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Aerosol Anxiety and COVID-19 Critical Thinking with Dr. Hessam Nowzari
A big thanks to Dr. Hessam Nowzari, and his presentation, "Aerosol Anxiety and COVID-19 Critical Thinking" presented as an Inner Space Seminar. Hosted by Dr. Jason Hales and Superstition Springs Endodontics.   HIGHLIGHTS     After 8 or 9 months, those who claim we don't have enough data for...  Read More
Episode 135: Help, I'm Understaffed And Can't Find Team Members!
Dr. Bryan Laskin and David Pryor discuss a huge issue offices are currently facing. If you're up for some tough love though, it can be a massive opportunity for the right dentist.  Understaffed and Cannot Find Team Members Find us on Radio!  Read More
The Dehumanizing Effects of Facemasks
During COVID-19, facemasks became common in many places. Humans are social, evolutionarily hard-wired to connect by looking at each others’ faces. Children’s maldevelopment and psychological effects on children and adults of wearing facemasks can be debilitating.   Read More
Episode 132: Big Dental Technologies That Are Being Fast Tracked By COVID-19 with Mike Uretz
Dr. Bryan Laskin is joined by Mike Uretz for this week's episode of The Operatory Podcast to discuss dental technologies that have been made widely popular due to COVID-19. Mike Uretz is a nationally-recognized Dental software and Electronic Health Records (EHR) expert. He is the founder of  as...  Read More
 Detrimental factors on Staff quality in  Dental Practice
When a dental practice needs an additional team member and you have determined that you need to hire another employee there are so many factors aligned along with the same. This decision is  made for one of two reasons: 1. Your ability to increase production, provide better service for...  Read More
5 Ways to Prevent Sickness
2020 has been a year when everyone has given thought about what they can do to make themselves less susceptible to illness. In general, poor nutrition and not being mindful about your health can make you a lot more likely to get sick. Changing some of your habits and incorporating some proactive...  Read More
Categories: Hygiene, Public Health
The Diet You Should Be Eating for Your Teeth
Most are aware that it's important to brush their teeth regularly to maintain good oral health. Many are also aware that the diet they eat has a significant impact on their overall health. However, what they may not realize is that these two things are connected and that the diet that you eat can...  Read More
Episode 129: You Are Right, It Is Time For You To Retire
Dr. Laskin takes on this episode solo as he brings in the dentist perspective to a social media post that stopped his scrolling dead in its tracks. "Just my opinion", but this may change your perspective on the future of dentistry.  You Are Right It Is Time For You To Retire Find us...  Read More
Reducing Cross-Contamination in Hygiene with Voice Technology
In my many years of clinical hygiene one area of ongoing concern for me is cross contamination in the hygiene room.  We make extraordinary efforts to protect ourselves and our patients.  However both can be unintentionally exposed while completing exams with paper and pen. There is a lot of...  Read More
Categories: Hygiene
Episode 128: Are You Setting Yourself Up For Future Frustrations By Not Keeping It Simple?
Automated systems such as sending appointment reminders to your patients should be simple to navigate, but many offices are finding their current systems to be overly complicated and bogged down. Listen to this episode as Dr. Bryan Laskin and co-host Dave Pryor discuss a simple and easy solution to...  Read More
1416 Inspiring Total Wellness Through Holistic Dentistry with Dr. Nammy Patel : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Dr. Nammy Patel, DDS () operates a practice called Green Dentistry in San Francisco and is the author of Age With Style: Your Guide To A Youthful Smile & Healthy Living. A graduate of the University of California’s School of Dentistry, she is a leader in the movement to bring environmental sanity...  Read More
Watermelon - Nature's Toothbrush
So sweet, so cool and so red  So green and so nice  Cool you down, just like ice  Take a taste, and see why  If you hot, or dry, just take a slice. Eat your fill  Cool you down! Yes, it will.  - Herbie Hancock, Watermelon Man  Coronavirus or not it’s summertime, and nothing says summertime better...  Read More
1405 Think Like an Entrepreneur with Shawn Zajas, Founder of Zana : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Shawn Zajas is Founder of Zana, the electric toothbrush program, redefined.  Shawn is also the cofounder of The Authentic Dentist – a company he started with his partner Dr. Allison House.  At the core of The Authentic Dentist is the belief that the answer to the current challenges in dentistry, is...  Read More
Two Companies Partner to Help Young Dentists Weather Pandemic
Like a bad dream or a late winter storm striking in early spring, the feared and tiresome COVID-19 virus is slowly retreating from our daily lives.   Week by week, businesses and offices are reopening, more people are out and about, and the dread and uncertainty of the past several weeks is giving...  Read More
Categories: Hygiene
I want to offer you hope. I also want to offer you clarity. I’ll start with clarity. The standard dental office is frightening. It scares your patients. It scares your staff. It scares even the doctors. Return too soon, and you risk the health and wellbeing of patients and team. Go back too late,...  Read More
Episode 123: The #1 Thing Repelling Patients Post COVID-19
As dental professionals, we are all well aware of the changes that have occurred in our practice due to COVID-19, but what are our patients thinking? Co-host Dave Pryor returns in this episode to bring the patient perspective on the new way of dentistry.  The #1 Thing Repelling Patients Post...  Read More
Episode 122: Your Most Crucial Asset And Protecting It During Reopening With Corinne Jameson-Kuehl
In this week's episode, Dr. Laskin is joined by Corinne Jameson-Kuehl from , to discuss a crucial asset to your practice and how to protect it as you reopen post COVID-19. Your Most Crucial Asset And Protecting It Find us on Radio!  Read More
Episode 121: How To Create Champions In Your Office And Why You Need To Do It Now with Abby Frey
Dr. Laskin is joined by Abby Frey on this week's episode to discuss the importance of creating champions in your office and how to leverage the A+ players in your office.  Check out  to learn more about training resources.  How To Create Champions In Your Office   Find us on Radio!  Read More
How to Increase Hygiene Profitability with Jennifer Turner
            On this episode of the podcast, I’m thrilled to be joined by Jennifer Turner, our very own Dental Hygiene Profitability Coach at . Jennifer helps dental practices drive growth with key metrics, KPI's, scorecards, and business process improvement systems. Essentially, she gives you...  Read More
Episode 120: Why Your Staff and Patients May Not Want To Return To Your Office
As dental practices are beginning to open their doors to routine procedures, Dr. Laskin and Dave discuss what will motivate your team (and your patients) to return to your office.  Why Your Staff and Patients May Not Want To Return Find us on Radio!  Read More
Three Keys to a Strong Dental Practice Reopening
            Dental practices around the world are navigating unprecedented times. Some practices have been forced to close completely. Others are open only for emergency care. Now, practices are beginning to reopen. But reopening doesn’t mean going back to the way things were before. We have new...  Read More
Episode 119: 5 Steps to Lead Your Team Through A Crisis with Gary Kadi
On this week's episode, Dr. Bryan Laskin is joined by Gary Kadi, CEO and founder of NextLevel Practice, to discuss ways to lead your team through a crisis.  To learn more about NextLevel Practice, visit ! 5 Steps to Lead Your Team Through A Crisis Find us on Radio!  Read More
How to Promote Safety When Reopening a Dental Office Post COVID-19
            Reopening a dental practice post COVID-19 is a welcome event. But while opening the doors is a welcome event, it's not as simple as opening the doors and getting back to normal. We have new guidance to follow. We have new demands from our government, team members, and even patients....  Read More
We want to thank those of you who were able to join the conversation during our  ?? ??Tune into our webinar series EVERY Tuesday at 4PM EST - Just make sure to register for the live link!?? For those of you who were unable to make it, here's a recording of webinar #7   Read More
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