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5 Steps for Adding Creativity to your Practice
How can you add more creativity to your practice? Or how do you bring creativity back to your practice and your life?  This a question that we ask ourselves is various forms. Whether it is wondering how to be happier or how to have a better life, marriage, family or practice. It is considering how...  Read More
PPO Participation
Highlight from this years survey: More dentists are dropping PPOs. 13% said that they dropped a PPO in the last 12 months. Another 13% say they plan on leaving a PPO within the coming 12 months. Only 3% have joined a PPO in the last 12 months. We are helping dentists here and all across the country...  Read More
Is it really hard to be a dentist and apply for dental school?
Firstly: introduction Finding a good dental school to apply for is probably one of the most formidable difficulties a dental student might face during his studying period.  As a high school student, you must have suffered a lot to keep having a  to apply for a respectful dental school.  Below,...  Read More
Course - A Typical Case of Dental Embezzlement.
Course details and registration information are in the video.  .   Read More
Making Money Is Killing Your Business (Part 1)
We are starting a new short series here on the Get Off the Treadmill Podcast where for the next several weeks we have the pleasure of hearing from Chuck Blakeman about different . MMIKYB was written to bring clarity and hope so you can take the risks to move to a stage 5 or 6 of business ownership...  Read More
This is another public service announcement for all the buyers out there looking at practices to purchase. This post will be short & sweet. When a buyer is searching for practices to buy, they contact brokers to check out their listings. There’s nothing wrong with that; it’s a great way to find a...  Read More
What’s Your Vision For Your Practice?
Here is my first question: Have you sat back recently and taken a good look at where you and your practice is going? Most doctors look inward into their practices and onto the day-to-day details of running an office and a business—but as the CEO of your business, you must look outside the box at...  Read More
Episode 139 - Why Dentists Need a Thinking Partner with Deni Hall
“A thinking partner is someone who challenges your thinking and causes you to modify and change your paradigm or assumptions so you can grow your business.” ~Deni Hall Today’s topic is not comfortable. It will challenge you and make you think past your comfort zone. We’re talking today about...  Read More
Episode 16 -  Dental Contract Law with David Cohen (Part 2)
“This may shock some people, but the best partnerships are when you sign the contract and never pick it up again.” - David Cohen Today, I’m continuing my conversation with David Cohen about Dental Contract Law. We dive into partnership contracts and how to successfully negotiate the ins and...  Read More
The Patient First Podcast Episode 16: How Dentists Accidentally Under Bid Treatment Plans And Why You Should Stop
In this episode, Dr. Laskin discusses the drawback of treatment planning based on assumptions made about your patients' financial status.  To get your free copy of The Patient First Manifesto visit  View our full list of training, events, and resources at  How Dentists Accidentally Under Bid...  Read More
Google is by far the most popular search engine on the internet, controlling more than 90% of all internet search traffic. There are three sections in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) where a patient can find your practice:  Google Ads - Top of the page above the Google map Google maps - The...  Read More
How to Manage the Dental Hiring Market
Dental assistants and hygienists Dental assistant and hygienist positions took a hit during the pandemic, and now offices are scrambling to fill those roles again as businesses operate under the new normal. The problem is that there aren’t enough qualified dental professionals to fill those...  Read More
The WealthAbility Show Episode #99 - Robots in Business w/ Martin Ford
Robots in Business The WealthAbility Show Episode #99: Robots in Business w/ Martin Ford You better hold on, because Artificial Intelligence is about to take off, and social disruption is sure to follow. In this episode, Martin Ford joins Tom to help us discover how AI will impact you, your...  Read More
How to Hire for Your Dental Practice
Job boards Beyond posting your open positions on job boards, search other listings as if you were a worthy candidate. What are other dental practices hiring for? What makes their listings stand out above others? What are they offering that your practice isn’t? Consider gearing your online listings...  Read More
How to Get Ahead of the Dental Hiring Crisis
Business matters At the heart of the matter, a dental practice is a business and should be run like one. This includes investing and reinvesting in its employees and the practice itself. This starts at the onboarding process so new hires aren’t left feeling like they have to go it alone, which...  Read More
Dental Board Complaints
Patients can file dental board complaints for reasons which are spurious or even sinister. How do you lessen the likelihood of such complaints? As Stuart Oberman explains in this episode of Dental Law Radio, there are some basic “know your patient” and patient experience practices you can...  Read More
Words Matter
Remember the old saying, “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me?” Know that the opposite is true and that the words used in your practice have a profound and lasting impact in the confidence, productivity, trust and positivity of your team. Words are, indeed, the most...  Read More
Dr. Lane Ochi on Practice and Life Philosophies
Podcast Episode #103, Dr. Bette Robin, Dr. Lane Ochi on Dental Practice and Life!   Dr. Bette Robin, attorney, dentist, practice sale broker talks about some initial criteria to consider when looking for a practice to purchase. You really know more than you may think about what you want!   WHAT...  Read More
Episode 138 - I Had a Rotten Tooth with Tom Latourette
We have a very special episode for you today. As you probably know, one of the tenants of Productive Dentist Academy is Doing Good While Doing Good. We believe that one of the benefits of productivity is having the time and resources to give back to others. We are so excited to bring you today’s...  Read More
Episode 15 -  Dental Contract Law with David Cohen (Part 1)
“In my opinion, there are 3 phases of a contract: how you get into it, how you operate through it, and how you get out. The goal is for the business owner to set things up so there are no surprises later on.” - David Cohen In any Investment Grade Practice, there are 3 levels: Investing in...  Read More
How to Mix Business and Family at Your Dental Practice
Ask the right questions Rather than wonder how going into business with your spouse would affect your marriage and, in turn, the business, there are a few other nitty-gritty questions you’ll want to ask yourself first. How do the two of you plan to lead? Identify your strengths and weaknesses,...  Read More
Selling a Practice
Many of the considerations in , such as allocation of purchase price, accounts receivable and restrictive covenants, also apply in selling a practice.  However, there are some additional issues a seller should keep in mind when selling the practice.  What Do I Do With My Patient Records?  In most...  Read More
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