Cash Flow Enhancement
Cash Flow Enhancement
Mr. Shipman helps practices improve their bottom line through Improved Efficiency, Lower Taxes, Improved Collections, and Lower Lease Rates.
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Josh Shipman
Josh Shipman

Practice Owner: Holding a Winning Lottery Ticket But Not Claiming it?
You own the property in which your practice operates, yet you are not taking advantage of a significant cash resource. This is like you are holding a winning lottery ticket but not claiming it, only because you did not know it had additional value. I’m referring to a substantial tax benefit which...  Read More
Cost Segregation & Dental Office Tax Benefits
Two common responses commercial property/dental practice owners make when asked if cost segregation was applied to their properties are, “what is cost segregation?” and, “wouldn’t my CPA handle this?” For this reason I will briefly discuss cost segregation, describe why it is important, and finally...  Read More
Oral Surgery's Slow Recovery
Oral surgery is unique because it is the only medical profession that must file insurance twice: once for medical and then for dental. This leads to a significant delay in the time patient responsibility is determined. As result, oms patient revenue cycle can be like pulling teeth - but it...  Read More
Medical Debt Disputes on the Rise
Medical Debt Disputes on the Rise By Josh Shipman 8/9/16 There is no doubt that there has been a significant increase in the number of medical disputes. This increase seems to correlate with an increase in High Deductible Health Plans (HDHPs) where patients are now responsible for a greater...  Read More
Fourth Quarter Practice Review: Why it is Important
Fall is a great time for medical and dental groups to review their cash-flow and revenue cycle process. It is a crucial time before the holiday season when you are short-staffed and patients begin prioritizing discretionary spending. Recently, an administrator contacted me concerning her group's...  Read More
I often ask practices if they know “how much future revenue their current A/R will cost”. After receiving puzzled looks, I explain what I’m asking is how much it cost to bill each patient and how many bills are required to recover what is owed? It is easy to determine what is...  Read More
Yes, practices should use a standardized approach rather than emotions. Having a clearly defined financial policy and standardized process (including scripts) will give staff something to stand behind when dealing with "uncomfortable" but necessary business practices. It also helps to periodically...  Read More
Comparison: Two Practices with the Same Flat Fee Automated Collections Service Background: Each office began service roughly at the same time with average balances within $3.60 of one another. Both specialize in general dentistry within the same demographic region. They are using the same...  Read More
Best Practices: Dental Collections
When internal efforts fail to resolve patient debt, it may be time to change your approach. The question is— which approach best meets your needs? Should you use an attorney or a collections agency; a percentage based or flat fee approach? What are the pros and cons to these alternatives? ...  Read More
Do you have more than $2,499 in patient accounts aged between 60-89 days? Do you have over $5,000 setting on your books older than 90 days? The numbers don’t lie, and unfortunately having a lot of money on your books does not equal profits. In fact, the longer accounts age the less likely...  Read More
With receivables becoming more and more patient responsibility, many practices are looking for alternatives to their traditional billing and revenue cycle management process. One piece of the revenue cycle puzzle is final write off and collections, which can be a negative experience when improperly...  Read More

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