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Employing “Problem Presentation” in your Practice and Increasing Case acceptance with Dr. Chris Bowman, DDS
Our guest Dr. Chris Bowman, DDS sits down with our host Brandon Fetters and discusses the importance of how you present treatment plans to your patients and why he encourages Dentists to focus on the problem first rather than the solution. He explains how new technology has minimized to an extent...  Read More
Cash On Cash Return: #1 Factor To Evaluate A Deal
Cash On Cash Return Recently I wrote about how I lost quite a bit of money investing in a crowdfunding deal with RealtyShares a few years ago. This mistake was totally on me as I didn’t do my part to know what I was really investing in. I put my trust in what their website was promoting instead of...  Read More
1306 Richard Dawson on Choosing the Right Dental School : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Richard earned his Bachelor’s degree in cello performance from the University of Utah in 2010 while working full-time at an asphalt plant near Salt Lake City. Before dental school, Richard worked at an asphalt plant, as a musician, a web developer, and was training to become a pilot. Once he...  Read More
How to Find Purpose in Your Dental Practice
Why did you become a dentist, anyway?   To make more money?   To own and run your own business?   To help people?   Here is the route to finding purpose in your profession.   Read More
Dentaltown Learning Online...Cysts that Every Dental Professional Should Know. By Deborah Levin-Goldstein, RDH, MS
Dentaltown is pleased to present ...Cysts that Every Dental Professional Should Know. By Deborah Levin-Goldstein, RDH, MS. This CE course can be found here... Cysts may be commonly seen clinically and radiographically in the oral region and, as such, are imperative for all dental professionals...  Read More
How Are Accountants Paid and How Are Their Fees Deducted?
Katie Collins, a Practice Integration Advisor with , helps dentists order their financial lives and reach financial peace of mind so they can better focus on what truly brings them joy. One of the professional relationships you’ll most likely have during your career and beyond is with an...  Read More
Patient Reactivation: How to Successfully Get Overdue Patients Back on the Hygiene Schedule
One of the direct ways to increase productivity is by reactivating overdue or “inactive,” patients and getting them back into the practice via the hygiene schedule. I’ve always thought that the only thing better than a new patient was an existing one that hasn’t been into the practice for a while....  Read More
1305 Boost Your Case Acceptance with Brandon Barnum : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Brandon Barnum, CEO of Codebreaker Technologies is a seasoned technology executive who has designed, built and managed multiple tech companies over the past 22 years.  Brandon’s companies currently serve over 5 million business owners, entrepreneurs and salespeople in over 200 countries....  Read More
Reasons to Use Direct Mail Marketing
Reasons to Use Direct Mail Marketing Direct mail marketing might seem outdated, especially with the advent of social media and digital marketing. This has caused many dentists to put direct mail marketing on the back burner or forget about it altogether. It’s true that digital marketing is a good...  Read More
What is Your Hygiene Department’s Maximum Potential?
Did you know that your Hygiene Department alone should cover your entire practice’s overhead? Yup! It’s not only possible – it’s not hard to achieve. And a large part of this is getting your overdue and inactive patients to come back. In my previous two articles,  I went over how to look at your...  Read More
1304 Peri Implantitis Treatment with Dr. Samuel B. Low, Dr. Gordon J. Christensen & Dr. Asle T. Klemma : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Dr. Sam Low provides dentists and dental hygienists with the tools needed for successfully managing the periodontal patient in general and periodontal practices. As an associate faculty member of the L.D. Pankey Institute for 20 years and Professor Emeritus, University of Florida, College of...  Read More
How To Avoid A Catastrophe In Your Practice
Dr. Laskin and David discuss the value of creating redundancies to avoid problems down the road in your office. How to Avoid a Catastrophe in your Practice Find us on Radio!  Read More
Doc Chris Hoffpauir - Going Against the Grain - Creating a Life and Practice Style by Intention
Podcast Episode #249: Doc Chris Hoffpauir - Going Against the Grain - Creating a Life and Practice Style by Intention Episode #249: Dentist Freedom Blueprint Podcast Doc Chris Hoffpauir - Going Against the Grain - Creating a Life and Practice Style by Intention After a painful (and potentially...  Read More
1303 Profitability through Efficiency with Dr. Matthew Krieger : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Dr. Krieger is a 1998 graduate of New Jersey Dental School.  He started his private practice in Franklin Lakes NJ in 2002 from scratch.  In 2019 his revenue will approach 2 million dollar at a 40+% profit margin.  He works less that 28 hours per week, has a total of 4 operatories with 3 FT hygiene...  Read More
RealtyShares – What I Learned From Losing $50,000
RealtyShares – What I Learned From Losing $50,000 Yes, it was painful writing the title of this article as I realize that most people don’t like admitting their failures. And most people certainly don’t like putting their failures online for the entire world to see  but I’ve made it a point to be...  Read More
Why is the dental tourism so popular in Antalya Turkey
We make choices every day and when it comes to holidays, most people act way more selective than their regular daily rush. Many criteria are reviewed before and being affordable is one of the most important among all. There are really few countries that you can add to your list whenever you prepare...  Read More
The Dirty Little Secrets about the Financial Health of Your Practice with Debra Robinson
 is one of the most important aspects a practice owner needs to be aware of. The first place to start is with good bookkeeping, because that defines the entirety of the financials. Debra Robinson always recommends that a dentist or a business owner outsource their bookkeeping. When you have a...  Read More
1.5 - How to Choose an Accountant to Help Buy a Practice
Choosing an accountant is one of two essential people to help get you into the right dental practice. But how do you know who to choose? How much are you going to pay them? What do they DO anyway? The best dental accountants out there are focused on transitions like yours. They have a process that...  Read More
Formal Introduction about Dr. Kavish Gurjar
Originally from Ahmedabad, Gujarat in India, Dr. Kavish Gurjar has worked his way to becoming one of the top dentists in America, having graduated with special honors in 2014 New York University's College of Dentistry where he was one of 10 students selected for the periodontal honors program.  ...  Read More
Categories: Cosmetic Dentistry
4 Team Members Who are Critical to Practice Growth
            The best dental practices are built with the best team members. That’s why it’s so important to . Top performance can help improve systems and processes and work together to help you fulfill your practice vision. While all team members are important, many practices miss tremendous...  Read More
1302 Silver Fluoride Techniques with Dr. Graham Craig : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Dr. Graham Craig AM, MDS, PhD, FRACDS is currently scientific advisor to Dental Outlook. He was formerly Associate Professor in the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Sydney and subsequently, Director of the Dental Health Foundation at the University of Sydney. His clinical interests have involved...  Read More
Book an Appointment to Use Your Dental Coverage Before it's too Late
Fall is a time of transition. Before you leave your home, check the weather to see if you need an extra sweater or jacket (and hat and mittens). Brightly coloured leaves will give way to falling snow in no time, so be sure to bundle up! On your way out the door, you’re probably thinking of what...  Read More
Categories: Cosmetic Dentistry
"I Only Want to Do What my Insurance Covers!"
Six months out of dental school, I discovered that at least 8 out of 10 patients had the same six objections on going ahead with their treatment plans:     “I’m only doing what the dental insurance covers.”     “I have no money.”     “File a predetermination of benefits for me.”     “I need to...  Read More
The Importance of the Human Connection in today’s Digital Dental Industry with Dr. Brian Toorani, DDS
Our guest this week Dr. Brian Toorani, DDS sits down with our host Brandon Fetters and shares some tips on how he worked on his depression and anxiety by creating daily tasks that helped him mentally, spiritually and physically.  He shares how you can create a positive workplace culture for both...  Read More
Thanksgiving Blessings
We at HPRG count our blessings so many times throughout the day. And one of the things we’re so INCREDIBLY thankful for is the hundreds of satisfied clients who saw fit to enlist our services over the two decades we’ve been in business.  This Thanksgiving, we wish all of you an infinitude of...  Read More
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