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How to Deal With Dental Phobia
A dental phobia is a strange beast – there are big tough rugby players who quake as soon as they’re asked to sit in that chair; women who would rather give birth again than have a filling… The thing is, your teeth need to be looked after; toothache hurts and makes you miserable and the longer you...  Read More
Part 3: Function - Top four reasons to Upgrade your Vacuum to BaseVac Dental
Thank you for continuing with our blog series on why you should choose a BaseVac for your Dental Clinic. Dental Vacuums are an essential part of the office, making a choice on a vacuum for your clinic should not be made lightly.  Last week we explained how BaseVac’s robust design could keep your...  Read More
Civil Unrest, Crime, and Site Selection
Doctors have brand new challenges in this brave new world.  They have to deal with a post-pandemic world, civil unrest, and a world filled with crime and changed demographic facts.  This episode deals with a few of these new factors all dentists have to face (even orthodontists!)   Read More
Payroll Protection Program (PPP) Loan Questions – It Depends
That’s the answer we, as CPAs, have to give many times when responding to questions on a forums board or chat groups on many types of questions, whether its income tax-related, practice transition, paying an associate, or staffing issues. It’s no different from PPP loan questions. Sure, there are...  Read More
Dental Implants From Planning to Restoration: Grafting with Sinus Elevation and Ridge Augmentation
Dentaltown is pleased to present.... Dental Implants From Planning to Restoration: Grafting with Sinus Elevation and Ridge Augmentation. By Dr. Charles Schlesinger. This CE Course can be found here... The rationale behind sinus elevation and ridge augmentation is discussed in this CE course...  Read More
Cash Flow In Real Estate – The #1 Reason To Invest
Cash Flow In Real Estate – The #1 Reason To Invest What’s the #1 reason that attracts people to real estate investing? , right? This comes from the cash flow real estate spins off that allow some of the wealthiest people I know to be in the position that they’re in. It’s also how so many...  Read More
Maintaining Business Practices with New Guidelines
As a dental practice owner you're used to practicing within agency guidelines from OSHA, HIPAA, the ADA and CDC but these requirements certainly look different now than they did 3 months ago. As you are getting back to managing your practice, navigating all of the added guidelines can be...  Read More
1402 Dr. Justin Moody, Founder & Clinical Director of Implant Pathways at New Horizon Dental Center : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Dr. Howard Farran stopped by the studio to visit Drs. Phil Gordon and Justin Moody, and it turned into a room full of doctors joining in - Drs. Chris Barrett, Wade Pilling, Steven Vorholt, James Sanderson, Raj Sheth, and Chris Epperson. Just a great group of docs talking dentistry. VIDEO - DUwHF...  Read More
How Dental Videos Can Grow Your Practice with Channel D
              How Dental Videos Can Grow Your Practice  Waiting rooms are far from being the most exciting places in the world. However, there is a way that you can make your practice’s waiting room entertaining, educational and even (dare we say it) fun for patients. On this exciting episode...  Read More
Share the Love. Be the Light.
A routine visit to Sam's Club became a great lesson in 'sharing the love and being the light.'     Read More
When Negotiating - Never Split The Difference
Chris Voss Never Split The Difference There’s something about terrorists, Navy Seals, hostage negotiations and drug cartels that’s always peaked my interest. So when I recently heard former FBI hostage negotiator Chris Voss discuss his book, , I was immediately fascinated. When you think about it,...  Read More
Part 2: Function - Top four reasons to Upgrade your Vacuum to BaseVac Dental
Dental vacuums are the heart of the dental practice. Making the right decision for a clinic can be stressful, as it is an investment that will affect the clinic for 10+ years. BaseVac started this blog series to show Dental Professionals the top four reasons why they should choose BaseVac for their...  Read More
Leading watch brand qualities and features
The watch case and arm band are adaptable treated steel and it gives this wrist watch an extremely rich by and large look. The clearer and increasingly fragile lines it has, the more it very well may be multiplied like adornments. The case and bezel ensure the face just as the quality. The dial is...  Read More
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Episode 121: How To Create Champions In Your Office And Why You Need To Do It Now with Abby Frey
Dr. Laskin is joined by Abby Frey on this week's episode to discuss the importance of creating champions in your office and how to leverage the A+ players in your office.  Check out  to learn more about training resources.  How To Create Champions In Your Office   Find us on Radio!  Read More
How To Find Gaps and Growth Opportunities in Real-Time
                        When running a dental practice, simpler is usually better. It’s true with systems and processes. It’s true with messaging. And it’s true with growth. And these days, with so much going on, the simpler the better. We have more than ever on our plates. So, simple...  Read More
Emmet Scott - Scaling your business in a post-COVID economy
Podcast Episode #278: Emmet Scott - Scaling your business in a post-COVID economy Episode #278: Dentist Freedom Blueprint Podcast Emmet Scott - Scaling your business in a post-COVID economy I love talking to people in dentistry who didn’t start out in the industry, and my guest today is one of...  Read More
Part 1: Function - Top four reasons to Upgrade your Vacuum to BaseVac Dental
There are many options in the Dental Industry for vacuum systems, each of which could potentially serve your clinic, but which one is the best choice for you? Dental Vacuums are arguably the most important part of a Dental Practice, as it is practically the heart of the office. Without a vacuum...  Read More
Solve Problems with Teledentistry with Dr. Vilas Sastry
Dr. Vilas Sastry In today's episode, Dr. Vilas Sastry of  joins us to talk about the problems that teledentistry solves for you and your team, combats "no shows," & creates a more productive schedule in your office.  You can find Dr. Vilas Sastry and more about teledentistry by going   Read More
What Constitutes An Emergency In Dentistry?
Typically, when anyone has an issue with a tooth or a toothache, the dentist receives a call. The problem is if there happens to be a severe flare-up in the middle of the night or on the weekend, can you call a dentist? Should you learn methods for soothing the symptoms until regular clinic hours,...  Read More
Categories: Implant Dentistry
This week Dr. House and Shawn are talking about PPE, social distancing and all of the considerations you’re juggling in your practice as you are adapting to dentistry post COVID-19.  Dr. House discusses how her practice and team have adapted to the new guidelines given by the ADA. She discusses how...  Read More
Is The Fear And Greed Index Legit?
Is The Fear And Greed Index Legit? If you’re a  fan like myself, then you’ve probably familiar with his recommendation regarding fear and greed: Behavioral Finance And The  Index There has been much research in the field of behavioral finance but nothing bigger than when psychologists Daniel...  Read More
Thank you to those who were able to join the conversation during our  ?? ?? Tune in next Tuesday at 4PM EST for Webinar #12 w/ Special Guest: Sameer Bhasin of  Webinar #11:  ??  Read More
How Best to Utilize Your SBA Loans If You Receive Both the EIDL and PPP Loan
Katie Collins, a Practice Integration Advisor with , helps dentists order their financial lives and reach financial peace of mind so they can better focus on what truly brings them joy. There is still uncertainty for many of you regarding when you will be able to re-open your practice and what...  Read More
1401 The Protocols to Return to Work in Dentistry with Confidence in the COVID-19 Era by Kwang-Bum Park, DDS, MS, PhD, Founder & CEO MegaGen Implant, Chairman MIR Dental Network
Dr. Kwang-Bum Park graduated from dental college of Kyungpook National University in 1985 and received his PhD degree in 1995 with the thesis about ‘the periodontal regeneration’. In 1993, he started seminars for private dentists to teach clinical periodontics and implant dentistry. Until now, more...  Read More
Now is not the time for employee dishonesty.
Now is not the time for employee dishonesty.  Here are some few links that can help practice owners:     Make sure you have adequate crime and cyber insurance. Talk to your insurance broker. Be sure to ask about YOUR responsibilities regarding coverage. (i.e.: keep an alarm system, have virus...  Read More
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