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Episode 578: Pediatric Practice Hacks!
Kiera dives into her favorite tips for pediatric dental offices — and even general dentists — to streamline the workplace. She touches on …          How to schedule smart and maximize the middle of the day               Why and when to consider utilizing a hygienist               What the...  Read More
How Video Games Could Benefit the Future of Dentistry
Video games have long been associated with entertainment, but their potential extends far beyond the realm of leisure. As technology continues to advance, new and innovative applications are emerging in various fields, including dentistry. In this article, we explore how video games could...  Read More
Categories: Office Design, Pediatric
Designing a Pediatric Dental Office: Tips for a Kid-Friendly Environment
The goal of designing pediatric dental offices is to create a comfortable and welcoming environment for children. As a parent, you understand the challenge of convincing your little ones to visit the dentist. That's why ensuring a kid-friendly atmosphere is vital for their well-being and dental...  Read More
Categories: Pediatric
5 Ways Pediatric Practice Marketing Differs from General Dental Practice Marketing
Are you a pediatric dental practice seeking to stand out in your community? Pediatric dentistry requires a unique approach to marketing, distinct from general dental practices. In this article, we'll delve into five essential strategies that set pediatric practice marketing apart and equip you with...  Read More
Categories: Marketing, Pediatric
Teething Rash: How to Treat It At Home?
New teeth normally erupt in babies’ gums six to 24 months after birth. When they pop up, they cause babies to drool a lot more than usual. However, excessive drooling may irritate their sensitive skin and result in rashes called “teething rash” or “drool rash.” Teething rashes occur...  Read More
Categories: Pediatric
Pediatric Dentistry: Dr. Sara B. Babich, DDS
Located on Upper East Side, NYC  Dr. Sara Babich is serving Manhattan and New York City in NY. As a leading pediatric dentistry specialist, Dr. Babich provides the most technologically advanced, safest and time-tested dental treatments for kids and teens. Pediatric Dental Center in NYC led by the...  Read More
Categories: Pediatric
Tongue Ties: A Medically Necessary Procedure, or Just An Excuse To Pay For A Laser? by Dr. Bob Convissar There are many excellent courses out there that discuss infant tongue tie procedures. Many dentists appreciate the information contained in those courses. However, some dentists believe that...  Read More
How to Recycle Used Dental Equipment
Knowing how to dispose of your old dental equipment properly is a crucial aspect of dental practice management. Today, we’re breaking down everything you need to know about the disposal of old dental equipment.  As a dental professional, one of your main priorities is the comfort of your...  Read More
Understanding the dentist’s role in raising children
They say it takes a community to raise a child. This means that the burden of making sure children grow up in the best possible circumstances falls on more than the shoulders of just the immediate family. This means everyone who has an interaction with a young child will bear some influence over...  Read More
Categories: Pediatric
#47 - Hondo Ohnaka and Dental Myths
Hondo Ohnaka was a Weequay pirate who was prone to half truths and sometimes full lies. On Episode 47, Hondo helps the Star Wars School of Dentistry dispel many of the dental myths that are circulating throughout the galaxy. Join SWSoD to find out what is true and what is false in dentistry. ...  Read More
Are You Celebrating Your Wins?
Whether you’re running a single dental office or the entirety of a global enterprise like Amazon, there’s a focus on how we can improve and grow our businesses. This is one of the best parts about owning a company and I would never suggest you do otherwise. At my speaking events, in my business,...  Read More
9 Signs You Should Take Your Child to the Dentist
The health and well-being of your child rely heavily on the condition of their teeth and gums. Regular dental care is key to maintaining good oral health. However, there may be instances when a visit to the dentist is necessary between routine checkups. Here are eight warning signs that indicate...  Read More
Categories: Pediatric
The Patient First Podcast Episode 104: Interviewing Dr. Mohamed Harunani on the First Dento-Protective Candy
Get ready to taste the world’s first candy formulated to actively fight against the effects of tooth decay. In this episode of The Patient First Podcast, I interviewed Dr. Mohamed Harunani, the creator of Dream candy—delicious lollipops and button candies engineered to promote tooth...  Read More
8 Red Flags in a Dentist That You Shouldn't Miss
Choosing the right dentist is essential for maintaining good oral health. A reliable and skilled dentist can provide quality care, while a subpar one may lead to unnecessary complications and dissatisfaction. Awareness of certain red flags may indicate a dentist's lack of professionalism,...  Read More
Revolutionary Ortho with Sagittal Correction
Sagittal Correction! Dr Chris Baker talks about this game-changing treatment for orthodontic patients that improves treatment success and shortens treatment time. It even works in transitional dentition. Two online courses taught by Dr Chris teach how.   Read More
Categories: Orthodontics, Pediatric
Common Oral Health Problems in Children
Good oral health is essential for children's overall well-being, and it can start from a very young age. Unfortunately, even with strong preventive care, some common dental problems in children – such as tooth decay, gum disease, and enamel hypoplasia – can impact their developing teeth and gums....  Read More
Categories: Pediatric
My 7 year old granddaughter is a pretty severe bruxer and has started to have headaches every day towards the end of the day. I don’t usually do splint therapy for pedo patients , but I’m trying to decide between splint therapy and building posteriors up with glass ionomer. I’m also wondering...  Read More
Passive Income with Subscription Offerings
A dental office can create passive monthly income by offering an unlimited tooth whitening membership for just $12.50 - $39/mo per month. This membership would entitle patients to unlimited in-office teeth whitening treatments for the duration of their membership. Often you could offer a free month...  Read More
 Foreign Object Blocked Airway Conscious (Adult)
Foreign Object Blocked Airway Conscious (Adult) General Information: • Keep the patient calm • Take patient’s vitals every 5 minutes- after cleared • First ask, “Are you choking? Can you speak?” • Do not perform Heimlich if the person is coughing forcefully and is able to speak • Encourage the...  Read More
Medical Emergencies: Equipment
Medical Emergencies: Equipment Required: • Emergency Protocol • Patient’s Chart opened to Medical History • BP Monitor (wrist is best and most convenient) • Back Board – Cutting Board (Velcro) 1. Scissors 2. Gorilla Tape x2 for hair removal • Electric Battery Operated Trimmer •...  Read More
Medical Emergencies: Stroke
Medical Emergencies: Stroke • Raise patient to a sitting position, slightly back • Identify signs & symptoms Is the Face drooping on one side? Three test for strength:  Feel if they are equal? If one side is stronger, announce that to Time-keeper. Time-keep will write the weaker side....  Read More
6 Tips for Your Special Needs Child’s First Pediatric Dental Visit
Every child needs regular dental care, but kids with special needs are more likely to develop gum disease, suffer an oral injury, or develop tooth decay. Any emotional, sensory, physical, behavioral, mental, cognitive, or developmental limiting condition or impairment that requiresprofessional...  Read More
Categories: Pediatric
Medical Emergency: Nose Bleeds
Medical Emergency: Nose Bleeds If nose was hit, suspect fracture, Locate the bleeding source • Apply direct pressure over the wound • Place sterile dressing or cleanest cloth available • If possible, use latex gloves, extra dressings or plastic wrap • Do not remove first dressing if blood-soaked...  Read More
Are you taking your Dog for outing today?
Each summer on the 26th of August, Popsicle lovers across the United States enjoy celebrating National Cherry Popsicle Day.   National Dog Day National Cherry Popsicle Day National Got Checked Day National Web Mistress Day National Women’s Equality Day   Have some fun and try making one good...  Read More
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