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3 Key Things Dentists Need To Know About Teledentistry To Survive The COVID-19 Pandemic
While teledentistry has been growing steadily over the last few years, the ongoing  has thrust teledentistry into the spotlight as the “must have” technology to care for our patients while maintaining social distancing. Understandably, dentists are confused as to what teledentistry is, how to get...  Read More
Make Lemonade Now - Part 3
This is my last email about my webinar with  and how I'm using it to: 1. Cement my relationship with clients 2. Get something done that I didn't get to before 3. Create a new product for my business Again, the intent here is to inspire you to do the same three things right now in your practice, not...  Read More
Why Every Practice Should Participate in Charitable Initiatives
            Most dental professionals went into the business of dentistry to improve the lives of people who require dental care. So, naturally, we care about helping those in need. But we can use that same desire to make an impact on individuals, our communities, and the world. These days,...  Read More
Making Lemonade During the Corona Crisis
Yesterday, I told you about the origin of the webinar, CLEAR THINKING FOR BUSINESS OWNERS IN TIME OF CRISIS, that I hosted with  on Friday. You can watch the webinar here:     Well, I really didn't go back to the very beginning. The very beginning came from my friend  who had talked to the...  Read More
Dental Trends: Teledentistry is Coming
The Movement: Google searches for teledentistry has dramatically increased in the last few weeks. The following terms have seen an increase in search volume: teledentistry, teledentistry jobs, teledentistry companies, American Teledentistry Association, and “What is teledentistry? In 2017,...  Read More
Productivity during Clinical Downtime
Think 3 - 4 weeks back, before the chaos of COVID-19 went into full force: day-in-day-out you were likely busy with clinical and administrative tasks. Some easily accomplished and smooth sailing. But what about the lingering tasks, the ones collecting dust that were continually pushed off "until...  Read More
Making Lemonade During a Crisis - Part 1
I'm a small business coach who specializes in staff development. I talked with two private clients the other day who decided they were going make Lemonade during this Corona crisis. So, I decided that each day, until we come out the other side, I'm going to share a lemonade from lemons story with...  Read More
If You Do Just a Smattering of Ortho in Your Practice
Ready for your practice's post-COVID comeback?  Here's a great way to get started, especially if you just 'dabble' in ortho.  You can set yourself up to provide better patient care and have a better bottom line.     Read More
How to Use the 5 Love Languages to Improve Team Communication with Dr. Trent Redfearn
            How to Use the 5 Love Languages to Improve Team Co Did you know that the five love languages can help improve your relationships with your team and your patients? Dr. Trent Redfearn is a dentist with a unique skillset. He attended the University of Missouri-Columbia and graduated...  Read More
1394 Grow Your Digital Footprint with Rand Schulman, CEO of DMscore : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Rand is a pioneer in digital analytics and is a serial entrepreneur leading several IPOs and exits. He’s the CEO/ founder of one of the first SaaS-based web-analytics companies, Keylime, acquired by Yahoo!  And was CMO of analytics company WebSideStory through its IPO, now Adobe Analytics. Rand is...  Read More
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With the COVID-19 Stimulus package being signed into law yesterday, there are a few things you should know that may help your practice in these times. COVID-19 Part 4   Read More
How to Set Your Hygienist up to Reach Peak Productivity
            You can’t run a practice alone. That’s why you need to  and help you build the practice of your dreams. Every team member plays an important role. , they won’t become raving patients. When any team member falls short, your practice won’t be as amazing as it can be. One team member...  Read More
Top Trends in Literature for Dental Education
The niche of dentistry has always been in a state of transformation. With the aging and more diverse population, dentists are facing new challenges. As the trends in the industry change, so do the needs of students who study dentistry. The literature for dental education still involves a lot of...  Read More
Predictions for Doctors on the Corona Virus Impact on Practices and People
No, no one knows anything for certain but there are five logical predictions that you might want to think about as a practice owner and professional.  We have actually seen this pattern before and we were proved right them.  But just because something is not certain does not mean that it isn't...  Read More
Google My Business Changes due to COVID-19
There is no doubt that the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic has thrown many dentists, and their patients, for a major loop. We want to keep you informed and updated on any changes in your marketing services offerings as they arise.  In an effort to keep business listing information flowing and...  Read More
Categories: Marketing
12 Steps to Rise From the Ashes after a Catastrophic Event
Rise from the Ashes after a Catastrophic Event When this crisis if over, we must Restore our Practice, Remake our Systems, Rebuild our Dreams, and Reclaim our Bright Future. Note: you can watch this video in our  In 2013 I faced a similar crisis when my practice burned down overnight. This...  Read More
Stop SEO in the Time of Covid-19?
“In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity” - Sun-Tzu Truth…businesses are going to struggle for a while. But the reality is that businesses and dental practices will eventually open again.  So in the meantime, while your dental practice is closed should you shut down your SEO? Yes and No....  Read More
Predictions for When the Pandemic Ends
The pandemic/virus/regulation situation is going to end. You know it will.  I know it will.  So how are you going to use your time and opportunity to make necessary changes?  This little episode is a little warning and prediction.  You don't want to waste you time right now.   Read More
'Don't Wanna' - Child Patient Behavior Management
With more than 30 years of working in pediatric dentistry and orthodontics, I've seen it all.  How can you get that child patient to behave? Here's what works.    Read More
Marketing Emergency Dental Services during the Coronavirus Pandemic
Marketing Your Emergency Dental Services During A Pandemic A few days ago, the ADA published guidance found  around what constitutes dental emergencies that should still be performed by dental practices across the country, and what should be deferred until after the Coronavirus Pandemic has...  Read More
COVID-19 and Closing Your Practice with Dr. Vik Tiku
Read the blog here:   Read More
An open letter To Our Clients RE Covid 19
TRANSCRIPT: As you are aware, many dental practices across the country and the world are now closed entirely or open to only emergency cases. This is going to be a very difficult time for all dentists, and we’ve received many emails and calls from clients in truly heartbreaking situations.  We...  Read More
Growing your Dental Practice with Social Media Marketing with Zak Haddad
Our guest this week Zak Haddad sits down with Brandon Fetters to discuss the importance of Digital Marketing and Social Media in today’s dental industry. Zak shares a few methods and strategies that he uses to help his clients obtain patients and leads. Zak also goes more in-depth on Facebook...  Read More
Demographics or PR: Crisis Planning
When panic creeps in the door and disaster is shouting its name, you don't have to stand idle and helpless.  Sure demographics can help but it is Public Relations that will get the results.   Read More
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