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Wellness Dentistry by Dr. Dana Rockey DMD
Wellness Dentistry by Dr. Dana Rockey DMD
My passion and focus is on health and wellness - helping patients to achieve and maintain health, rather than simply reacting/responding to disease. That focus is combined with an oral-systemic discipline to patient care.
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Dentistry Rising Interview: How to Make a Successful Practice Purchase Dr. Dana Rockey, DMD
Newport Beach integrative dentist, Dr Dana Rockey speaks with Dr Betty Robin for the podcast, Dentistry Rising about the how to he has successfully purchased multiple dental practices. .    Read More
Current Bleaching Techniques: Dr. Dana Rockey discusses teeth whitening options and techniques
Newport Beach dentist, Dr. Dana Rockey discussed various options and techniques of teeth whitening.  1) Whitening Toothpaste:  • Simplest and easiest • Available through dental offices or drug stores • Dr. Rockey recommends Ultradent (smooth and creamy and does a nice job of removing stains and...  Read More
Q&A with Dr. Rockey: Periodontal Probing and Scaling
Question from Sanam: What’s your opinion on probing after scaling (Does it really affect the readings or does it not matter)? Also how important is it to have xrays before scaling in order to see subginigival calculus even more clearly? Thank you. : ) Answer from Dana: Hello Sanam. Thank you for...  Read More
Sleep Apnea (Part 3): Study Results and Diagnosis
In the first two videos () on sleep apnea Dr. Rockey spoke about the definition of sleep apnea, that its a breathing order that disrupts sleep. He spoke about the importance relative to the oral-systemic component, and how medically far-reaching the effects are if you have a significant apnea...  Read More
Sleep Apnea (Part 2): Screening for Sleep Apnea
In a previous video (), I talked about the importance of Sleep Apnea, it’s definition, why it relates to the oral-systemic component and why we help screen for that in the dental office. Although as dentists we can’t make the official diagnosis of Sleep Apnea, which is done by someone with a...  Read More
Sleep Apnea (Part 1): A Breathing Disorder that Impacts Overall Health
Sleep Apnea and Dentistry: A Breathing Disorder that Impacts Sleep and our Overall Health As an oral-systemic practice, one of the heath conditions that we look for and help patients with is something that’s commonly referred to as “Sleep Apnea”. Sleep Apnea is not a sleep disorder as much as it is...  Read More
The New Standard of Dentistry and Healthcare
Dr. Rockey and Dr. Sears are redefining what it means to be leaders in the healthcare industry, starting by putting the word ‘health’ back in the term ‘healthcare provider’. They are leading the wellness-based healthcare movement that puts patients and their overall...  Read More
Connecting the dots toward better health+care
Dr. Dana Rockey, Integrative Dentist Today’s health crisis is largely driven by preventable diseases. The majority of these diseases stem from demanding lifestyles and our fast-paced, fast-food culture. Located in Newport Beach, Dr. Rockey, a wellness-based dentist helps patients achieve...  Read More
Dental healthcare provider launches new outreach campaign targeting physicians and patients
We are excited to announce the release of a new publication, Newport Coast Health & Wellness Magazine. This magazine brochure is a key piece in the educational outreach campaign to reach physicians, healthcare leaders and patients. Dr. and Peggy Rockey, Dr. Bill Sears and others are...  Read More
Sleep Apnea: The Solution Starts with an Accurate Definition and Enlisting a New Frontline Responders, Dentists
Sleep Apnea: The Solution Starts with an Accurate Definition and Enlisting the Help of a new Frontline Responder, Your Dentist Newport Beach wellness dentist, Dr. Dana Rockey says that labeling Sleep Apnea as a “sleep disorder” and using the semantics that typically surround this serious issue can...  Read More
Sleep Apnea: The Solution Starts with an Accurate Definition and Enlisting a Dentist, the Newest Frontline Responder
Sleep Apnea: The Solution Starts with an Accurate Definition and Enlisting the Help of a new Frontline Responder, Your Dentist Newport Beach wellness dentist, Dr. Dana Rockey says that labeling Sleep Apnea as a “sleep disorder” and using the semantics that typically surround this...  Read More
Your Patient's Next Dental Appointment Could Have the Greatest Impact on Their Health
Did you know that your patient's next visit to the dentist could be the single most important appointment with the greatest impact on their health? Medical researchers now know the importance of the oral-systemic connection on a person’s entire health and well-being. The health of the oral...  Read More
The Contemporary Dental Office by Dr. Dana Rockey, Newport Beach CA
Newport Beach wellness dentist, Dr. Dana Rockey, DMD talks about the contemporary dental office where dentistry and medicine are merging under the umbrella of healthcare. Dr. Dana Rockey is a leader in the dental and healthcare industry. For more than three decades Dr. Rockey delivered the...  Read More
The Science of Dehydrated, Whole Food in a Capsule (JuicePlus)
Recently Dr. Dana Rockey had the opportunity to speak about the science behind the product line, at an event held in south Orange County. As you may know, JuicePlus+ is simply dehydrated whole food – organic fruits and vegetables. The packaging carries a food label and has certification by...  Read More
CEREC Technology (Same Day Dentistry)
As a leader in the dental and healthcare industry, Dr. Rockey has continually embraced and invested in leading technology that improves outcomes for patients. Technology in itself does not deliver it’s promise unless it is used by highly trained and skilled experts like Dr. Rockey and his...  Read More
Wellness and Oral-Systemic Healthcare (Dana Rockey DMD & Bill Sears MD)
Dana Rockey and Bill Sears were interviewed about broader overreach of healthcare including wellness, nutrition and healthy living. Dana Rockey, a wellness-based dentist and Dr. Bill Sears, a pediatrician, author and founder of the Dr Sears Wellness Institute are leaders in the healthcare...  Read More
Dentistry Uncensored Interview: Keeping patients healthy with Dana Rockey DMD
As most dentists and health care professionals who have run large, successful practices for 30 years are thinking about retirement, Dr. Dana Rockey is just getting started. Dr Rockey has treated Hollywood’s elite, CEOs of large corporations, and families who have come to appreciate his...  Read More
Dana Rockey and Dr. Bill Sears Interview: The Future of Healthcare is Now
This week were co-interviewed about their wellness/whole person approach to healthcare, their work and leadership in the healthcare industry, and their promotion of living a healthy lifestyle. As more people are interested in learning about the connection between physicians, dentists in the...  Read More
Introducing Healthy Lifestyle and Nutrition Coaching to Our Dental Practice
Dana Rockey DMD Expands to Offer Healthy Lifestyle and Nutrition Coaching and Peggy Anne Rockey RN are pleased to introduce Healthy Lifestyle & Nutrition Coaching, a new service in at their Newport Beach dental practice, Dana Rockey DMD. Peggy Anne Rockey RN will head up the new division of...  Read More
Dr Rockey interviewed by Howard Farran for Dentistry Uncensored
On Friday, December 16,2016, Dr. Rockey was interviewed by dental industry guru and CEO of Dentaltown, Dr. Howard Farran about wellness dentistry, the practice's one-year anniversary, reflecting on Rockey's past 30 years of dentistry, and Rockey's outlook for 2017. The interview will be released...  Read More
Explaining The Purpose of Periodontal Probing and Charting
In this video Newport Beach-based wellness dentist, Dr. Dana Rockey discusses the purpose and benefits of Periodontal Probing and Charting. Dental patients are likely familiar with their dentist taking gum pocket measurements during annual appointments, however, it’s important to understand...  Read More
Applying Advanced Technology to Dentistry
Technology reaches every aspect of our lives, including dentistry. One of the latest advancements in dental technology that helps our staff in their diagnostic ability, is the 3D Cone Beam X-Ray Scanner which is helping many patients in our Newport Beach office. This introduction is an example of...  Read More
Explaining Gum Pocket Measurements to Patients (Periodontal Charting)
The importance of understanding the the periodontal disease during your dental visits. Dr. Rockey explains the importance that patients understand the numbers and meaning of periodontal probing and charting during dental visits. He makes the connection between low gum pocket measurements to...  Read More
Dr Rockey Makes House Call to Build a Tower Garden
Its nine-o-clock on Saturday and the doorbell rings right on time. Dana and Peggy Rockey have arrived at the Robertson’s home to assemble the Robertson’s new Tower Garden. The big brown UPS box that arrived a week earlier was opened up and a handful of basic tools were set out ready for...  Read More
Case Study: Answering Questions about Silver Fillings and Gum Recession
Some dentists surprisingly still use dental amalgam, the material used to fill cavities for over 150 years today. Fillings made with amalgam, also are known as silver fillings, have been a subject of concern because amalgam contains mercury. Actually, amalgam is made from a combination of metals...  Read More
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