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Single Agency VS. Transaction Dental Practice Broker
Single Agency VS. Transaction Dental Practice BrokerBy now, hopefully you know that  that is a good fit for you and your situation. But did you know that there’s not just one type of dental practice broker? Read on to decide whether your practice is worthy of assistance from a single agency versus...  Read More
What Tasks Should Your Accountant Perform?
Mike McAninch is a Practice Integration Advisor with , where he specializes in helping dentists connect their money and their values to realize their most important financial goals.In our , my colleague Tom Bodin laid out the important rationale for determining if your accountant is doing a “good...  Read More
The Difference Between Rich And Wealthy – Does Money Make You Rich?
Is there really a difference between rich and wealthy? There is but it seems that most don’t know what that difference is. According to a recent survey, investment firm  asked 1,000 Americans, “How much money would it take for you to feel rich?” Survey says!: 2.4 million For them, being wealthy...  Read More
The Richest Man In Babylon Summary – 7 Wealth Lessons
The Richest Man In Babylon SummaryIf you’re reading this post, then it’s safe to say you want to . There’s also a good chance that you’ like to read.People that don’t read much (but want to) usually blame their busy lifestyle yet the smartest and wealthiest people have linked much of their success...  Read More
5 Reasons You Should Be Investing In Apartment Complexes
Should You Be Investing In Apartment Complexes?If you’ve read  to replace my income.That’s #1.Second, to share everything that I’m learning along the way so you can avoid the same mistakes I’ve made (and continue making). Sound good?Number 3 and also one of the biggest goals is to help out other...  Read More
1293 Successful Multi-Practice Ownership with Dr. Syed Rehman : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Syed graduated with a Bachelors in Dental Surgery in India and decided to move to the United States for a better life. He and his gorgeous wife Ameena moved to Chicago and fell in love with it. After several struggles he got accepted into NYU Royal College of Surgeons' one year Oral Surgery...  Read More
The #1 Reason That 50% of Businesses Fail Within 5 years (and How Business Owners Can Prevent it From Happening to Them) with Adam Lean
Half of all small businesses go out of business, they never even see their fifth birthday. And it’s pretty much because of one reason; they just simply ran out of cash. Today we are talking with Adam Lean on the Adam Lean is the founder of the CFO Project. Adam became an accountant immediately...  Read More
How to Choose the Best Broker for Your Dental Practice Transition
How to Choose the Best Broker for Your Dental Practice Transition will focus on the bottom line and vet potential buyers while alleviating stress for you. But how do you know which broker is the best fit for you and your practice? Read on to find out.Ask the right questionsBefore hiring a broker,...  Read More
401k vs Real Estate – Which Is Best?
401k vs Real Estate – Which Should You Invest In?For the first part of my career, I invested the traditional way that most of us do – in retirement accounts. I did this because it was all I knew to do and also how most of the millionaires in the books, , gained a seven figure net worth.Now I...  Read More
How Do I Know My Accountant Is Doing a Good Job?
Tom Bodin, a Practice Integration Advisor with , works with dentists to help them achieve financial freedom through a comprehensive approach to wealth management.Recently, we tackled . Today, I’m going to step back into a broader perspective and encourage you to assess your professional services...  Read More
Why You Need More Than Information to Get Results
            At Delivering WOW, we pride ourselves in creating the best, most comprehensive training on everything you need to do to run and grow an amazing dental practice. And we’ve helped thousands of dentists improve their practices in the process.One lesson we learned along the way is no matter...  Read More
1289 Carl Guthrie on the Current Dental Job Market : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Carl Guthrie is with ETS Dental. He is the Regional Director of Recruiting covering the Southwestern U.S. including Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Hawaii. ETS Dental was founded in 2001 by Mark Kennedy and is headquartered in Roanoke, VA.  They specialize in locating and...  Read More
4 Reasons to Switch to a Cloud-Based Dental Practice Management Software
4 Reasons to Switch to a Cloud-Based Dental Practice Management SoftwareSimply put, cloud-based software runs on the internet rather than hosted locally on the computer in your dental practice office. In a digital era, it might be surprising to learn that cloud-based management software is not the...  Read More
How To Create Passive Income With Real Estate Note Investing
Real Estate Note InvestingI’m all about  but also want to avoid the hassles that come with being a landlord. A few years ago, I thought I wanted to start investing in single family homes and reached out to some local investors that did it full-time.When I saw the amount of time and energy it took...  Read More
Takeaways From My Mastermind In Boise
           Takeaways From My Mastermind In BoiseIn this episode I’m reflecting on my time at in Boise at a Mastermind with my inner circle.There were some of the most incredible entrepreneurs at the event and I wanted to share my takeaways with you from those last few days.Just being surrounded by...  Read More
11 Triple Net Lease Pros And Cons
11 Triple Net Lease Pros And ConsI recently spoke with one of my dad’s friends (Mr. Eddie) in a grocery store. He’s one of the wealthiest people in Louisiana and has made the majority of his money in commercial real estate.I asked if I could stop by his office to pick his brain about  and he was...  Read More
1283 Expert Practice Transition Advice from Matt Porter, MBA, CVA : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Matt has a bachelor’s degree from BYU, a masters of business from ASU and is a certified business appraiser.  He has been engaged as a consultant by Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health.  Matt is one of 20 Certified Valuation Analysts (CVA) nationwide who specialize in dental practice...  Read More
1282 Mastering the Business of Dentistry with Jason Wood, Esq. : Dentistry Uncensored w Howard Farran
Jason Patrick Wood is a partner in the Law Firm of Wood & Delgado, a law firm focused on business transactions for dentists and doctors: leases, purchase agreements, partnership agreements, shareholders agreements, corporations, associate agreements and other business-related legal needs.  He has...  Read More
Dental Office Inventory Control Brain Droppings
“You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” The Princess Bride“A dollar saved is a quarter earned.” Oscar Levant It’s been quite a while since I’ve put hand to keyboard to compose an article for my blog. I’m embarrassed to even look up when it last was. However, I...  Read More
1281 Successful Practice Transitions with David Haynes, MBA : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
David has an educational background in accounting and finance.  Professionally he has owned, operated and sold a business which experience he uses to benefit his clients.  His career in banking began as an analyst / underwriter.  Currently he holds the title of Vice President and Business Banker at...  Read More
The future of Dentistry, a 36 year veteran speaks
“Our finest moments are most likely to occur when we are feeling deeply uncomfortable....unhappy, or unfulfilled.It seems that only in these moments, spurred on by the discomfort, that we make decisions to start searching for different ways and truer answers. To become all we can be. To stop being...  Read More
1279 Disability Insurance Roulette with Edward O. Comitz : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Ed is nationally regarded for his disability practice and unparalleled track record of success over the past 26 years.His practice is unique. Unlike other disability attorneys, he only represents professionals (dentists, physicians, executives, other attorneys)—but, as he will discuss, most of his...  Read More
Coffee Talk: Year-End 2019 Tax-Planning Considerations
Katie Collins, a Practice Integration Advisor with , helps dentists order their financial lives and reach financial peace of mind so they can better focus on what truly brings them joy.As I write this article, it’s early October and the temperature is up in the 80s. Even though Mother Nature is...  Read More
1278 Making Smart Equipment Decisions with Bob Payton : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Bob has a love of learning, a desire to grow people, and a history of integrity in all his interactions. He has been afforded many opportunities in his personal and professional life.His experience in marketing has given him the ability to communicate effectively.  Bob adamantly subscribes to the...  Read More
13 Pros And Cons Of Owning Storage Units
13 Pros And Cons Of Owning Storage UnitsA friend of mine owns a local specialty pharmacy distribution company but also does quite a bit of  on the side. It seems like the more successful people I talk to, the more I find out that they also dabble in real estate. This is one of the many reasons I...  Read More
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