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Simple, But Not Simpler: An Investment Review Part I
Complexity bias is the belief that complex solutions are better than simple ones. In investing, we know this all too well. From this, investors have embraced the opposite extreme by asking the question: what’s the most straightforward portfolio I can build and still achieve the same results? In...  Read More
Episode 60: How To Avoid Your Dream From Becoming A Nightmare
You love dentistry and your work. But how do you ensure this business doesn't turn into a nightmare? Dr. Bryan Laskin and David Pryor provide a few ways you can be both a business owner and a practitioner without losing sight of either.How To Avoid Your Dream From Becoming A NightmareFind us on !  Read More
Real Estate Has Entered A Mental Recession (Why It’s Unlikely To Become Reality)
“We’re in a mental recession… It’s a constant stream of negative headlines for a couple of months… it wears on you.”?—?Sam Khater Chief Economist at Freddie MacThe media outlets know one thing for sure, fear sells! Acting on these headlines, or deciding not to act because of them, may not protect...  Read More
Why Orthodontists Are Now Recommending Invisalign Over Braces
An overwhelmingly large number of folks all over the world suffer from crooked or crowded teeth. Since the invention of braces in the later years of medical history, orthodontists have used them to straighten teeth for quite a long time. However, the invention of Invisalign brought about a new era...  Read More
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Jacob (Jake) Puhl earned his MBA from Xavier University and has now started, owned, and served as CEO of several seven-figure businesses. Among them, he started Firegang Dental Marketing in 2010, building that company up to one of the most successful marketing companies in dentistry; he left in...  Read More
Cancer Treatment Complications - gut health, oral ulcers, honey
I’m dealing with my personal, unconventional journey to treat bone marrow cancer. While in the Cancer Clinic waiting for my scheduled appointment, I met a young man dealing with an aggressive form of mouth cancer. He already had extensive chemotherapy and is now having radiation treatment for his...  Read More
1165 Joseph D. Jordan JD of JPA Dental Transitions : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Joseph (Joe) Jordan is the founder of JPA Dental Transitions. After establishing practice as a dental specific attorney, Joe saw that his skills in the legal profession could easily and valuably translate to the world of Dental Transitions. VIDEO - DUwHF #1165 - Joseph JordanAUDIO - DUwHF #1165 -...  Read More
Cosmetic Dentistry vs. Orthodontics
We all have heard about different cosmetic dentistry procedures. Perhaps, a friend of yours might have already undergone teeth whitening or veneer installment and they keep singing their praises to their dentist and are boldly flashing their smiles. But honestly, what is the big fuss all about? Why...  Read More
Cosmetic Dentistry vs. Orthodontics
We all have heard about different cosmetic dentistry procedures. Perhaps, a friend of yours might have already undergone teeth whitening or veneer installment and they keep singing their praises to their dentist and are boldly flashing their smiles. But honestly, what is the big fuss all about? Why...  Read More
1164 Bracken Killpack MBA, Dennis Bradshaw DDS & Todd Irwin DMD discuss WSDA lawsuit with Delta Dental of Washington : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
VIDEO - DUwHF #1163 - WSDA LawsuitAUDIO - DUwHF #1163 - WSDA LawsuitMr. Bracken Killpack has been the Executive Director of WSDA since January 2015. Prior to that, he ran WSDA’s Government Affairs program.  Bracken has an MBA from the University of Washington’s Foster School of Business and a BA in...  Read More
Kelsey Ramsden – Getting Past Your Success Hangover to Your Amazing Next
Podcast Episode #214: Kelsey Ramsden – Getting Past Your Success Hangover to Your Amazing NextEpisode #214: Dentist Freedom Blueprint PodcastKelsey Ramsden – Getting Past Your Success Hangover to Your Amazing NextToday I am joined by Kelsey Ramsden, twice named Canada’s top female entrepreneur,...  Read More
Why Custom-Fit Dentures Matter
Our patients who are in need of dentures find that custom-fit dentures -- ones made especially for each individual -- offer them more freedom and better health.  can allow you to smile with confidence, eat your favorite foods again, laugh unreservedly, speak clearly, and enjoy more of your...  Read More
For our patients with gum disease, we get a lot of questions about the  we use, and how it compares to more traditional treatments.How effective is it? How does it work? These are good questions, and some of the answers are actually in the name of the procedure, LANAP. It stands for Laser Assisted...  Read More
Selling a Practice: What selling expenses should I expect to pay?
, works with dentists to help them achieve financial freedom through a comprehensive approach to wealth management. After a long and successful clinical career, you are ready to sell your practice. In our last post, my colleague, Katie Collins, laid out the expenses that a buyer should expect to...  Read More
Should You Buy or Lease Your Dental Office Space? (Part II)
This is part II of my series on leasing versus buying your dental office space. Part III will be published on Monday.Why Buying May Be Better Than LeasingAnd now, we’re going to look at the other side of the coin and consider why buying may be better than leasing.When making this decision, make...  Read More
Dental Consultant in Oregon | Converting Leads into Patients
Marketing is an essential part of attracting new business. Strong print and internet marketing materials can help introduce your practice to potential new patients. Glowing reviews and testimonials tell people that you have a trustworthy team and offer quality care. However, even the best marketing...  Read More
Car Safety Features: Protect Your Family and Save Your Life
Driving cars is definitely one of a kind experience, especially racing cars. The speed, the technology, the design and possibly everything about cars is so fascinating. Once you learn how to drive there is no looking back you will definitely enjoy every bit of it. With constant advancement in...  Read More
Cosmetic Dentistry – Treatment Options and Benefits
If you are not satisfied with your smile, then you should opt for cosmetic treatments. As cosmetic dentistry however is regarded elective and strictly not essential for your health, it is quite likely that you may feel whether it is worth it. Well, the answer is yes. Cosmetic dentistry has plenty...  Read More
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Happiness is Not an Option
Most dental and medical professionals begin their career with a very noble intention to serve others.Doctors, dentists, hygienists, nurses, etc., want to make a difference in the health care industry and help people live a healthy life.Once you graduate dental school and begin work in the real...  Read More
“I’ll just let her go. What could possibly go wrong?”
“I’ll just let her go”These are the first words that many dentists think when confronted with employee dishonesty.They rationalize that the best solution to their dishonesty problem is to terminate the person’s employment and “move on”.No rational person enjoys confrontationConfrontation is...  Read More
Transitioning into an ever-changing Dental Industry with Dr. John Z. Xu DMD
On this week’s episode of the Dental Up Podcast, Shaun Keating talks to Dr. John Z. Xu, DMD. They discuss how Dr. Xu was able to adapt to a changing Dental Industry in the Digital Age. Dr. Xu talks about why it’s important to ask as many questions and get involved as much as you can in your Dental...  Read More
Completing Due Diligence Before Burying a Dental Practice
                        When considering the purchase of a dental practice, the dentist must perform the required due diligence. The dentist, his/her accountant and lawyer should educate themselves doing due diligence before ever signing a letter of intent. The potential buyer should always ask for...  Read More
What is Therapeutic Ultrasound?
Therapeutic ultrasound is a modality that has been used by physiotherapists since the 1940s. Ultrasound is applied using the head of an ultrasound probe that is placed in direct contact with your skin via a transmission coupling gel.  Therapeutic ultrasound has been shown to cause increases in: ...  Read More
CBD for Migraine Headache Relief
CBD Oil May Help Prevent and Reduce Migraine HeadachesMigraines are much more than simple headaches. Amigraine is to a normal headache what pneumonia is to the common cold.Migraines are characterized by specific symptoms including thefollowing:·       Intense pain in a confined part of the head·  ...  Read More
Categories: headache, #CBD, #CBDOIL, #migraine
What you should know about maintenance before getting your Invisalign retainer
Have you always desired a gleaming set of pearls smile back at you from your reflections and pictures? Many of us have this secret dream. We want a perfect set of teeth that will make us feel beautiful in every selfie, and Facebook tagged image. Today, perfection is no longer a product of chance....  Read More
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