Growing Your Dental Practice
Growing Your Dental Practice
I am going to be interviewing 100 dentists over the course of the next few months to gather their best marketing tactics. I'll get as detailed as possible so that it is easier to implement the strategies.
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Practice Growth: Opening the Front Door, Closing the Back Door and Plugging the Holes
As a dentist, you are certainly out of the norm if practice growth is not on your mind on a regular basis. As business owners, we typically focus on increasing the inflow of people into the business. This was the same strategy that my business partner and I adopted when we purchased our practice....  Read More
Dental Practice Growth Strategies of a 20 Year Veteran
Yesterday I got to take a look at the dental practice of Dr. Mark McOmie. Dr. McComie has owned his dental practice McOmie Family Dentistry for over 20 years, and has reached levels of practice success that many never do. He is a very well respected  in Chattanooga, TN and he agreed...  Read More
Keeping it in House: Growth Strategy of Multi Million Dollar Dental Practice
I recently had the chance to take an in-depth look at Dental Smiles Unlimited. Dental Smiles Unlimited is led by Dr. Paul Williams, who is a very successful . When I say successful, we are talking about owning and managing a dental practice with five dentists doing multiple millions of dollars in...  Read More
How a Successful California Dentist Grew His Dental Practice
I recently got to take a peek under the hood of the practice of a phenomenal . Dr. Anthony Nguyen has owned Pro Smile Dental Care for more than 12 years. He has been able to achieve great success in his practice in a very competitive California dental market. He was quite humble about his...  Read More
How do I find my supply costs? If you are a dentist who owns your own practice, your supply costs should be readily available to you. Whether your financials are prepared by you, or by a book keeper, this is a cost that you need to be aware of at all times! If you are not keeping track of supply...  Read More
Are Google Adwords Dead? Marketing Trick
What I Have Learned About Marketing Through a Data Analyst's Eyes. I come from a heavy analytical background. I have been a financial analyst a data analyst and have held many positions that use number tracking. My most recent position is business manager of Oxford Dental Care. We are a and I...  Read More
Retraining Patients
We have owned for 10 months now. Our production has been growing steadily with new patients, but obviously not as fast as we would like. We are finding that getting the patients and the staff to implement the things that we know will work is a retraining process. We are having to retrain patients...  Read More
Staff Changes
Since taking over eight months ago we have made a lot of changes. One thing that we knew when we took over was that we didn't want the practice to remain stagnant like it had been for the past 15+ years. This meant that changes needed to happen in the way that we treated and communicated with...  Read More
Marketing Time
Since purchasing Oxford Dental Care in June we have created a brand new website and overhauled the website completely so that Google likes it more. You can see the current version . Within three months we move back and forth from the bottom of the first page to the top of the second page for Google...  Read More
When we purchased the practice had been on the market for quite a while. The building exterior was nice, but the inside was a little dingy. The whole place was covered with wallpaper and mismatching carpet. This was a major reason that many people were looking over this practice. The practice is...  Read More
Oxford Dental Care has always done a good job of attracting emergency patients, or maybe it has not done a very good job of keeping people on active recall and therefore many people only come in for emergencies. Whichever it is, we recently installed an awesome new tool on our and it is a HIPPA...  Read More
Practice Management System Update
When we took over there was one computer running Easy Dental. Paper charts were being kept even though there was a practice management system in place. Our first upgrade was the computer system. We purchased some great computers for each operatory and for the receptionist from...  Read More
We purchased in June of 2015. The practice was smaller and has been stagnant for many years. Our goal was obviously to come in and build the practice up as quickly as possible. While this is happening slowly but surely at first, we have run into several things along the way that we think others...  Read More

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