The Patient First Podcast with Dr. Bryan Laskin
The Patient First Podcast with Dr. Bryan Laskin
Quality of care matters. But convenience and comfort are what will bring patients to your office. Learn to thrive as a modern dental practice by embracing technology and putting patients first.
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The Patient First Podcast Episode 121: Cissy Mangrum of Specialty Dental Brands on Operational Efficiencies and Improving Interoperability in Dentistry
Dentistry is just starting to hit the biggest wave of change the industry has ever seen. Many of the innovations we are only beginning to see in the dental field have already been pioneered by the medical industry, paving the way for dentistry to experience exponential growth. In this episode...  Read More
The Patient First Podcast Episode 120: How to Be Exceptional at Both the Practice and the Business of Dentistry
Once a clear-cut path to financial and professional success, dentistry as a career has become a much more murky prospect to the next generation of oral healthcare professionals. Rapid developments in digital technology and the gold rush of the DSO business model have left younger dentists...  Read More
The Patient First Podcast Episode 119: Elijah Desmond Talks Authenticity for Entrepreneurs in the Dental Industry
All you entrepreneurs out there in the dental space know how hard it is to build an empire in this fast-changing industry. Elijah Desmond, the motivational speaker and Founder of Smiles at Sea who has been innovating dental conferences for more than a decade, knows the struggle all too well. But...  Read More
The Patient First Podcast Episode 118: Fuel Your Dental Practice Ownership Dreams with This Fully Digital Finance Experience | Interview with Provide CRO Chad Widensky
Digital technology is transforming many industries including healthcare and finance (popularly known as “fintech” today). In this episode of The Patient First Podcast, I interview Chad Widensky, the CRO of Provide and we get to see the magic that happens when technology, finance and oral...  Read More
The Patient First Podcast Episode 117: Dr. Trevor Lines on What New DSOs Should Be Doing Right Now
Many small DSOs just starting out are struggling to keep their heads above water. What are the successful ones doing right? In this episode of The Patient First Podcast that no DSO leader should miss, I interview Trevor Lines, DDS of Revolutionary Tribes and pick his brain on how DSOs can get it...  Read More
The Patient First Podcast Episode 116: Save Time in Your Dental Practice with This Secret
In the busy dental practice—or DSO—time is one of the most valuable assets. More time equals more opportunities to provide better care and generate more revenue. It’s so easy, however, for time to slip away, wasted on inefficient processes. The secret to regaining control over time? That’s...  Read More
The Patient First Podcast Episode 115: Is Your Practice Prepared for a Ransomware Attack?
It’s getting easier than ever for malevolent agents to carry out ransomware attacks, and dental practices are prime targets. With ransomware attacks having increased by 75% during 2023, dental practice owners and the CEOs of DSOs need to be on high alert. Have you thought about what you would do...  Read More
The Patient First Podcast Episode 114: This Is Why DSOs Are Surprisingly Inspirational
What if everything you’ve heard about the group practice model in dentistry…is wrong? DSOs (dental service organizations) may seem to be taking over the industry, but that could actually be a very good thing for the standard of care. In this episode of The Patient First Podcast, I describe my...  Read More
The Patient First Podcast Episode 113: Story Time: Reading of Chapter 2 of Dental Disorder
Enjoy a sneak peek of the new arrival with this reading of Chapter 2 from my new book, Dental Disorder. In this episode of The Patient First Podcast, I introduce a new series I like to call “Story Time on the Patient First Podcast.”  I’ll be reading a short story from my latest book with a...  Read More
The Patient First Podcast Episode 112: “Dental Pitch” 2023: What It Taught About Connected Dentistry™
Words aren’t enough to convey how amazing it was to sit on a panel of judges that reviewed exciting potential startups in the dental industry.  This was at “Dental Pitch,” a segment of the 2023 Dental Festival held in New Orleans. In this episode of “The Patient First Manifesto,” I share what I...  Read More
The Patient First Podcast Episode 111: The Difference Between “Easy” and “Simple” and What It Means for Dentistry
Things that are simple in theory can often be surprisingly difficult in practice.  When we hear the terms “simple” and “easy,” it’s easy to think that they mean the same thing. But while those words are often used together, there’s a massive difference in their meaning, and that difference...  Read More
The Patient First Podcast Episode 110: The CEO of Sunset Technologies on Cybersecurity, Interoperability, HIPAA and More
In this interview, I enjoyed reconnecting with an old friend who’s been working hard in a sector that intersects with my own areas of interest. Patrick Jacobwith is the CEO of and a partner at Sunset Technologies, and he has a wealth of insights to share on some of the biggest issues dental...  Read More
The Patient First Podcast Episode 109: Dr. Kathryn Alderman on Making Your Practice a People-Centric Business
A willingness to change is vital to survival for dental practices. But how does your dental team respond to change? What does their response say about the kind of changes you want to implement? How can you build a growth-minded team or help your current team become more open to change? When it...  Read More
The Patient First Podcast Episode 108: How to Stop Doing Dentistry in the Dark
It goes without saying that visibility is extremely important in dentistry, and we dentists have so many tools to help us see clearly what’s going on in and around teeth while we work. So how could it be possible that dentists are still working in the dark today? As it turns out, working with...  Read More
The Patient First Podcast Episode 107: How Patients Can Recognize a Dentist That Cares
This episode of The Patient First Podcast might turn out to be one of those controversial ones, and I’m looking forward to it.  We dentists like to believe that we’re good at evaluating the quality of clinical care rendered by ourselves and by fellow dentists. But can we really expect patients to...  Read More
The Patient First Podcast Episode 106: Why Dental Technology Is Getting Cheaper and Why That’s a Good Thing
There’s a lingering misconception that dental technology is expensive. That may have been true in the past, but that excuse doesn’t hold up in dentistry today. Not only is the cost of technology going down, but we’re now at a point where you can’t afford NOT to have it in your practice. Dental...  Read More
The Patient First Podcast Episode 105: Cost Is Just an Excuse in Dentistry
Dentistry is notorious for being expensive, but it’s a totally unjustified reputation. So why do patients perceive dentistry as costly, especially when they are quick to shell out even more money on less important things? I’ve touched on this topic in the past, but it’s time to explore in depth...  Read More
The Patient First Podcast Episode 104: Interviewing Dr. Mohamed Harunani on the First Dento-Protective Candy
Get ready to taste the world’s first candy formulated to actively fight against the effects of tooth decay. In this episode of The Patient First Podcast, I interviewed Dr. Mohamed Harunani, the creator of Dream candy—delicious lollipops and button candies engineered to promote tooth...  Read More
The Patient First Podcast Episode 103: Welcome to Dentistry 3.0
Dentistry has seen phenomenal improvement over the past few decades, but the best is yet to come. In fact, it’s almost here. In this episode of The Patient First Podcast, I explain “Dentistry 3.0,” the next big stage of development for dentistry as a profession.  This episode also discusses the...  Read More
The Patient First Podcast Episode 102: What Does It Really Mean to Put Patients First?
Some dental professionals believe that giving patients increased access to their own dental health data would be dangerous. But in reality, doing so is an integral part of patient-partnered dentistry. But what exactly does patient-partnered care mean? Why is it so important? How is it different...  Read More
The Patient First Podcast Episode 101: What XQ Is and What It Means for Dentistry
You’ve already heard about Intelligence Quotient (IQ). Emotional Quotient (EQ) is also receiving lots of attention these days. But have you ever heard about XQ? “XQ” stands for Experience Quotient and it can be defined as the measure of an individual’s collective experiences that gives them a...  Read More
The Patient First Podcast Episode 100: What is Connected Dentistry™?
Very soon, everyone in dentistry will be talking about Connected Dentistry™. What is it? Why was it developed? What problems will it solve? How will it transform the way both dentists and patients experience dentistry? I share the answers to those questions in this landmark episode of The...  Read More
The Patient First Podcast Episode 99: How Culture Will Help You Build the Perfect Dental Team
Workplace “culture” isn’t a fluffy corporate buzzword that’s code for office parties—it’s the very lifeblood of productive dental practices. Despite all the talk about “culture,” few people understand what it really is. This is unfortunate for dentistry, where culture is the secret to building...  Read More
The Patient First Podcast Episode 98: What Is True Medical-Dental Integration?
You would think that any progress made in the area of medical-dental integration would be a step forward. But why does it seem like the first step is a futile, bottom-up approach? Anything that improves access to care for patients is a very welcome development. If it doesn’t promote true...  Read More
The Patient First Podcast Episode 97: Why a Dentist Was Fined $80,000 for Doing Nothing
Dentists have enough to worry about as it is with the ever-present fear of a malpractice lawsuit hanging over their heads. One wrong move, and they can say ‘goodbye’ to their dream of running a profitable practice. The bad news is that, as three dental practices recently experienced, dentists now...  Read More
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