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Click Below to Listen Dental Headlines Season 1, Episode 2 Once again, dentists are caught in the crosshairs of more regulation. While it seems it could have been worse, all of us will likely have to change some of our ways to stay on the right side of the law. On today’s Dental Headlines Show,...
Click to Hear Audio Dental Headlines Season 1, Episode 1   Dentistry in the News: January 7th, 2022    WHO finally recognizes SDF. What’s on 2nd. I dunno who’s on 3rd.  AI is coming and where is Will Smith when you need him to fight a robot? Dropping PPOs is always a good idea apparently… Duh   ...
Podcast Episode #363: Daisy McCarty – Your Brand Messaging – Differentiation in a Commoditized Marketplace Episode #363: Dentist Freedom Blueprint Podcast Daisy McCarty – Your Brand Messaging – Differentiation in a Commoditized Marketplace I’m excited to have Daisy McCarty on the show today so...
Omicron’s Assault  The WealthAbility Show Episode #103: Omicron’s Assault w/ Bob Robenalt  Omicron is causing massive disruption to the economy. New variants mean new rules in the workplace for owners, employees, and clients. In this episode a top labor lawyer, Bob Robenalt, joins Tom to discuss...
In this episode, Dr. Laskin highlights a problem many dentists face when it comes to success...becoming complacent. Listen to learn why now is the best time to be a dentist, but the worse time to be complacent.  Visit  to gain instant access to Dr. Laskin's lecture, "3 Steps To Massively Increase...
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