Ethics, Jurisprudence and Malpractice

Howard Speaks: Keep Everything That’s Yours!
Afraid that somebody’s been embezzling from your practice? Dentaltown founder Dr. Howard Farran shares some of the telltale signs and how you can help prevent this from happening to you.
by Dr. Howard Farran
August 2019
Risk Management and Record Keeping.
Dentists can expect three to five legal actions in a career. This course will explore a proactive approach to preventing legal actions. The profile of a typical dental malpractice patient will be...
Mr. Jeff Tonner
CE Credits: 2
A Conversation on Consent
Dr. Suzanne Gilman, who’s also a licensed attorney, discusses the importance of informed consent, and what’s required legally to correctly obtain it from patients.
by Dr. Suzanne Gilman
July 2019
The Standard of Care-What is it? What is it Not? Key information Both Specialists and General Dentists Need to Know
This course will educate you on the definition of the Standard of Care as how to meet it as well as Key legal terms you need to know. Guidelines are given for what is looked for in dental board cases...
Dr. John Dovgan
CE Credits: 2.5
Collecting Your Fee: Legal, Ethical and Practical Considerations
This lecture explores issues that impact on fee collection efforts from legal, practical, and ethical perspectives. The legal nuances associated with fee collections and the process for terminating...
Eric J. Ploumis, DMD, JD
CE Credits: 1.5
Pregnancy and Your Practice
Paul Edwards, founder and CEO of CEDR HR Solutions, discusses the legal ramifications related to employee pregnancy and maternity leave.
by Paul Edwards
June 2019
Dental Malpractice: Learning the Rules of the Road
This course will acquaint the dental practitioner to the legal requirements for a malpractice claim, provide information on specific types of claims and instruct the practitioner on methods to...
Anne M. Oldenburg and Linda J. Hay
CE Credits: 1.5


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