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Navigating the IRS Audit Process: What You Need to Know
As a doctor, one of the worst things to hear is that you’re getting sued. Another issue that doesn’t sit well is that you’re potentially facing an IRS audit. I understand that a tax audit might be an inconvenience, but it’s usually not much more than that.  Luckily the chances are high that it’ll...  Read More
Is The Stock Market Rigged? The Truth Exposed
Years ago, I watched a documentary about how sites like SeatGeek and StubHub can acquire so many tickets to events BEFORE the general public. This was right around the time of the Superbowl so I decided to see it in action for myself. I logged in shortly after tickets went on sale and wouldn’t you...  Read More
Real Estate Tax Savings: The Power of Accelerated Depreciation
Recently, I was listening to a podcast where  was discussing taxes and real estate. At one point he said something that made me completely stop my uphill (moderately fast  ) walk and think for a minute.  In a nutshell, this was the point he was trying to make: During your lifetime, the BIGGEST...  Read More
10 Tax Strategies for High Income Earners: Avoid the Tax Man
If you make a lot of money, then there’s a good chance that you’re paying too much to the tax man. High-income earners understand that their biggest expense during their lifetime is taxes. No one wants to pay more in taxes than they have to, which is why the ultra-wealthy understand how to play...  Read More
Cost Segregation: A Powerful Tax Strategy For High Income Professionals
Benjamin Franklin said there were only two things certain in life: death and taxes. As a periodontist, I accepted the fact that I was going to work my entire career having to pay a boatload of taxes. I’ll never forget overhearing a conversation at a Christmas party between two doctors arguing...  Read More
Qualified Opportunity Zones – 3 Tax Benefits
When I finished training, I was focused on getting rid of $300k worth of student loan debt and developing a solid financial plan. Unfortunately, most high-income professionals miss out on a key part of planning for building wealth: a tax reduction plan. If you know that your BIGGEST expense is...  Read More
117 Robert Kiyosaki Quotes For Building Wealth
Each time I have a call with a new . The majority of real estate investors cite this book as the catalyst to begin pursing passive income.  Rich Dad Poor Dad has sold over 40 million copies worldwide. After reading it, the two major points that stood out were:     You do NOT need a high income to...  Read More
Interest Rate Cap: The Basics Of Interest Rate Protection
I recently attended Brad Sumrok’s Rat Race 2 Retirement Apartment Syndication meeting in Dallas. If you’re wanting to get started investing in , being around other like-minded people is a great way to jumpstart your success. In case you missed it, here’s my interview with Brad: One of the...  Read More
5 Minute Read: Goals! Book Summary – Brian Tracy
Thousands of successful people have been asked what they think about most of the time. And the most common answer is that they THINK about what they WANT – and HOW to get it – most of the time.  On the other hand, unsuccessful, unhappy people think and talk about what they DON’T want most of the...  Read More
5 Ways To Defer Capital Gains Tax When Selling Real Estate
And when it comes to investing, developing the best timing to finalize tax planning can determine how effective they’ll be.  I love passively investing in commercial real estate. Especially .  Depending on when a property is sold, it can generate huge profits along with large capital gains. In...  Read More
7 Top Real Estate Investing Tax Strategies
A wrist injury while snow skiing was the catalyst that eventually led me to . This event showed me that I was relying only on my dental income to support my family. In order to mitigate risk, acquiring additional income streams from real estate seemed to be the way to go. But little did I know I...  Read More
How To Invest In STR Real Estate (AirBnb)
When it comes to real estate investing, it can become confusing as to the best way to invest plus which asset class to choose from. I started out in multifamily  as it was one of the more popular asset classes at the time. But the more I learned, the more I realized other ways to diversify...  Read More
What Is A Preferred Return In Real Estate Investing?
If you’re a doctor or other busy professional, you may be looking for ways to invest money to secure your financial future. You may have heard that alternative investments such as a real estate investment is a good option, and that’s true – but it’s important to understand the different types of...  Read More
Bonus Depreciation is Phasing Out: Here’s What You Should Know
When I started a dental practice, I thought the goal was to have the highest production possible. At least that’s what all of the “dental gurus” were telling us to focus on. That meant spending tens of thousands of marketing dollars annually to get patients in the chair. Next, we then had to...  Read More
How To Create A Multifamily Real Estate Investment Strategy
I’ve had several calls lately with  members that are fed up with the stock market volatility. This “wake up” call has started them down the road to develop multiple strategies in an attempt to preserve their wealth.  Many are looking into the best way to invest in real estate but don’t know where...  Read More
The Augusta Rule: 14 Day Tax Free Home Rental Strategy
Last year, a pre-dental student worked at our office and eventually got into dental school in Augusta, Georgia.  She knew that the Masters tournament was held there but had not heard of the Augusta Rule in real estate. Frankly, I hadn’t either until I began researching for this article. The Augusta...  Read More
3 Benefits Of Being An Accredited Investor
I frequently get this question from new  regarding real estate syndications. If you’re not sure what a real estate syndication is, check out this video: Ultimate Real Estate Syndication Guide The reason why that person had never heard about syndications is that the majority are only for accredited...  Read More
The Ultimate Guide To Investing In Real Estate Syndication Funds
Initially, the idea about replacing my dental income with passive income from real estate sounded very appealing. But then I realized I’d have to take 3am calls from tenants with problems. Who has time to manage real estate when trying to run a practice, raise kids, stay married and attempt to...  Read More
Short-Term Rental Tax Strategy For High-Income Earners
If you’re a high-income earner, then it’s safe to say that taxes are your BIGGEST expense. As a periodontist, I’m constantly on the lookout for ways to lower taxes for my Investor Group (if you’re an accredited investor and want access to my personal deal flow providing tax benefits,  today.) One...  Read More
How To Benefit From Real Estate Professional Tax Status
For high-income earners, real estate professional tax status is one of the most powerful tax tools available. But it does take some work in order to qualify. Unfortunately, most doctors and other professionals have VERY few tax advantages due to two main issues:     employment status     their...  Read More
77 Best Financial Freedom Quotes For Success
Unfortunately during college and dental school, the term “” was NEVER mentioned. It was expected that if you wanted to get into a high-earning profession, taking out loans and going to school for a LONG time was the best route.   I was first exposed to the internet in 1996 during my senior year in...  Read More
Selling a Dental Practice...Now What?
Once you decide to sell your dental practice, what do you plan to do?  I recently heard a story from a dentist that went to a meeting in Texas. He normally attends on a regular basis but told me this year he saw a MAJOR difference. He said, "Jeff, typically there's 8-10 dental supply vendors and 1...  Read More
How To Turn 100k Into A Million (Step-By-Step)
Most new . Many times they’re looking for how to turn 100K into a million in as short as time possible.  The majority are familiar with investing in the stock market and either want a diversified portfolio with real investments or get out of the market altogether. Those that have chosen the latter...  Read More
Are Mobile Homes a Good Investment?
When I first began investing in real estate, most people recommended that I start with either single-family homes or . They claimed those were great investments with the strongest growth potential.  But there’s another asset class that’s currently one of the most overlooked opportunities out there....  Read More
Cash On Cash Return Formula: Are You Making Money In Real Estate?
One of my first real estate mentors was Joe Fairless. Early on in my journey, he was nice enough to host me on his  (I guess to show that literally anybody can invest in real estate, even a periodontist  ) Joe helped me get started investing passively in real estate by teaching me some of the...  Read More
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