Restorative Dentistry

Occlusal Equilibration: The Basics
This course describes and illustrates an evidence-based basic, simplified approach to occlusal equilibration. The illustrated technique is both additive and subtractive. Treatment rationale(s) and...
Dr. Mike Racich
CE Credits: 1.75
Show Your Work: Age Is Just a Number
Dr. Sanna Charlie and fourth-year dental student Christofer Hatzis share a case study in which they used minimally invasive dental measures to restore the aesthetics to the smile of a 92-year-old...
by Christofer Hatzis and Dr. Sanna Charlie
February 2020
Show Your Work: Different Materials for Different Patients
Dr. Richard Rosenblatt shares a case in which he created a zirconia crown in-house for a 60-year-old patient.
by Dr. Richard Rosenblatt
January 2020
Simplify Composites
Composite is not white amalgam. Composite requires isolation and visibility. This course presents several straight-forward methods to obtain the needed prep isolation and visibility.
Dr. Dennis Brown
CE Credits: 1.5
Composite Full-Mouth Rehabilitations
This course goes through all aspects of the process of Full-Mouth Rehabilitation USING COMPOSITE ONLY to make it totally predictable for every restorative dentist. Discussion includes how to plan it,...
Dr. Cory Glenn
CE Credits: 1.5
Show Your Work: Restoring Large Class III Cavities with a One-Shade Composite
Dr. Jim Peyton shares a case involving a patient whose blood pressure medication led to dry mouth and significant tooth decay, which he restored with a one-shade universal composite.
by Dr. Jim Peyton
December 2019
Injection Molding: Engineering Composite Success.
The injection molding technique composites and ultra-thin anatomic tooth forms creates porcelain-like outcomes at a lower physiological cost. These monolithic restorations can endure and sparkle for...
Dr. Arthur Volker
CE Credits: 1.5
Show Your Work: A New Technique for New Patients
Dr. Arthur Volker shares a direct composite case study in which he treated a patient’s lower anterior black triangles—a challenge because of the small area dentists need to get into.
by Dr. Arthur Volker
November 2019
Everyday Posterior and Anterior Composites
Dr. Nosti discusses simplified techniques for everyday posterior and anterior composites to provide an aesthetic outcome while at the same time being profitable. Materials, techniques and...
Dr. John Nosti
CE Credits: 1.5
Show Your Work: Treating an Aging Population
Dr. Raymond Kimsey shares a geriatric dentistry case in which he placed a direct restoration for a 94-year-old patient with Alzheimer’s disease, utilizing a crown form and composite.
by Dr. Raymond Kimsey
September 2019
Learning to Trust Bulk Filling for Class II Restorations
Learn to enjoy placing class II restorations by modernizing your cavity preparations, trusting state-of-the bulk fill composites, and using injection molding techniques. Move away from layering to...
Dr. David Clark
CE Credits: 1.5
Sudden IAN Block Troubles
A Townie revives a helpful thread, which spurs new ideas.
September 2019
Idiot Proof Crown Prep? Trying to Come Up With One.
The Townie community comes to the rescue with tips to improve lab work.
September 2019
Less is More: Minimally-Invasive Cosmetic Treatment Options for Enamel Defects
MI Paste, ICON Resin Infiltration, and etch/bleach seal can improve or even completely reverse the appearance of congenital enamel defects and white spot lesions while preserving tooth structure and...
Dr. Jeanette MacLean
CE Credits: 3
Demystifying Cementation of Indirect Restorations in our Practices
It’s “Game Time”, the cementation of your restoration and the question, what to use? Use the wrong product or the wrong procedure and you are guaranteed premature failure. So, the questions… Do you...
Dr. Lou Graham
CE Credits: 1.5
Show Your Work (Worn) Down But Not Out
Dr. Terry Shaw, a Townie with hundreds of followers on the Dentaltown message boards, shares a case in which he rebuilt a patient’s dentition using composite material.
by Dr. Terry Shaw
August 2019
Tips to Restore Broken Down Teeth (anterior and posterior) With Composite
This course explores various tips for achieving predictable results in restoring broken down teeth both in the anterior and posterior with composite resin. Techniques gone over in detail include the...
Dr. Cory Glenn
CE Credits: 1.25
Why Proximators Rule
Well-known “davidpalmer” shows how something as basic as a proximator can make for a better dentist when done right.
August 2019
Disillusioned by Dentistry? How to Avoid the Dreaded Regret of Choosing Dentistry as Your Profession.
Join Dr. John Nosti as he defines the top five ways to enjoy practicing dentistry and avoid burnout. Learn strategies to reduce debt, reduce insurance dependence, simplify systems, materials and your...
Dr. John Nosti
CE Credits: 2.5
Managing Tooth Wear Through Effective Communication
Professor Andrew Eder explores how to communicate effectively with patients about tooth wear.
by Andrew Eder, dean and professor at the University of Buckingham Dental Institute
June/July 2019 - UK Edition
Message Board: Here Are Some Tricks for More Predictable Mylar Strip Use in the Anterior
A Townie shares a step-by-step on using greater band curves on challenging restorations
June/July 2019 - UK Edition
See What You Can Do With Composite.
In this course, Dr. Terry Shaw presents various cases showing everything from full-mouth composite rehabs, composite bridges to some out-of the box restorations. Opening occlusion with the Dahl...
Dr. Terry Shaw
CE Credits: 1.5
Composite Full Mouth Rehabilitations the dkdocterry Way
Composite is an exceptional restorative material that can be used to restore teeth that conventionally most dentists would resort to do with porcelain. Viewing this course will allow dentists to...
Dr. Terry Shaw
CE Credits: 2
I Hate Doing Crown Preps
One recent dental school graduate isn’t enjoying his crown appointments, but his fellow Townies show him how to change that.
March 2019
Better Class II Composites
How to make Class II composites faster, easier, better and more profitable
by Gordon J. Christensen, DDS, MSD, PhD
February 2019


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