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1213 All things SDF, GI, FV, with Pediatric Dentist John Frachella DMD : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
John Frachella, DMD is a pediatric dentist in Oregon and Maine with 45 years experience in the delivery of dental services in public and private settings. For the first 32 years of his career he was the dental director of a free clinic for indigent children in Bangor, Maine and for ten years served...  Read More
Consult Your Way to Success!
Podcast Episode #42: Dr. Bette Robin and Debbie Castagna talk about the best ways to Consult your way to SUCCESS!CastagnaWHAT IS THIS PODCAST ABOUT?Dentistry Rising is for and about dentists and dentistry. Dentistry may be changing, and changing rapidly - but it is also getting better in ways never...  Read More
Consult Your Way to Success!
Podcast Episode #42: Dr. Bette Robin and Debbie Castagna talk about the best ways to Consult your way to SUCCESS!CastagnaWHAT IS THIS PODCAST ABOUT?Dentistry Rising is for and about dentists and dentistry. Dentistry may be changing, and changing rapidly - but it is also getting better in ways never...  Read More
How To Keep Your Teeth & Gums Healthy
Growing up, you were likely always told to brush your teeth in the morning and before bed, and told not to eat too much sugar because it’s not good for your teeth. For many people, as adults, they now struggle with their oral health because it somehow doesn’t seem to have the same urgency as...  Read More
Categories: teeth, dental
No Business of Dentistry in Dental School with Dr. David Lawrence
Well, today we're going to dive into my favorite subject, school. No business of dentistry in dental school. We don't teach the business of dentistry in dental school. And I think that's ironic. There's a lot of things that we do in school that that is not helpful to us. I think it starts with...  Read More
If you have orthodontic issues like gapped teeth, an overbite or underbite, crooked teeth, an open bite and other irregularities in your smile -- You may be considering braces or Invisalign to fix them.One major difference is that Invisalign can be done through your dentist's office, eliminating...  Read More
80s Alternative Rock
"Throw Your Arms Around Me" by Hunters&Collectors is a great 80s alternative song.  I'd forgotten about it until I just heard it on Spotify.  Read More
Categories: music
Starbucks Iced Latter with Soy
I do the starbucks ice lattes with sugar free syrup.  And I've started substituting soy milk for the regular milk.  But I wonder if the soy milk and all the estrogen things you here about soy will mess me up?  Something to think about.  But the caffeine gives me a bump for the mid day wall.  Read More
Categories: sugary drinks
Your City Is Killing Your Practice (Maybe)
There is a trend going on that is hurting dental practices in cities both large and small by a practice called "Road Diets."  It eliminates street parking, two-way roads (in favor of one-way roads) all in the name of Global Warming and Anti-Car Culture.  You should be aware of this whether your...  Read More
Income Tax Notices are Always Correct, Right?
Don’t Pay Your Audit Notice Without Consulting your CPASo you receive an audit notice in the mail, its multiple pages and it includes a bunch of information.  You read through the notice and you think, it’s not much money in the grand scheme and the explanation seems legit, so you decide to just...  Read More
Episode 72: The Secret Behind Attorneys and Contracts
This week Dr. Laskin and Dave Pryor discuss lessons learned from past experiences working with attorneys and contracts to warn listeners how to avoid frustrating situations.The Secret Behind Attorneys and ContractsFind us on Radio!  Read More
Financial Planning for Dentists with Reese Harper
          Financial Planning for Dentists with Reese HarperOn this podcast episode I am joined by the CEO of , Reese Harper. We talk about financial planning and how to create more wealth as dentists. Also, we explore why it’s so important for dentists to prepare and educate themselves when it...  Read More
Fears of Tooth Extractions
 I have been providing Skype consultations for several years. People have reached out to me with their dental and nutritional questions as far away as Australia. Questions have ranged from eating the perfect diet for dental health to complex questions about surgical procedures. One of the most...  Read More
Categories: extractions
The Dangers of Online Phishing Scams and What You Can Do to Prevent Them
In a world that becomes more and more dependent upon technology every day, the question of cyber security becomes a critical issue that dental providers need to take very seriously. In the blink of an eye, one uninformed decision could leave a business not only in severe financial jeopardy, but...  Read More
Best options - If you are looking for printers to use at home
If you have a PC at home, you must be having printers. Printers are used for performing multiple tasks in today’s time nowadays and are the most common equipment. The IT industry is coming up with new and advanced models constantly. It is offering users an option to get a complete package at an...  Read More
The Addict As A Father
My father has a drinking problem ever since I remember. Initially, I found his behavior normal – like it was just part of his personality. He is distant and not as loving or protective like the other dads that I see in school. But as I grew up, I began to understand that his mood swings are not...  Read More
Categories: mental health
What A Dental Real Estate Tenant Needs To Know About Rent Escalation Clauses (Part III)
Expense StopsIf you have a full-service gross lease, you'll pay a base rental rate. The landlord has to pay for any additional costs. But sometimes, landlords put something called an expense stop in the lease. This means tenants pay for all operating costs above an agreed-upon amount. Landlords add...  Read More
You only know what you know, you know?
"You don't learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over."Richard Branson  Goat Yoga anyone? Made famous by the Amazing Race, this class happens regular in Chandler/Gilbert, Arizona and it's a BLAST! School taught you "why" things had to be a certain way.  School teaches...  Read More
Dental sedation doesn't need to be a fearful or worrisome experience for patients -- It's a very common procedure that makes many dental treatments easier to perform, and helps patients relax and get through the treatment pain-free. There are a variety of drugs used in dental sedation, and which...  Read More
How an enhanced smile will transform your personality
If one of your NewYear's goals this year was to care more for yourself than this is simply theamazing time to think about giving yourself the blessing of a healthiest,increasingly fresh smile through orthodontic service. When you feel good aboutyour smile, you change how you feel yourself as well...  Read More
Categories: orthodontist
1212 Pediatric Dentist Mark L. Cannon DDS, MS on Oral Dysbiosis : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Mark L. Cannon received his Doctorate of Dental Surgery from the University of Nebraska and then attended Northwestern University for his Masters of Pediatric Dentistry. He completed his residency at Children’s Memorial Hospital and received his Diplomate status by the American Board of Pediatric...  Read More
Top SEO Tips For Dentists #3 - Google Analytics & SEO
Google Analytics & SEOGoogle Analytics and SEO go hand in hand. GA is the standard for analyzing user behavior on your website. By adding a small piece of code to your website you can discover how users found your site, what pages are the most visited and more. Google provides this service free of...  Read More
3 Things Your Front Office Can Do to Help You Grow Your Practice
           Your front office team members are the first people patients interact with, on the phone or when they come to your office. If patients love them, you’ll make a great first impression and be well on your way to building loyalty with your patients. That’s because patients don’t judge your...  Read More
Cannabis and hair growth- what's the reality.
We're gonna be looking at the impact the marijuana can potentially have on hair loss. So what you're gonna learn about in this video is you're gonna learn about ·       Ways that marijuanamay cause hormonal changes ·       The potential formarijuana to slow down cell production ·       The...  Read More
Categories: Online dispensary
Dan Kennedy – Making More from Less – Marketing to the Affluent
Podcast Episode #226: Dan Kennedy – Making More from Less – Marketing to the AffluentEpisode #226: Dentist Freedom Blueprint PodcastDan Kennedy – Making More from Less – Marketing to the AffluentChanges within the middle class and the markets will have a big impact on dental practices, so Dan...  Read More
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