Health, Wellness and Ergonomics

Dentistry + Physical Therapy
This course will provide an overview of what Physical Therapy is and how a relationship with a PT could benefit your dental practice. We will review the history of PT, discuss what to expect from a...
Leslie Hovda
CE Credits: 1.25
PTSD and Dental Residents: What’s Going On, and What Can Be Done?
Townies discuss an article about post-traumatic stress occurring among dental professionals.
New Grads Edition 2022
5 Steps to Practicing Dentistry Pain Free.
Research reveals 5 key areas that are essential to effectively resolving work-related pain in dentistry. This dynamic, interactive CE course introduces ground-breaking education that can help...
Dr. Bethany Valachi
CE Credits: 1.5
Special Section: Loupes and Magnification
Featuring partner content from Surgitel, Ultralight Optics, Futudent and Andau Medical
August 2022
Food and Cancer: A Review of the Research
This CE course discusses findings from research investigating the potential for specific foods to help prevent cancer and/or decrease cancer growth and metastasis. Specific phytochemcials in foods...
Dr. Pam VanArsdall
CE Credits: 1.5
Professional Courtesy: Losing It Is Just the Beginning
Dentaltown Editorial Director Dr. Thomas Giacobbi details his weight loss journey and shares how important it is to make changes in your life regardless of whether it’s the beginning, middle or end...
by Dr. Thomas Giacobbi
January 2022
COVID-19 – What You Need To Know
The recent COVID-19 pandemic is a disruptive force that will change our personal and professional lives for the foreseeable future. We are trusted healthcare professionals, and our patients will look...
Dr. Michael Glick
CE Credits: 1.5
The Hardest Part of Dentistry
As an unhappy young dentist, Dr. Sanjukta Mohanta was on the verge of quitting the profession altogether. But once she reconsidered what was most important in her life, she set off in a new direction...
by Dr. Sanjukta Mohanta
October 2021
Professional Courtesy: I’m a Dentist—Now What?
Dentaltown editorial director Dr. Thomas Giacobbi uses his nearly three decades of experience to shed light on some of the questions that new dentists might have upon graduating.
by Dr. Thomas Giacobbi
New Grad Edition 2021
Thinking About Dentistry
An introduction to basic critical thinking skills as they apply to dentistry. After demonstrating the need for these skills he then shares common errors in logic and judgment and one is provided...
Dr. Jason Luchtefeld
CE Credits: 1.5
Leaving Dentistry: This Way Out
Not even a decade into practicing dentistry, Dr. Manu Dua knew that his job made him miserable—something few dentists would dare to acknowledge after eight years of higher education and hundreds of...
by Dr. Manu Dua
March 2021
The Top 10 List for an Emergency Kit: Color Coding
This course describes the essential drugs needed for an Emergency Kit and how to use them according to Color Coding the Medical Emergencies. Addressed are the needs as dentists to recognize the...
Dr. Dan Pompa
CE Credits: 2
Dental Practices and COVID-19
Labor attorney John J. Balitis discusses some of the dental practice’s legal rights and responsibilities during the COVID-19 pandemic, such as workplace policies, employee privacy and protection...
by John J. Balitis
October 2020
Treating the Transgender Dental Patient... Filmed Live at Townie Meeting
This presentation goes into detail the fascinating personal and professional history of Dr. Anne Koch. She will also address all the required aspects of care, beginning with a description of terms,...
Dr. Anne Koch
CE Credits: 2
Actions For a Medical Emergency (Including Your Own!)
A CRISIS SITUATION can—and likely will—occur at some time in your practice. With this CE course, gain a comprehensive command of the essential knowledge and skills needed to handle a life...
Daniel G. Pompa, DDS
CE Credits: 2
Townie Choice Awards 2017
The votes are in—the ballots are counted! See which products, services and equipment won the top spots for 2017.
December 2017
Understanding Survivors of Childhood Abuse
This course provides insight into the failure of some patients to seek dental treatment or perform adequate self-care, and the relationship to mental health issues caused by childhood abuse.
Linda M Douglas, RDH, BSc
CE Credits: 1.5
Airway Resistance During Sedation
This course is intended to introduce the sedation dentist to two principles governing airway resistance. Understanding these concepts will help sedation practitioners more rapidly diagnose the...
Jason R. Flores, BSN-RN, DDS
CE Credits: 1.5
Videography on the Dental Microscope
A short overview about videography on the dental microscope. Setup, cameras and requirements will be discussed in this course.
Dr. Stefan Klinge
CE Credits: 1.5
Stress Management for Dental Professionals
An overview of the main elements of stress management as it relates specifically to dental professionals. Learn key terms, types of stress, the science behind stress, and ways in which to reduce the...
Jen Butler, M.Ed., CPC, BCC
CE Credits: 2
Medical Emergency Mastery
This course will provide Dentists and their staff a system to identify emergencies before they occur, the tools to respond effectively to a crisis, and the training materials for staff development. ...
Dr. Catharine Goodson
CE Credits: 1.5
The Reality of Addiction
This course includes discussion topics on the addiction process, drugs and their effects, the signs and symptoms of addiction, those affected and available treatment recommendations.
Dr. Steven Haase
CE Credits: 4
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