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I'm Dan DelMain and I help dentists get more patients and grow their practices through their websites. In 2009, I founded Delmain, a full-service digital marketing agency. We specialize in content, SEO, web design, and more.
Synergy Consultants & CPAs is pleased to announce the Third Annual Dental Business & Legal Symposium. October 18th-19th at the MGM National Harbor Hotel in Oxon Hill, MD. Dentists can earn up to 9 CE credits. Visit our website at
Maximize Your Chances of Selling
Growing Your Net Worth
The blog is dedicated to providing content to support better financial decisions to make a positive impact on your net worth.
Dental Practice Staff Development
How to Create a Highly Productive Staff That Increases Patient Retention and Referrals
Growing Your Dental Practice
I am going to be interviewing 100 dentists over the course of the next few months to gather their best marketing tactics. I'll get as detailed as possible so that it is easier to implement the strategies.
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Learn more about dental implant, wisdom tooth extraction, oral treatment and Maxillofacial surgery in Orange County. What are services that dentist can offer and how its done. What should patient should do before and after dental surgeries?
Cash Flow Enhancement
Mr. Shipman helps practices improve their bottom line through Improved Efficiency, Lower Taxes, Improved Collections, and Lower Lease Rates.
Sometimes the most difficult of times manifests an opportunity to create something larger than life. Our hope is that we can come together as dentists and make a difference together.
Dentists on the Cutting Edge
I discuss Cutting Edge dental SEO marketing techniques and provide tips for dentists to help improve their practices. Here I focus mainly on sharing things that dentists can do on their own if they're inclined to dig in. Comments welcome.
Marketing Strategies
My aim is to help you acquire more patients, do more business with patients you already have, and to teach you how to do more work, more frequently, with these same patients. We do this through time and field tested proven strategies.
The Jameson Files
The Jameson Files is a podcast that features interviews with inspirational leaders in the field of dentistry. The name "The Jameson Files" is a throwback to a dental journal column written by Dr. John Jameson.
Care Notes
I'm here to share anything and everything dental related, from front office management, to the latest dental tech, to dental marketing strategies!
The S.M.a.R.T. Dentist
Reducing dentist-owner's stress and placing the business on a solid foundation and personal interactions with the dentist to reduce stress and improve business skills.
the Pediatric Dental Directions Podcast
Welcome to the PDDx Experience, a podcast series by Pediatric Dental Directions. Dr's. Philip Slonkosky, Robert Elliott, and guests discuss all things related to pediatric dentistry and what it takes to build a thriving practice culture!
DirectDental Blog
Here we post advice for Employers and Job Seekers to help fill the ever-growing demand for qualified dental professionals. Check back here often for advice on hiring, staying HR compliant (in California) and all things dental employment related.
Thriving Dentist Show with Gary Takacs
Helping you create your ideal dental practice with personal, professional, and financial satisfaction.
Pro Dental Designs
We offer updates, information, and tips within the dental industry. Learn more about dental practice management, dental marketing tips, dental office training, dental transitions, and much more.
BaseVac's Mechanical Room Solutions
BaseVac will be sharing our expertise, as well as highlighting our solutions to your mechanical needs.
Useful lifehacks to run a dental practice
Internet Marketing
This blog was created to help dentists understand how internet marketing works so they don't waste any money with marketing companies that don't get results.
Growth and Prosperity in Your Practice
Everything you need to know to have a successful practice
Alan Halls DMD
As a dentist and software developer, I often get asked technical questions regarding how technology can help an office overcome certain challenges, as well as advice regarding hardware and software for their office. Enjoy and comment.
Front Office on Fire
Front Office on Fire was designed with one person in mind...YOU!!! This podcast was created to help dental team members think like a CEO. Creating a mindset-shift from "just the office manager" to "The Office Manager and CEO of your career!"
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