The Queen  Dr. Christina Blacher the Queen of Invisalign shares how scanning each patient in hygiene transformed her practice. In addition, talks about how elevating your brand and leveraging social media will grow your practice.  Connect  –   Read More
[EP44 - 2021] Dr. Kyle Benton & Chris Bolam - Digital Partnership Clinicians and Technicians Aligning for Success
[EP44 - 2021] Dr. Kyle Benton & Chris Bolam  Dr. Kyle Benton and Chris Bolam take an in depth look at the advantages of implementing intraoral scanner technologies and creating successful outcomes for clinicians, patients, and laboratories. In addition, they share the benefits of having open...  Read More
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