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Find Joy in Doing What Few Others Would
If you are a doctor who loves treating children, you may find incredible joy and transformation of YOU, as well as of patients, in treating without sedation or O.R. THEN, the child AND parent can become greater, more capable, more appreciative and healthier.   Read More
Episode 140: Charting Your Path Out Of 2020 - An Interview With Dental Coach USA
Dr. Laskin is in the "hot seat" on this episode of The Operatory. Listen to his interview with Jayden Bell from  as they discuss how to successfully implement the right technologies in your dental practice.  Charting Your Path Out Of 2020 Dental Coach USA      Find us on Radio!  Read More
Mediocrity vs. Excellence
Your excellence helps patients and parents with much more than dental and orthodontic health.  Here is how that works.    Read More
Episode 139: Timely Advice On Dealing With Change With Your Team
Dr. Bryan Laskin is reunited with co-host Dave Pryor on this previously recorded episode to discuss the most effective way to implement change in your practice. Dealing With Change With Your Team Find us on Radio!  Read More
259: Dr. Patrick Vuong | Smile Avenue Family Dentistry
Follow your own numbers... . I feel like we get caught up on the industry "average" a lot of the time and we don't realize that so many factors and details come into play... so much so that... you should follow the numbers that work for you! . That's exactly what Pat Voong is doing! . ...  Read More
Difference Between Cloth Masks, Surgical Masks, and Respirators
This blog post explains the difference between cloth face masks, surgical masks, and respirators, emphasizing employer responsibilities based on OSHA’s standards. Why is Protecting Employees from COVID-19 Important? The first reason is keeping your employees safe from illness and death. But if that...  Read More
Help! Software Subscription Overload!
Patient expectations have changed a lot with the onset of the pandemic, pushing dental practices to change their game plan. With millennials looking for multiple options to effortlessly access care, practices are in search of solutions that help them to futureproof themselves incorporating evolving...  Read More
Episode 138: 7 Easy Things To Do Today To Get New Patients Tomorrow
There are not a lot of problems in dentistry that can't be fixed (or at least buried) by a steady influx of new patients. Dr. Bryan Laskin shares with The Operatory audience 7 easy things that dental offices can do to bring in those new patients.  Seven Easy Things To Get New Patients Find...  Read More
Does my Dental Practice Need a Written Emergency Action Plan?
Is your dental practice prepared for a workplace emergency? Your dental staff may need to act quickly to safeguard employees, patients, or the community following a natural or man-made emergency. Proper planning before an emergency or natural disaster is necessary to respond effectively. Protect...  Read More
What is a Respiratory Fit Test?
Why Conduct a fit test? If any of your employees wear respirators, whether optional or mandatory, you need a . But if you mandate any employees wear a . If employees wear respirators voluntarily, you don’t need to conduct the test. For employees you mandate to wear a respirator, failure to conduct...  Read More
Does my Dental Practice Need a Respiratory Protection Program?
Respiratory Protection During COVID-19 Before . Now they do. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) . This guidance includes wearing respirators during specific procedures. Similarly, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)  this as well. Respiratory Protection...  Read More
Episode 136: The Top 5 Things I've Learned By Doing Over 40,000 Crowns
Let's get clinical on this episode of The Operatory. Dr. Bryan Laskin fills in Dave Pryor on the top 5 lessons he has learned from doing over 40,000 during his career. Top 5 Things Learned By Doing Over 40000 Crowns Find us on Radio!  Read More
Dentaltown Learning Online....From Simple Occlusal Adjustments to Treating Occlusal "Neurotics". By Dr. Barry Glassman
Dentaltown is pleased to present...From Simple Occlusal Adjustments to Treating Occlusal "Neurotics".  By Dr. Barry Glassman. This 2.25 credit CE course can be found here.... We have all dealt with a post restorative complaint and corrected it by adjusting a “high spot” that was inadvertently...  Read More
Episode 135: Help, I'm Understaffed And Can't Find Team Members!
Dr. Bryan Laskin and David Pryor discuss a huge issue offices are currently facing. If you're up for some tough love though, it can be a massive opportunity for the right dentist.  Understaffed and Cannot Find Team Members Find us on Radio!  Read More
1456 Dr. Dennis Brown of Greater Curve on a Different Approach to Class II Composites : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Dr. Dennis E. Brown, DDS has been practicing dentistry for 42 years.  He is a Vietnam  veteran.   After leaving the Army he attended The Ohio State University receiving his DDS degree in 1977.  Dr. Brown opened a private practice in his hometown of Owensville, Ohio in October 1978.  Dr. Brown...  Read More
Heart-Brain Communication
To understand the heart-brain connection is to possess a priceless skill when you work with your young patients and their parents.    Read More
251: Dr. Erin Cassilly | Lexington Smiles
What if anything crazy that could possibly be happening to your start-up ( days before your doors are about to open) starts happening!? That pretty much seems to be the case for  Erin Farabaugh Cassilly .... but she is rolling with the punches, pivoting, and making sure she is coming out of...  Read More
Dentaltown Learning Online....Fundamentals of Fixed Prosthodontics: Occlusion Simplified. By Dr. Lane Ochi.
Dentaltown is pleased to release...Fundamentals of Fixed Prosthodontics: Occlusion Simplified.  By Dr. Lane Ochi. This CE course can be found here... This presentation is a follow up to the course "Fundamentals of Fixed Prosthodontics." Our outcomes are the result of attention to detail and...  Read More
250: Dr. Will Deliz | Deliz Dental Studio
What has your past associate jobs taught you? Will Deliz, just opened up his ver own practice, Deliz Dental Studio! He discusses what he learned NOT to do by working for horrible past associate jobs... and honestly these lessons you learn are going to help you build an amazing practice...  Read More
Episode 132: Big Dental Technologies That Are Being Fast Tracked By COVID-19 with Mike Uretz
Dr. Bryan Laskin is joined by Mike Uretz for this week's episode of The Operatory Podcast to discuss dental technologies that have been made widely popular due to COVID-19. Mike Uretz is a nationally-recognized Dental software and Electronic Health Records (EHR) expert. He is the founder of  as...  Read More
A Complete Guide to Teledentistry: The Future of Virtual Dental Care
With patients getting more and more concerned about being infected from unnecessary exposure by traveling to dental practices, consulting with a dentist from the comfort of their own home has become desirable. Teledentistry comes as a remarkable solution to this concern, decreasing the cost and...  Read More
The Sedation of America's Children
The sedation of America's children has been both at-home and, all too often, at the dental office.  This is problematic, wherever it occurs. There is a better way.    Read More
Orthodontics: When the Unexpected Happens
Orthodontics is one area of dentistry where the patient WANTS treatment.  BUT, that can change if unexpected results occur. Here's how to prepare.    Read More
234: Dr. Hardik Chodavadia | Enamel Dentistry
What have been some of your biggest headaches when starting and running your first practice?   What systems or protocols did you create to overcome these hurdles? In this episode I speak with  (super cool guy) and we discuss:       Some of Hardik's biggest headaches starting his first practice....  Read More
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