Give It Your Best Shot
Dr. John Batlle shares his technique for palatal anesthesia without requiring a greater palatine injection.
by Dr. John A. Batlle III
December 2019
Master Class Series Exparel - Use It Now
Exparel is an extended release encapsulated Bupivacaine, which can numb an area of the body to relieve pain after surgery or medical procedures, and dental procedures. In this course you will learn...
Dr. Bryan McLelland
CE Credits: 1.5
Mythbusters! Local Anesthesia Edition
Despite the frequency that oral healthcare providers use local anesthetics, misconceptions remain. The goal of this presentation is to discuss several common ‘myths’ surrounding local anesthesia...
Jason H. Goodchild, DMD
CE Credits: 2
Options To Anesthetize A Hot Tooth
A Townie with hot tooth troubles asks the boards for help numbing an RCT patient.
September 2018
Dentally Incorrect
Humor With Bite...
June 2018
Hello Dental Pulp! Accessory Innervation Anesthetic Protocol
This course describes how the accessory innervation anesthetic protocol can be used for profound pulpal anesthesia of the adult posterior mandible. It will revise how the accessory innervation theory...
Dr. Daniel Uzbelger
CE Credits: 1.5
10 Considerations of IV Sedation
This course identifies the advantages of offering IV sedation to the general public as a routine procedure in the general dental practice and highlights its benefits to the administering...
Dr. Kenneth J. Polke
CE Credits: 1.5
Continuing Education: Accessory Innervation Anesthetic Protocol
From research theory to clinical reality, Dr. Daniel Uzbelger Feldman discusses an accessory innervation anesthetic protocol for profound pulpal anesthesia of the adult posterior mandible.
by Dr. Daniel Uzbelger Feldman
April 2018
Accessory Innervation Anesthetic Protocol: From Research Theory to Clinical Reality
This course describes how the accessory innervation anesthetic protocol can be used for profound pulpal anesthesia of the adult posterior mandible. It will discuss how the accessory innervation...
Dr. Daniel Uzbelger Feldman
CE Credits: 1.5
Townie Choice Awards 2017
The votes are in—the ballots are counted! See which products, services and equipment won the top spots for 2017.
December 2017
To Buffer or Not to Buffer
This course details the concept of anesthetic buffering. The benefits are multifold and are supported by not only by the science in the literature, but backed by clinical evidence.
Charles D. Schlesinger DDS, FICOI
CE Credits: 1.5
Next Level Endodontics: Anesthesia and Pain Control
This course describes strategies to obtain profound anesthesia in order to perform comfortable endodontic treatment. Additionally, current evidence will be presented regarding the use of analgesics...
Dr. James G. Hupp
CE Credits: 1.5
An Observation on the Superiority of Articaine versus Lidocaine in Dental Anesthesia
This course is designed to educate the dental-health professional regarding the potential superiority of articaine 4 percent in relation to lidocaine 2 percent in dental anesthesia. It is also...
Fabio Velotti, M.Sc. Eng Bernardo Verrengia, C. Chem MRSC Deborah S. Laird, BS Pharm, RPh
CE Credits: 1.5
Local Anesthesia in Dentistry and Considerations for Mandibular Anesthetic Success
This course provides an update of the clinical pharmacology of local anesthetic agents and formulations used presently in dentistry and will review nine factors that may aid the practitioner in...
Jason H. Goodchild, DMD
CE Credits: 1.5
Articaine and Paresthesia in Dental Anesthesia: Neurotoxicity or Procedural Trauma?
This course is designed to educate the dental health professional concerning the occurrence and overall incidence of reported local anesthetic-induced paresthesia. In addition, it will serve to...
by Dr. M. Toma, Dr. M. Berghahn, S. Loth, B. Verrengia, Dr. L. Visani and F. Velotti
CE Credits: 1.5
Take Control of Your Schedule with Precision Buffering of Local Anesthetics
This presentation will begin with Dr. Falkel reviewing the science of local anesthesia including: the time course of analgesia, the factors that contribute to inconsistent anesthetic performance and...
Mark Hyman DDS and Mic Falkel DDS
CE Credits: 2


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