Advantages of 3D in radiology for patients and dentists
One of the greatest technological advances in recent times has been achieved in the area of radiology. Specifically, for a few years now, we have had scanners that allow 3D images to be made, so that diagnoses can be carried out much more precisely. Panoramic three-dimensional images When we talk...  Read More
Dental Loupes: Benefits and How to Use Them
Welcome to the definitive guide to dental loupes, also known by many other names, such as dental loupes, surgical loupes, magnifying loupes, binocular loupes or magnifying glasses for dentists. Next, we are going to explain all the peculiarities of a tool that has become essential for many...  Read More
How to improve confidence in the dental clinic after COVID-19
Any patient who reflects from home on whether he should go to a dental clinic in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic may think that it is an unnecessary risk if "nothing hurts." This can cause that person to wait to see the dentist until they have serious complications, such as periodontitis. It is...  Read More
Categories: Hygiene
6 Instagram tips for dentists to leverage their results
Instagram for dentists or orthodontists is an excellent tool to better connect with their patients, build authority in their industry and attract more patients to their clinic. In order to achieve all these objectives, it is essential to take some precautions. Especially when planning your content...  Read More
Categories: Marketing
Ergonomics in dentistry: It all depends on the correct treatment position
A survey among 300 dentists in Germany and the USA, which was started at the end of 2016, yielded extremely remarkable information. One of the areas more closely targeted in this survey was the practitioner's work-related pain experience. It came to light: a significant number of dentists suffer...  Read More
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