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Diving into topics from dental industry news, benefits of CBD oil, alternative brand dental products vs. name brand and more.

Are CBD and Hemp Oils Addictive?
Cannabidiol-based (CBD) products are not addictive. Read more to learn why.The United States is in the midst of an opioidcrisis. Tens of thousands of people have succumbed to painkilleraddiction and more become hooked every day. But severe and chronic painremains a real problem for many Americans....  Read More
Categories: addiction, #CBD, #CBDOIL
CBD for Migraine Headache Relief
CBD Oil May Help Prevent and Reduce Migraine HeadachesMigraines are much more than simple headaches. Amigraine is to a normal headache what pneumonia is to the common cold.Migraines are characterized by specific symptoms including thefollowing:·       Intense pain in a confined part of the head·  ...  Read More
Categories: headache, #CBD, #CBDOIL, #migraine
CBD Oil as a Balm for Young Doctors’ Stress
Stress and Burnout among Medical ResidentsPhysicians and surgeons arguably have the mostdifficult jobs. Not only is their education rigorous, intense, andlengthy, they often work extended hours in highly charged environments.Add the emotional stress that comes from patient interactions, and youhave...  Read More
How Dentists Can Relieve Work-Related Anxiety
Dentalclinicians have stressful jobs. For dentists, the pressure of running abusiness, dealing with patients, balancing work and family – in additionto other responsibilities – can manifest as physical discomfort. It isno wonder that so many dentists .With stress comes anxiety. Chronic anxiety...  Read More
One Guy’s Experience with CBD Oil
I write medical articlesfor a living, but this is probably the only time I’ve written a piece inthe first person. I’m doing so to share my story with you. Let me beginby saying that, although I am not a doctor, I’ve worked in the medicalfield my entire adult life. While I certainly realize that...  Read More
Categories: sleep, #CBD, #CBDOIL
Poor Ergonomics to Blame for Neck and Back Pain among Dentists
CBD Oil Can Help With Muscle Tension and Pain Chronic back pain is common among the United States population.Nearly 80% of Americans will encounter back pain at some point in theirlife, and the New England Journal of Medicine  in The Journal of Physical Therapy Science, 70% of dentists deal with...  Read More
 CBD Oil for Managing the Effects of Cancer Treatments
There is no doubt thatcancer can be a devastating disease both for patients and theirfamilies. Cancer still ranks as the second leading cause of death in theUnited States, right behind heart disease. Over half a millionAmericans die each year from some form of cancer, even with constant newadvances...  Read More
CBD Oil For Fighting Gum Disease
Gum disease is a massiveproblem in the United States, yet largely unnoticed by the public. Boththe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the AmericanDental Association (ADA) say that upwards of 60% of Americans exhibitsome form of active gum disease. Gum disease is more than...  Read More
What Is “Full Spectrum” CBD Oil?
You have probably been hearing much about CBD oil recently – and withgood reason. This all-natural, hemp-derived oil has demonstratedpromise for everything from chronic pain relief to help with sleep andanxiety. But all CBD oil is not created equal. Some brands containsynthetic ingredients, while...  Read More
Federal Trade Commission Judge Finds Evidence Large Dental Manufacturers Conspired to Block Dental Buying Groups
Healthycompetition is a cornerstone of the American economy. While price islargely a result of supply and demand, everyone should be able to cometo the playing field and compete in a free market. Market forces shoulddetermine who is competitive and successful and who fails due to poorquality or...  Read More
CBD For Patients with Dental Anxiety
Fear of dental care is a massive issue impacting patients and, byextension, dental clinicians. One study in the United Kingdom found thatapproximately suffer from dental anxiety. Of course, such widespread trepidationconcerning dental treatment contributes to reduced case acceptance andcreates a...  Read More
CBD Can Reduce Anxiety Without Risk of Addiction
If you are a dentist and suffer from chronic anxiety, you may want to consider .Dental care providers are often so concerned about patients that theanxiety interferes with their personal lives and even their dentalpractice. Anxiety is at epidemic levels in the United States, and dentalprofessionals...  Read More
Restful Sleep is Essential for Dentists and Dental Professionals
Millions of people, especially dentalprofessionals, suffer from sleep deprivation. While we are not yet anation of walking zombies, insufficient sleep or poor quality sleepcauses many of us to be distracted, irritable, inefficient, or prone tomistakes. The reasons for our lack of sleep are myriad –...  Read More
CBD Oil Is an Effective Pain Relief Option for Dental Professionals
Neck and back pain is widespread in the general population, but theincidence of these types of pain is even higher among dentalprofessionals. The reasons for this ubiquitous problem are notsurprising. Dental care providers literally twist themselves intounnatural and uncomfortable positions all day...  Read More

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