Domino Effect of Disease: The Mouth & IBD
Domino Effect of Disease: The Mouth & IBD
Peer-reviewed research is connecting the dots between food choices, inflammatory bowel diseases, and the bacteria in the mouth. There is a domino effect of disease I describe.
Alvin H Danenberg DDS

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Fears of Tooth Extractions
 I have been providing Skype consultations for several years. People have reached out to me with their dental and nutritional questions as far away as Australia. Questions have ranged from eating the perfect diet for dental health to complex questions about surgical procedures. One of the most...  Read More
Categories: extractions
SALIVA - A Miracle Fluid
Overall, the human body is made up of approximately 60% water. The lungs are about 83% water; the muscles and kidneys are about 79%; the brain and heart are about 73%; the skin is about 64%; and the bones are about 31%. Saliva, which is very wet, is about 98% water. But the 2% of saliva that is not...  Read More
Categories: saliva
Does Periodontal Disease Cause Systemic Disease?
Yes, but… How’s that for an answer that keeps you hanging? Let me explain.Yes - Once periodontal disease is established in the mouth, its pathological byproducts can seep into the bloodstream, lymph fluid, and bone structures to cause spread of infection and inflammation to all areas of the body....  Read More
My Withdrawal from Oxycodone
My setback in March 2019 is over and done with. I emerged successfully!Surgery to repair L3 and radiation treatment to destroy some malignant cells impinging on my spinal nerve were effective. Now, my pain is minimal. I started in-home physical therapy, which hopefully will restore me to as close...  Read More
Categories: oxycodone, withdrawal
EMPATHY - Medicine's Missing Link
It may come as no surprise, but conventional medicine doesn’t successfully treat all diseases. Of course, no healing modality is successful 100% of the time. Why do conventional medicine and other forms of the healing arts fail sometimes? Obviously, there are many factors. However, I believe there...  Read More
Categories: healthcare, empathy
Cancer Treatment Complications - gut health, oral ulcers, honey
I’m dealing with my personal, unconventional journey to treat bone marrow cancer. While in the Cancer Clinic waiting for my scheduled appointment, I met a young man dealing with an aggressive form of mouth cancer. He already had extensive chemotherapy and is now having radiation treatment for his...  Read More
Vitriol In Healthcare
My RantTo my amazement, I have become the target of vitriol. Harsh and cruel lashing out. I have been called “stupid” and “ignorant”. My writings have been branded “rubbish”. And all this because I described the way I eat to stay healthy. Here is a link to my article that started this labelling by...  Read More
Categories: healthcare, vitriol
I Eat Meat!
I eat meat. I never excluded meat from my diet. However, the only meat I eat is from pastured or wild-caught animals who consume their natural diets with no chemicals added. In addition to meat, I eat their organs and consume their bone broth – nose to tail. (As an aside,  every Saturday morning...  Read More
Categories: cancer, healthy diet, Meat
Kathryn Won the Battle But Not the War
Kathryn contacted me for a second opinion. Her problems are not unusual. She told me what she had gone through so far.It started when her dentist told her, “You have a gum infection, which is due to bacteria living under your gum tissues. Let’s kill these bacteria, and we’ll cure your disease.” So,...  Read More
Functional Dentistry - What If?
What in the world is “functional this” or “functional that”?  The term “Functional Medicine” is being used throughout the alternative medicine community. What if functional medicine could uncover the causes of most chronic diseases.? And now, there is a new term on the block – “Functional...  Read More
Dental Nutritional Counseling Program - "Evidence-Based"
I have been asked to share my in-office Dental Nutritional Counseling Program. I developed this evidence-based Program to be a continuing education course for dentists and hygienists. However, this Program is perfect for any healthcare facility. Also, any staff member could be trained to apply this...  Read More
5 Steps to a Healthy Smile
Your SMILE speaks volumes about YOU! In this article, I outline my five steps to assure a healthy smile.Your smile shows your emotions and speaks about your health. Books have been written describing what your smile means. For example, if you search on Amazon, there are over 430 books written on...  Read More
I was interviewed by Dr. Noah DeKoyer on his Podcast, "Beyond Your Wildest Genes". The Podcast was published on 12/17/18, and we discussed my unconventional journey to fight my aggressive form of multiple myeloma.     Read More
Categories: multiple myeloma
Your Gut. Your Health. Your Choice. - Testimonial
 A few days ago, I received an email from Dr. L. N, a board-certified periodontist. She was excited to share her exceptional results after incorporating Protocols for improving gut health. The Protocols included eating nutrient-dense, anti-inflammatory foods as well as taking spore-based probiotics...  Read More
Honey Heals Wounds ...3 Clinical Uses and More...
Honey is more than a sweet dessert. Honey has been used to heal wounds for 5,000 years. Raw honey contains anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant, and anti-inflammatory components that can actually repair and regenerate tissues. I have written about honey in several articles in the past.  .In 2017, Sami K....  Read More
Categories: wound healing, raw honey
How Did I Contract Multiple Myeloma: Risks for Dentists
I have asked myself, “How did I contract multiple myeloma?” This is a rare disease. For 2018, the American Cancer Society estimates about  will be diagnosed in the United States. My oncologist tells me that there is no known cause of multiple myeloma. However, he is convinced that my current Paleo...  Read More
Get Moving - Or Else
Your gut and your health are dependent on you moving your body. Even your dental health is indirectly affected by healthy exercise. Two recent medical articles are clear. If you want to get healthy and stay healthy, you need to move your body. If you don’t get moving, your health will suffer. So,...  Read More
Categories: exercise
My Mortality
Recently, I was introduced to my mortality. Welcome to my world. As you know, I have been spouting off about all kinds of healthy facts and anecdotal comments to make the quality of your life as best as it can be. For the last few years, you have read my thoughts – maybe ad nauseam. I have talked...  Read More
Categories: cancer, health, mortality
PEMF & MItochondria: 4-Month Follow-Up
I posted my original article, , on June 4, 2018. Please read my past post to get up-to-speed about my thoughts on PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field), mitochondria, and my investigation. In my article today, I report on my 4-month follow-up. My StudyAs you know from my previous writing, my wife was...  Read More
Stress Destroys the Gut
STRESS!We all are exposed to stress. Some of us deal with it well. Many of us don’t. Did you know that chronic stress can destroy the gut? All of us must respect the damaging effects of continuous stress on the body.In 2015, I wrote about a patient who experienced a  that manifested in her mouth....  Read More
It's the Sugar: 7 Essentials to Know
There are many insults to our body. Some of these insults come in the form of poor food choices, chemicals and heavy metals, dirty electromagnetic fields, stress, inefficient or nonexistent exercise, nonrestorative sleep, and medications including over-the-counter and prescription. But, it’s the...  Read More
Dentistry in the Future: Conventional Meets Unconventional
Up until now, dentistry has been “conventional”. However, dentistry in the future may be quite different from dentistry in the past. In the future, I see dentistry broadening and deepening its approach of treatment. The conventional way of “doing things” may begin to embrace current unconventional...  Read More
Switch to Healthy
The big switch in on.It seems that many people want to switch to healthy. The big question is, “What is healthy?” While there are many ideas out there, it is a fact that over the course of human evolution, nutrient-dense, anti-inflammatory ways of eating have served societies the best. These plant...  Read More
Don't Believe Everything You Hear - 6 Dental Myths
Don’t believe everything you hear. Many “truths” you accept as dogma may turn out to be “myths”. Some truths are accidental misstatements. Others are outright lies. Sometimes, truths that we believed to be true in the past have been scientifically proven to be untrue today. And, so it is with...  Read More
Second-Half of Life
In July 2017, I wrote about Robert Browning’s poem, . This amazing yet esoteric poem describes the second-half of life. The first stanza of this 32-stanza poem reads:Grow old along with me! The best is yet to be, The last of life, for which the first was made: Our times are in His hand Who saith "A...  Read More
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