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Why Every Practice Should Participate in Charitable Initiatives
            Most dental professionals went into the business of dentistry to improve the lives of people who require dental care. So, naturally, we care about helping those in need. But we can use that same desire to make an impact on individuals, our communities, and the world. These days,...  Read More
021: The Secret to Happiness is PROGRESS
Kiera and Mark discuss setting company and personal goals in order to reverse engineer practice growth. Growth and progress are not just positive outcomes for business; but when you are growing, you will create your own world of happiness. Kiera and Mark concentrate on the following points when...  Read More
020: 4 Piece Chicken Nuggets- Are you Seeing the Value?
Are there ways you can be saving money in your practice and you don’t even realize it? In this episode, Kiera is joined by Mark Costes who is known for his masterful ways of lowering costs without working harder-- just being aware. Mark explains that by knowing exactly how much a procedure will...  Read More
019: Empowerment without Expectations leads to Entitlement
Kiera and Dr. Summer Kassamel are back at it again with an episode on how to inspire team members to LEVEL UP. While previous episodes focused on accountability and goal setting, this episode brings light to situations all dental offices face:     How do you approach a team member who doesn’t want...  Read More
018: Goals Give Life to Passionate Work
Kiera welcomes Summer back in this week’s episode of how to encourage each team member to set simple, yet clearly defined goals. Goals shouldn’t be too modest, too lofty, or too overwhelming. They should be 2-3 simple objectives that will inspire each team member to perform at a higher level. By...  Read More
017: Goals are lost without Accountability
In this week’s episode, Kiera Dent is joined by Dr. Summer Kassmel. Summer’s expertise on leadership and practice ownership make her a wonderful guest host as Kiera and her dive into ACCOUNTABILITY MEETINGS. Every dental office needs meetings where team members come together regularly in order to: ...  Read More
What are your normal routines? Are you being intentional with your time? Kiera explains how being tactical and practical about having routines will make your life more simple. She lists several examples to utilize as a starting place in creating a routine for your dental office:     Operate with...  Read More
015: KPIs- The Lifeblood of your Practice
Why dread KPIs? In this episode, Kiera discusses how Key Performance Indicators are the lifeblood of your practice. In the same way you take vitals for a patient to assess overall health, KPIs are just as essential in order to assess the overall health of your business. You may not realize it, but...  Read More
014: Are you a master of time or is time a master of you?
Benjamin Franklin once stated, “You may delay, but time will not.” Many times we get side-tracked with urgent duties of the day only to procrastinate more important tasks. In this episode, Kiera and Mark give tactical tips on how to GET THINGS DONE!     Ask yourself what is the biggest task that...  Read More
013: Monday Morning Meetings- ARE YOU READY FOR THIS??
Team meetings can sometimes be really hard. They are difficult because it's a challenge to continually come up with topics, ideas, and HOW to these meetings really, really well. Kiera and Mark decided to help teams out! EVERY THURSDAY, they will release a podcast that all team members can listen to...  Read More
012: This is us. Real.Raw. Vulnerable- Kiera’s Journey
Everyone has their own journey to success. In today’s episode, Kiera unravels her story from dental assisting, to practice management, to business owner, and then to dental consulting. She explains that her journey, although not always easy at times, allowed her to learn some of the best lessons,...  Read More
011: Facing your Fears
Are you letting your fear of rejection or failure keep you from LEVELING UP? Kiera talks about how fear is a powerful motivator and when overcome, can lead to success and happiness. In this episode, Kiera gives helpful tips to dentists, officer managers, and dental assistants on how to NOT LET YOUR...  Read More
010: Words Create Worlds- What's your Communication Creating
In this very first “CarCast” episode, Kiera welcomes her traveling consultant colleague, Tiffanie Trader. Tiffanie is a master with teams and how to build relationships through solid communication tactics.   Tiffanie and Kiera discuss how communication is beneficial for team engagement, but...  Read More
009: Management- Is your team in good hands?
In this short episode, Kiera and Mark jump right into what makes a valuable office manager. Mark explains how the manager should be trusted to fulfill all of their job duties, but also not to be afraid to think of 3-5 practical solutions for problems that arise. Also, Dentists should EMPOWER their...  Read More
008: Keeping a Schedule, Keeps you Proactive!
Do you feel like you aren’t maximizing your day? Is there a lot of wasted time you could be utilizing? Join Mark and Kiera this week as they discus how scheduling is an important part of maximizing practice time. Having such busy schedules themselves, they know the benefits of working when they are...  Read More
007: Two perspectives, One Goal
Dr. Mark Costes and Kiera Dent join forces in The Dental A Team podcast to explain how TWO PERSPECTIVES of dentistry are BENEFICIAL for the entire profession of dentistry. This podcast provides a platform for both the dentists and team members in order to bring their two perspectives together. They...  Read More
006: Talking Money- Part 2
On this episode, Mark and Kiera wrap up their “Getting Comfortable in the Uncomfortable Podcast” on Part II today. They want you to really understand that talking money is just that-- and NOTHING more! As teams, this can be one of the biggest mental hurdles that can be easily overcome. Actionable...  Read More
005: Talking Money- Part 1
Mark and Kiera have a podcast today going out to TREATMENT COORDINATORS! But, if you aren’t a treatment coordinator, this is still an episode for you. They want to help you get comfortable in the uncomfortable-- conversations, talking money, approaching your boss, etc. This is an action-packed...  Read More
How to Use the 5 Love Languages to Improve Team Communication with Dr. Trent Redfearn
            How to Use the 5 Love Languages to Improve Team Co Did you know that the five love languages can help improve your relationships with your team and your patients? Dr. Trent Redfearn is a dentist with a unique skillset. He attended the University of Missouri-Columbia and graduated...  Read More
COVID-19 and Dentistry
Knowing what we do about the coronavirus (COVID-19) and how it spreads, it’s no surprise that it’s having a significant impact in the world of dentistry.  The American Dental Association (ADA) announced March 16th it was  nationwide that dentists postpone elective procedures for a three-week...  Read More
1395 Teledentistry Solutions for COVID-19 Problems with Dr. Ryan Hungate : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Dr. Ryan Hungate is a practicing orthodontist and the founder/CEO of Simplifeye, Inc.  Prior to going into dentistry, Dr. Hungate worked for Apple, Inc. designing the Apple retail workflow with industry veteran and Apple SVP, Ron Johnson.  He then attended Indiana University Dental School for his...  Read More
1393 Dr. Charles Moser on the COVID-19 Impact on DSO's : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
After Graduating from The University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio, Dental School in 1990, and completing  a General Practice Residency at St. Francis Hospital in Hartford, Connecticut, Dr. Moser moved back to Houston.    After 16 years in Private practice, In 2009, he joined South...  Read More
How to Set Your Hygienist up to Reach Peak Productivity
            You can’t run a practice alone. That’s why you need to  and help you build the practice of your dreams. Every team member plays an important role. , they won’t become raving patients. When any team member falls short, your practice won’t be as amazing as it can be. One team member...  Read More
Sometimes the most difficult times manifests the opportunity for people to create something larger than life and to step up and become the hero. Our hope is that we can make a difference together as dentists while overcoming the COVID-19 crisis.     Read More
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