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Weight Loss For Dentists with Dr. Natanya Brown
In this episode of Behind The Smiles, talks with Dr. Gina about managing our happiness and not taking out stress on food.  They also talk about...     -Using your brain to work for you and not against you             -How your habits form who you are             -How to have the right...  Read More
Special Crossover Episode: Reverse-Engineering Your Dream Life with Kiera Dent
In this special crossover episode of Behind The Smiles, Dr. Gina Dorfman joins dental practice owner and incredibly insightful consultant, .   Kiera and Dr. Gina chat about:                 Overcoming self-limiting beliefs             Delegating Authority               The $200 dollar rule /...  Read More
Business is Not Hard with Cameron Herold
This week we have a special episode for you is our 100th episode, and it is SUPER exciting to celebrate this episode with the CEO Whisperer and Business Growth Guru, ! By 35, he’d helped build his first two 100 Million Dollar companies. By the age of 42, Cameron had engineered...  Read More
Insurance and Getting to Yes with Teresa Duncan
Dr. Gina Dorfman chats with Teresa Duncan, Dentistry's #1 Insurance and Revenue Coach, and leader of .  Teresa gives us the scoop on... - Communicating the quality of care - being proactive about giving patients a good experience.  - How to use your words to make patients feel secure and...  Read More
Hiring A Team That Represents Your Brand with Brenda McNulty
Welcome back to Behind The Smiles. This week's episode features Brenda McNulty, Dental Group Director of supportDDS. She talks to us about team building and changing the way that dentists hire and train their teams. In this episode, Brenda teaches us:                         Why the term "team"...  Read More
Dental Respiratory Protection Program Webinar
This blog post features a webinar with Smart Training’s Vice President of Healthcare, Lee Slaton. This webinar was hosted by , and it covers dental respiratory protection programs (RPPs). Lee Slaton wrote, Here’s what you’ll learn about in this webinar:                                      ...  Read More
Marcus Crigler - How to Pay Taxes Like Donald Trump
Podcast Episode #301: Marcus Crigler - How to Pay Taxes Like Donald Trump Episode #301: Dentist Freedom Blueprint Podcast Marcus Crigler - How to Pay Taxes Like Donald Trump You may have seen Donald Trump in the news recently for more than just election coverage. It turns out he paid very...  Read More
1495 Olivier Schiller, CEO of Septodont, on Dental Anesthesia and Community Leadership : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Olivier Schiller is the CEO of Septodont, a family business created in 1932 by his grandparents Nestor and Annie Schiller. Septodont is a pharmaceutical company that develops, produces, and distributes a wide range of products for dentists. Today, the company is the world leader in dental...  Read More
Categories: Anesthesia
1494 Anthony J. Faso of Infinite Wealth Consultants on Creating Passive Income & Doing What You Love : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Anthony is a family man, army veteran, author, real estate investor and self-proclaimed “Recovering” CPA. After the Great Recession, he saw the advice his clients were receiving from typical financial planners and himself only made Wall Street rich at the expense of his clients. That inspired...  Read More
7 Real Estate Investing Blogs Every Doctor Should Know
7 Real Estate Investing Blogs Every Doctor Should Know One of the top reasons doctors and other professionals in stressful careers join our Free . Now some do want to retire earlier. But for the most part, many get the itch to cut back to part time and pursue what they’ve been putting off due to...  Read More
1493 Dr. Francisco T. Barbosa, Founder of Periospot, on International Implant Dentistry : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Francisco Teixeira Barbosa graduated from the University Alfonso X El Sabio in Madrid, Spain in 2004. He moved his practice to Barcelona where he continued his education at Escuela Superior de Implantologia and as a dentist at the Maxillofacial department of Hospital del Mar at Barcelona. At the...  Read More
Categories: Implant Dentistry
1492 Celebrity Doctor Nicole Bell, DDS on Cosmetic Dentistry & Facial Esthetics : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Dr. Nicole Bell is a celebrity injector and oral surgeon. Dr. Bell is popular amongst and has treated a host of celebrities and social media influencers including some of you may currently be following including Darcey Silva, Stacy Silva, the real housewives of New Jersey, mob wives, activist and...  Read More
Categories: Cosmetic Dentistry
Ignite Your New Patient Acquisition To Finish The Year Strong
When running on a shoestring budget, you need to maximize every new patient opportunity. In this webinar, Amol Nirgudkar explains how you can improve your patient acquisition rate by paying more attention to the performance of your front-office staff. Panelists: Amol Nirgudkar & Teresa Duncan, MS ...  Read More
Skin In The Game
Conventional wisdom says that if you give an associate some “skin in the game” via partial ownership, that associate will be more invested in the success of the office. In this episode Joe challenges this conventional wisdom. He discusses when it may work, and when it may not, and the headaches...  Read More
What Stands Out in the 30,000 Foot View of Your Practice?
What can you do now to make your dental practice more profitable now, and more valuable in the future? In our next series of blog posts, we will explore the  — a set of 18 factors that impact the value of an enterprise. All of these value drivers make your dental practice more profitable now and...  Read More
Episode 142: We Need To Stop Putting Fancy Sweaters On Dinosaurs!
What the heck is Dr. Laskin talking about when he says, "we need to stop putting sweaters on dinosaurs"?! Listen in as he explains to co-host, Dave Pryor, what he means and why there could be some sweater-wearing dinosaurs lurking around your dental office.  Stop Putting Fancy Sweaters On...  Read More
Episode 84 - So, You Think You Need an Associate
So many docs make mistakes when they bring on an associate. What they need to do is take a step back, because they haven’t really evaluated their business. One of the big problems is most dentists don’t realize that when they add an associate, it usually reduces their productivity and collections....  Read More
1491 Dr. Jean C. Wu, DDS on the Art of Prosthodontics: Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Dr. Jean Wu is on the Executive Council for Pacific Coast Society for Prosthodontics and a Past-President for the Academy of Microscope Enhanced Dentistry. She is also a member of the American Dental Association, the California Dental Association and the Orange County Dental Society. She was a...  Read More
Categories: Prosthodontics
How to improve confidence in the dental clinic after COVID-19
Any patient who reflects from home on whether he should go to a dental clinic in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic may think that it is an unnecessary risk if "nothing hurts." This can cause that person to wait to see the dentist until they have serious complications, such as periodontitis. It is...  Read More
Categories: Hygiene
Episode 5 - Your patients' #1 concern
As a dentist and business owner, it's important to understand what your patients are concerned about and how to effectively address that. Not only will you have happier patients, but it will also help boost revenue and the financial health of your practice. Join us as we talk with Alan Hollander,...  Read More
How To Use a Delaware Statutory Trust for 1031 Exchanges
How To Use a Delaware Statutory Trust for 1031 Exchanges As a high-income earner, one of the largest expenses you have is taxes. Unfortunately, too many doctors become complacent with paying almost half of their salary to the IRS and never do anything about it. Why? I don’t know. Look, I’m not an...  Read More
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