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When to Replace Dental Equipment
When to Replace Dental Equipment   In order to keep your practice operating smoothly and provide your patients with the best possible care, it is important to ensure that you are routinely maintaining your equipment – as well as replacing it, when necessary. Within this article, we will discuss how...  Read More
The Patient First Podcast Episode 129: 100% of Dentists Agree on This. Everyone Else Should, Too.
Finally, 5 out of 5 dentists agree on SOMETHING. Unfortunately, there are influential powers that be in dentistry who do not agree on this, and that spells doom for a profession that believes in putting the patient first. When surveyed whether they would like to have access to relevant patient...  Read More
The Patient First Podcast Episode 126: Predictions for Dentistry in 2024
We’re at the start of a brand new year and it’s a time for both reflection and projection: reflection on things that happened in dentistry in 2023 and projection, or calculation, of the changes we can expect to see in the industry moving into 2024 and beyond. In this episode of The Patient First...  Read More
In the rapidly evolving , Integrating digital technologies, especially AI and smart contact centers, marks the beginning of a transformative era in dental care. Patients increasingly seek personalized and stress-free experiences, driving the dental industry to adopt advanced solutions that...  Read More
The Patient First Podcast Episode 125: Interview with a GI Pathologist Reveals a Vital Opportunity for Oral Healthcare Providers
The field of oral healthcare is poised to overlap closely with pathology, according to Dr. Mohammad Kamal, the CEO and Founder of OMNIPathology Lab. The connection between the mouth and overall health is garnering increasingly more attention in recent times, necessitating the need for improved...  Read More
The Patient First Podcast Episode 98: What Is True Medical-Dental Integration?
You would think that any progress made in the area of medical-dental integration would be a step forward. But why does it seem like the first step is a futile, bottom-up approach? Anything that improves access to care for patients is a very welcome development. If it doesn’t promote true...  Read More
The Patient First Podcast Episode 84: 2022's Most Popular Episode: My 3 Biggest Mistakes in Dentistry
This record of my three biggest flub-ups in dentistry was apparently the hottest episode on my podcast in 2022. Why do we love to watch others fail? ?? These wild-but-true stories are pretty darn juicy, so I thought I’d share this again for new subscribers who might have missed this episode when...  Read More
What Patients Need to Know About Medical Malpractice Law For Dentists
Contributed by  There are many laws governing the practice of dentistry, from the policies and procedures that must be followed to the ethical behavior required of dentists. Unfortunately, there are times when a dentist doesn't follow these rules and regulations, either because they are unaware...  Read More
Top 7 Hidden Causes of Tooth and Jaw Pain and How To Seek Relief
Tooth and jaw pain is often caused by misalignment of the jaw, which can be caused by injury or a sudden change in the way your face is holding its shape. When you have a toothache, your instinct tells you that you need to see a dentist. However, you may also need a chiropractor. A chiropractor...  Read More
6 Signs You Need To See a Dentist after a Car Accident
Dentists know that dental pain is nothing short of excruciating, and the sooner you can get treatment, the better. If you’re suffering mouth pain after a car accident, don’t wait too long to seek medical attention. Not only will your dentist be able to provide relief, but you may also be able to...  Read More
In an effort to help California Townies stay up-to-date and informed regarding current Cali-COVID updates, let us help you connect with an  important announcement from ), regarding Healthcare Professionals and Vaccination Requirements.  Please read the announcement below.   On July 26, 2021, the...  Read More
Episode #44: Dannielle Mckinnley of PCIHIPAA
  Episode #44 Danielle Mckinley (also known as The HIPAA Chick) is a wife, mom, friend, and positive energy enthusiast. Gratitude is her attitude. She is a founding member of PCIHIPAA, and has consulted 1000’s of practices nationwide. She helps Dentists and their team members spend more time...  Read More
Episode #41: Mark Sirota, Sr Product Specialist at StellaLife
StellaLife® is a biotech company on a mission to improve people’s lives by offering innovative, natural products to accelerate the healing process while also helping to relieve pain as well as reducing the need for opioids. Go to  to find their promo offer: Purchase a New Clinician Starter Package...  Read More
S2 E18 - Infection Prevention & Control, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly with Ted Gray of SciCan
Click her for the latest episode: S2 E18 - Infection Prevention & Control, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly with Ted Gray of SciCan Ted Gray of SciCan spends much of his time visiting offices observing their Infection Control protocols and education the doctor and team on ways to improve their...  Read More
 You don’t have to fall victim to these new age , if you simply connect a few more imperative dots…  The ADA did a great job to provide it’s ADA Tool Kit that laid the ground rules for: which PPE to wear, how to set up social distancing, patients & employee screening & new Covid Infection Control...  Read More
The Deals for Dentists Podcast Episode #37: Jay Glazer and Howie Friedman of Crazy Dental
Episode #37: Crazy Dental JAY GLAZER is the Director of Business Development and HOWIE FRIEDMAN is the COO and CFO of Crazy Dental We discuss the business of dental supplies, the grey market, and how they help dentists save time and money. Crazy Dental Prices is a DC Dental Company and...  Read More
The Deals for Dentists Podcast Episode #36: Austin Ritter, CEO of Ascentcare Dental Products
Episode #36: Austin Ritter Austin and I discuss his process of inventing and manufacturing his innovative dental products. He explains, "It is our desire at Ascentcare to provide dentists and hygienists with dental equipment to help streamline their efficiencies and safety protocols." Go to  to...  Read More
1621 Dr. Jesse Pelletier on What Dentists Can Learn from Eye Doctors about Infection Control : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Jesse Pelletier MD, FACS completed his ophthalmology residency at the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary and fellowship training in cornea, external disease and refractive surgery at the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute. He is the founder of Ocean Ophthalmology Group, a private multispecialty practice...  Read More
1598 Dr. Alex Denes on Giving COVID Vaccines in the Dental Office : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Vaccinations, 3D Imaging & Public Health Dentistry Guest Speaker: Dr. Alex Denes Dr. Alex Denes is a general dentist licensed in California and Minnesota. He received his dental education at the Dental State University in Romania then became licensed as a foreign trained dentist in California in...  Read More
1594 Dr. Mindy Benjamini, Creator of PatientsShield, on Reducing COVID Risk in Your Office : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Innovative Solutions for PPE and Infection Control Guest Speaker: Dr. Mindy Benjamini Dr. Mindy Benjamini is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania dental school. She has been practicing dentistry for over 20 years and currently has her own private practice in Narberth, PA that she began in...  Read More
1567 Chicago Dental Society President Dr. Dean P. Nicholas on Guiding Dentistry's Next Generation : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
“Lessons You Don't Learn In Dental School” Guest Speaker: Dr. Dean P. Nicholas Dr. Dean Nicholas, better known as Dr. Dino, is a general dentist in Lombard, IL practicing in the western suburbs of Chicago.  His practice is known as Dr. Dino’s Dental Oasis. He is a 1986 graduate of Loyola...  Read More
1561 Dr. Fotinos Panagakos on the COVID Impact on Dental Education : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Dr. Panagakos received his DMD from UMDNJ-New Jersey Dental School (now Rutgers University School of Dental Medicine) and his PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from UMDNJ-Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences in 1992. Dr. Panagakos joined the West Virginia University School of Dentistry in...  Read More
1560 Dr. Timothy Webber on Returning to Profitability After COVID-19 : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Tim graduated in 1997 and purchased his first practice two years later. He was quick to embrace consumer advertising, at that time only just legalized, tooth whitening and clear aligner therapy, also only just available in the UK. Using contacts practicing in other countries, Tim incorporated...  Read More
1552 Dr. Victor & Ivan Lloro of Astradentium on Reducing Aerosol Contamination & Aerospace Dentistry : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Dr. Victor Lloro, DDS, PhD, is an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. He is the co-founder and R&D consultant at Astradentium Health Technologies. Ivan Lloro has two Master's of Science degrees in electrical engineering and space studies. He is the co-founder and CEO of Astradentium Health...  Read More
Episode 310: Bringing Silver Diamine Fluoride to Your Practice, with Elevate Oral Care's Hayley Buckner and Steve Pardue
310: What is Silver Diamine Fluoride? Steve Pardue and Hayley Buckner from Elevate Oral Care share the inside scoop on bringing silver diamine fluoride to the US market, what it means for patients, and how your dental practice can begin to use it right away. This episode of The Dental...  Read More
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