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1542 Dr. Jim Erpenbach on Conserving Teeth with Biomimetic Dentistry : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Dr. Jim Erpenbach is a native of Tennessee. He attended The University of Tennessee Knoxville for his BS in Cell Biology. He attended the University of Tennessee Memphis for his DDS. He has maintained a general private practice in Knoxville since 1982. Because he feels life is a journey and we...  Read More
[EP30 - 2021] Tracy Anderson Butler - Empowering your Team
Tracy Anderson-Butler - Empowering Your Team Tracy Anderson Butler, CEO of Creative Ventures, shares how to scale up and level up by leading from the circle instead of the center and empowering your team by embracing their value roles. In addition, she explains the importance of enhancing your...  Read More
279: Dr. Roshan Kalra | Comfort Dental & Real Estate Investing (PART ONE)
Have you ever thought about owning a franchise practice? . Honestly, it sounds super nice! Especially since you are not having to spend a massive amount of your own money on marketing.... but what does owning a franchise practice truly entail and what may you be giving up? . In this episode Roshan...  Read More
Labs.Dental Inc., has announced that dental-industry veteran, Kevin Arakelyan, has returned, this time as its President, to run their four dental laboratories – da Vinci Dental Studios, Essentials Dental Lab, The Winter Laboratory, and NuLife Long Island Dental Laboratory.                         ...  Read More
[Special - 2021] Lou Azzara, CEO Dental Services Group, Reflecting on 2020 & Looking Forward to 2021…
Lou Azzara, CEO Dental Services Group, Reflecting  Show Notes – Lou Azzara, CEO of Dental Services Group, reflects on 2020 and shares his encouraging perspective on the future of dentistry. Expressing the importance of connection, partnership in a post COVID world and leveraging technology to...  Read More
Episode 151: Start Doing This To Bring In High Value Patients In 2021
Is one of your resolutions for 2021 to be more profitable than 2020? In this episode, Dr. Bryan Laskin shares his secrets on bringing in high-value patients. Start Doing This To Bring In High Value Patients Find us on Radio!    Read More
277: Dr. Matthew Hubis | River District Smiles
What's the biggest wall or barrier that you need to breakdown, that your patients constantly put up? . In this episode I talk with  Matthew Hubis  and we discuss how he is breaking down these barriers. . We also discuss:          Is the "New Patient Special" button on Dr. Hubis' website effective?...  Read More
Episode 150: Dr. Laskin and Dr. Miller Review SimpliShade Simplified Universal Composite
Dr. Bryan Laskin is joined by Dr. Matthew Miller to review a universal system that makes doing composite restorations a breeze! SimpliShade Simplified Universal Composite Find us on Radio!  Read More
[Special - 2020] Thank you and Happy Holidays! From DSG Connect Host Heidi Shelton
[Special - 2020] Thank you and Happy Holidays!  Connect with DSG Connect & Dental Services Group - - Subscribe to DSG Connect on  today!  Read More
[EP29 - 2020] Dr. Robert Mongrain - Industry Experts: a Glimpe into the Future
Dr. Mongrain is the Director of Clinical Advocacy and Clinical Digital Technology Scanners & Labs for Heartland Dental. He has a targeted focus to grow digital dentistry over all facets and platforms by providing solutions for gaps and friction points. Dr. Mongrain practices dentistry part time...  Read More
[EP28 - 2020] Dr. Leila Jahangiri - Industry Experts: a Glimpse into the Future
[EP28-2020] Dr. Leila Jahangiri - Industry Experts Dr. Leila Jahangiri, Ira E. Klein Professor and Chair Department of Prosthodontics at NYU. Joins in and enriches the conversation on the third installment of our collection of talks Industry Experts: a Glimpse into the Future. Sharing her...  Read More
Episode 148: How (And Why) To Copy The Technology Stack Used By Highly Productive Dental Practices
Would you take the advice on what composite material to use from someone who has never touched a handpiece? Seems like a simple answer, but dentists fall victim to spending thousands of dollars on consultants to tell them how to run their practice. In this episode, Dr. Bryan Laskin discusses a...  Read More
If your dentist suggests dental crowns, it can seem a little overwhelming. There are a lot of reasons that your dentist might recommend them and there are just as many ways that they can help restore your smile after procedures like a root canal or implant procedure. If you have questions about...  Read More
[EP27 - 2020] Dr. Howard Farran – Industry Experts: a Glimpse into the Future
[EP27 - 2020] Dr. Howard Farran – Industry Experts On this episode Dr. Howard Farran shares an encouraging message on how doctors and their team can not only overcome the challenges of today, also thrive. He will captivate you with his blunt, humorous, and practical insights.   Connect with Dr....  Read More
[EP26 - 2020] Dennis Braunston - Shade Matching Goes Mobile
[EP26-2020] Dennis Braunston Mobile Shade Matching Dennis Braunston the Founder of Shade Wave, shares how the Shade Wave app and adaptive technology is making the process of shade taking in the dental office more accurate and convenient. Saving clinician's precious chair time. Connect with...  Read More
Episode 147: The Unsung Hero Of The Dental Team with Lou Azzara and Damon Liesse
Dr. Bryan Laskin is joined by Lou Azzara, CEO, and Damon Liesse, AVP of Digital Technologies, from  to discuss the importance of bringing dental labs chairside through innovative technology.  To learn more about Dental Services Group, or to find a DSG Lab near you, visit . The Unsung Hero Of The...  Read More
[EP25 - 2020] Dr. Brian Laskin - Industry Experts: a Glimpse into the Future
[EP25 - 2020] Dr. Brian Laskin - Industry Experts  Dr. Bryan Laskin is the founder of Lake Minnetonka Dental in the Minneapolis, MN area, as well as the CEO of OperaDDS, OperaVR, Upgrade Dental, Chief Innovation Officer of Dental Care Alliance, Co-Founder of Talentship and host of “The Operatory...  Read More
Are Scrubs Considered Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)?
Do scrubs count as personal protective equipment (PPE)? This is a common question for our Compliance Advisers. The short answer: no. The long answer is a little more complex. Why is PPE Important?  come in many forms. Irritants can be environmental, chemical, radiological, or mechanical. When...  Read More
271: Dr. Hiral Patel | SolidSMILES
Have you ever looked at your schedule... and asked yourself "are we going to make it next month"? . I sit down with Dr.  Hiral Patel  and we discuss how her start-up practice is going and the progress she has made personally and in her practice. . We also discuss:          Why did Hiral let go of...  Read More
Episode 146: How I Keep My Team Hyper Productive, Engaged, And Happy
Need a new strategy to help motivate your staff to make it through the rest of 2020? Dr. Bryan Laskin talks about a great incentive to boost morale in your office...and boosts your production at the same time! Who doesn't love a good two-for-one these days? Keep Your Team Hyper...  Read More
What are the advantages of dental flippers?  Flippers teeth have benefits for the wearers, which include:  . A flipper tooth fills obvious holes or missing teeth and improves appearance by giving your teeth a characteristic appearance.  . Dental flippers are more moderate than other dental...  Read More
267: Dr. John Overton | Mayfaire Family Dentistry
What have you learned from your failures? . Let us know in the comments below and maybe we can all learn from them! . In this episode I talk with  John Overton  and we discuss how one of his satellite offices really suffered and what was the cause of it. . We also discuss:          What John...  Read More
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