Practice Management, HR and Accounting

Creating a Remarkable Dental Practice: Building an Amazing Team
This course talks about the importance of practice culture, how to grow and shape an extraordinary team, and the challenges that all businesses face with hiring and how to improve your odds of...
Fred Joyal
CE Credits: 2.25
Professional Courtesy: Meet My Therapist
Dr. Thomas Giacobbi, Dentaltown’s editorial director, introduces us to his 1-year-old goldendoodle, Bear, and how he’s integrated his new family dog into his practice.
by Dr. Thomas Giacobbi
February 2020
Creating a Remarkable Dental Practice: The State of the Dental Industry
This CE course dives deep into the current state of the dental industry, from insurance to technology to millennial employees. In addition it goes into the ideal mindsets necessary for a remarkable...
Fred Joyal
CE Credits: 2
Office Visit: Dr. Eric To
Dr. Eric To’s first Parklane Dental practice in the greater Los Angeles area won the 2014 ADA Dental Office Design of the Year competition for its sleek, efficient design. When he opened a second...
by Kyle Patton, associate editor, Dentaltown magazine
February 2020
Howard Speaks: There Should Be an App for That
Dentaltown founder Dr. Howard Farran discusses why it’s time to do away with paper forms and switch over to a digital platform to make health care more efficient for doctors and patients.
by Dr. Howard Farran
February 2020
The Coachable, Capable, Unstoppable Dental Team
When you think of individuals who are masters at their craft, not only are they capable, they also have an underlying foundational characteristic – coachability. Learn what it takes to make this...
Ms. Penny Reed
CE Credits: 2.25
Patient Retention Strategies for Practice Growth.
This course will expose how you are currently grooming your patients to experience the feeling of indifference toward you and your practice. Discover the strategies that can be taken to resolve your...
Dana Pardue Salisbury, MBA
CE Credits: 1.5
Professional Courtesy: New Year, New Office Gifts
Dr. Thomas Giacobbi, Dentaltown’s editorial director, shares some of the new products he’ll be implementing in his office this year, based on his experiences at the Greater New York Dental Meeting.
by Dr. Thomas Giacobbi
January 2020
Hidden Treasures: Finding the Buried Profit In Your Practice
Understand that while some dentists are looking for the latest cutting-edge treatments or technology, many are frustrated, overwhelmed or plateaued. In this presentation, you will be introduced to...
Ms. Heidi Mount
CE Credits: 1.5
Howard Speaks: Show, Touch, Feel—and Learn
Dentaltown founder Dr. Howard Farran shares the importance of meeting the companies you work with, making connections and learning how they operate.
by Dr. Howard Farran
January 2020
Declining Reimbursement is a Real Problem. Reverse the Trend with Your Own Membership Plan!
For decades dentists have experienced a significant decline in insurance reimbursement that has now become a crisis. Unfortunately, dental insurance has become a major obstacle to providing great...
Dave Monahan
CE Credits: 1.5
I Have Had Enough!
The world-renowned dental lecturer and educator sounds off about the dental profession's ethics
by Gordon J. Christensen, DDS, MSD, PhD
September 2003
Professional Courtesy: Annual Check-Up
As 2019 comes to a close, Dr. Thomas Giacobbi, Dentaltown’s editorial director, shares some of the annual rituals on his to-do list.
by Dr. Thomas Giacobbi
December 2019
Should I Be Insurance Free?
Continued drops in dental insurance companies’ reimbursement fees and rule changes make the business of dentistry a constantly changing landscape. Learn how to make sense of this changing reality,...
Steve Anderson
CE Credits: 1.5
Get Engaged Next Year!
Scheduling Institute founder Jay Geier discusses how dentists can have a more profitable 2020 by becoming more engaged in their practice.
by Jay Geier
December 2019
Increase Practice Revenue, Profit and Valuation without Adding New Patients
The course will cover the market research, practice data, and case studies that show how you can significantly increase the revenue, profitability and value of your practice without adding new...
Dave Monahan
CE Credits: 1.5
Moving Past Insurance Entitlement
The shift from traditional dental insurance to over 80% of reimbursement models being PPOs has had a cataclysmic impact on patient health, workplace stress and dental incomes. Mark shares a Six Step...
Dr. Mark Murphy
CE Credits: 1.5
Office Visit: Dr. Claudia Le
This Townie, who won the 2019 Townie Choice Awards cover feature grand prize, has owned a practice in South San Diego for four years and credits the Dentaltown community for helping her develop both...
by Arselia Gales, assistant editor, Dentaltown magazine
December 2019
Build a Front Office Team that Rocks!
Learn the communication skills and procedures that create the ultimate customer service experience for your patients. Improve and master the essential systems to reduce cancellations/no-shows, set...
Ms. Laura Hatch
CE Credits: 1.5
Pathways to a Practice’s Success With Implants
Practice management consultant Penny Reed discusses some elements that help practices have successful patient conversations and conversions for implant cases.
by Penny Reed
December 2019
It’s Not What You Say it’s How and When You Say it!
Knowing the science and technology of dental hygiene helps you connect the dots as a practitioner, but it rarely helps you explain the benefits your treatment provides the patient. Learn how...
Ms. Carrie Ibbetson
CE Credits: 1
Office Visit: Dr. Manu Dua
After he was diagnosed with oral cancer in July, this Townie had less than two weeks to find a locum who could help keep his practice open for months while he recuperated from surgery. Over eight...
by Arselia Gales, assistant editor, Dentaltown magazine
November 2019
Attitudes, Breakdowns and Conflict Resolutions.
Discover how to elevate your communication to a level that inspires open communication, prevents breakdowns, resolves conflict and builds trust and respect resulting in high performing team and...
Ms. Judy Kay Mausolf
CE Credits: 3
Watch the Clock
Office technology is great— if what it’s doing is legal. This recap explains how to make sure you are using your timekeeping software correctly.
by Paul Edwards
November 2019
It’s Your Money – A Few Ideas to Keep It.
Planning for retirement can be complex, especially when it may still be years into the future. The decisions you make today, need to lead to outcomes that ensure you accumulate the financial...
Mr. Tom Zgainer
CE Credits: 1.5


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