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Episode 223 – Charting New Territories, Part 2
“With a five or 10 year horizon, how do we reverse engineer this so we can step away at some point, and that’s the reason we’re doing the expansion because it provides us flexibility to do that.” ~Dr. Clint Euse In this second part of a two-part conversation, Everyday Practices Dental Podcast...  Read More
What Is a Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) In Real Estate?
What Is a Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) In Real Estate? A private placement memorandum (PPM) is an important document for businesses seeking to raise capital by selling securities to a select group of investors. This legal document discloses essential details about the investment, including...  Read More
Episode #714: How to Put Millions in Your Pocket
This episode is all about what billing correctly looks like. Kiera dives into tips for being the best stewards of your practice’s billing, including how to keep claims from getting stuck or denied, what to take out of accounts receivable, double-checking that provider, and more. Episode resources:...  Read More
Episode 99 – Requested Replay: Attracting Top Talent
“I don’t know how many will agree with me, but I will stand up for every one of my team members. I will put them ahead of my patients because they’ve earned it.” – Dr. Maggie Augustyn Team turnover is devastating to your practice. It undermines team morale and can wipe out any financial gains...  Read More
Episode 196 – The Future is Bright
“There are lots of dentists out there who would love to be mentors. Find someone who is doing things the way you want to do them, and learn from them.” ~Dr. Bruce B. Baird Drawing inspiration from the recent passing of legendary country musician Toby Keith, Productive Dentist Podcast host Dr....  Read More
Marshawn Lynch’s Wealth Secrets: Turning NFL Advice Into Financial Gain
Marshawn Lynch’s Wealth Secrets: Turning NFL Advice Into Financial Gain Despite earning high incomes during their careers, up to 78% (ouch) experience financial distress or bankruptcy within two years of leaving the league. Contributing factors include the average career length of roughly 3.3...  Read More
Episode #707: You Don’t Have to Work Insane Hours to Be Successful
Sometimes the right response to all the things the world demands of us is to do less, not more. In this episode, Kiera touches on giving ourselves time to repair — by doing less to create more. It’s all about intentionality, and Kiera describes just how that works. Episode resources: Reach out to...  Read More
Starting a 401(k) Plan for Your Dental Practice: Is 2024 the Right Time?
Practice Integration Advisor and Wealth Management Team Leader Thomas Bodin, CFA, CFP® The new year brings a unique set of economic and financial considerations for dental and medical practices contemplating a 401(k) plan for their employees. In this article, I’ll explore three key points to help...  Read More
The WealthAbility Show #162 -  "Tax and Return" Scheme w/ Judge Glock
Tax and Return Scheme The WealthAbility Show #162:  Join Tom Wheelwright and his guest, Judge Glock, as they explore how the government uses a "Tax and Return" scheme and how the government benefits you receive are null after all the taxes you pay. Judge is a director of research and a senior...  Read More
Episode #704: What Should You Expect from Your CPA? With Morgan Hamon
CPA Morgan Hamon returns to the Dental A-Team podcast. In this episode, he and Kiera dive deep on smart steps for dental practices to take financially, including…          What businesses should expect from a CPA               How to prepare for tax day               Tax strategies for dentists  ...  Read More
Episode #703: What Practices Need to Know Right Now? With Josey Sewell at DEO.
Kiera is joined by Josey Sewell, partner at Dentist Entrepreneur Organization (DEO), to talk about how dental practices can recession-proof their practices right now. Josey touches on what leaders need to do first and foremost, predicts what the working model will look like over the next couple of...  Read More
4 Ways AI can Unlock Better Data Security for Accounting Firms
Sensitive customer data loss can have adverse impacts on both the end user and the accounting company. Therefore, stringent measures and checks must be in place to protect sensitive data because it might potentially interfere with company operations and result in a loss of credibility and...  Read More
The Ultimate 10-Step Guide to Incorporating a Private Limited Company in India
What is a Private Limited Company? A private limited company is a privately held, officially recognized business organization that is privately held by individual shareholders. Section 2(68) of the 2013 Companies Act specifies the legal conditions of this type of business. Additionally, it provides...  Read More
Episode 222 – Charting New Territories, Part 1
“Everyone was very proud of our office before, but there’s a renewed sense of pride for what we have now, and how it’s different from most of the offices in our area.” ~Dr. Clint Euse In this first part of a three-part conversation, Everyday Practices Dental Podcast hosts Regan Robertson and Dr....  Read More
Steps To Achieve Financial Freedom: A How-To Guide
Steps To Achieve Financial Freedom: A How-To Guide  means having the ability to make choices without being held back by financial constraints. It involves understanding and managing your income, expenses, debts, and investments to achieve a level of financial stability where you can focus on other...  Read More
Episode 98 – Requested Replay: Reinforcing Your Team
“If you have high turnover, that usually means people have stopped growing in your practice.” -Dr. Victoria Peterson Your team is one of the foundational pillars to building your Investment Grade Practice™. In the last episode, we had an exceptional conversation with Dr. Adrienne Reynolds about...  Read More
Episode 195 - Rewarding for Team Engagement
“I want you to be able to take great care of your patients, have low stress, and have a business that you’ve always dreamed of… and that is possible!” ~Dr. Bruce B. Baird This podcast is a continuation of episode 192 (“Are You A Micromanager?”) in which your host, Dr. Bruce B. Baird, discusses the...  Read More
Episode #693: Strategically Prepare for Economic Downfall With Derrick Van Ness
Big Life Financial’s Derrick Van Ness returns to the podcast! He talks with Kiera about financial thresholds dentistry professionals should aim to meet, the difference between dying with zero versus an estate, how to be strategic as business owners for economic downfall, and a lot more. This...  Read More
Episode #690: High Level Office Success Revealed
Kiera gives a sample of the top takeaways from the 2023 Dental A-Team Summit! She reviews the breakdown of the multi-million-dollar practices who shared their secrets, and all the other speakers who chimed in with their insight. Episode resources: Reach out to Kiera:     Read More
Episode #688 Dental Warranty with Vanessa Vitagliano
Vanessa Vitagliano with Dental Warranty returns to the podcast, this time to talk with Kiera about how the upcoming economic shifts will change dental practices operations. Much of the conversation centers around warranties, and how they can benefit your practice and patients during times of...  Read More
Section 179d: Tax Deductions for Commercial Buildings
Section 179d: Tax Deductions for Commercial Buildings The 179D commercial building energy efficiency tax deduction encourages building owners and tenants to adopt energy-efficient systems and improvements. Building owners can claim significant tax deductions by implementing qualifying measures,...  Read More
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