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Dentists: Things To Consider When Choosing a Dentist
Dental care involves the prevention and treatment of diseases of the mouth, including diseases of the teeth and supporting structures. Dentistry also encompasses the treatment and correction of malformation of the jaws, misalignment of the teeth, and birth anomalies of the oral cavity such as cleft...  Read More
Categories: Public Health
Dental Headlines Jan. 22nd, 2022 - Surprise Billing Act Unsurprisingly Adds Red Tape to Dental Offices
Click Below to Listen Dental Headlines Season 1, Episode 2 Once again, dentists are caught in the crosshairs of more regulation. While it seems it could have been worse, all of us will likely have to change some of our ways to stay on the right side of the law. On today’s Dental Headlines Show,...  Read More
Dental Headlines Jan. 7th, 2022 - AI Rises in Dentistry
Click to Hear Audio Dental Headlines Season 1, Episode 1   Dentistry in the News: January 7th, 2022    WHO finally recognizes SDF. What’s on 2nd. I dunno who’s on 3rd.  AI is coming and where is Will Smith when you need him to fight a robot? Dropping PPOs is always a good idea apparently… Duh   ...  Read More
Daisy McCarty – Your Brand Messaging – Differentiation in a Commoditized Marketplace
Podcast Episode #363: Daisy McCarty – Your Brand Messaging – Differentiation in a Commoditized Marketplace Episode #363: Dentist Freedom Blueprint Podcast Daisy McCarty – Your Brand Messaging – Differentiation in a Commoditized Marketplace I’m excited to have Daisy McCarty on the show today so...  Read More
The WealthAbility Show#103: Omicron's Assault w/ Bob Robenalt
Omicron’s Assault  The WealthAbility Show Episode #103: Omicron’s Assault w/ Bob Robenalt  Omicron is causing massive disruption to the economy. New variants mean new rules in the workplace for owners, employees, and clients. In this episode a top labor lawyer, Bob Robenalt, joins Tom to discuss...  Read More
What Is FU Money?
There are many things money can buy, but the most important one of all is freedom.  With regards to freedom, I’m specifically talking about being able to do:     what you want     when you want     for as long as you want     with whomever you want And the best way that can be accomplished is...  Read More
Digital Impressioning with Keating Dental Lab's Dean Tassey
In this episode of The Dental Up Podcast, we meet Keating Dental Lab's very own CAD/CAM Manager, Dean Tassey. Dean's career in the dental industry started when he was 14, working with his dad who is a dentist. He continued there through college, until he began working at his first lab, Keating...  Read More
Categories: CAD-CAM
Guide on How to Start and Grow Your Dental Membership Plan
While the Affordable Care Act has made it easy for people in the United States to obtain health insurance, dental insurance is not required and often, not offered by employers. The sidelining of dental insurance often leads to the sidelining of routine dental care. Only  in a 2019 survey, the last...  Read More
Do You Need Local Listing Management for Your Dental Practice?
Have you ever conducted a “near me” search on the internet when you’re looking for a particular service or business? Most people have because it’s a quick and effective way to find information and places they’re looking for.   If you’ve used this technique to find “restaurants near me” or “coffee...  Read More
Categories: Marketing
The Patient First Podcast Episode 23: Why Dentists Hit A "Success Ceiling"... And How To Break Through
In this episode, Dr. Laskin highlights a problem many dentists face when it comes to success...becoming complacent. Listen to learn why now is the best time to be a dentist, but the worse time to be complacent.  Visit  to gain instant access to Dr. Laskin's lecture, "3 Steps To Massively Increase...  Read More
What No One Else Will Tell You About Your Practice
EPISODE 15: WHAT NO ONE ELSE WILL TELL YOU Are you being told the truth about your practice? Probably now. Most people only seek advice they WANT to hear, no advice they NEED to hear. In Episode 15, Jay tells you what no one else will... he reveals the truth about current staffing problems,...  Read More
#67 2022 Update Episode
Some updates and advice for the year of 2022. We touch on everything from podcast updates to advice from a personal perspective on practice partnerships and budgeting with YNAB.  (A full episode on YNAB is merited, but to learn more, you can go to ).   Read More
Anthony Morrison Tips in Creating an Online Business from Scratch
Many people dream of being their own boss and making a living online. But many also fail to reach their potential, falling into the trap of believing they need a huge budget and expertise in business to succeed. This simply isn't true. Creating an online business can be as straightforward as you...  Read More
Digital Marketing for Dentists- Terms You Need To Know in 2022
In today’s busy and connected world, digital marketing has never been more critical or more competitive for dental practices, and it has changed drastically over the last decade. To reach the most potential patients, a successful dentist must consider all dental marketing options and be especially...  Read More
Categories: Marketing
Vivek Kinra – Navigating the PPO Conundrum – Pain or Profit?
Podcast Episode #362: Vivek Kinra – Navigating the PPO Conundrum – Pain or Profit? Episode #362: Dentist Freedom Blueprint Podcast Vivek Kinra – Navigating the PPO Conundrum – Pain or Profit? Today I’m joined by Vivek Kinra, owner of two large and fast-growing dental insurance consulting...  Read More
The Psychology Of Money
Recently Morgan Housel’s book,  videos. Why?  I don’t know. Maybe “Google” was trying to tell me something?  ?? Anyway, after listening to his interview about his latest book, I had to order one for myself. I love his statement in the Introduction:  Housel states that we must apply a survival...  Read More
You’ve set goals for 2022, now what?
Now that you've stated your goals (if you’ve been following along with my Tips), how do arrive at the accomplishment of them?  You don’t want your bright and shiny goals to get lost like all those past New Year’s resolutions (exercise more, don't eat____, walk the dog every day, clean my office,...  Read More
Dentaltown Learning Online....The Hall Technique For Excellent Pediatric Dentistry.  By Dr. Jeanette MacLean
Dentaltown is pleased to present.....The Hall Technique For Excellent Pediatric Dentistry.  By Dr. Jeanette MacLean. This 2.5 hour CE credit course can be found here.... An evidence-based, minimally invasive treatment option for the management of severe early childhood caries is the Hall...  Read More
Don't Get Steamrolled
The Patient First Podcast Episode 22: Dentists...Resolve To Increase Your Production In 2022 (Tools, Tips, Ideas)
Still brainstorming resolutions for 2022? How about making 2022 your most profitable year yet?! Dr. Laskin discusses 3 simple ways to help increase your production this next year. Visit  to gain instant access to Dr. Laskin's lecture, "3 Steps To Massively Increase Your Production" and other...  Read More
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