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Aerosol Anxiety and COVID-19 Critical Thinking with Dr. Hessam Nowzari
A big thanks to Dr. Hessam Nowzari, and his presentation, "Aerosol Anxiety and COVID-19 Critical Thinking" presented as an Inner Space Seminar. Hosted by Dr. Jason Hales and Superstition Springs Endodontics.   HIGHLIGHTS     After 8 or 9 months, those who claim we don't have enough data for...  Read More
  The COVID-19 pandemic which has spread from China, through Europe and is now increasing in the United States, in addition to the reaction by the World Heath Organization, Centers for Disease Control, state governments, state dental boards and the non-stop media coverage, is causing...  Read More
A recent trending documentary on Netflix, titled "The Root Cause", has garnered the attention of patients and dentists alike.  The documentary tells the dramatic story of a man's search for the solution to his health problems only to discover that a root canal treated tooth was the cause....  Read More
HIPAA Compliance and Patient Communications
At Superstition Springs Endodontics, we have been discussing the secure, electronic reports that we send back to our referring offices.  As you can imagine, when working with different offices with different email services, each computer with different mail settings, security settings on different...  Read More
Sometimes we are quick to assume a tooth is fractured when we see lateral bone loss.  But that radiographic finding alone isn't enough to make that determination.  If you cannot visualize a fractured, and the tooth is diagnosed as a necrotic pulp, it doesn't matter how big the lucency is, it can...  Read More
In Jim Collins' bestselling book, Good to Great, he discussed the importance of getting the right people on your team.  He describes your team as a bus and if you get the right people on your bus, it doesn't matter where you take your bus, you will be successful.  The follow concepts are a summary...  Read More
There are differing opinions regarding single-visit vs. multiple-visit endodontics.  Some clinicians feel strongly that teeth with apical periodontitis (necrotic or retreatment) need the extra step of CaOH therapy to be successful while others are comfortable with these cases being done in a single...  Read More
GentleWave by Sonendo: A Second Look
A new research article titled, "" by Asgeir Sigurdsson, Randy W. Garland, Khang T. Le, and Shabriar A. Rassoulian, was just published in the March 2018 Journal of Endodontics. This new study did a great job and addressing some of the design problems with the previous study reviewed in our post...  Read More
The GentleWave Procedure by Sonendo: A First Look
We have had some recent questions about a new technology for cleaning and disinfecting the root canal system that is being heavily marketed in the dental community.  This system, known as the GentleWave System, by Sonendo Inc. (Laguna Hills, CA), consists of a console that is used to deliver the...  Read More
It just so happens that in the last couple weeks I got the chance to do some long term recalls on a couple of intentional replantation cases.  I don't do a lot of these cases, but am surprised how many people are unfamiliar with this treatment option or have never seen one before.  Sometimes it...  Read More
 is the intentional removal (extraction), surgical treatment of the root (outside of the mouth) and replantation of a tooth back into the extraction socket. While not a common approach, this technique can be useful for teeth that cannot be treated with traditional endodontic surgery. This procedure...  Read More
How to Manage a Negative Online Review
Step 1: Relax - A negative review is not the end of the world or the end of your practice. In fact, you can actually turn a negative review into a positive for your practice if you handle it correctly! Step 2: Respond - After you have taken some time to consider the feedback and do some...  Read More
The  has just released a white paper on the topic of competency of endodontic care.  This paper defines the requisite skills required by all dentists who perform endodontic diagnosis and treatment regardless of whether the clinician is a generalist or specialist.   Topics covered include:    ...  Read More
Over the last year, we have been using the  system to invite our patient to leave online reviews on third party websites.  We want our patients to leave their reviews on sites that matter to the search engines.  We have found great results in building our online reputation.  With ReviewWizards, our...  Read More
indicates that 88% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. The most effective and reliable online reviews are those left on 3rd party websites like Google, Yelp, Facebook, Healthgrades, RateMDs, etc. etc. These websites are more visible to search engines than your...  Read More
The endodontists at are partners in your patient care. One of the many ways we assist with the quality treatment of your patients in addition to endodontic diagnostics is in evaluation of restorability. With the benefit of the dental operating microscope, we are able to excavate decay and...  Read More
Do you know what kind of endodontics your associate is doing?
Root canal failure, as well as failure of any dental treatment, is often associated with bacteria. Bacteria that is incompletely removed from the canal system during endodontic treatment will cause root canal failure. Unfortunately, sometimes that failure is not identified until months or...  Read More
What does it mean to be partners? On a recent episode of the The Profit, starring Marcus Lamonis, he was coaching two business partners on what it means to be partners. Simply put, "partners need to help each other". Partners recognize the strengths in each other and value those strengths. ...  Read More
CBCT by J. Morita Veraviewepocs 3De As endodontists, the use of CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) has allowed us to cross this barrier and diagnose dental pathology which...  Read More
Is This Tooth Bothering My Sinus?
"Is this tooth bothering my sinuses?" For years patients with chronic sinus issues have asked this question at the dental office. Unfortunately, there has been a communications gap between diagnostic medicine and dentistry in this overlapping area of practice. Endodontists are experts diagnosing...  Read More
This patient came to in June 2009. Her general dentist had started RCT on #3 but was unable to locate the MB canal(s). A perforation was made during the efforts to find the MB canals. We have taught the generalists in our community that the most successful and fulfilling way to practice...  Read More
Apicoectomy of Mx Molar - Treating All Three Roots
Endodontic surgery on maxillary molars is usually limited to the MB and DB roots - through a buccal approach. Surgical treatment of the palatal root often requires a palatal surgical approach, and is therefore rarely done. In this particular surgical case, due to the root anatomy and size of the...  Read More
As we all know, posterior teeth often get craze lines (surface cracks) in the enamel due to truama, large restorations, heavy occlusion or parafunctional habits. When these craze lines go past the enamel and into the dentin, we refer to them as cracks. Coronal cracks are very common in adult...  Read More
Recent changes in some of the rules regarding Medicare will now affect dentists more than they previously have. Thanks to a recent visit with Aaron Fisher of , we learned a few things about these changes effective June 1, 2015. The number of participating doctors in Medicare is remarkably low. ...  Read More
Testing the Limits of Endodontic Surgery
This patient came to Superstition Springs Endodontics in 2012. She reported trauma in the early 1970's - when one of her kids accidentally head butted those teeth. They became infected and a RCT was done in the early 70's. Original crowns still in place. Her dentists ever since have pointed out...  Read More
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