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With the COVID-19 Stimulus package being signed into law yesterday, there are a few things you should know that may help your practice in these times. COVID-19 Part 4   Read More
COVID-19 Part 3
Joe sheds more light on the COVID-19 Pandemic, specifically government assistance for employers and employees. More to come as the ever-changing situation develops.   COVID-19 Part 3   Read More
COVID-19 Part 2
Joe shares more info regarding employment/ unemployment advice for your practice. Warning: with the rapidly changing environment of the COVID-19 Pandemic some advice can be out of date due to new laws currently being passed. COVID-19 Part 2   Read More
Joe shares some legal advice for your practice in light of the ever changing updates of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Warning: Due to frequent updates some advice may be outdated. More to come. Corona   Read More
Should I Stay
Are you buying or selling a practice? Joe gives guidance regarding how long and why a seller should stick around. Should I Stay   Read More
Joe shares insights on negotiating, specifically recognizing your leverage and how to use it. Leverage   Read More
Contracts 101
What makes a contract a contract? Joe explains five basic principles that make contracts binding Contracts 101   Read More
Rule of Thirds
It's great to be optimistic but Joe shares a great trick to keep your startup grounded and prepared for any unseen circumstance. Law of Thirds   Read More
Waiving Jury Trials
Waive a jury trial? Joe shares some situations when you would want to waive a jury trial and why your lawyer might advise it. Waiving A Jury Trial   Read More
Accounts Receivable
Joe explains Accounts Receivable and whether you should consider purchasing AR when acquiring a practice.  Accounts Receivable   Read More
Joe talks about using social media to attract and keep customers Customers   Read More
Consultation for your practice can be a great advantage. But who is consulting you? Inbreeding   Read More
Contract Length
Is a longer contract better than a shorter one? Is the shorter contract covering all your needs? Contract Length   Read More
Cut Bait
How do you know if you should back out of a deal? Joe shares insight on whether to hold on or cut bait Cut Bait   Read More
Letters of Intent
Joe defines and explains Letters of Intent Letters of Intent   Read More
Family Ties
Joe discusses pros and cons of involving family members in your practice Family Ties   Read More
Do I Need A Lawyer?
Looking for a lawyer? Do you even NEED a lawyer for your practice? Joe sheds some insight to help answer this question honestly. Do I Need A Lawyer?   Read More
Lease Assignments
Joe tackles the topic of the Lease Clause in your lease agreement Lease Assignments   Read More

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