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1430 Dr. Pablo Johnny Fonseca on Running a Profitable Dental Office : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Dr. Fonseca came to the U.S from Cuba after attending dental school at age 21. Upon arriving he immediately decided to continue studying dentistry. He attended the University of Florida where he got a Bachelor of Sciences in Microbiology. Then he went to Dental School at Indiana University where he...  Read More
236: Dr. Jonathan Wong | Renovo Endodontic Studio
Man... this was a real and raw interview.   I appreciate you Dr. Jonathan Wong for opening up and letting me pick your brain as well. This were some of my takeaways from this episode:               How did Jonathan get so busy so fast, from 1 start-up practice to now owning nearly 8 practices!...  Read More
Categories: Endodontics
Episode 129: You Are Right, It Is Time For You To Retire
Dr. Laskin takes on this episode solo as he brings in the dentist perspective to a social media post that stopped his scrolling dead in its tracks. "Just my opinion", but this may change your perspective on the future of dentistry.  You Are Right It Is Time For You To Retire Find us...  Read More
Recreating Your Team After The Quarantine  Many dentists around the country are facing significant staff changes due to the pandemic. Some team members might not have come back to work after the quarantine due to health concerns or caretaker responsibilities. Some employees may not be the right...  Read More
1429 Seth Calish, Matt Havass & Cole Herzik of Dental Student Vibes : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Seth Calish attended Florida State University and was a brother of the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity, is an Eagle Scout, and later earned a Master’s in Medical Science at the University of South Florida Morsani College of Medicine. He is currently a 3rd Year Dental student in Florida and has held many...  Read More
243: Phil Workman | Braselton Smile Studio
Thinking about doing a start-up? or maybe you are already up and running your start-up but you're wondering if your marketing is really bringing in as many new patients as possible? Listen in as  and I discuss how he and his wife, marketed before and after, their start-up.   We also discuss:  ...  Read More
Categories: Marketing
3 Top Reasons Why Money Is Important
3 Top Reasons Why Money Is Important What do you get the woman that has everything? Well I found out that my wife actually didn’t have “everything” last Christmas. She loves to workout and was excited to hear about new a in-home fitness technology that was being released shortly before the...  Read More
1428 VideaHealth CEO Florian Hillen on Improving Diagnostics with AI : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Florian Hillen is CEO and Founder of VideaHealth, a leading dental artificial intelligence company. VideaHealth spun out of MIT in 2018 and uses artificial intelligence to automatically detect diseases in dental imaging. Before VideaHealth, Florian founded a digital pregnancy startup, ninu, worked...  Read More
The cool thing about buying an existing business is that not only is it an exciting venture, but there are less legal- and other requirements to meet.   You want to ensure your business flourishes – from zoning rights to pricing and invoicing to marketing yourself. Certainly, it can be...  Read More
Implementing A Dental Referral Program For Patients
All of your new patients should receive a warm welcome to your office, but one type of patient is even more important to keep happy: patients referred to you by another patient who trusts and has recommended you. If your patients are referring your office to their friends, you should be showing...  Read More
The Complete Guide to Dental Aerosols and Airborne Infection Control
Dental aerosol management and infection control have come to the forefront of dentistry. As concerns over aerosol generating procedures and air filtration increase, the need for proper control methods is clear. Demand for a new standard of airborne infection control. To be fair, there’s plenty of...  Read More
The implications of different particle sizes in airborne infection control.
Research finds that particle size is the most important determinant of aerosol behavior. Many existing recommendations have been based on older studies, however over the last 20 years numerous investigators have directly measured the particle size of infectious aerosols emitted from coughing and...  Read More
Thoughts Create Feelings, Which Create Results with Laura Mach
Laura Mach teaches dentists how to understand how their When we understand why we are thinking what we are thinking (that inner voice which we talk to ourselves with) we can understand our feelings and therefore why we do what we do. Once we understand that, it's easier to see why our employees and...  Read More
238: Karol & Drew | One of The Most Robust Patient Engagement & Communication Platforms Out There
Who has ever started (or has) a business with your significant other?   What are some of the ups and downs you've faced? In this episode  allow me to get nosey and dive into their lives! We discuss:               The struggles in creating a business with your significant other?          ...  Read More
Episode #324: The “NEW” Communication Methodology for Creating Magnetic Messaging That Will Help You Clarify Your Message, Eliminate Confusion, Connect with Patients and Grow Your Practice
If one or all of these statements are true for you, you’re about to discover a simple method of communication that can transform your ability to consistently attract high-quality new patients:     You know that creating a clear marketing message is important to the success and profitability of...  Read More
#323: Creating winning Facebook ads and marketing campaigns used to be difficult to create.  How to create winning ads every time with Robert Bly’s new book “The Big Book of Words That Sell” (2 of 2)
Since 1979 freelance copywriter Bob Bly has written hundreds of winning B2C and B2B promotions.  This includes landing pages, web copy, Facebook ads, AdWords ads, e-mail marketing campaigns, print ads, and sales letters for a variety of clients including dozens of professionals in the healthcare...  Read More
#322: Creating winning Facebook ads and marketing campaigns used to be difficult to create.  How to create winning ads every time with Robert Bly’s new book “The Big Book of Words That Sell” (1 of 2)
Would you like to know what one of the most powerful secrets for persuading prospective new patients to accept your treatment plan is (online and in in case presentations?) This rarely publicized method uses powerful trigger words and phrases that are magnetic and irresistible to your perfect...  Read More
Barb Stackhouse - Profit First for Dentists
Podcast Episode #287: Barb Stackhouse - Profit First for Dentists Episode #287: Dentist Freedom Blueprint Podcast Barb Stackhouse - Profit First for Dentists Is it possible to increase your profit by up to 10% without burning out or overworking yourself? Today’s guest has been helping dentists...  Read More
1427 Dr. Vitaly Gantman on Dental Supplies & Multi-Practice Management : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Dr. Gantman graduated University of Montreal in 2012 after which he worked with native communities in Canada’s Northwest territories for 18 months. He returned to Montreal in early 2015 and shortly after opened his first practice with his university buddy Dr. Michael Benarroch. Since then, they...  Read More
242: Dr. Anna Cowdin | Nomad Dental
Have you ever thought about doing "Mobile Dentistry"?   Or maybe you currently have a mobile dental practice and you want to learn how to get into specific corporations, market, and keep overhead low... Definitely listen to this amazing episode!   Dr.  started her mobile practice: Nomad...  Read More
Categories: Office Design
Episode #321: A deep dive into the Customer Avatar creation process using the 7-Minute Customer Avatar Creation Worksheet.  To attract perfect new patients, this tool provides an extra advantage
As you listen to today’s show and when you listen to the prior show and you do the exercises I’ve given you I want you to ask yourself this question:  “What did you do to learn about your avatar?” By going through this exercise, you’ll now know more about your avatar and you have a greater...  Read More
Episode #320: Create the most-accurate patient avatar possible with the 7-minute avatar creation worksheet. Now, your website and email copy can become more irresistible to your perfect patients
If you want your marketing and advertising campaigns to become exponentially more effective and profitable, creating the most accurate and effective patient avatar possible is essential. Your avatar is a composite representation of your perfect patient and the 7-Minute Avatar Creation Worksheet...  Read More
Episode #319: If you want a website that attracts the highest-quality new patients and predisposes them to saying "yes" to your treatment plan, deploy these five all-important elements. (3 of 3)
Getting qualified traffic to your website and converting it into paying new patients is more challenging than ever.  As a result, Dentists who are getting the majority of high-end, fee-for-service new patients from the internet have adopted more innovative and effective measures to optimize their...  Read More
If you want to attract more new patients and increase case acceptance, you’ll want to incorporate the 5 most-important traits of a high-performance, high-converting website for your practice
Getting qualified traffic to your website and converting it into paying new patients is more challenging than ever.  As a result, those dentists who are getting the majority of new patients from the internet have discovered how to adopt more innovative & effective measures to optimize results.  ...  Read More
Discover the five biggest myths dentists believe about websites, and how false beliefs about using marketing to get new patients from the internet may be costing you thousands each month (1 of 3)
Today is part #1 of a two-part series where I dispel five counter intuitive (and exceedingly costly) myths about having a website for your practice. 3rd-party data clearly shows how not having a high-performing website for your dental practice is (in most cases) not only costing you an enormous...  Read More
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