Implant Dentistry

All-On-Four Implant Maintenance (AO4) for Registered Dental Hygienists
This course to addresses the fundamental foundations for suggested All-On-4 hygiene maintenance appointment best-practice protocol when carried out by Registered Dental Hygienists.
Kirsta Herring, BCH, RDH
CE Credits: 1.25
An Immediate Plan
Dr. Ed Kusek shares a case study of treating a patient after traumatic injury to the anterior maxilla, in which he placed immediate implants and used an erbium laser to help increase bone formation...
by Dr. Ed Kusek
March 2024
Immediate Results
Dr. Emil M. Verban Jr. discusses the factors behind successful immediate implant placement, particularly when it comes to implants being placed in the anterior maxilla. Verban’s recap of the state of...
by Dr. Emil M. Verban Jr.
February 2024
One-Step Alveolar Ridge Preservation Without the Need for a Membrane
This course presents a series of simple, cost-effective, and predictable clinical uses for bone regeneration focused on one-step alveolar ridge preservation using novel composite graft/collagen...
Timothy F. Kosinski, DDS
CE Credits: 1.75
Peri-Implantitis: Its Diagnosis and Management
This course provides a comprehensive overview of peri-implant diseases, focusing on peri-implantitis and peri-implant mucositis. It covers diagnostic methods, treatment protocols, and surgical...
Dr. Giacomo Tarquini
CE Credits: 1.25
Poll: Implants
Dentaltown's monthly dental poll reveals how other practices operate, what works, what doesn’t and how dentistry is evolving. The information we gather each month helps us measure trends in the...
December 2023
2023 Dental Townie Choice Awards
The results are in, and now it’s time to announce the winners of the 2023 Dental Townie Choice Awards—and this year, we shine the spotlight on the victors in a few notable races.
December 2023
In It for the Long Haul
This course explores three common risk factors for peri-implant disease and makes a case as to why implant practitioners should commit to a shift in their strategies for success. This shift should...
Dr. LeRoy Horton
CE Credits: 1.5
Complex Treatment Planning and Execution: Implant Bridge #2–#6
A Townie shares a complex case involving three unique implants
October 2023
Guided Surgery vs Freehanded
This program covers the basics of full-arch guided surgery for applications utilizing cutting-edge implant therapy and show the benefits for performing full-arch implant therapy with surgical guides...
Dr. Isaac Tawil
CE Credits: 2
A New Implant Approach
Dr. Bobby Birdi shares a patient case involving immediate placement of an implant after atraumatic tooth extraction, then immediate loading with a temporary abutment screwed to the implant base.
by Dr. Bobby Birdi
September 2023
Setting the Tone: Guided Bone Regeneration Techniques
This continuing education course introduces beginning-level guided bone regeneration principles via a step-by-step case presentation and specific strategies that will aid in surgical, restorative and...
Dr. LeRoy Horton
CE Credits: 1.5
Front-Line Work: Anterior Immediate Implant Strategies for General Dentists
This dental CE course takes readers through a step-by-step process of performing an immediate implant placement in the anterior maxilla, with discussion of specific principles that will aid in...
Dr. LeRoy Horton
CE Credits: 1.5
Peri-Implant Guided Bone Regeneration
Dr. Giacomo Tarquini’s case study illustrates the use of a novel flex cortical sheet barrier membrane to stabilize the graft and prevent micromovements that could hinder the bone regeneration...
by Dr. Giacomo Tarquini
July 2023
Another Routine Immediate Molar with Anyridge
A Townie pays it forward by sharing oral surgery tips he learned on Dentaltown
July 2023
Dental Implants From Planning to Restoration: Guided Surgery
In this course the concepts of guided surgery is discussed with a thorough discussion of the construction of guides and their use. The course takes the participant from treatment planning through the...
Charles Schlesinger, DDS, FICOI
CE Credits: 1.5
How to Simplify Challenging Implant Cases
This CE course is designed to increase the success rate of your implant cases by laying out a simplified protocol for placing immediate implants, ridge splits and sinus bumps, as well as the ideal...
Dr. Michael Wehrle
CE Credits: 1.5
Product Profile: 1070 Series Implant Motor
New motor from Aseptico streamlines and simplifies workflow
June 2023
Dental Implants From Planning to Restoration: Grafting with Sinus Elevation and Ridge Augmentation
The rationale behind sinus elevation and ridge augmentation is discussed in this CE course along with the procedures to be successful in providing this type of treatment to your patients. This course...
Dr. Charles Schlesinger
CE Credits: 1.5
Show Your Work: A Collaborative Effort on 3 Fronts
This multidisciplinary treatment plan from Dr. Elizabeth DiBona features elements of digital planning, oral surgery, orthodontics and classic restorative principles. DiBona discusses the case’s...
by Dr. Elizabeth DiBona
May 2023
A Partially Analog Approach
Dr. Emil M. Verban Jr. explains which key factors must be evaluated when determining which prosthetic design should be used for optimal success in implant dentistry, and shares a case study involving...
by Dr. Emil M. Verban Jr.
March 2023
Implant Improvement
This course covers principles and techniques that can help minimize the incidence of implant failure, including bone density, implant width, implant placement positioning, lab communication and...
Dr. John Nosti
CE Credits: 1.5
Digitally Guided Implant Placement
Dr. Dee Dee Meevasin explains how her practice uses a 3D printer to create surgical guides for implant cases. The result? Cases completed in fewer appointments, with lower failure rates, and...
by Dr. Dee Dee Meevasin
February 2023
Treatment Planning and Restoring Implants in the Aesthetic Zone
From start to finish see exactly the what, why, and how to master implants in the aesthetic zone. Dr. Nosti discusses the rationale behind material selection, achieving the ideal shade match, and...
Dr. John Nosti
CE Credits: 1.75
Continuing Education Update: Implants
Dr. Howard Goldstein, director of continuing education, shares Dentaltown's latest CE offerings and most popular implant courses and more.
by Dr. Howard Goldstein
January 2023
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