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Luke Worlie
Luke Worlie

No matter what you do, or where you work, certain accessories are necessary. For office workers, it might be important to have the right keyboard and monitor setup. If you work where it is loud, you may need a good headset to keep out noise. Every work environment needs tools and gadgets. Some are...  Read More
Google searches exceed 63 million each second, and organizations cannot afford to miss out on revenue opportunities that could result from each one. Local businesses are learning that their reliance on paid online ads is less effective than organically generated traffic. Understanding local SEO...  Read More
Despite mass layoffs that followed the onset of Covid-19 and people desperately looking for work, staffing agencies face challenges in filling their clients’ vacancies. They have few potential employees on their books that suit their clients’ requirements. Consequently, personnel agents work under...  Read More
Nurses were in scarce supply before Covid-19, and the pandemic has made the shortage of nursing staff more apparent. Healthcare workers are up to seven times more likely to get Covid-19 than people in other professions, with nurses more vulnerable than doctors, pharmacists, and workers elsewhere...  Read More
The cost of healthcare in the US has continued to rise in recent years. Health insurance premiums are at unprecedented high levels and out-of-pocket medical expenses are just too much.  With this situation, it’s becoming harder for most US households to meet their healthcare budget.  But there are...  Read More
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Once you get out of the house, finish college, and get your first job, it’s pretty much a good idea to get a health insurance plan for yourself. A health insurance plan will enable you to take care of your medical costs more effectively.  Health care costs can really put a dent to your wallet and...  Read More
The cool thing about buying an existing business is that not only is it an exciting venture, but there are less legal- and other requirements to meet.   You want to ensure your business flourishes – from zoning rights to pricing and invoicing to marketing yourself. Certainly, it can be...  Read More
Businesses succeed by providing products that customers want. They provide the service or product and the customer purchases it to cover a personal need or desire. If a business can't do this, then the business can't gain customers. With this in mind, we want to discuss why product innovation...  Read More
A key factor for forming healthy habits is the convenience factor. Dental patients should be prepared with some simple methods for establishing a daily regimen for oral hygiene, such as carrying a small, zippered pouch with toothpaste and a toothbrush. Any problems from trying to brush teeth...  Read More
Any job has some stressful elements, even if you love what you do. However, the kind of stress that makes you apathetic, tired, angry or nervous and takes its toll on your productivity is constant, ongoing stress that just doesn’t ever let up.  This type of stress is harmful to your mental and...  Read More
Without clinical trials, we can’t determine whether new medical treatments and diagnostic tests are effective and safe. Researchers need to know what works and what doesn’t work in the human body and this can’t be learned in a laboratory or by testing animals.  Researchers do not know what the...  Read More
If you’ve thought about dental hygiene as a profession, you’re in luck. It is an occupation with a growing rate of demand, unlike other job areas where the market is becoming restricted.   The growing demand for dental hygienists is linked to the aging population. People are living longer, and...  Read More
Financial freedom is something I have always wanted to achieve. Being in control of my money and deciding for myself how I spend it or save it. Throughout the early stages of life, I was living paycheck to paycheck with money leaving my account just as quickly as it arrived.   Over time I learned...  Read More
Dentistry is different from many other services and it’s important to be able to understand patients from their perspective.  is a common problem. When clients are anxious, it is difficult enough to get them through the door of a dental office, let alone get them to make the right decisions....  Read More
Every business relies on reputation to retain and increase their client base, and dental practice is no exception. Social media is a  for your dental practice to market itself to potential patients.   The trouble is, one negative comment could potentially undo years of hard work on building a good...  Read More
Dentists have a long history of getting a bad rap. Many children grow up fearing a visit to the dentist. However, it's time for you to change all that and set the pace for a new society that enjoys their regular dental visits. Here are some great tips that can help to transform your dental office...  Read More
Without a mouth, people would not survive and yet historically speaking we are not that comfortable when it comes to dealing with our mouths. There is a massive stigma attached to dental care, regardless of how important it is. But this is slowly changing. Doctors are now dealing with something...  Read More
Any dental practice wants to win new patients and maintain the loyalty of existing ones. To do so, effective digital marketing strategies are essential. Existing patients will only refer friends and family if they are impressed by up-to-date, professional services. Nowadays, new patients are...  Read More
Whether it’s a routine exam or treating an existing acute dental issue, dental professionals often have a difficult time conveying the importance of routine and timely dental care. Despite the plethora of studies connecting dental health to overall health and well-being and all the cutting edge...  Read More
As you very well know, going to the dentist is  of most people. Many people dread their biannual visits. The good news is that you can help leave a positive, lasting impression and secure long-term patients by making a few easy changes to create a more welcoming experience.  Study Your...  Read More
Risks of Dentistry to Personal Health and How to Avoid Them
Being in the dental profession can be rewarding because it allows you to help people improve their dental health for greater overall health and confidence. However, like any profession, there are certain risks that you take to provide the highest quality care for your patients. Knowing more about...  Read More
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