Laser Focused
Drs. Maia Berger and Sam Low use a laser to depigment gingiva, and talk about the clinical considerations.
by Drs. Maia Berger and Sam Low
February 2020
Periodontal Plastic Surgery: When to Graft and Techniques
This course covers the types of soft tissue grafting procedures available, and how to describe recession defects when referring patients or for documentation purposes and clear communication. A...
Hana Hobbs DDS, MS, PA
CE Credits: 1.5
Partner Content: Harnessing Digital Technology to Capture More Detail
Dr Kunal Shah describes a case where he used an intraoral scanner to treat a case of chronic apical periodontitis.
by Dr Kunal Shah
June/July 2019 - UK Edition
Pinhole Surgical Technique
This course discusses the prevalence and etiology of gingival recession (GR) as well as the Miller Classification of GR. This CE informs the attendee as to with predictability and effectiveness of...
Dr. John Chao
CE Credits: 1.5
Classified Information
Drs. Diego Velasquez and Bryan J. Frantz explain some of the industry changes discussed at the American Academy of Periodontology World Workshop, and how they could affect your practice.
by Drs. Diego Velasquez and Bryan J. Frantz
September 2018
Cracking the Code
This course explores how current dental terminology (CDT) code gaps have contributed to a delay in therapeutic care of early periodontal disease, recognition of its medical relevance, and the...
Patti DiGangi, RDH
CE Credits: 1.5
Honing Our Edge: Options for Maintaining Periodontal Hand Instruments
As clinicians, the hand scaling instruments we use become part of our professional persona. More importantly, maintaining the working edge is a challenge, one that’s a constant source of discussion...
Karen Siebert, BSDH, MA
CE Credits: 1.5
Townie Choice Awards 2017
The votes are in—the ballots are counted! See which products, services and equipment won the top spots for 2017.
December 2017
How Periodontal Soft Tissue Grafting WILL Enhance your Restorative Results
Learn useful methods for improving soft tissue appearances, enhancing restorative results, and stopping the progression of recession around both natural teeth and restorations.
James Kohner DDS
CE Credits: 2.5
Enhancing Restorative Results with Crown Lengthening
This course covers methods, limitations, and benefits of both esthetic and functional crown lengthening. Learn how to predictably solve everyday restorative problems, and even better learn how to...
James Kohner DDS
CE Credits: 2
Periodontal Probes: An Overview of History, Evolution and Clinical Technique
New technology has transformed the practice of modern dentistry over the past few decades. Digital radiography, lasers, improved materials for enhanced aesthetics, magnification loupes with...
by Lorraine Frey, RDH, LDH, BAS
CE Credits: 1.5
No Longer Just a Prophy
A prophylaxis is reserved for healthy patients with no signs of periodontal disease. The need for more than 20 minutes of subgingival instrumentation during a prophylaxis appointment shifts the focus...
by Debra Seidel-Bittke, RDH, BS
CE Credits: 1.5
Is Periodontal Disease the Common Denominator in The Spectrum of Chronic Inflammatory Diseases?
For years clinicians have acknowledged a relationship between periodontal disease and systemic disease. This presentation will detail a convincing mechanism behind this relationship.
William Nordquist, DMD
CE Credits: 2.5
Introduction to the Laser-assisted New Attachment Procedure for the Treatment of Periodontitis
The breakthrough Laser-assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP) offers many advantages over conventional flap periodontal surgery or scaling and root planing for the treatment of periodontitis.
Robert H. Gregg II, DDS
CE Credits: 1.5
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