Restorative Dentistry

A Dynamic Duo
After a patient presented with worn dentition, tooth loss and concerns over the aesthetics of his smile, Dr. John Heimke planned a full-mouth rehabilitation project that involved three...
by Dr. John Heimke
April 2024
White Spot, What Now? An Update on Incipient Caries Treatments
Why watch and wait when you can act? Learn the latest options for caries arrest, remineralization treatments, and related nonsurgical options.
Dr. Jeanette MacLean
CE Credits: 2.75
Aesthetic Conservative Cast Gold Restorations
Practical and concise techniques for clinical success when using cast gold restorations.
Dr. Richard G. Stevenson III
CE Credits: 1.75
How To Restore This Tooth?
Townies help a doc treat a young patient’s complicated fracture
March 2024
Principles of Visual Perception, Smile Display and Functional Longevity
This CE course focuses on a systematic approach using classic concepts. Once we understand the foundational concepts of tooth morphology, smile design and function, then its easier to add the details...
Lane Ochi, DDS, FACD, FICD
CE Credits: 1.5
Why? Why?
A Townie tries to come to terms with a specialist’s questionable clinical decision
March 2024
Achieving Predictable Outcomes With Full Arch Restorations
This course discusses how to identify prospective patients for implant supported restoration, comprehensive treatment techniques, review cases, and more!
Anthony M. Deliberato DDS
CE Credits: 1.5
The Future Is Now
Dentaltown editorial board member Dr. Jeanette MacLean takes a deep dive on a new product designed to help regenerate tooth enamel and remineralize teeth—a new, aesthetics-friendly bridge in the gap...
by Dr. Jeanette MacLean
January 2024
Capture Big Cases & Place Predictable Restorations
Most courses teach us how to work, but not how to make it fun. What if you could do dentistry that required fewer shots and drilling with greater predictability? What if you could do this, do more of...
Dr. Michael A. Miyasaki
CE Credits: 1.75
Hi-Ho, Silver!
Silver diamine fluoride is mostly used to treat children, but Drs. Justin J. Cardarelli and Marmar Mesgarzadeh believe the caries preventer and treatment makes sense for certain cases of adult...
by Drs. Justin J. Cardarelli and Marmar Mesgarzadeh
January 2024
Clinical Considerations and Troubleshooting Techniques For Anterior and Posterior Crowns
This course examines tips and trick to increase resistance and retention when short clinical crown preps are apparent. Recommendations for using or not using posts, proper biomaterial and cement...
Dr. Robert Slauch
CE Credits: 1.25
Online CE: Latest & Greatest
Dr. Nareg Apelian, director of continuing education, shares Dentaltown's latest CE offerings, most popular restorative dentistry courses and more.
by Dr. Nareg Apelian
December 2023
2023 Dental Townie Choice Awards
The results are in, and now it’s time to announce the winners of the 2023 Dental Townie Choice Awards—and this year, we shine the spotlight on the victors in a few notable races.
December 2023
Tissue Augmentation and Immediate Tooth Replacement for Optimal Implant Esthetics and Success
In this CE course Dr. Sascha Jovanovic discusses the principles of biological augmentation, focusing on guided bone regeneration and soft tissue, using biological materials from the patient....
Dr. Sascha Jovanovic
CE Credits: 1.75
Occlusal Equilibration: Technique and Rationalization
This course overviews a subtractive occlusal equilibration technique that aids in the attainment of mutually protected occlusal schemes.
Dr. Mike Racich
CE Credits: 1.5
Posterior Protocol
When Dr. Christina Pruitt’s patient complained of cold sensitivity, she discovered his old amalgam restorations were failing. To save existing tooth structure as well as money, he opted for direct...
by Dr. Christina Pruitt
November 2023
Occlusal Equilibration: The Basics
This course describes and illustrates an evidence-based basic, simplified approach to occlusal equilibration. The illustrated technique is both additive and subtractive. Treatment rationale(s) and...
Dr. Mike Racich
CE Credits: 1.75
Show Your Work: Strike Up the Band!
One of our top-followed Townies, Dr. Arthur R. Volker, shares a case study that illustrates how to use a dental matrix with the composite injection-molding technique to create a patient’s...
by Dr. Arthur R. Volker
October 2023
Online CE for New Dentists
The Best Online CE for Young Dentists
by Dr. Nareg Apelian
New Grads Edition 2023
Simplify Composites
Composite is not white amalgam. Composite requires isolation and visibility. This course presents several straight-forward methods to obtain the needed prep isolation and visibility.
Dr. Dennis Brown
CE Credits: 1.5
7–10 Bridge or Implants?
Townies showcase how helpful the message boards can be in treatment planning
New Grads Edition 2023
Composite Full-Mouth Rehabilitations
This course goes through all aspects of the process of Full-Mouth Rehabilitation USING COMPOSITE ONLY to make it totally predictable for every restorative dentist. Discussion includes how to plan it,...
Dr. Cory Glenn
CE Credits: 1.5
Get In the Loupes
Forest Rain Marcia shares how to choose the right magnification tools
by Forest Rain Marcia
New Grads Edition 2023
Injection Molding: Engineering Composite Success.
The injection molding technique composites and ultra-thin anatomic tooth forms creates porcelain-like outcomes at a lower physiological cost. These monolithic restorations can endure and sparkle for...
Dr. Arthur Volker
CE Credits: 1.5
Dentally Incorrect
Humor with Bite: Dig In!
October 2023
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