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I help other dentists (I'm a periodontist), obtain financial freedom within 5-7 years by investing in passive real estate investments.
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401k vs Real Estate – Which Is Best?
401k vs Real Estate – Which Should You Invest In?For the first part of my career, I invested the traditional way that most of us do – in retirement accounts. I did this because it was all I knew to do and also how most of the millionaires in the books, , gained a seven figure net worth.Now I...  Read More
How To Create Passive Income With Real Estate Note Investing
Real Estate Note InvestingI’m all about  but also want to avoid the hassles that come with being a landlord. A few years ago, I thought I wanted to start investing in single family homes and reached out to some local investors that did it full-time.When I saw the amount of time and energy it took...  Read More
11 Triple Net Lease Pros And Cons
11 Triple Net Lease Pros And ConsI recently spoke with one of my dad’s friends (Mr. Eddie) in a grocery store. He’s one of the wealthiest people in Louisiana and has made the majority of his money in commercial real estate.I asked if I could stop by his office to pick his brain about  and he was...  Read More
13 Pros And Cons Of Owning Storage Units
13 Pros And Cons Of Owning Storage UnitsA friend of mine owns a local specialty pharmacy distribution company but also does quite a bit of  on the side. It seems like the more successful people I talk to, the more I find out that they also dabble in real estate. This is one of the many reasons I...  Read More
How A Computer Programmer Retired At 38!
When I recently read in  (or in his case fatFIRE) at only age 38, I had to reach out to him…and boy am I glad I did!Because I knew that this call was going to be chop full of great information, I asked if I could record it before hand. Lue graciously agreed and I had it transcribed so I could not...  Read More
9 Pros And Cons Of Real Estate Crowdfunding For Non Accredited Investors
Real Estate Crowdfunding For Non Accredited InvestorsI get quite a few questions and emails from other doctors regarding investing. One of the most commonly asked question is, “Hey Jeff, what do you recommend I invest in to build wealth so I don’t have to see patients forever?”I take the same...  Read More
The BRRRR Strategy – How To Scale In Real Estate
There’s multiple different ways to build wealth. Actually, we recently discussed doing it when . Another popular one is the BRRRR strategy which acts as a hybrid between active and passive income.It stands for Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, and Repeat and can be a great way to get started investing...  Read More
The 1031 Exchange - A Powerful Wealth Building Tool To Avoid Taxes
What Is The 1031 Exchange Timeline?As healthcare professionals, one of the biggest expenses that we’ll pay each year is taxes. I see too many docs overpaying in taxes when they shouldn’t be. Why? Because they’re not doing the extra work that it takes to do so.Now, I’m not talking about seeing more...  Read More
Scarcity vs Abundance Mindset – Which Do You Have?
The Scarcity vs Abundance MindsetI recently attended Mark and Tamiel Kenney’s  Fire Summit event in Dallas and was able to connect with some really great, forward thinking people.As a side note, it was also fun watching LSU play Texas with a bunch of rowdy Texas fans (including ), especially since...  Read More
8 Pros And Cons Of REITs – Should You Invest?
8 Pros and Cons of REITsAre you looking for a way to add a passive income stream or as  calls it, another “flow” to your portfolio? One of the best ways is by using real estate. But the thought of owning a second home or becoming a landlord, however, may sound like a major headache. What can we do...  Read More
Real Estate Syndication: A Dentist’s Guide To Investing
I’ve written about  in the past due to the high interest in the online doctor community. A few years ago, I decided to diversify my portfolio and invested a certain percentage in real estate.As a practicing periodontist, I knew that I didn’t have time to become a landlord so I decided to invest in...  Read More

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