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Dental Consultant in Newport Beach | Big Picture
You and your team are personally involved in your business daily. This can make it difficult to evaluate the areas of opportunity that are available to you. Even the most well-trained team can have instances of inefficiency or miscommunication, leading to breakdowns in patient care and impacting...  Read More
Orthodontic Models are the most important resource from Buyamag Inc for dental education schools .
These orthodontic models, and training orthodontic  manikins look like real dental patients, mimicking head positions as a patient in a dental chair. Used both in facilities and for at-home practice, they promote hands-on practice of dental techniques with correct posture. The Orthodontic Manikin...  Read More
Special needs dentistry patients often require extra positioning considerations in the dental chair. Treatment can be challenging for the dental operator. Since most dental chairs do not offer the needed comfort, improvised solutions are usually taken. For the dental operator, this can result in...  Read More
Dedicated to providing Charitable Dental Services with Dr. Jerry M. Rosenberg, DMD FAGD
On this week’s episode of the Dental Up Podcast, we sat down with Dr. Jerry M. Rosenberg, DMD FAGD and chatted about the powerful and positive impact of providing charitable dental services to both your local community and those abroad. In this episode you will hear about: 1. Getting to know...  Read More
Understanding the Cost and Value of Cosmetic Dentistry
Cosmetic dentistry is an elegance fashion which has advanced into a whole sector in the technique to producing not merely the ideal smile but additionally to boost the look of dentition and facial physical look.  These are some necessary cosmetic procedures to consider and understand when it comes...  Read More
Practice Growth: Opening the Front Door, Closing the Back Door and Plugging the Holes
As a dentist, you are certainly out of the norm if practice growth is not on your mind on a regular basis. As business owners, we typically focus on increasing the inflow of people into the business. This was the same strategy that my business partner and I adopted when we purchased our practice....  Read More
Some Dental Issues that Necessitate a Visit to the Dentist
Discomfort or inflammation in the mouth, facial or even throat refers to several issues. Keep in mind that the dentist performs a significant factor in sustaining the general dental care healthiness. Maintaining those standard 6-month sessions is crucial in continuing the teeth and gums in a...  Read More
Why Purchase an Existing Dental Practice
                          Purchasing a practice is a life-changing event.  Below is a list of the top 6 reasons to consider purchasing an existing dental practice:                                         1. Experienced Staff – High performance practices generally have hardworking and...  Read More
Doctor, it's time to be Courageous
Doctor, what is it you fear in your dental practice? If you own your own practice, there is so much to do and so much going on.  What scares you and how do you deal with it?  There is an answer in your perspective on your life and your career.    Find us on    Read More
Influencers Posting Fake Adverts On Instagram
 Instagram is Facebook’s most precious possession at present. Millions of regularly active users access the platform, and many users go on to the extent to . Besides being a photo-sharing application as originally supposed to, Instagram has increased their focus on the number of advertisements and...  Read More
Restful Sleep is Essential for Dentists and Dental Professionals
Millions of people, especially dental professionals, suffer from sleep deprivation. While we are not yet a nation of walking zombies, insufficient sleep or poor quality sleep causes many of us to be distracted, irritable, inefficient, or prone to mistakes. The reasons for our lack of sleep are...  Read More
086 What’s the best Dental Implant to Place as a General Dentist? My top 4 Implant Companies and Why
086 What’s the best Dental Implant to Place as a General Dentist? My top 4 Implant Companies and Why What’s the best Dental Implant to Place as a GP I hear the question asked all the time, “What is the best dental implant to place for a general dentist”.  I always see the question answered form...  Read More
Dentaltown Learning Online...Dental Implants From Planning to Restoration: Working Together With Your Lab For Success. By Dr. Charles Schlesinger
Dentaltown is pleased to present ..Dental Implants From Planning to Restoration: Working Together With Your Lab For Success.  By Dr. Charles Schlesinger. This CE course can be found here.... . As a restoratively driven surgical procedure the dentist must eventually restore his or her...  Read More
1132 Dr. Bill Jackson DDS, COO at Virtual Dental Care, Inc. : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Bill practiced clinical dentistry for 10 years, while founding a small dental insurance company in Los Angeles. He left clinical practice to work with Prudential Healthcare (later acquired by Aetna), where he ultimately became President of the Dental Division headquartered in New Jersey. VIDEO -...  Read More
What's Easy About Functional Appliances?
In orthodontics, functional appliances can be a real challenge in terms of patient compliance. Here is some wisdom on the subject and a consideration or two on what you, the dentist, can do.     Read More
Creating Natural Beautiful Smiles with Dr. Andrew Turchin - Parts 1 and 2
Creating Natural Beautiful Smiles 01 Creating Natural Beautiful Smiles 02 Dr. Gina Dorfman interviews Dr. Andrew Turchin, a successful practice owner in the resort town of Aspen, CO. Dr. Turchin specializes in creating and restoring natural beautiful smiles with cosmetic procedures. Check out...  Read More
Episode 51: How Opioid Addiction Can Start At The Dentist Office
Opioid addiction is a well documented issue as overdoses have now surpassed vehicle crashes as a likely cause of death in America. In this special episode of The Operatory, Dr. Bryan Laskin sits down with Dave Pryor to discuss how this addiction can start as a result of routine surgery at the...  Read More
Episode 17 – Physiologic Risk
Listen Here Dr. John Kois lists 4 risk factors which we’ve already covered, but over the years I’ve added a few. One is physiologic risk. I see a lot of people with sleep apnea, allergies, and other seemingly non-dental issues and I’ve come to consider them as physiologic risks. I highly suggest...  Read More
1131 Dr. Frank W. Wolf DDS of Dental Referral Expert : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Dental Referral Expert helping general dentists & specialists grow their practice by bringing a lifetime of referrals. Dr. Frank Wolf is a Referral Marketing expert. He’s the founder and creator of Royalty Referrals, dentistry's most comprehensive and effective Internal Marketing System that...  Read More
CBD Oil Is an Effective Pain Relief Option for Dental Professionals
Neck and back pain is widespread in the general population, but the incidence of these types of pain is even higher among dental professionals. The reasons for this ubiquitous problem are not surprising. Dental care providers literally twist themselves into unnatural and uncomfortable positions all...  Read More
Get Found, Get Liked, Get Patients! Utilizing Social Media with Rita Zamora
The purpose of marketing is to build relationships and trust within a community. Social Media, whether you like it or not, is a highly efficient, and under priced way to develop the relationships that will fuel your practice in the middle and long term. In this episode we dive into it with Rita...  Read More
Contract Length
Is a longer contract better than a shorter one? Is the shorter contract covering all your needs? Contract Length   Read More
Cut Bait
How do you know if you should back out of a deal? Joe shares insight on whether to hold on or cut bait Cut Bait   Read More
Letters of Intent
Joe defines and explains Letters of Intent Letters of Intent   Read More
Family Ties
Joe discusses pros and cons of involving family members in your practice Family Ties   Read More
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