Get Off the Treadmill, by Chuck Blakeman
Get Off the Treadmill, by Chuck Blakeman
Your practice should produce both time and money, not just money. Learn how to get off the treadmill, make more money in less time and build a practice you can enjoy for decades.
Chuck Blakeman

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How to Get Off the Drill Fill and PPO Mill with Gary Kadi
Today we have the pleasure of having Gary Kadi on the show, talking about many points on  You won’t want to miss it! In addition to being CEO of NextLevel Practice; Gary is a best-selling author, dental industry advocate and a personal advisor to many of the top dentists in the country. Gary’s...  Read More
Fraud in Your Dental Practice: How to Reduce Your Risk and Losses with Doug Fettig
We’ve all heard terrifying stories about fraud. Something like 87% of all dental practices will at some point in their history get ripped off by their bookkeeper or somebody internally. How can you reduce your risk and losses? Doug Fettig is with us today to give great insight about  Doug Fettig is...  Read More
3 Ways to Get Cash for Your Small Business (and Why They’re Not All Ideal) with Adam Lean
Today we’re talking to Adam Lean about  Cashflow is the lifeblood of your business. You can have profits and not have cash flow and go out of business. Half of all businesses fail because they run out of cash flow.  Adam Lean is the founder of the CFO Project. Adam became an accountant immediately...  Read More
Is Commercial Real Estate Ownership for you? with Stephen Strecker and Jeremy Keck
Today we’re talking with Stephen Strecker and Jeremy Keck about commercial real estate ownership for dentists.Why would it be right? Why would it be wrong? Stephen Strecker is the President of Tower Realty Partners. Working in the healthcare real estate industry for the last several years, Stephen...  Read More
Family Office Insights with Tim McNeely
Today we are talking with  and the idea of how to become a sophisticated advanced family office with great wealth strategies. And, how they’re using their family offices to grow and protect that wealth. Tim is CEO of The LifeStone Companies and he knows dentists. Tim is a recognized thought leader...  Read More
Resolve to Never Make Another New Years Resolution
They rarely work and tying them to the New Year ensures they never will. So let’s talk about that. One researcher says 88% of New Year’s resolutions fail. Why is that? Tune in today while we dive into the importance of never making another New Years Resolution again.   Read More
Why You Can’t Empower People and Why You Must Engage Them
Here's the real skinny - Gallup says a whopping 70% of people are disengaged from their work they do. That's critical because the practices with high engagement enjoy much higher net profit margins, much higher productivity per team member and exponentially lower staff turnover.   Read More
5 Steps to Scale Your Business Without Investing More Time with Pat Rigsby
Pat Rigsby is a dad, husband, business coach, entrepreneur & author. He’s built over 25 different businesses, including 2 Entrepreneur Franchise 500 award winning franchises. Today he coaches entrepreneurs to create their Ideal Business, one that allows them to earn more, have a greater impact, and...  Read More
How to Create a Team of Trusted Advisors for Your Practice with Justin Krane
Today, Justin Krane is with us speaking on , and the importance of doing so. A lot of the times we think we can be a jack of all trades; we think we’re good at everything. We also don’t want to give up control in certain key areas. However, doing so with a trusted advisor can bring a lot of clarity...  Read More
The Most Relentless Dentist You Ever Met with Dr. Lucas Castillo
Dr. Lucas Castillo is the definition of being relentless. No matter what obstacles life threw his way, he was determined to make something of himself; to become a dentist and to open his own practice. Today he is sharing with us his journey to dentistry, and the challenges he faced along the way....  Read More
The Dirty Little Secrets about the Financial Health of Your Practice with Debra Robinson
 is one of the most important aspects a practice owner needs to be aware of. The first place to start is with good bookkeeping, because that defines the entirety of the financials. Debra Robinson always recommends that a dentist or a business owner outsource their bookkeeping. When you have a...  Read More
Driving New Patients Through Online Marketing with Dan DelMain
- I’ll give you my bias on this right out of the gate. I think driving new patients through online marketing is the second most important marketing thing that people can do. And they don’t realize that the most important thing they can do is keep the patients you have. But, in order to get to where...  Read More
The #1 Reason That 50% of Businesses Fail Within 5 years (and How Business Owners Can Prevent it From Happening to Them) with Adam Lean
Half of all small businesses go out of business, they never even see their fifth birthday. And it’s pretty much because of one reason; they just simply ran out of cash. Today we are talking with Adam Lean on the  Adam Lean is the founder of the CFO Project. Adam became an accountant immediately...  Read More
How to Create Culture in Your Practice Where Everyone is a Leader with Dr. Anissa Holmes
where people are self managed and there is distributed decision making is so important. Creating a culture where everybody is a leader in the practice can really take your business to new levels. Today, Dr. Anissa Holmes is talking with us on how to create this type of culture. Dr. Anissa Holmes, a...  Read More
How to Get an Issue Resolved Forever
The key here is to delegate the RESPONSIBILITY, not the TASK. Get a system in place, not an angry boss in place. It should be a system THEY (your team) designed and THEY run, because people commit to what they create; input equals ownership. Tune in for 5 steps to get an issue resolved forever and...  Read More
Revitalize Your Practice: Maximize Enjoyment and Profits! With Stephen Strecker and Jeremy Keck
Today we are talking with Stephen Strecker and Jeremy Keck on . One of the biggest things is when you think about enjoyment and that passion, is how do you feel about your space? Does it represent you and does it represent how you want to practice? Taking a new look at your space and changing...  Read More
Strategies that Successful Dentists Use to Maximize their Personal Wealth with Tim McNeely
What’s driving the need to maximize personal wealth? Number one, people want to take care of the people they love. Number two, support the causes they care about and number three, they really want to make that difference in the world and support those causes, and be able to move the needle on...  Read More
How to Get EVERYBODY Building a Great Practice – Open Space Leadership
Today I’d like to talk to you about , or how to get everybody running your practice. Open Space Leadership is practiced by strategic leaders in participation age companies, and really by any good leader anywhere. It encourages distributed leadership because it allows and actually requires every one...  Read More
How to Automate Your Finances with Justin Krane
Today we are talking with Justin Krane on  so that you feel like you have a plan to get ahead in your financial life. The reason why we want automate our finances is because a lot of times, we get emotional around money, and we need to get out of our own way and just come up with a plan. Automation...  Read More
The Dirty Little Secrets about Managing Debt in your Practice with Debra Robinson
Most dentists have a lot of debt in their practice.  Most do not understand the burden of servicing debt has on their cash flow.  They can have a profitable practice and pay a lot of money in taxes, but still don’t have a lot of money in their pockets. is for a dentist to understand the balance...  Read More
Leveraging Your Practice Safely to Generate Substantial Passive Income Through Intelligent Real Estate Investing with Gary Wilson
Gary Wilson is with us today and has plenty of information to offer to our listeners. Gary Wilson is an expert in the world of real estate investing. He isn’t about teaching risky real estate loopholes and tricks.  And he isn’t about selling a dream that is mostly fluff.  Gary is dedicated to...  Read More
Creating Lasting Change
Today’s episode comes directly from Chuck’s closing keynote presentation at the 2019 Midwest Dental Assembly about . Things change all the time, but how do we make it last?  Read More
Want 100% Team Engagement?
Today’s episode comes directly from Chuck’s keynote presentation at the 2019 Midwest Dental Assembly.  by every team member, and you could depend on keeping people 10 times longer than the norm. That’s what this topic is about today. It’s about the participation age.  The participation age is...  Read More
How to Market and Get Booked as a Dental Speaker with Vanessa Emerson
 If you didn’t hear Vanessa’s first podcast, go back and search for Vanessa Emerson, and find out how to get started.  Today we’re going to talk with Vanessa about how to market yourself and get booked as a dental speaker. Founder of since 2013, Vanessa is honored to serve as co-chair of the...  Read More
The Laws of Life and the Impact on One’s Future with Dr. MaryJane Hanlon
Today, we’re going to talk with Dr. MaryJane Hanlon about  She has 10 things to share today that she’s accumulated over her years of working as a dentist, and just living life. Having more than a passing interest in dentistry as a young girl, Dr. MaryJane Hanlon began her career at 14 years old in...  Read More
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