Sleep Medicine

Dental Sleep Medicine: From Getting Started to Billing. Filmed Live at Townie Meeting
It is estimated that 25 percent of the population is at risk for this life-threatening condition, and dentistry is at the front lines. Mark will help you begin to chart a course into the various...
Dr. Mark Murphy
CE Credits: 2.5
Sleep Medicine and Airway Dentistry Q&A
Orthotown editorial director Dr. Daniel Grob and Dr. Devin Croft, an orthodontist who’s been treating sleep-disordered breathing patients for more than a decade, discuss the logistics and technology...
by Dr. Devin Croft, with Dr. Dan Grob, Orthotown editorial director
October 2020
Dental Sleep Medicine: Sleep Principles and Oral Appliances
This course includes not only a review of the first course (Introducing Dental Sleep Medicine into Your Practice), but a more in depth examination of sleep medicine and dentistry’s role in...
Barry Glassman, DMD, DAAPM, DAACP, FICCMO, Diplomate ABDSM, FADI
CE Credits: 2.5
Team Effort
Dr. Sandy Bigman, an orthodontist and a member of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, discusses how orthodontists and dentists can work together to manage sleep apnea, and shares treatment...
by Dr. Sandy Bigman
October 2019
Introducing Dental Sleep Medicine into Your Practice
We are being bombarded with the potential role of dentistry is sleep medicine; and yet only a fraction of those who learn about sleep medicine have successfully added these concepts to their general...
Barry Glassman, DMD, DAAPM, DAACP, FICCMO, Diplomate ABDSM, FADI
CE Credits: 2.5


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