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MGE: Management Experts is a practice management training organization for dentists, dental specialists and dental office staff headquartered in St. Petersburg, FL.
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The Two Big Mistakes That Most Dentists Make!
As the Qualifications Executive at MGE, I not only ensure that clients (and their team members) can apply what they’ve learned, I’m also responsible for troubleshooting lack of application and implementation. With that in mind, I wanted to share what I’ve found to be the two most common “mistakes”...  Read More
Hiring the Right Receptionist for Your Dental Practice
In an effort to stimulate practice growth, you may spend thousands on marketing (SEO, postcards, care-to-share programs, reactivation efforts, etc.).  And unfortunately, you may be doing this while overlooking the most important parts of your overall marketing effort… Your Receptionist. And while...  Read More
How Changing My Mindset in Case Presentations Helped Me Increase Treatment Acceptance!
This article comes from general dentist and MGE client, Dr. Ryan Detmer. Since becoming an MGE client in late 2017, Dr. Detmer  has been able to nearly double his monthly collections. Throughout this growth, he’s put an intense focus on patient care, communication and case acceptance for...  Read More
11 “Key Performance Indicators” for a Dental Practice
Key Performance Indicators (or “KPIs”) are a hot topic right now, and for a good reason! In a nutshell, KPIs would be the more important statistics you would keep to gauge the success and expansion potential for your dental practice. Tracking these gives you a complete picture of your practice...  Read More
Patient Reactivation: How to Successfully Get Overdue Patients Back on the Hygiene Schedule
One of the direct ways to increase productivity is by reactivating overdue or “inactive,” patients and getting them back into the practice via the hygiene schedule. I’ve always thought that the only thing better than a new patient was an existing one that hasn’t been into the practice for a while....  Read More
What is Your Hygiene Department’s Maximum Potential?
Did you know that your Hygiene Department alone should cover your entire practice’s overhead? Yup! It’s not only possible – it’s not hard to achieve. And a large part of this is getting your overdue and inactive patients to come back. In my previous two articles,  I went over how to look at your...  Read More
"I Only Want to Do What my Insurance Covers!"
Six months out of dental school, I discovered that at least 8 out of 10 patients had the same six objections on going ahead with their treatment plans:     “I’m only doing what the dental insurance covers.”     “I have no money.”     “File a predetermination of benefits for me.”     “I need to...  Read More
Are You Losing Patients? Why Your Dental Practice Isn't Growing!
Is your dental practice not growing as quickly as you think it should? If so, there’s a good chance this lack of growth has more to do with patient attrition and failures in your hygiene department than it does with your new patient marketing. As I mentioned in , I’ve lectured to and met with...  Read More
5 Ways to Make Your Dental Office Stand Out from Everyone Else!
If you’re sitting down at the end of the day wondering why you’re not getting more referrals…well, you need to read this post. Referrals don’t have to be hard to come by. In fact, you can steadily increase your new patient numbers every month – it just takes a little out-of-the-box thinking. If...  Read More
Should Dentists Focus on Active or Total Patient Count?
What’s the difference between active charts and total charts? And as a practice owner, which way should you be viewing it? As an executive at MGE I’m out lecturing to dentists just about every week.  For that matter, over the past 10 years I’ve lectured to and met with several thousand dentists....  Read More
Dental Fee Schedules: Is it Time to Raise Your Fees?
Should I raise my fees? We get this question often enough from new clients. Ideally you would raise fees a bit every year to keep up with inflation, which (depending on how you look at it) would be anywhere from the low 2% to 3% range. If you want to keep an eye on inflation, you can have a look...  Read More
7 Ways to Fill Openings in the Doctor’s Schedule
Last minute cancellations are never any fun, regardless of whether you get them on the hygiene or doctor’s schedule. That said, I always found last minute cancellations on the doctor’s schedule to be more problematic – especially with relation to making my production goal. Why? Well, as we know,...  Read More
Don’t Make These 3 Mistakes When Hiring Dental Staff
“I don’t get enough response from the ads I place…” “Most of the people that apply in my office aren’t a good fit – there just aren’t enough good staff prospects in my area!” Maybe you’ve had thoughts like this before.  If anything, I’ve heard this sentiment expressed by many of the hundreds of...  Read More
Comparing the Cost of 9 Dental Marketing Options
Want to see more new patients, but unsure of how to make it happen? Are you especially concerned about the potential expense involved with marketing? Let’s have a closer look at this. It’s easy to run your marketing based off of feel. “We started doing X type of marketing and I feel like we’re...  Read More
How Important is it to Have Your Dental Practice on Page 1 of Google?
When it comes to marketing your practice, how important is it to be “first” on Google? Is it much better than second? Or third? For that matter, what is the normal process or behavior patter when someone searches for a dentist online? And how can you use this to your advantage? Both of these...  Read More
A Simple Way to Improve Customer Service in Your Dental Practice
There are about 200,000 dentists in the United States. And, depending on where you practice, there may be hundreds if not thousands of dentists in your immediate area. With all of this competition, how can the average private practicing dentist make their office stand out?  For that matter, what...  Read More
5 Ways to Motivate Your Dental Team
Whether you’re a dentist mostly on your own looking to build a great team, or you already have a full complement of staff and are looking to get everybody on the same page, this article is for you! This will help you put together a dental team you can trust to run the business like a well-oiled...  Read More
Marketing Cosmetic Dentistry: 6 Ways to Get Patients Interested in Cosmetic Services
Wouldn’t you love to do more cosmetic cases? They’re fun, you get to stretch your artistic muscles, and patients love to see their transformation in the mirror. But if you’re like most dentists attempting to market cosmetic dentistry, you’ve been more than a little disappointed that people in...  Read More
Dental Office Hiring: Are You Waiting for a "Unicorn" Candidate?
When hiring, are you waiting for a “Unicorn” candidate to wander into your office? You know… that candidate with, - 10+ years of dental experience, - that knows how to do everything in a dental office, - is also great with patients, - is looking for the exact compensation package that you’re...  Read More
Who's Running this Place?
Who’s managing your practice? Sure, you’re the owner/doctor, and you may have an office manager. But who is actively managing the business towards its long-term goals? If you’re like most doctors, well, that would be… no one. The Real World In most practices, the doctor is chairside as much as...  Read More
Does Your Dental Practice Need More Staff?
How many staff do you currently have? And do you feel like you might need to add more? Whether you do (or don’t) need more employees has a lot to do with your overall goals with relation to the office. So, let’s begin there. YOUR GOALS What are the overall goals that you have for the practice?...  Read More
Low Cost Ideas that can Create Excellent PR for Your Dental Practice
You’ve probably heard the word PR and how it’s essential for a thriving business. But what does PR really mean? Nicely curated baskets with free toothpaste, pamphlets, and cookies? Or is it giving away free electric toothbrushes? What about sponsoring a local neighborhood event? All of these...  Read More
4 Ways Your Hygienist Can Help Increase Case Acceptance
Your hygiene department should be a fruitful resource of productive procedures for the schedule, especially if you have a recall program. (Note: to learn how to build a consistently productive hygiene department that makes a great profit on it’s – before the doctor even picks up a handpiece – do...  Read More
4 Reasons You're Not Getting New Patients
Through my days in my dental practice and my time as a partner at MGE: Management Experts, I’ve seen a variety of internal problems that can cause a dip in potential new patients. I sifted through all of this and here’s what I’ve found to be the top four issues and how to fix them. 1. Phone...  Read More
3 Simple Steps to Get Your Schedule Under Control
What do you do when the schedule is out of control? When there’s a two-hour opening, but then you work through lunch for five hours straight? Here are some general guidelines to follow, which can put you on the right track: 1. Create a scheduling policy if you don’t already have one. If you...  Read More
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