Financial Planning and Investments

How to ‘Future-Proof’ Your Lease
Jeff Howell, founder and CEO of an online commercial lease review service, discusses three key considerations dentists should account for when negotiating their practice spaces.
by Jeff Howell
April 2020
Your Retirement Number in Two Hours. Filmed LIVE at Townie Meeting!
The main word used by those attending or viewing this course is “relief.” In this course the first thing done is solving one's retirement number. Via worksheets (which one should print first), one...
Dr. Doug Carlsen
CE Credits: 2
Personal Disability Insurance: What Every Dentist Needs to Know
If you ask most dentists what their most valuable asset is, they will usually talk about their home or their practice. Occasionally, there might be an investment or retirement account that is...
Ivan M. Kirshner, DDS
CE Credits: 1
Protect Your Office Occupancy Rights
Lease negotiator and expert George Vaill shares why it’s important for dentists to know exactly what’s in their lease and what risks arise when they don’t understand contractual terms and critical...
by George Vaill
December 2019
Money Talks
Conversations about financing don't have to be uncomfortable. These suggestions will help you and your team have easy, effective discussions with patients about treatment costs, insurance benefits,...
by Bete Johnson
November 2019
Howard Speaks: Real Success in Real Estate
Dentaltown founder Dr. Howard Farran has met a lot of dentists who want to get into the real estate business but aren’t sure how or where to begin. He suggests taking a look at not just the franchise...
by Dr. Howard Farran
October 2019


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