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Episode 146: How I Keep My Team Hyper Productive, Engaged, And Happy
Need a new strategy to help motivate your staff to make it through the rest of 2020? Dr. Bryan Laskin talks about a great incentive to boost morale in your office...and boosts your production at the same time! Who doesn't love a good two-for-one these days? Keep Your Team Hyper...  Read More
269: Dr. Neha Batra | Macomb Children's Dentistry
Does your practice have that "Disney" feel to it? . In this episode I speak with Neha Batra where we discuss why your team should always be "ON"! As soon as they clock in or walk through your doors, they are performing! . Think about it... if a performer is having a bad day... but they...  Read More
Why Dental Appointments are Crucial to Prevent COVID-19 from Taking Over with Dr. Molayem
Today we are talking to Dr. Molayem on the connection with , a very relevant topic that all dentists and practice owners should be aware of. Listen in for the most valuable marketing information you’ve ever been able to put out to prevent COVID from taking over, when you get it.  Dr. Molayem...  Read More
Episode 144: Effective Tips To Drive New Patients (Part 2)
Dr. Laskin and co-host, Dave Pryor, wrap up this two-part episode with even more effective ways for dental practices to drive new patients to their offices. Effective Tips To Drive New Patients Part 2 Find us on Radio!  Read More
1501 Aurelia Byrne, RDH, Founder of A~flexX Assist Arm, on Improving Dental Ergonomics : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Aurelia Byrne is a Registered Dental Hygienist and the founder of the A~flexX Assist Arm. A~flexX is the first company in dentistry that invented a third arm that attaches to the back of a dental chair, giving hundreds of practicing dental hygienists and dentists an extra hand. A~flexX provides...  Read More
Episode 143: Effective Tips To Drive New Patients (Part 1)
Dr. Bryan Laskin gets the patient perspective from co-host, Dave Pryor, on effective ways for dental practices to drive new patients to their offices. This two-part episode is one you don't want to miss! Effective Tips To Drive New Patients Part 1 Find us on Radio!  Read More
1496 Whitney Rose DiFoggio, RDH, BS, the "Teeth Talk Girl," on Being Your Authentic Self : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Whitney is a dental hygienist who is often known as the "Teeth Talk Girl" on social media. Both her YouTube videos ( and website articles () focus on educating the general public on dental health. With her background in acting, she also enjoys creating dental office skits and...  Read More
Categories: Hygiene, Marketing
Episode 142: We Need To Stop Putting Fancy Sweaters On Dinosaurs!
What the heck is Dr. Laskin talking about when he says, "we need to stop putting sweaters on dinosaurs"?! Listen in as he explains to co-host, Dave Pryor, what he means and why there could be some sweater-wearing dinosaurs lurking around your dental office.  Stop Putting Fancy Sweaters On...  Read More
How to improve confidence in the dental clinic after COVID-19
Any patient who reflects from home on whether he should go to a dental clinic in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic may think that it is an unnecessary risk if "nothing hurts." This can cause that person to wait to see the dentist until they have serious complications, such as periodontitis. It is...  Read More
Categories: Hygiene
Vitamin D’s Central Role in Curing Sleep Apnea, and in Fighting Off Viruses and Diseases of Every Type w/ Dr. Joel Gould
CPAP is a great solution for many people’s sleep apnea conditions. Dr. Joel Gould has found that for maybe even the majority, taking three supplements, what he refers to as “The Terrific Trio”, can begin to reverse decades of chronic problems, and will help us change the way we eat, play in the...  Read More
One Decision Away From Crushing It - Lessons from a World Class Athlete
In this episode of The Authentic Dentist, Allison shares a story of her friend, Jessica. Jessica is a world-class athlete who was invited to go to the Colorado Olympic Weightlifting Training Center. Along the way, she was faced with a choice; she had to decide if she was going to just be a fan of...  Read More
Side Effects of Continuously Wearing a Mask in This Pandemic
Effects of Wearing a Face Mask on Oral Health  With dental practices gradually opening up, dental specialists are worried about a tsunami of oral cleanliness issues from patients, which include 1. Bad breath – Halitosis, or awful breath, is the essential oral medical condition related to face...  Read More
Categories: Hygiene
Episode 139: Timely Advice On Dealing With Change With Your Team
Dr. Bryan Laskin is reunited with co-host Dave Pryor on this previously recorded episode to discuss the most effective way to implement change in your practice. Dealing With Change With Your Team Find us on Radio!  Read More
Difference Between Cloth Masks, Surgical Masks, and Respirators
This blog post explains the difference between cloth face masks, surgical masks, and respirators, emphasizing employer responsibilities based on OSHA’s standards. Why is Protecting Employees from COVID-19 Important? The first reason is keeping your employees safe from illness and death. But if that...  Read More
1479 Tracy Jacobs, RDH, on Hygiene Education and Innovative Oral Care Products : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Tracy Jacobs is the founder and President of Wizdom – Dental Education Solutions, BLS Instructor, Training Center Faculty at RC Health Services, Advisory Board Member at Anderson & Associates and a Registered Dental Hygienist and a Certified PACE Provider. In addition, she is a Product Specialist...  Read More
Categories: Hygiene
Bounce Back into 2021 - 3 Ways to Prepare Your Practice for the New Year
Dr. Allison House and Shawn Zajas are back with another noteworthy episode. In this episode, they discuss the three things you can do to prepare for an extraordinary 2021. 1.     Write a patient letter. Include oral care regimens related to overall health and immunity. 2.     Start gathering data...  Read More
PPE for Which Dental Procedures During COVID-19?
Dental employees are at the  for getting COVID-19. As a result, employers need to know how to protect their employees. Most importantly, personal protective equipment (PPE) stops the spread of the virus. Dental offices could spread the virus easily. However,  explains, “The dental office, if they...  Read More
Episode 138: 7 Easy Things To Do Today To Get New Patients Tomorrow
There are not a lot of problems in dentistry that can't be fixed (or at least buried) by a steady influx of new patients. Dr. Bryan Laskin shares with The Operatory audience 7 easy things that dental offices can do to bring in those new patients.  Seven Easy Things To Get New Patients Find...  Read More
Making it Happen; Creating Value in Dentistry
In this episode of The Authentic Dentist, Shawn and Allison have the privilege of talking with CEO of DentalPost Tonya Lanthier. Tonya shares her story of starting off her career as a dental hygienist, recognizing a need in the industry, and starting the DentalPost as a way to meet this need. This...  Read More
Episode 137: How To Survive Dentistry's "October Surprise"
In this week's episode of The Operatory Podcast, Dr. Bryan Laskin talks one-on-one with his listeners about the "October Surprise" the dental industry may be facing. He discusses what it is and how to prepare your practice to handle it. How To Survive Dentistry October Surprise Find us on Radio!  Read More
Strategic Insurance Management
Handling insurances have been a real pain for dental practices over the past few years. Learn from the expert on how to push back your outdated insurance systems and focus on taking your revenue cycle to the next level of operational efficiency. Panelists: Teresa Duncan, MS Know more about...  Read More
1466 Laura Corbin, RDH, BFA, AAS Talks "Removing the Blindfold" Using the Dental Endoscope : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Laura is a registered dental hygienist with fourteen years of experience in a periodontal practice providing non-surgical periodontal therapy and periodontal maintenance. Laura believes in using the latest technologies to achieve the most predictable outcomes for her patients, and has used a...  Read More
Categories: Hygiene, Periodontics
Aerosol Anxiety and COVID-19 Critical Thinking with Dr. Hessam Nowzari
A big thanks to Dr. Hessam Nowzari, and his presentation, "Aerosol Anxiety and COVID-19 Critical Thinking" presented as an Inner Space Seminar. Hosted by Dr. Jason Hales and Superstition Springs Endodontics.   HIGHLIGHTS     After 8 or 9 months, those who claim we don't have enough data for...  Read More
Episode 135: Help, I'm Understaffed And Can't Find Team Members!
Dr. Bryan Laskin and David Pryor discuss a huge issue offices are currently facing. If you're up for some tough love though, it can be a massive opportunity for the right dentist.  Understaffed and Cannot Find Team Members Find us on Radio!  Read More
The Dehumanizing Effects of Facemasks
During COVID-19, facemasks became common in many places. Humans are social, evolutionarily hard-wired to connect by looking at each others’ faces. Children’s maldevelopment and psychological effects on children and adults of wearing facemasks can be debilitating.   Read More
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