Get Off the Treadmill, by Chuck Blakeman
Get Off the Treadmill, by Chuck Blakeman
Your practice should produce both time and money, not just money. Learn how to get off the treadmill, make more money in less time and build a practice you can enjoy for decades.
Chuck Blakeman

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How Doctors/Dentists Can Use Telemedicine to Improve Office Visits with Dr. Michael Greiwe
The COVID-19 pandemic has hit hard in many ways. Fortunately for Doctors/Dentists, the use of telemedicine has been available to provide care for many virtually.  in a number of ways such as: routine follow up, after hour questions, eases some of the mental strain of people that are worried about...  Read More
Secrets of Building a High Performance (Self-Accountable) Culture with Wayne Mullins
“Consistency creates miracles and trust is the root of all of it”, says Wayne Mullins on today’s podcast. We are talking about the secrets of building a  and here are 3 points made in today’s episode with Wayne: 1. Look in the mirror- if you don’t like what you see in your business, look in the...  Read More
What You Should Consider When Choosing Marketing Strategies with Grace Rizza
There are many things to consider when  You want to design strategies on how to develop your brand, how to get your name out there, how to gain more customers, etc. Grace Rizza is with us today to give us her insight on what to consider when choosing marketing strategies.  Grace Rizza began growing...  Read More
Motivating Beyond Money- Results Based Incentives
Our Rising Phoenix Business Community zoom call that takes the first Monday of every month at 9am MT, talked this week about  Listen in to hear Chuck’s idea on incentives, as well as some attendee participation.  The  is open to anyone and everyone around the world and is a place to find remarkable...  Read More
Dental Business Tax Planning with Laura Phillips
Let’s face it, you didn’t go to dental school to learn about tax planning. But, as practice owners, this is such an important topic that relates to you and your business. Laura Phillips is with us today to help us understand , and some of the biggest mistakes we make in dentistry related to tax...  Read More
Living the Dream: Increasing Profitability While Working Less with Dr. Robert Moss
 Dr. Robert Moss is with us today to discuss how to live the dream, and what you can do to get to your ideal lifestyle.  Dr. Robert Moss has 22+ years of experience as a physical therapist with an emphasis on orthopedics. He has taught continuing education courses for physicians, physical...  Read More
How to Involve Your Team in Your Marketing with Grace Rizza
Why should you involve your team in your marketing? Like anything, when you have the backing of your team, it’s going to be more effective and you’ll see more in return. Grace Rizza is with us today to tell us just   Grace Rizza began growing businesses at the age of 22. She has guided the growth...  Read More
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Thoughts Create Feelings, Which Create Results with Laura Mach
Laura Mach teaches dentists how to understand how their When we understand why we are thinking what we are thinking (that inner voice which we talk to ourselves with) we can understand our feelings and therefore why we do what we do. Once we understand that, it's easier to see why our employees and...  Read More
Systems and Processes with Laci Phillips
Do you need CE credits and you are just trying to figure out how to make it through the next few hours?  Are you goal oriented and itching to implement new ideas in your practice as soon as you get back?  Have you ever wanted to be in the audience of a talk show?  If you answered yes to any of...  Read More
What is Business Freedom?
Our Rising Phoenix Business Community zoom call that takes place every Monday morning at 9am MT, talked this week about what business freedom is. Listen in to hear Chuck’s idea on business freedom, as well as some attendee participation.  The  is open to anyone and everyone around the world and is...  Read More
Understanding the Impact of Online Reviews on Your Bottom Line with Jennifer Thompson
It’s so important to . What are you doing to make the most out of your online reviews? Do you have a review process in place with your customers? Make yourself known in your community, because let’s face it, we all look up reviews before going in for any type of service! Online reviews are crucial...  Read More
Re-opening a Dental Office in the Pandemic Epicenter with Dr. Todd Bertman
Greenwich Village dentist  "We are at 25% capacity right now, and expect to be at 25% for another year," says Bertman. "Some people are scared to death to come in and some want to come in. You have to be safe about this. It's the new normal."   For nearly 18 years, Dr. Todd Bertman, the owner of ,...  Read More
The Importance of Having a Strategic Plan with Marama Carmichael
Having a Strategic Plan is an essential tool for all business owners to keep their vision, mission, and goals clear. Marama Carmichael is with us today to talk about Marama is a Digital Strategist and is the founder of , a full-service strategic Brand, Marketing and Digital agency. Her specialty is...  Read More
How Group Dentistry Will Change Post-COVID-19 with Emmet Scott
Emmet Scott is with us today to talk about ; a very important topic as we face the shutdowns currently. Make sure to listen for your special offer! Emmet is CEO and co-founder of Community Dental Partners™ and Smile Magic Dentistry and Braces™ – a Chuck E. Cheese like dental practice for kids. His...  Read More
How to Build a Better Front Office with Laura Hatch
At Jumpstart 2020, we had the pleasure of talking with Laura Hatch who is the founder of Front Office Rocks, an online training website for dental teams. She is with us today talking all about  and how to support and build your team.   Read More
Life and Business Lessons with Dr. Ankur Gupta
At Jumpstart 2020, we had the pleasure of talking with .  While the majority of his working week is being a dentist, his Fridays are pretty enjoyable. Dr. Gupta gets to go to different dental conferences and share some of the nuances of running a business as they relate to him to inspire and...  Read More
Working Smarter Not Harder Through Virtual Smile Consults with Dr. Joyce Kahng
Virtual Smile Consults is a HIPAA compliant platform where potential patients can send a selfie of their teeth and a picture of their face to get a personalized consultation without ever having to leave the comfort of their home. Dr. Joyce Kahng is with us today to share with us her use of  Dr....  Read More
Medical Insurance Reimbursement and Dental Sleep Medicine with Jan Palmer
One of the biggest things that we see is people treating for sleep apnea without the proper diagnosis. That will not only get the dentist in a lot of trouble, not just with the insurance company, but their licenses could also be on the line. Jan Palmer is with us today to talk about proper  Jan has...  Read More
Movement Creates the Plan with Dr. Angela Mulrooney
At JumpStart 2020, we had the pleasure of talking with  Angela is a retired dentist who got injured, forcing her into retirement. After her injury, she had to transition from what she envisioned for her life into something else.  She reinvented herself as a business coach for dentists. Now, she’s...  Read More
The Auto-Pilot Program with Gary Kadi
Gary Kadi has four elements that high performing practices are doing differently now which he calls  These four elements focus on dentistry and customer service to utilize platforms for reoccurring tasks. The four elements are: Purpose, people, process and platform. This Auto-Pilot Program will...  Read More
How Large Dental Practices Can Increase the Quality and Productivity of Patient Care Services Through the Introduction and Use of Clinical Protocols with Dr. Marwan Abou-Rass
Clinical protocols are strict instructions or steps that must be followed absolutely without any compromise. These steps are based on the best evidence in literature on how to proceed in accomplishing a task or performing a treatment or a diagnosis. It’s basically a roadmap for the dentist to...  Read More
How to Avoid Associate/Partner Pitfalls with Doug Fettig
If you’re able to , you are already ahead of the game. Tune in today as we have a very special guest, Doug Fettig, going over 5 different ways to avoid associate/partner pitfalls that everyone can implement into their practice. Doug Fettig is a CPA who has spoken at numerous dental seminars,...  Read More
Differentiating Yourself as a Doctor Through Instagram with Dr. Joyce Kahng
Social Media is not something that is taught in Dental School.  can do wonders for your practice and we are lucky enough to talk with Dr. Joyce Kahng about the do’s and don’ts when using Instagram for your practice. Dr. Joyce Kahng is a cosmetic dentist practicing in Costa Mesa, California and an...  Read More
How to Make More Money in Less Time and Get Off the Treadmill with Dr. Anissa Holmes
The idea of making more money in less time is not something you were taught in dental school. What if it were possible? What if you could make MORE money in LESS time? It is very possible, and we are here today to talk about  Dr. Anissa Holmes, a Dentist, Business Acceleration Coach, Social Media...  Read More
Focus on People: 3 Reasons Why This is the Key to a Successful Business w/ Pat Rigsby
Focusing on people in and around your business is key to being successful. Pat Rigsby is with us today to discuss , and what you can do to make the people around you feel valued, important, and cared for.  Pat Rigsby is a dad, husband, business coach, entrepreneur & author. He’s built over 25...  Read More
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