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Hiring Successful Actions
HIRING  SUCCESSFUL ACTIONS             Hire for ATTITUDE is Golden Rule #1. The right attitude cannot be taught. Everything else can be.              Realize that an interview only gives you an “outer-view”. You won’t really know if you have a winner until you see them in action over a period of...  Read More
Letter to help educate patients on how dental insurance works
Letter we supply to our clients to assist in educating patients on dental insurance: Dental insurance is a highly complex area that creates confusion for many dental patients. The complexities of dental insurance and the lack of sufficient information provided by some insurance companies make it...  Read More
The Huddle
THE HUDDLE   The Huddle: The prime purpose of the huddle is for the team to know where the practice stands in relationship to monthly goals, work together to come up with solutions to get on goal when needed and problem solve anticipated problems in advance of the current day. The huddle also acts...  Read More
Dental Assistant Checklists: Opening | Daily | End of Day, Week & Month
DENTAL ASSISTANT CHECKLISTS OPENING PROCEDURES  (edit all checklist as you  see fit) _____  Lower thermostats to 70° _____  Turn on all lights, including carpule warmers and 3 red light switches                                                                             _____  Empty autoclave...  Read More
Ten Proven Steps to Reduce Cancellations and No-Shows in your Dental Practice
When it comes to cutting down on cancellations and no-shows, there are similar but different protocols for 1) new patients, 2) patients due for recare, 3) patients past due for recare, 4) patients scheduled for operative, and 5) patients who broke their appointment for operative. Here are 10 tips...  Read More
Give case acceptance a fighting chance: Talk so patients understand
Value The key to effective case presentation is to raise a patient’s dental IQ, which results in patients who place value on their treatment plan. This way when you send someone up to the front desk, the treatment coordinator will have a patient who is more willing to figure out the financing of...  Read More
Job Descriptions for Dental Practices
Receptionist The responsibility of the Receptionist is to professionally greet all patients whether on the phone or in person, ensure all forms are properly filled out and direct patients to the treatment area as quickly as possible.  In addition to the above the Receptionist needs to be able to...  Read More
Missed Appointment Procedure
When a patient misses an appointment or cancels call them asap. If you do not reach the patient let them know you will try back in about a week. Repeat a week later if needed. If still no joy, they go on your normal reactivation protocol. If you do reach the patient say something to the effect of: ...  Read More
 What type of people cancel and no-show to their dental appointments?
An engaged dental team can start to predict which patients will cancel or not show up for their dental appointments. No practice wants too many of these types of patients. It becomes vital for the scheduling coordinator to be able to identify these patients so that the dental team can confirm their...  Read More
Patient Complaints
Poor organization is also at the heart of patient complaints. Organization of a practice is, in essence, composed of ensuring you and your staff know how to efficiently and effectively process: a. New Patients b. Returning Patients c. Emergency Patients When we work with a new client we evaluates...  Read More
New Patient Flow Chart
What can your hygienist do when you're out?
What can your hygienist do when you're out of the practice? Excellent resource:?   Read More
TED Talk on Stress
Considering the stress level of most dentists this is worth a watch:   Read More
Financial Policy Recommendations
1. Insurance: a. Tell the patient how much the insurance company is expected to pay. b. Tell the patient you will bill the insurance company for that amount. c. Inform the patient they are responsible for that amount if insurance company doesn't pay. d. Collect the balance at the time of service....  Read More
Dental Insurance: How It Works
Dental insurance is a highly complex area that creates confusion for many dental patients. The complexities of dental insurance and the lack of sufficient information provided by some insurance companies make it almost impossible for some patients to properly understand their benefits. Even more...  Read More
Marketing 101
Much of marketing involves testing which is a fancy word for trial and error. My dad was considered Madison Avenue's top copywriter back in the day. One of the original Mad Men. His client roster was a who's who of Fortune 500 companies.  When he would submit copy to a client the copy would always...  Read More
Employee Dismissal Tips
1. Keep it business like and professional. 2. Every state has different rules as to what constitutes a legal firing. Check with a local HR person, your lawyer or your state's labor department to ensure your termination procedures are compliant. With that information you can then create a...  Read More
10 Top Practice Management Books
#10  by Dr. Rick Waters and Dr. Bill Powell #9  by Fred Joyal #8  by Bruce Tulgan #7  by Ryan Holiday #5  by Patrick Lencioni #4   by Kenneth H. Blanchard and Spencer Johnson #3  by Marcus Buckingha #2  by Michael Gerber #1  by Jim Collins  Read More
Out of Network:
Here’s how I recommend you handle out of network financial arrangements: Let’s say the patient needs a crown and your UCR is $1000.00. 1. Verify benefits to determine how much the insurance company is expected to pay. For example $350.00. 2. Tell the patient you will bill insurance...  Read More
A Comment on Systems
System are useless if the staff do not follow through. Getting staff willingly following through is what leadership is all about. What practice owners are missing is not how to confirm an appointment (or whatever) but how to be effective leaders who attract willing staff with a half way decent...  Read More
Signs of Embezzlement
Tell tale signs of embezzlement: 1. There is an employee who is always first in and last to leave. 2. There is an employee that gets upset when asked questions about their duties handling accounts/money or gets upset or angry at the idea of a consultant, other professional or spouse coming into...  Read More
Statistics: What do with them?
Statistics are like x-rays or a car's dashboard. Stats tell you and the employee what's going on in a specific area of the practice. Some stats can be assigned to a specific employee. For example NPs or # of Dental Patients Reactivated. If a stat is trending down I predict you will likely find...  Read More
Dental Office Manager Daily Checklist
Info: This checklist addresses the basics that a dental office manager should maintain and accomplish on a daily basis. ____1. Be on time for the dental office morning meeting (at least five minutes early). ____2. Start the morning meeting at the exact proper time. ____3. Make sure the receptionist...  Read More
Staying Focused
 advise practice owners NOT to spend a lot of time on management. They should instead focus on servicing patients with the best possible care. Stay focused on helping patients get better; not on the money. The money will come if you stay focused on helping as many people as possible in your...  Read More
Making Patients Comfortable
As your receptionist become familiar with patients she will know a little more about them and will be able to talk to them about their interests, etc. This is very important. She should make a point of bringing up what she talked about last time the patient was in. For instance, if the patient...  Read More
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