Everyday Practices Dental Podcast
Everyday Practices Dental Podcast
Everyday Practices follow Regan Robertson and Dr. Chad Johnson as they interview dental professionals about everything related to dental practice ownership from productivity & finances, to best practices for patient interaction, leadership, and more.
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Episode 185 - The Importance Of Relationships In Dentistry
“Your practice is about the relationships you create.” -Dr. Shawn Knorr A lot of people aspire to be like Dr. Shawn Knorr. He’s a top-level producer who is always looking for the next level in his career but he wasn’t always the confident, caring clinician he is today. “The first part of my career...  Read More
Episode 184 - Get Your Dental Practice 500 5-Star Google Reviews
“Instead of just being productive myself as a doctor, we needed to be productive as a whole team.” -Dr. Austin Whetten You’re losing team members. You’re working way too hard. You’re exhausted.  So what can you do? “I was stressing myself out to the max, micromanaging everything, my team hated...  Read More
Episode 183 - MBA Alternatives That Won’t Break the Bank
“Do you have to get an MBA? The answer is probably no, but what do you want to learn?” ~Dr. Chad Johnson What would an MBA do if they came into your office and looked at your systems from a business point of view? If you’re anything like most entrepreneurial dentists, you’re always asking yourself...  Read More
Episode 182 - The Marketing Goldmine Hiding in Your Dental Practice
“Your team is huge part of building your dental practice…most teams don’t realize how critical their role is.”  ~Sara Hansen How would you feel if you could increase your productivity without spending external marketing dollars? There is a potential untapped marketing goldmine in your practice. ...  Read More
Episode 181 - You’re in Control: How Dentists Stay Rational in the Middle of Chaos
“Instead of succumbing to obstacles with inaction, we need a method and a framework for understanding, appreciating, and acting upon the obstacles life throws at us. ” ~Regan Robertson It’s inevitable. There will be obstacles in your pathway to your dreams. How you deal with them is often the...  Read More
Episode 180 - Facial Aesthetics for Dentists
“It’s kinda cool to use something natural from the patient’s own blood…and you have a real chance at regeneration.” ~Dr. Chad Johnson If you’re anything like other cutting-edge independent dentists, you’re always on the lookout for the next best thing to improve the lives of your patients. Our own...  Read More
Episode 179 – Is Talent Overrated?
“A mediocre dentist has the potential with deliberate practice to improve significantly even in the second half of their career.” ~Dr. Chad Johnson The first of 20 asynchronous business book review episodes arrives today as Everyday Practices Podcast co-hosts Dr. Chad Johnson and Regan Robertson...  Read More
Episode 178 - The Study Habits of Productive Dentists
“If I were to go back to school to get my MBA to run my practice better, the cost of opportunity would be in the millions.” ~Dr. Chad Johnson In this episode of Everyday Practices Podcast, co-hosts Dr. Chad Johnson and Regan Robertson introduce a brand new subseries in which they will dive into...  Read More
Episode 177 - Are Your Buckets Aligned?
“It’s easy for me to focus on the things I’m great at and ignore buckets – or segments of priority – that I should have given equal attention to.” ~Regan Robertson It is very easy to ignore the areas of your life that need attention. When Everyday Practices Dental Podcast Co-host Regan Robertson...  Read More
Episode 176 - Tuning Your Dental Team
“Every piano needs tuning. You can have an awesome piano that’s in tune, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to stay in tune. It’s the same with your dental team.” -Dr. Chad Johnson One of the leadership and management concepts that came away from the PDA Workshop in September 2022 was “every piano...  Read More
Episode 175 – Mind-Blowing Shifts to Reimagine the Patient Experience with Paul Vigario
“Creating a really unique, specialized patient experience is a great way to create a competitive-free zone.” -Paul Vigario Too many doctors go through the paces and do what have always been done. But it’s already been done! So there’s nothing special about it.  If you’re doing what everyone else...  Read More
Episode 174 - From Risk to Asset - The One Thing in Your Practice You Aren’t Paying Close Enough Attention To
“As we age things change, and a lot of time we hear ‘that’s just what getting old feels like’….and that is not true!” -Regan Robertson This is the greatest risk to your office. It’s also your number 1 asset.   Do you know what it is? It’s your health.  We’ll be honest. We’re both in our 40s…and if...  Read More
Episode 170 - Don’t Let Dental Entrepreneurial Poverty Happen to You with Regan Robertson & Dr. Chad Johnson
“Entrepreneurial poverty comes from the martyrdom that dentists inflict on themselves…and never get past.” ~Dr. Chad Johnson Entrepreneurial poverty is a real thing.  You own your practice. You know that comes with sacrifices. So you sacrifice yourself, your money, your time…and you don’t ever see...  Read More
Episode 169 - LEAKED! Mike Michalowicz Reveals How Dentists Can Take a Year Off
“This isn’t a race to the biggest company. It’s a journey to being providers for our community in a way that gives us joy and a way that we can support ourselves economically.” ~Mike Michalowicz  Doctor, you can take a four-week vacation. In fact, you could even take off two years from your...  Read More
Episode 168 - Get The Inside Scoop on How Dentists Are Working Only Three Days a Week and Dominating Their Areas!
“I think that’s the beautiful thing about being a dentist and dental practice owner: we can live life on our terms.” ~Dr. Paul Etchison Are you just plain beat from the never-ending grind of owning a dental practice? Are you tired of being pulled in a million different directions, with little time...  Read More
Episode 167 – Hiring Awesome People the First Time
“I haven’t had an easy time hiring, and I think that’s every business owner ever who is being transparent.” ~Dr. Chad Johnson Every business owner can agree on one thing: we want to hire great candidates.  But the reality is, actually hiring candidates is one of the hardest, most stressful parts...  Read More
Episode 166 -  LEAKED! The Weird Hack that Will Boost Your Productivity
“One of the great myths that floats around online that in order to be more productive you have to bring in more services.” ~Regan Robertson We know that revenue is only one driver to success. So clearly there’s more to the story than just adding services.   So what do you do? How do you make the...  Read More
Episode 165 -  Check Out This CE Trick (Before Your Competitors Do)
“Do you know which CE will add value when you put your practice up for sale in the future?” ~Regan Robertson There’s no “silver bullet” to creating a productive, valuable practice. The most successful dental practices carefully craft their systems, teams, and processes to craft the practices of...  Read More
Episode 164 - 1 Creative Hack to Set Your Ideal Dental Practice Office Hours
“If I had an office in Maui and I wanted to surf every morning, I would have my office open from noon – 7pm. If surfing is your thing, then do that, make that a reality.” ~Dr. Chad Johnson What if we told you, you could work whatever hours you want? “Wait,” you say. “Don’t I have to be open 9-5...  Read More
Episode 163 - The Three Ways Successful Dental Practices Integrate Core Values
“Can you see how exciting this is for HR? You now have tangible behaviors that the team can say here is an example of how I was delivering our core values.” ~Regan Robertson Are you struggling with team retention? Or not seeing your team exhibit the behaviors you want in your practice?  If so...  Read More
Episode 161 – Understanding Your Increase in Acceptance Rate with Christine Uhen
“Case acceptance as a percentage is misunderstood, and often set unfairly high in order to measure success.” ~Christine Uhen As a dentist you know what case acceptance is, but unfortunately it’s one of the most misunderstood numbers in dentistry. If taken at face value, it can make you feel like...  Read More
Episode 162 - Stop the Micromanagement!: How the Power of Your Leadership Mindset Can Empower Your Team with Dr. Danny Nguyen
“I said I trusted them. But did I really trust them?” ~Dr. Danny Nguyen Are you feeling burned out? Is your team causing you extra stress and headache? Do you feel like you have to constantly hover over them and tell them what to do…and they still don’t get it right? It’s exhausting and...  Read More
Episode 160 - Your Business Should Be Boring with Dr. Victoria Peterson
“I have this crazy philosophy that my life should be exciting but my business should be predictable.” – Dr. Victoria Peterson Boring is good. In your business anyway. Excitement and adrenaline are wonderful parts of life, but in your business they distract you from the important things like taking...  Read More
Episode 159 - Special Extended Episode: Ozone - The Art of Ozone Science and Asking Questions with Cris Duval, RDH
“We have to ask our patients questions that match the current science. And asking ‘are you brushing’ isn’t good enough anymore.” -Cris Duval, RDH Have you been curious about ozone therapy and what it can do for your patients? So many of you have asked, which is why this is a special extended...  Read More
Episode 158 - Building Patient Loyalty with Shawn Zajas (Part 2)
“I’m trying to get a paradigm shift with patient care. It’s not about the toothbrush…it’s about the patient experience.” -Shawn Zajas How can I create loyal patients? If you’re like most independent dentists this question is on your mind a lot. You’ve probably spent a fair amount of time worrying...  Read More
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