The Productive Dentist Podcast
The Productive Dentist Podcast
The Productive Dentist Podcast features Dr. Bruce B. Baird, America's Most Productive Dentist, as he shares the wisdom and knowledge he's gained in 30+ years of dentistry to help dentists become more productive and live better lives.
Productive Dentist Podcast

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Episode 114 – Hiring the Perfect Team
“There is no perfect team. Perfection is limited to a dream.” ~Dr. Bruce B. Baird There is no perfect team. Perfection is limited to a dream. While I used to think that all my problems could be fixed if I had the perfect people to make up my perfect team, now that I’m wiser than I used to be,...  Read More
Episode 113 - Leadership & Mentorship in Dentistry
“When you can get outside of yourself and start focusing on others, you'll notice your job satisfaction and communication with your team gets better.” I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit. I’ve always liked making money. When I was 13 or 14 I had a job spraypainting house numbers on...  Read More
Episode 112 - Legendary Dental Leadership
“When you can get outside of yourself and start focusing on others, you'll notice your job satisfaction and communication with your team gets better.” I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit. I’ve always liked making money. When I was 13 or 14 I had a job spraypainting house numbers on curbs....  Read More
Episode 111 - Communication in Dental Partnerships
“You need to know about them, you need to have an open door of communication.” I hear this complaint all the time: “Dealing with my partner/associate is difficult.”  I’ve got some personal experience here. I want to start out by saying that early on in my career I wasn’t following the advice I’m...  Read More
Episode 110 – How Do You View Dental CE?
“When I walk into a CE course I challenge myself to not think the same way again. And then I go back to the office with an implementation strategy.” I have a question for you to think about today: Why do you go to CE? What is your goal when you attend a course and what do you hope to take away...  Read More
Episode 109 - Legendary Dental Leadership
“Leadership is a lifetime endeavor. It's not something you just know. But there are a few keys to making it much easier." What I've striven for most of my career is to develop a legacy of legendary leadership. In my opinion, legendary leadership is about training, supporting, and empowering your...  Read More
Episode 108 - Mentoring in Dentistry
“In my opinion, mentoring the young dentist is critical to the long-term success of dentistry." I had the great opportunity recently to sit down with my nephew and a friend of his who are in dental school. They just really blew me away with their questions and interest in the business of...  Read More
Episode 107 – Dental Practice Buy-In
“As you know, being a dental business owner isn’t easy. But it’s human nature for an associate to see a successful dental practice and think ‘Oh, being an owner must be pretty easy.’” I got a question from a listener recently and it’s a really good one: I am a 44-year-old solo doctor. I built my...  Read More
Episode 106 - Love, Respect, and Divorce in Dentistry (Part 2)
“I was under so much pressure that I forgot about the things that were most important in my life, my family.” In Part 1, I shared a little bit about my experience with divorce and dentistry. This is a topic that is hard, but it’s prevalent in our industry. Early in my career, I was sitting in an...  Read More
Episode 105 - Love, Respect, and Divorce in Dentistry
“When I look back on my life, I wouldn’t say I would change anything, but I wish I could have prevented a lot of things from happening.” This is probably the biggest thing that leads to loss of revenue and the ability to retire when you want to. It’s divorce in dentistry. This is a tough one to...  Read More
Episode 103 - Know Your Team
 recently spoke with a doctor who was struggling with his team: he had run through two teams and is on this third in 2 years. You might be wondering the same thing he was: How do I fix my team? The answer is simple, but not always easy: become a better leader. I had to deal with this in my...  Read More
Episode 102 - It’s the Why, Not the What
“Dentists need to do a better job explaining to patients the why behind things happening with their mouth not the what.” When you look at the freedom productivity allows, it all comes down to great case acceptance. Unfortunately, because so many dentists are tied to insurance companies, they have...  Read More
Episode 101 - What's Up with Unemployment?
“In a time where there's a shortage of employees, find the potential team members that have a true love for other people, and train them how to do dentistry." Since the pandemic, a lot of dentists have struggled with keeping and finding good team members. I've been getting a lot of questions...  Read More
Are You Committed?
“It doesn't make you feel good if you're on a diet and cheating on it. You're only cheating yourself. It's the same thing with CE." I'll admit, when I'm not committed to a diet, I cheat. Yes, I'm still doing it, but let's be honest I'm really only cheating myself.  If you're not 100%...  Read More
Do You Deserve a Tip?
“Is your office serving patients so well that they deserve a tip?” On a recent trip to the Maldives, my wife and I experienced truly exceptional customer service from Qatar airline. In fact, the service was so good, that as we were exiting the plane, my wife asked me, “Are we supposed to tip...  Read More
Should I Hire an Associate?
“I'd like to retire. Should I hire an associate?  I get this question a lot. And it really depends. The time to start planning your exit strategy starts way before the time you're ready to retire. I was able to grow a practice by using a strategy of bringing in associates, but that's not the only...  Read More
Your Questions About Leadership
One of the most difficult things for most dentists about owning your own practice is the leadership component. So today we’re going to look at ways to improve your leadership strategies as I answering your questions about leadership, including:     I think I’m being clear with the team about my...  Read More
Training Your Team
"I just don't have time to train my team." I hear this all the time. But that's like a pro football team never taking time to practice. If you want to produce at the highest levels in dentistry, you've got to have a team that is amazingly trained, and trained the way YOU want things to be done....  Read More
The Investment Grade Practice
Your business is your greatest asset. So ask yourself this: Is your business something that is going to last? Is it a business other people would want to buy? All smart entrepreneurs want to build a business that is so structurally sound that anyone could run it successfully. So today, I’m going...  Read More
Perception of Value
This is the one thing that can make or break a practice: patient perception of the value of your practice. The fact is, people who see high value in a business are more likely to invest their money there. So join me today as we discuss ideas to elevate your office's value in the eyes of your...  Read More
Episode 92 - Dental Maturity
How mature are you in your practice of dentistry? I’m not talking about how mature of a human being you are but where are you as a dental practice owner and clinician. Here’s an example: you can be the most highly skilled technician and not be able to get your patients to say yes to treatment....  Read More
Productive Replay - Producers and Pretenders
There's a war waging inside of you that creates -- and destroys -- dreams. It's called the producer and the pretender. "When I'm focused, I know I'm a producer," Dr. Bruce B. Baird explains. "But when I'm unfocused, I'm being a pretender. There are so many projects I've started, got 3/4 of the...  Read More
Episode 91 - Attitude of Gratitude
In my opinion, the biggest difference between a practice that is growing and one that isn’t growing is if you have an attitude of gratitude. My hope for you this year is you end up at the end of the year in a place you never expected you’d be able to be. Today, I want to talk a little bit about...  Read More
Productive Replay - You Are Not Alone
Dr. Baird is taking a short recording break during the holidays, so we are brining you some of his most timely, listened-to episodes.  Dentistry can be a lonely business - you carry all the responsible for the success of your practice as the doctor, the team leader, the business owner. The good...  Read More
Episode 90 - New Year Planning
There is no silver bullet in dentistry. It’s all the little things you pay attention to that make you productive. Today, I’m going to walk through what I do at the end of the year in my practice that help me intentionally plan for the next year. Because if you don’t plan for next year, all you’re...  Read More
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