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Special deals of smartphones
Your first choice is whether you need to utilize an iPhone or a Google Android telephone. Both have an alternate look and feel to how they work. Android telephones make up all non-Apple gadgets, with telephones from Samsung, Google, One Plus and additionally competing for consideration. They keep...  Read More
Practicing in Florida Video
Looking for a state with everything? FLORIDA! And check out our new research product: the Site Viability Report that will be available for Christmas!  Read More
Practicing in Florida
We have gone back to our features on specific states that have either good potential for growth or are developing well.  I think Florida has got something for lots of situations.  This episode gets specific about where they are.  Check out the whole series as we build it at .Practicing in Florida  Read More
Tom Berry – The Risk of Freedom and Legacy
Podcast Episode #199: Tom Berry – The Risk of Freedom and LegacyEpisode #199: Dentist Freedom Blueprint PodcastTom Berry – The Risk of Freedom and Legacy What would you be willing to sacrifice to gain success? Are you willing to take risks and break away from ‘normal’ to live a unique and...  Read More
Hiring New Employees
                        Before making the decision to hire a candidate for employment, always:                Have the candidate sign an authorization form for obtaining a background check, including:                Criminal History Reports        Credit Reports            Speak with the potential...  Read More
Episode 42: How To Save Money By Investing In Efficiencies (with Brian Keating of KaVo Kerr)
Every dentist wants to save money. But when time is money, it's worth considering products and technologies that will increase your efficiency. In today's episode, Dr. Bryan Laskin talks with Brian Keating of  about ways to save time and improve the patient experience.Investing In...  Read More
Dental Consulting | Dental Hygiene Patients: Keep the Back Door Closed
We hear this question all the time, “Can you help me get more new patients to my office?The answer is, “Doctor, do you realize that you have 1,560 patients and 300 of these patients have not returned to your office in the last eighteen months?”How to keep the back door closed when new dental...  Read More
Three Strategies for Achieving Massive Profit Growth in Your Practice
          Practice leaders pay a lot of attention to attracting new patients. We love helping dentists attract new patients. Through Facebook, dental marketing funnels, and other strategies, we help practices attract patients on autopilot. That sets up practices to achieve consistent patient growth...  Read More
Leaders vs Managers - Why No Manager Is Necessary
Why do managers exist? The assumption, born in slavery, through serfdom, through the military and into the Industrial Age Factory System, was that managers are necessary because people will not produce as much without them. The notion is that managers justify their existence by causing people to...  Read More
084 Dental Implant MBA Lecture on Leadership with Dr. Gina Dorfman
084 Dental Implant MBA Lecture on Leadership with Dr. Dorfman graduated from the University of Southern California in 2000. She is the founding Dentist here at Dentistry for Kids and Adults.She is a co-founder of a dental software that improves communication between team members and patients...  Read More
Choosing the right kind of Dental Implants for your practice with Donald I. Rothenberg DMD
 Dr. Donald I. Rothenberg, DMD is our guest this week on the Dental Up Podcast. We sat down with Dr. Rothenberg and talked about his upbringing and initial start in dentistry. We are given insights on the somewhat harsh financial side of dentistry for many young dentists today. We also chat about...  Read More
Steps to Crack the Cancellation Code
The holidays are here, and your patients have a lot of tasks, parties and Christmas shopping to do before December 25th. The last thing they have on their mind is a dental appointment.Cancellations are at all time high; call it a pandemic!    In a normal day at your office, how many patients call...  Read More
Become a Legend, Doctor... Just Think About It.
Success comes to those who tolerate what 99 percent of people avoid, and who avoid what 99 percent of people tolerate.  In dentistry -- in fact, in ANY profession, you can become a legend. You've got the talents. You have a gift to rise above the 99 percent. Here's how to use that gift to become...  Read More
Happy Holidays - Dental Insurance Store
Are you dreaming of a white teeth Christmas? You will be after viewing our holly, jolly infographic!  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays all!  Read More
Buyamag inc Design Dental Morphology Model 7 Parts Series. Excellent Dental Education Model Used in  Dentistry Shools for Students Understand Oral Anatomy, Morphology
Ten times life-size, six teeth representative of everyhuman tooth type are included in this series: 1) Lateral Incisor;2) Canine (cuspid);3) First Premolar (bicuspid) with advanced caries;4) Second Premolar;5) Detachable bridge, consisting of first Molar with gold crown;6) Second Molar.Since it is...  Read More
Buyamag's Endodontic Models great tools for endodontic practicing, patients demonstratio, practice increase for dental professionals who specialise endodontic procedures.
At offer Cracked Tooth Model - 3 times natural size,made of a flexible rubber material. Model demonstrates CrackedTooth Syndrome on both cusps, with one side showing the crackcausing inflamed pulp. Cracked Tooth Model (pre & post treatment) -3 times natural size, model demonstrates pre...  Read More offer dental students a portable dental models manikin simulation with universal dental chair headrest or on bench mount.
Dental Periodontal Hygiene Training & TeethExtraction Model. Clear See-Through gingiva, or Reddish Sami-Clear Durablegingiva. Allows Training, easy accessibility toRoot surface, Practicing instruction on Subgingivainstrumentation placement, Scaling, Cleaning adaptation and alignment to theRoot...  Read More
Dentaltown Learning Online....Disillusioned by Dentistry? How to Avoid the Dreaded Regret of Choosing Dentistry as Your Profession. Filmed Live at Townie Meeting. By Dr. John Nosti
Dentaltown is pleased to present....Disillusioned by Dentistry? How to Avoid the Dreaded Regret of Choosing Dentistry as Your Profession.  Filmed Live at Townie Meeting. By Dr. John Nosti.,This CE course can be found here...Join Dr. John Nosti as he defines the top five ways to enjoy practicing...  Read More
Buyamag's Dental Teeth Extraction Model Help Dental Students Practicing Teeth Extraction Surgery In School or Home, And Pass State Board Examination
 Most popular for Tooth Extraction Practicing,Hygiene Training Combo Model with pink gingivae,Included: 28 AnatomicallyRooted Removable Teeth, DP Mounting Articulator available. ThisVersatile Combo Typodont - Model used for Teeth ExtractionPracticing Training, Calculus Cleaning, Roots Deep...  Read More
 Upper and Lower Jaws, 32 Teeth PeriodontalInvolved Model - Typodont.The Gum opens and close to normal position. Soft Pink SiliconeMaterial Gingivae is sectioned interproximally and through thebuccal at the mid line. Gingivae can opens, allowing easyPatient Demonstration Periodontal Disease or...  Read More
The Most Important Productivity Factor Most Dental Practices Ignore
           When dental practices want to increase productivity, the natural instinct is to increase their marketing efforts. After all, new patients are the obvious way to increase productivity. And since we can use Facebook to attract new patients on autopilot, increasing marketing efforts is an...  Read More
  We’ve got an exciting episode of the Driven Dental Implant Marketing podcast for you that’s all about how you can create a “money phone” for your dental practice. We speak to Mike Buckner, who is the Business Development Executive at Weave. is a unique and powerful platform that helps to fill...  Read More
Mark Podolsky AKA The Land Geek - LAND INVESTING
Tune in to hear as Josh talks to Mark Podolsky about land investing and learn    Why you would want to invest in land.    How to turn raw land into monthly passive income in real estate without renters, renovations and rehabs.    How to begin investing in land. Mark Podolsky:                  So my...  Read More
Why go to Mexico to get your cosmetic dental work when you can get it done here.
Recently while perusing amNewYork and some other local New York free publications during my lunch hour,  I was struck by the plethora  of 'dental tourism' advertisements. These vacation dental tourism ads  show destination getaways where patients in need of some cosmetic dental work and looking to...  Read More
Orthodontics is a Beauty Treatment
Research shows that beautiful people find better jobs -- and find them more easily. Beautiful people are smarter, considered more trustworthy and earn more money. By practicing orthodontics, you can help make this happen in the life of your child patient. The effects of orthodontics on facial...  Read More
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