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[EP30 - 2021] Tracy Anderson Butler - Empowering your Team
Tracy Anderson-Butler - Empowering Your Team Tracy Anderson Butler, CEO of Creative Ventures, shares how to scale up and level up by leading from the circle instead of the center and empowering your team by embracing their value roles. In addition, she explains the importance of enhancing your...  Read More
[Special - 2021] Lou Azzara, CEO Dental Services Group, Reflecting on 2020 & Looking Forward to 2021…
Lou Azzara, CEO Dental Services Group, Reflecting  Show Notes – Lou Azzara, CEO of Dental Services Group, reflects on 2020 and shares his encouraging perspective on the future of dentistry. Expressing the importance of connection, partnership in a post COVID world and leveraging technology to...  Read More
[Special - 2020] Thank you and Happy Holidays! From DSG Connect Host Heidi Shelton
[Special - 2020] Thank you and Happy Holidays!  Connect with DSG Connect & Dental Services Group - - Subscribe to DSG Connect on  today!  Read More
5 reasons why you should buy used over new dental equipment
We've compiled 5 important reasons you may not have given thought to, but should consider before purchasing brand new dental equipment over used:                                                                                                                  1. Save up to 60% off retail cost by...  Read More
[EP29 - 2020] Dr. Robert Mongrain - Industry Experts: a Glimpe into the Future
Dr. Mongrain is the Director of Clinical Advocacy and Clinical Digital Technology Scanners & Labs for Heartland Dental. He has a targeted focus to grow digital dentistry over all facets and platforms by providing solutions for gaps and friction points. Dr. Mongrain practices dentistry part time...  Read More
[EP28 - 2020] Dr. Leila Jahangiri - Industry Experts: a Glimpse into the Future
[EP28-2020] Dr. Leila Jahangiri - Industry Experts Dr. Leila Jahangiri, Ira E. Klein Professor and Chair Department of Prosthodontics at NYU. Joins in and enriches the conversation on the third installment of our collection of talks Industry Experts: a Glimpse into the Future. Sharing her...  Read More
[EP27 - 2020] Dr. Howard Farran – Industry Experts: a Glimpse into the Future
[EP27 - 2020] Dr. Howard Farran – Industry Experts On this episode Dr. Howard Farran shares an encouraging message on how doctors and their team can not only overcome the challenges of today, also thrive. He will captivate you with his blunt, humorous, and practical insights.   Connect with Dr....  Read More
[EP26 - 2020] Dennis Braunston - Shade Matching Goes Mobile
[EP26-2020] Dennis Braunston Mobile Shade Matching Dennis Braunston the Founder of Shade Wave, shares how the Shade Wave app and adaptive technology is making the process of shade taking in the dental office more accurate and convenient. Saving clinician's precious chair time. Connect with...  Read More
[EP25 - 2020] Dr. Brian Laskin - Industry Experts: a Glimpse into the Future
[EP25 - 2020] Dr. Brian Laskin - Industry Experts  Dr. Bryan Laskin is the founder of Lake Minnetonka Dental in the Minneapolis, MN area, as well as the CEO of OperaDDS, OperaVR, Upgrade Dental, Chief Innovation Officer of Dental Care Alliance, Co-Founder of Talentship and host of “The Operatory...  Read More
When it comes time to decide which dental laboratory to use there a lot of important details that must be taken into account. Many dentists may initially only consider price, but price should not be the main deciding factor. How does this relate to outsourcing? With the world becoming more...  Read More
260: Dr. Chad Duplantis | Fossil Creek Dental Partners
Have you ever tried making a change in your practice... that you THOUGHT was going to be a positive change... but ended up being a really negative change? . In this episode I talk with  Chad Duplantis  about this and SO SO much more! . We discuss:          The amazing, positive, things that...  Read More
Dental Laboratory Part 2: Traditional Models with a Digital In-House Laboratory
   In the COVID-19 era there’s an acceleration of dental laboratory technicians and dentists combining forces to build in-house or in practice laboratories. Dental Consultants have been asked the same questions repeatedly, how do I set up a dental laboratory? What equipment should I buy? Who...  Read More
Categories: CAD-CAM
Episode 136: The Top 5 Things I've Learned By Doing Over 40,000 Crowns
Let's get clinical on this episode of The Operatory. Dr. Bryan Laskin fills in Dave Pryor on the top 5 lessons he has learned from doing over 40,000 during his career. Top 5 Things Learned By Doing Over 40000 Crowns Find us on Radio!  Read More
How to Set Up a Digital Only Modeless In-House Lab
    In the COVID-19 era there’s an acceleration of dental laboratory technicians and dentists combining forces to build in-house or in practice laboratories.Dental Consultants have been asked the same questions repeatedly, how do I set up a dental laboratory? What equipment should I buy? Who...  Read More
Categories: CAD-CAM
1449 Joe Hogan, CEO of Align Technology, on Trailblazing in Clear Aligners and Digital Dentistry : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Joe Hogan joined Align in June 2015 as President, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and a Director of Align Technology. Joe is an accomplished chief executive with extensive experience across multiple industries including healthcare, technology and industrial automation. Before joining Align, Joe...  Read More
Protect your business with CAD/CAM
Due to COVID-19  the dental industry has to rethink infection control protocol to make the dental environment as safe as possible. The safer the dental environment is the more confident patients will be to come in. Dental Practices and Laboratories will be investing time and money in many...  Read More
Categories: CAD-CAM
Keep it Dental: Who is supporting your CAD/CAM system?
  A decade ago there were few options for CAD/CAM distribution companies to choose from. The reason is that the technology was still developing on both the laboratory and clinical side of dentistry. Since the technology was new there weren't many experts in the field with both dental and...  Read More
Categories: CAD-CAM
A Practical Guide to Dental Lab Suction Design
  While there are many aspects to designing an efficient dental lab, proper suction design for dust collection is often overlooked. Keeping your work stations and lab area clean are highly important and without adequate dust collection, your lab can quickly become a dusty mess. This guide will help...  Read More
8 Ways to reduce your overhead with CAD/CAM
 Prior to COVID-19 the first quarter of 2020 was phenomenal for most of the dental industry. The economy was strong and had no signs of slowing down. However, the pandemic shutdown dental completely for two months. This has left all dental professionals reorganizing their businesses in an attempt...  Read More
Categories: CAD-CAM
Intraoral Scanner ROI: Printer or Milling Machine?
   In recent years dental practices have purchased Intraoral Scanners at a rapid rate. Carestream, Medit, Itero, 3Shape and Planmeca scanners have become the norm for the common dental office. But many who have purchased scanners are left wondering what is next, do I send my files to a Laboratory...  Read More
Categories: CAD-CAM
7 Things to look for when purchasing a CAD/CAM system
After years of thinking about buying a CAD/CAM system you have finally decided that you are ready. So you start googling, contacting peers, online forums and speaking to salespeople. Then you discover that you are more confused than you were before you started your quest. Or you’re settling on the...  Read More
Categories: CAD-CAM
1382 Dr. Robert Lang, Jr. on CAD-CAM, 3D Printing & Digital Dentistry : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Dr. Lang graduated from SUNY Buffalo in 1983. Prior to studying at Dental School, he attended SUNY Buffalo undergraduate and majored in Biology.  He has been in private practice for over 36 years in Hamlin, NY.  Since he began practicing dentistry, Dr. Lang has remained up to date on many...  Read More
Episode 110: Controversial Advice That Will Increase Your Production By 30%
We've all heard the expression, "if not now, when?" In this episode, Dr. Laskin and David discuss how this somewhat controversial mindset can add massive value to your dental practice.  Advice That Will Increase Your Production Find us on Radio!  Read More
1371 Dr. Daniel C. Delrose on CAD-CAM, CBCT and Oral Scanners : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Dr. Delrose is a graduate of Case Western Reserve School of Dentistry. He then finished a Fellowship in Prosthetics before joining the U.S. Navy.  His last duty in the Navy was as the branch Prosthodontist.  He joined North River Dental, a private dental practice in Ellenton, in 1997. In 2017, he...  Read More
1365 Dr. John Flucke, "Dentistry's Technology Evangelist" : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Dr. John Flucke is in private practice in Lee’s Summit, Missouri where he spends four days per week in direct patient care.  He also serves as Technology Editor for Dental Products Report magazine as well as Chief Dental Editor where he writes, edits, and does video demos of products featured in...  Read More
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