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How Telemedicine Can Increase Revenue and Market Share with Dr. Michael Greiwe
Telemedicine allows us to compete in a mobile world where people want something done immediately. It allows us to get new (and returning) patients through the door very easily and efficiently. Two key early steps to getting telemedicine started in your practice that Dr. Greiwe shares with us are:...  Read More
TV Lawyers
Why isn’t your lawyer as dramatic as Lt. Daniel Kaffee, and why isn’t the negotiation of your employment agreement as contentious as an episode of Law & Order? In this episode, we explain the key differences between the types of cases that feature on TV, and the types of lawyers that handle dental...  Read More
Evaluating Culture and Helping Doctors Create a Happy Practice with Jeff Richins
Culture problems effect not only the revenue of a practice, but your team as well. Jeff Richins is with us today to talk about the . He says that practices that evaluated their culture and scored higher on the scale, had 3 times more patient acquisition that practices that scored lower on the...  Read More
Lease Length Matters
Are you getting ripped off by signing a 10-year lease? Are you taking on unnecessary risks by taking on such a long lease term? Is your broker pushing you into a long lease only because it benefits him? In this episode, Joe explores the factors that influence lease term, and why what you’ve read on...  Read More
267: Dr. John Overton | Mayfaire Family Dentistry
What have you learned from your failures? . Let us know in the comments below and maybe we can all learn from them! . In this episode I talk with  John Overton  and we discuss how one of his satellite offices really suffered and what was the cause of it. . We also discuss:          What John...  Read More
HIPAA Data Breaches: 2019 Case Studies
HIPAA is the . A HIPAA breach is when PHI is accessible to someone who shouldn’t have access to it. Some HIPAA breaches happen because an employee was curious. Other HIPAA breaches are simply an innocent mistake, such as when an employee is fooled by a phishing email. But other HIPAA breaches...  Read More
Sobering Findings Regarding COVID-19 and Aerosols
A recent review and study provide more information on the effectiveness of pre-procedural rinses in reducing bacterial and viral loads emitted by dental patients—and the care needed in reducing chances of infection in operatories. The Review The review, published July 13, 2020,...  Read More
266: Xana Winans | Maximizing Your Start-up Marketing Budget
What if your practice is not in a "great" location?! . I know you've heard the phrase "location...location...location!" This obviously means that location is one of the best forms of marketing and advertising you can do. . But... what if you are not in a great location? What if you are hidden? What...  Read More
Making Sure Dentists Have the Right Mindset About Money with Brian Swilling
Studies show that one of the top worries for dentists is about money and the uncertainty of money coming in and money going out. In dental school, running a business and the financial side is not nearly covered as much as it should be. We are talking with Brian Swilling today on  Brian Swilling is...  Read More
Skin In The Game
Conventional wisdom says that if you give an associate some “skin in the game” via partial ownership, that associate will be more invested in the success of the office. In this episode Joe challenges this conventional wisdom. He discusses when it may work, and when it may not, and the headaches...  Read More
Vitamin D’s Central Role in Curing Sleep Apnea, and in Fighting Off Viruses and Diseases of Every Type w/ Dr. Joel Gould
CPAP is a great solution for many people’s sleep apnea conditions. Dr. Joel Gould has found that for maybe even the majority, taking three supplements, what he refers to as “The Terrific Trio”, can begin to reverse decades of chronic problems, and will help us change the way we eat, play in the...  Read More
What About Minors and HIPAA? A Pediatrics Problem
Smart Training welcomes client practices specializing in pediatrics. How does patient privacy regulation apply to minor children? HIPAA in Pediatrics  provides for the use and disclosure of medical records by practices and Business Associates, rights of individuals with respect to their own medical...  Read More
262: Dr. Joel Skousen | Heritage Dental Studio
Do you do this too? . How "salesy" or pushy would you say you or your treatment coordinator is? Do you think that it's hindering your progress or helping it? . In this episode I talk with  Joel Skousen  about his whole treatment acceptance process and how his start-up is coming along! . We also...  Read More
CBCT Lead in the walls?
A fried of mine building a CBCT room in Connecticut. He did not purchase the machine (maybe future Plainmeca?) yet but is preparing a room for it. The leaded sheets are insanely expensive, any alternatives to lead that can be placed under sheetrock - aluminum?  thanks for an advice  Read More
How Doctors/Dentists Can Use Telemedicine to Improve Office Visits with Dr. Michael Greiwe
The COVID-19 pandemic has hit hard in many ways. Fortunately for Doctors/Dentists, the use of telemedicine has been available to provide care for many virtually.  in a number of ways such as: routine follow up, after hour questions, eases some of the mental strain of people that are worried about...  Read More
Secrets of Building a High Performance (Self-Accountable) Culture with Wayne Mullins
“Consistency creates miracles and trust is the root of all of it”, says Wayne Mullins on today’s podcast. We are talking about the secrets of building a  and here are 3 points made in today’s episode with Wayne: 1. Look in the mirror- if you don’t like what you see in your business, look in the...  Read More
257: Dr. Lindsay Cash | Pearl Dental Studio
How does your new patient experience/ journey look? . Let me know in the comments below! Maybe we can all learn something form each other! . Lindsay Cash Kosal  lets us dive deep into her practice and she lets us know her production, collection, marketing strategies, treatment acceptance rate, and...  Read More
Ergonomics in dentistry: It all depends on the correct treatment position
A survey among 300 dentists in Germany and the USA, which was started at the end of 2016, yielded extremely remarkable information. One of the areas more closely targeted in this survey was the practitioner's work-related pain experience. It came to light: a significant number of dentists suffer...  Read More
254: Dr. Shaun Dearing | Lush Dental Co.
How many of you have jumped the gun and made a pricey purchase...but looking back now... you probably wouldn't have purchased that piece of equipment so soon? . If you have let me know what that piece of equipment was in the comments! . In this episode I interview Dr.  who was weeks from opening up...  Read More
253: Dr. Jessika Jahnsen | Boston Smiles Dental
Who here... has ever put their complete confidence in a specific company... only to be let down? This can be a heavy hit especially when you have a million things going on! This happened to Dr.  Jessika Jahnsen  during her start-up process!! In this episode, she opens up about her whole...  Read More
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