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495: How to Power up Your Practice by Harnessing Your Happiness First | Dr. Fern White
What is it like to escape as a refugee, build a life from scratch, and eventually knock down the doors of dental success? In an honest, heart-to-heart conversation, Dr. Fern White doesn't hold back, unveiling her unique childhood, the influence of her hardworking parents, and her journey towards...  Read More
Episode 204 – Requested Replay: Defining Private Equity
“Dentistry is the star right now. It’s what private equity wants.” ~Dr. Bruce B. Baird You’ve probably heard the term “private equity” thrown around a lot recently. Well the reason is private equity is a natural part of the conversation about DSOs and consolidation of the dental market. But what...  Read More
The WealthAbility Show #169 - How Taxes on the Ballot Will Impact You w/ Ken Kies
How Taxes on the Ballot Will Impact You The WealthAbility Show #169:    Join Tom Wheelwright as he discovers how your taxes will change depending on who wins this year's election with guest and Managing Director of the Federal Policy Group, LLC - Ken Kies. The Federal Policy Group provides...  Read More
What do Dental Practice Buyers Look For?
  If you're thinking about selling your dental office in the next three to five years, you'll want to make sure you focus on the right things to increase its value. It's like getting a house ready to sell; some updates are more worthwhile than others.   Key Areas to Focus On: Patient Numbers and...  Read More
The Spoiled Dental Team? Your Secret Weapon for Practice Growth | Shawn Peers
Do you want show employee appreciation, but your budget feels tight when it comes time for bonuses? Join us in this fascinating episode, as we sit down with Shawn Peers, an expert in dental team dynamics, to discover the powerful impacts of spoiling your dental team with direction. In an industry...  Read More
How to steal $1100 in 1 minute and 47 seconds.
Dentrix Audit Trail used to discover OM stole $1100 in under 2 minutes. The total amount of theft was much higher.  I refer to this as 'day end clustering' Message me if you would like an explanation.   Read More
Episode 229 – Will It Be Rough or Beautiful?
“It cost about $100,000 for me to sit down, find the right person and guide that associate into the following years.” ~Dr. Maggie Augustyn Dr. Maggie Augustyn, speaker, author, dentist and owner of Happy Tooth in Elmhurst, Illinois, joins Regan Robertson and Dr. Chad Johnson on this episode of...  Read More
494: Challenges to Opportunities | The Dental Bar Story | Dr. Vitaliya Genieva & Dr. Eddie Bitzer
LISTEN TO THE FULL PODCAST EPISODE HERE Have you taken the leap to embark on the challenging but fulfilling path of entrepreneurship? In this episode, our guests Dr. Vitaliya and Dr. Eddie, the successful owners of "Dental Bar," share their wins, missteps, and the lessons they learned while...  Read More
Episode 106 - Requested Replay: Patching Up Money Leaks
“We have a wonderful cash flow business, yet we don’t hang on to the profits.”  ~ Victoria Peterson The average dentist has $25 million flow through their business during their career. Dentistry really is a wonderful industry and creates a huge amount of cash flow. The reality is, most average...  Read More
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