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Episode 125: Making The Most Of This "Season" Of Dentistry with Dr. Brandon Tiek
Dr. Laskin is joined by Dr. Brandon Tiek on this episode of The Operatory to discuss changes in dentistry and how to make the most of them. Making The Most Of This Season Of Dentistry Find us on Radio!  Read More
REITs vs Real Estate Syndications – Why Not To Invest In REITs
REITs vs Real Estate Syndications – Why Not To Invest In REITs A new  member recently asked, “Hey Jeff, is a REIT the same as a syndication?” This was from a doctor that had decided to focus on passive investments and was trying to decide which route to go. Let’s start off by defining exactly what...  Read More
Taking debit cards can add money to your pocket
Adding a debit machine to your practice will put more profit in your pocket. Debit cards with or without a pin will save you money. If you swipe a debit card the rate is around 1%. If you swipe with a pin, it is even better since you dont pay a percentage. All you pay, irregardless of the amount,...  Read More
1408 How to Get Into a Dental Office with No Money Down with Colin Carr : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Colin Carr is the founder and CEO of CARR, the nation’s leading provider of commercial real estate services for healthcare tenants and buyers. Every year, thousands of healthcare practices trust CARR to achieve the most favorable terms on their lease and purchase negotiations.   VIDEO - DUwHF #1408...  Read More
Passive Investing vs Active Investing – Which Is Best?
Passive Investing vs Active Investing One question that comes up quite often is this: “Hey Dr. Jeff, I’m busy seeing patients all day but don’t want to do it forever. I want to learn about  so what’s better, passive investing vs active investing?” Specifically, they’re searching for which...  Read More
Don't Be Afraid To Fail - Your Wealth Will Thank You
Don’t Be Afraid To Fail – Your Wealth Will Thank You FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) is one of the major issues kids and adults alike are facing these days. Being able to see that your friends are at a party that you weren’t invited to on social media (Snapchat) makes this even worse for kids. For us...  Read More
Should I convert some or all of my taxable IRA money to a Roth IRA?
While this has been a very common question for many years it seems to be making a strong return in 2020 due to Covid19. The possibility of lower taxable income for some people who have been laid off or who’s businesses might experience a steep decline in income has generated a renewed interest in...  Read More
Part 7: Fit - Top four reasons to Upgrade your Vacuum to BaseVac Dental
Thank you for following our blog series on the top four reasons to choose a BaseVac system for your Dental suction. BaseVac uses our years of experience in vacuum to provide the last vacuum you will ever have to purchase.  To date we have reviewed;           Function: our low maintenance and...  Read More
Strategies to Maximize PPP Loan Forgiveness
Brian Roemke is a Practice Integration Advisor with , where he works with dentists to engineer and execute holistic financial plans tailored to help achieve the future they envision. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a tremendous effect on all our lives. Schools and business closed, employees shifted...  Read More
The Psychology Of Happiness (What’s Really Important?)
Psychology Of Happiness – Can Money Help? During the  our periodontal practice (along with all Louisiana dental practices) were mandated to shut down. Now granted we could still see emergencies but for the most part, we didn’t treat or see patients for seven weeks. During that down time I was able...  Read More
The Importance of Having a Strategic Plan with Marama Carmichael
Having a Strategic Plan is an essential tool for all business owners to keep their vision, mission, and goals clear. Marama Carmichael is with us today to talk about Marama is a Digital Strategist and is the founder of , a full-service strategic Brand, Marketing and Digital agency. Her specialty is...  Read More
Part 6: Fit - Top four reasons to Upgrade your Vacuum to BaseVac Dental
BaseVac has designed our systems to be the most diverse vacuum system on the market. Through years of development, we have made our systems stronger, smaller, and quieter. For those reasons, a BaseVac dry-vacuum system can serve any clinic.  The last segment of this blog series will be outlining...  Read More
Dave Ramsey vs Robert Kiyosaki – Who Should You Listen To?
Dave Ramsey vs Robert Kiyosaki – Who Should You Listen To? If you’ve been following this blog for awhile then you’re aware that we used  to become consumer debt free after racking up close to $300K in student loan debt. The financial principles he teaches are important, especially for the masses....  Read More
Part 5: Performance - Top four reasons to Upgrade your Vacuum to BaseVac Dental
The mechanical room of a Dental Practice is the heart and lungs of the whole clinic. Without a strong and reliable system in place, Dental Practice will cease to function. When choosing the heart (vacuum), its best to go with something powerful; a powerful heart will ensure the longevity of a...  Read More
8 Ways Non Accredited Investors Can Get Into Real Estate
8 Ways A Non Accredited Investor Can Invest in Real Estate When I first started investing in real estate, I had no idea that certain investment opportunities were for people with a high income and/or net worth (). This is discouraging to new investors as they’re limited to what they’re able to...  Read More
Commercial Real Estate Investing 101 For Doctors
Commercial Real Estate Investing 101 For Doctors “Analysis by paralysis” is the phrase that first comes to mind when speaking with many new  members. I vividly recall speaking with a doctor living in the Northeast that knew as much as or more about investing in commercial real estate than me. He...  Read More
What Is A Good Cap Rate For Rental Property?
What Is A Good Cap Rate For Rental Property? If you’ve invested in residential before then you have some  basic lingo under your belt such as:     mortgage interest rates     purchase price     amortization When you become a real estate investor, you’ll begin to see other terms, such as  thrown...  Read More
221: The Fundamentals of Onboarding
First, know that next week The Dental A-Team is making a big announcement! Second, it’s time to talk about how to bring on new staff the best way possible: with 30-60-90 day scorecards! The DAT has a process for how to help you out, helping you break down everything you want your new team members...  Read More
220: How to Be Effective Virtually
Virtual is the new in-person. Today, Kiera’s responds to a listener question from the office manager of a virtual practice: How do I keep my team connected? The Dental A-Team is perfect for answering this because it’s a virtual company, too! Kiera shares and explains the following tips for keeping...  Read More
219: Best Prep for Ownership
Kiera is joined by Dr. Nick and Dr. Whitney Forsythe, a stellar dental duo out of Mount Vernon, Washington. The Forsythes just passed their one-year milestone of practice ownership, and in this episode, talk with Kiera about what they learned along the way and tips for others seeking to do the...  Read More
218: Believe in What You’re Selling
The lovely Kayelee Taylor is back on the pod with Kiera! The duo talks about how to best close cases, leads, and sales — successfully educating your patients to buy the service appropriate for them. The tips:           Have good calibration with your doctor               Adopt a ‘buy or die’...  Read More
217: … And THAT’S How You Get a Raise
Kiera has hiring tips! She talks in this episode both from the employer AND employee perspective on how to give and get raises. First and foremost: Instill the idea that raises shouldn’t be expected, but earned. A raise is dependent upon the value each person brings to the company. Team members,...  Read More
 216: Sexy Titles & Hiring Team Members
YIKES, are you understaffed because of the COVID-19 pandemic? Kiera and the Dental A-Team is here to save your day! When your office is understaffed, it can put pressure on the rest of the team. But it doesn't HAVE to. You can actually become your most efficient selves. Listen to this episode,...  Read More
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