Practice Transitions

Purchasing or Selling a Dental Practice vs. Associate Buy-In
This CE course will help one develop an in-depth understanding of the business, legal and practical considerations necessary to execute the ideal practice transaction from both a buyer and seller’s...
William Barrett, Esq.
CE Credits: 2
The Pathway to Selling a Practice
Dr. Tom Snyder provides a comprehensive pathway and timeline for dentists to consider as they plan to sell their practices.
by Dr. Tom Snyder
February 2020
Buying a Dental Practice: Buyins/Buyouts & Mergers.
This course dives into specific Red and Green Flags that a buyer needs to be aware of when going through this process. A must for all those with plans to undertake this big step now or in the future.
Mr. Tim Lott
CE Credits: 1.5
Buying a Dental Practice: There is More to it Than Price.
This presentation is designed to educate the prospective buyer on how to approach the financial due diligence aspect of buying a dental practice. You will learn what information you need to look at,...
Tim Lott
CE Credits: 2
The Lease: The Dentist’s Forgotten Asset
This course is designed for any dentist looking to do a start up dental practice or a dentist that is planning on acquiring either an interest in a dental practice or becoming the sole owner of a...
Jason Wood, BA, JD
CE Credits: 1.5
Associates, Partnerships, Acquisitions, Oh My!
This course is for young dentists who are looking at entering into an associate agreement, purchasing an interest in a dental practice and forming a partnership, attempting to do a dental practice...
Jason Wood, Esq.
CE Credits: 1.5
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