Cosmetic Dentistry

Dermal Fillers in the Dental Office
This course explores the current use of dermal fillers, both FDA approved and common off-label uses. Different techniques utilized in the placement of dermal fillers are explored as well as the...
Dr. David Kimmel
CE Credits: 1.75
Reversing the Grind
One of our most-followed Townies, Dr. Terry Shaw, shares a case in which he treated a well-known Canadian tenor’s severely worn dentition over two visits by rebuilding the patient’s upper and lower...
by Dr. Terry Shaw
November 2020
New-Economy Cosmetics...Filmed Live at Townie Meeting.
The days of cashing in the home equity for 20 porcelain veneers may be over, but elective dentistry is NOT dead. Learn new treatment options, tips, and strategies to reinvigorate the elective portion...
Dr. Eric Jones
CE Credits: 1.5
Show Your Work: Anterior Aesthetic Veneers
Dr. Jonathan Ferencz shares a case in which he bridges the analog–digital divide when creating anterior aesthetic veneers.
by Dr. Jonathan Ferencz
August 2020
Aesthetic Crown Lengthening
In this follow-up to his February 2018 article on functional crown lengthening, Denver periodontist and Dentaltown board member Dr. Brian Gurinsky explains why you should lengthen a crown for...
by Dr. Brian S. Gurinsky
July 2018
Laminate Veneers - Preparation Variants
In this course the specifics, advantages and disadvantages of different preparation variants in regard to the amount of dentin exposure are presented for laminate veneers. The application of various...
Dr. Jan Hajtó
CE Credits: 2
Facial Harmony and the Lips... Recorded Live at the Cad Ray Symposium.
This course discusses facial aesthetics and a system to achieve aesthetic predictability. Natural aesthetic cases are shown. How gingival aesthetics in full mouth restorations is optimized is...
Dr. Laurence Rifkin
CE Credits: 2
Townie Choice Awards 2017
The votes are in—the ballots are counted! See which products, services and equipment won the top spots for 2017.
December 2017
In Memoriam: No Prep Veneers...From Start to Finish By Dr. Robert Ibsen.
Dr. Robert Ibsen demonstrates proven additive, adhesive, shoulder-free veneer techniques you can begin using immediately to best service those patient and increase patient acceptance. He also...
Robert L. Ibsen
CE Credits: 2
Whiten Up! Follow these 4 steps to increase your cosmetic dentistry caseload.
Dr. Rod Kurthy shares his foolproof method to gaining more cosmetic dentistry patients in your practice.
by Dr. Rod Kurthy
December 2016
Minimally Invasive Esthetic Dentistry: An Oxymoron?
“Minimally-invasive dentistry” is a hot topic in dentistry. It’s very easy to talk about taking away less tooth structure, but it is more difficult to apply this concept to achieve predictable...
Dr. Arthur Volker
CE Credits: 1.5
Aesthetic Criteria
This course provides a comprehensive overview on the main relevant aesthetic parameters that dentists and dental technicians should take into consideration, when planning and designing a new smile....
Dr. Jan Hajtó
CE Credits: 2
Success with All Ceramic Restorations
In this course Jan Hajtó presents his conclusive and clinically proven allceramic material concept. This concept pursues two main goals: To keep it as simple as possible in order to limit the number...
Dr. Jan Hajtó
CE Credits: 2
Anterior Aesthetic Techniques and Materials. Filmed LIVE at Townie Meeting!
Accomplishing exquisite anterior restorative results is a combination of preparation technique and materials selection. This program presents an approach to plan margin placement and tooth reduction...
Dr. Lee Ann Brady
CE Credits: 3.5
Hot Topics in Aesthetics, Dental Ceramics and Adhesives. Recorded Live at Townie Meeting!
The presentation will cover current all ceramic systems from selection criteria to their application in veneer, inlay, onlay, crown and implant application. Recorded Live at Townie Meeting 2014!
Dr. Edward McLaren
CE Credits: 2
Why Did I Get Out of Bed Today? Tales from a Comprehensive Dentist.... Recorded Live at Townie Meeting 2014
Failures in dentistry are unfortunately a way of practice. Despite this possibility, when they occur there is still an emotional and mental strain placed on the practitioner. John Nosti discusses...
Dr. John Nosti
CE Credits: 2
Tack & Wave Veneer Cementation
This presentation discusses the very efficient and predictable, step-by-step technique for cementing veneers and anterior crowns including try-in, adhesive systems available, and utilization of...
Dr. David Hornbrook
CE Credits: 2
Anterior All Ceramics: From Case Selection to Cementation
Are you wanting to perform more cosmetic dentistry in your office but unsure on a which patient's are great candidates, or what cement works best? Patients today are as cosmetically motivated as...
Dr. John Nosti
CE Credits: 2.5
Fundamentals of Veneer Preparation
This presentation discusses the things required to correctly and predictably prepare teeth for ceramic veneers. It is designed to help all clinicians establish a system for success beginning with...
Dr. David Hornbrook
CE Credits: 1.5
Incorporating Botox Into Your Dental Practice For Cosmetics.
This course covers the use of Botulism Toxin in a General Dental Practice and explains how Botox works. You will learn about the newer Botulism Toxins that are currently available on the market and...
David Kimmel DMD
CE Credits: 1.5
Porcelain Veneers: From Case Selection to Cementation
Veneers have been widely used and successful in dentistry for nearly 30 years. Despite their success, confusion regarding patient selection, indications, preparation design and material selection...
by John Nosti, DMD, FAGD, FACE, FICOI
CE Credits: 1.5
Staging Comprehensive Treatment
This course is designed to teach doctors how to complete a full mouth rehabilitation with an increase in vertical dimension in stages. Materials, fees and procedures will be discussed which will...
Dr. John Nosti
CE Credits: 2
Why We See Problems with Teeth Whitening: The Science of Whitening, Part 3
Teeth sensitivity, and even downright pain, is the single most common negative side effect of teeth whitening. Most dentists are confused by whitening sensitivity and do not know any of the science...
Rod Kurthy, DMD
CE Credits: 1.5
Cementation Simplified: Reliable Protocols for Cementing and Bonding Today’s Restorations Webcast
This course will provide participants with an overview of considerations for cementing and bonding today’s restorations. It particularly offers overall insight into cement classifications,...
by Franklin Shull, DMD
CE Credits: 2
Cementation Simplified: Reliable Protocols for Cementing and Bonding Today’s Restorations
This course will provide participants with an overview of considerations for cementing and bonding today’s restorations. It particularly offers overall insight into cement classifications,...
by Franklin Shull, DMD, and Shashikant Singhal, BDS, MS
CE Credits: 1.5
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