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Podcast Episode #398: Leveraging Your Practice to Create More Freedom – Scott Manning Episode #398: Dentist Freedom Blueprint Podcast Leveraging Your Practice to Create More Freedom – Scott Manning Mentor, friend, and fellow entrepreneur Scott Manning joins the show today to share his journey...
Season 2 - Episode 14 It’s a hot topic today. Dental Service Organizations (DSOs) are aggressively marketing to practice owners, soliciting interest in acquiring their practices. Typically, they’ll catch you with a really high number. A number so high you’d be foolish to ignore it.  But what’s...
“Being a dental practice owner is one of the most courageous acts of independence to be found in the business world today.” – Dr. Victoria Peterson You deserve a dental practice that gives you a life you love today, and builds value to support your future. But, wait, you say. It’s not that easy. I...
On this episode of the Dental Up Podcast, we welcome to the podcast Dr. Nazila Bidabadi! As the chief cosmetic dentist at Soft Touch Dentistry, Dr. Bidabadi’s reputation for dental excellence has earned her a position as a clinical instructor at the Harvard University School of Dental Medicine,...
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