A Less Invasive Root Canal Option
Dr. Kevin Axx discusses a new device his endodontic practice uses for root canal treatments and what he sees as the benefits, limitations and considerations for its use and purchase.
by Dr. Kevin Axx
July 2020
The Root of the Problem: Access, Anatomy and Glide Path
Endodontic success is dependent on a variety of interrelated factors, but removal of bacteria from the root canal system is the ultimate goal. This CE course places emphasis on how to locate and...
Dr. David Landwehr
CE Credits: 3
Next Level Endodontics: Anatomically-Defined Biologic Endodontics
A new endotontic series of instruments are discussed. The superelasticity and shape-memory of the alloy used in these instruments facilitates expansion and adaptation into canal morphology where...
Dr. Martin Trope
CE Credits: 1.5
Office Visit: Dr. Reid Pullen
We photographed this Townie endodontist on the final day that California dentists were allowed to see non-emergency patients in their practices because of COVID-19 concerns, and the U.S. Army veteran...
by Arselia Gales, assistant editor, Dentaltown magazine
June 2020
The Good, The Bad & The Ugly: Finding Success with Endodontics in Your Practice
This course describes how the successful, fulfilling and profitable practice of endodontics is based upon proper case selection. Dentists performing endodontic therapy will benefit most by carefully...
Dr. Jason Hales
CE Credits: 1.5
Warm Vertical Obturation: A Lost Art?
Townie endodontist Dr. Reid Pullen shares a patient case that demonstrates using warm vertical obturation as a root canal technique.
by Dr. Reid Pullen
February 2020
Opening Our Eyes to CBCT in Endodontics: A View From the Inside
The use of CBCT technology in endodontics allows us to view dental and oral structures in a more clear and accurate way than ever before. This multimedia course is designed to teach the standard...
Dr. Brett Gilbert
CE Credits: 2
Root Canal Treatment: Back to His Roots
In the first installment of a two-part series, endodontist Dr. Reid Pullen discusses why he's decided to go back to treating patients using warm vertical obturation, instead of single-cone...
by Dr. Reid Pullen
November 2019
Superior Endodontic Results.
This presentation goes over superior ways of doing endodontics. Discussed are access openings, finding accessory canals, not breaking files, finding and reaching the apex, how to treat oval canals,...
Dr. Charles Goodis
CE Credits: 1
Tips for Less Post-Op Pain On …
One doctor wonders whether it’s possible to reduce pain after a pulpectomy/pulpotomy because of limited time to complete a root-canal treatment, and hundreds of Townies jump in to share their...
November 2019
Endo for GPs: Better, Faster and Safer Root Canals: Access, Narrow Canals, and More.
In this practical course, you will learn how you can perform root canals better, faster and safer. Many clinical tips and tricks will be demonstrated both for novice and experienced GPs, who may want...
Dr. Manor Haas
CE Credits: 1.5
Redefining ‘Success’ With Regenerative Endo
Drs. Judy McIntyre and Nikhil Mallick discuss regenerative endodontics and the need to reconsider what’s considered a “successful treatment” in some cases related to traumatic injury of pediatric...
by Drs. Judy McIntyre and Nikhil Mallick
August 2019
Endo for GPs: Better, Faster and Safer Root Canals: Instrument Separation, Obturation, and More.
In this practical course, you will learn how you can perform root canals better, faster and safer. Many clinical tips and tricks will be demonstrated both for novice and experienced GPs, who may want...
Dr. Manor Haas
CE Credits: 1.5
Professional Courtesy: Specialists Aren’t Perfect
Dr. Thomas Giacobbi, Dentaltown’s editorial director, recently referred his friend to an endodontist and the subsequent treatment was far from perfect. How do you communicate expectations when...
by Dr. Thomas Giacobbi
June 2019
Holy Moly-What do we do with resorption?
Open Apices, Perforations, & Resorption are discussed in this course including how to recognize these before treatment is started and how to treatment plan the work once these are encountered. The...
Dr. Ed Carlson
CE Credits: 1.5
Thinking Beyond Cyclic Fatigue
Cyclic fatigue resistance testing and endodontic file functionality, and the four traits of an “ideal” file
by Dr. David Landwehr
February 2019
Endodontic Treatment in the Age of Bioceramics
Endodontist Dr. L. Stephen Buchanan recently changed sealer brands after 40 years and shares why this was beneficial in his practice.
by Dr. L. Stephen Buchanan
November 2018
Is Endodontics Dying? Absolutely Not—Here’s Why
With the increased popularity of dental implants, there’s been a growing perception that the future of endodontics is bleak. As Dr. Manor Haas explains, however, endo actually has a bright future,...
Dr. Manor Haas
CE Credits: 1.5
Innovations in Endodontic Irrigation: Deciding What is Practical for Your Practice
This course presents a review of the anatomical complexities of root canal systems and the historical limitations of our conventional techniques to fully cleanse these convoluted spaces. Presented...
Dr. Brett E. Gilbert
CE Credits: 1.75
Where Did I Go Wrong?
A Townie looks for pointers on finding elusive canals.
November 2018
Endo/Bu/Crown Sequence
A future dental school graduate wonders how his fellow Townies schedule patients who need endo work, a buildup and a crown. His peers share their preferred techniques for efficient appointments and...
September 2018
The Essentials of Endodontic Emergencies: Diagnosis, Safe Access and Infection Management
This course is designed to teach the essential skills needed to confidently handle endodontic emergencies in the general practice setting. The material presented will help the clinician apply...
Dr. Brett E. Gilbert
CE Credits: 2
Endo Risks and Benefits
This course looks at the risks and benefits clinicians may face in performing root canals in-house. It identifies and reviews how to manage some specific complex clinical scenarios.
Dr. Manor Haas
CE Credits: 1.5
The Cone Beam Conversation
Townie endodontist Dr. Sonia Chopra shares the top five reasons she believes it’s well worth a dental professional’s effort to add cone beam technology (and invest the time it takes to learn it).
by Dr. Sonia Chopra
August 2018
Magnification in Endodontics: What, When and Why
This course reviews the types of magnification aids available, when they should be employed and why they are of benefit in clinical endodontics.
Manor Haas, DDS
CE Credits: 1.5


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