Investment Grade Practices: A Dentist Podcast
Investment Grade Practices: A Dentist Podcast
Investment Grade PracticesTM are designed to give you the lifestyle you enjoy today, while building an asset for tomorrow. Victoria Peterson, SsD helps dentists build practices that they love today while building value to secure their future.

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Episode 99 – Requested Replay: Attracting Top Talent
“I don’t know how many will agree with me, but I will stand up for every one of my team members. I will put them ahead of my patients because they’ve earned it.” – Dr. Maggie Augustyn Team turnover is devastating to your practice. It undermines team morale and can wipe out any financial gains...  Read More
Episode 98 – Requested Replay: Reinforcing Your Team
“If you have high turnover, that usually means people have stopped growing in your practice.” -Dr. Victoria Peterson Your team is one of the foundational pillars to building your Investment Grade Practice™. In the last episode, we had an exceptional conversation with Dr. Adrienne Reynolds about...  Read More
Episode 97 – Seller Readiness
“Ninety-five percent of dentists cannot retire and maintain their standard of living, which is sad. It’s not fair.”  ~ Dr. Victoria Peterson Join Investment Grade Practices Podcast host Dr. Victoria Peterson and Dr. Bruce B. Baird (host of The Productive Dentist Podcast) in this raw and candid...  Read More
Episode 96 – Requested Replay: Growing Your Dental Business
“If you’re going to grow your business, you need to grow your people.” Building and retaining a fantastic team is key to building your Investment Grade Practice™. But so many dentists and business owners struggle with their team and office culture. In fact, it can be downright debilitating when...  Read More
Episode 95 – Requested Replay: Secrets to a Value-driven Practice
“It was never about a number, it was about lifestyle.” ~Dr. Clint Euse When he was a new dentist and saw an ad that said he could make $1000 an hour, work three days a week, and take a month of vacation each year, Dr. Clint Euse thought that was crazy…impossible. Now, ten years down the road, he’s...  Read More
Episode 94 – Requested Replay: Live Life On Your Terms
“I wish I knew then what I know now, because maybe things would have been different.” – Dr. Bruce B. Baird Do you want to live life on your terms? Of course you do! But in order to do that, you need to know what opportunities are available to you and your dental practice. The reality is, the...  Read More
Episode 93 - Requested Replay: Legacy Building and Opportunities for Young Dentists
“No matter what age you’re at, begin with the end in mind.” ~Dr. Bruce B. Baird I saw a brokerage ad the other week that made me cringe. It was advertising a dental practice for sale and read: “Don’t pay attention to last year’s revenues, they were down because the dentist chose to have a little...  Read More
Episode 91 – Requested Replay: From Good To Great, Part 3
“Tapping into the talent of people is one of the gifts of great leadership.” – Dr. Victoria Peterson “Help me help you.” I think that is the unspoken mantra of employees in America today. And as a dental practice owner who is crafting your Investment Grade Practice™, you know you can’t bring your...  Read More
Episode 90 – Ethical Decision Making
“How much are we willing to violate our ethics at the expense of the patients?”  ~ Dr. Maggie Augustyn This special episode of the Investment Grade Practices podcast finds us at the intersection of ethics and productivity. Dr. Victoria Peterson warmly welcomes Dr. Maggie Augustyn, a distinguished...  Read More
Episode 89 – Requested Replay: From Good to Great, Part 2
“Your vision should be intimidating. If you don’t know how to achieve it, then you’re doing it right.” – Dr. Victoria Peterson Are you a growth-minded doctor who gets frustrated that your team can’t keep up with you? I feel your pain. But here’s a question I want you to think about today: Are your...  Read More
Episode 88 – Mastering the Insurance Denial
“All insurance is financing. So if you’re trying to drop insurance you need to increase financing options and increase marketing.”  ~ Dr. Travis Campbell If you’ve ever wanted to gain a better understanding of dental insurance, this episode is for you. In this episode of the Investment Grade...  Read More
Episode 87 – Requested Replay: From Good to Great, Part 1
“Good is the enemy of great. Because too often, ‘good’ means settling for ‘good enough.’” – Dr. Victoria Peterson What is holding you back from greatness? Maybe you’ve gotten used to settling for “good”…which really means “good enough.” “Good” is actually the enemy of great. Consider this: good...  Read More
Episode 86 – Requested Replay: Building Value in the Dental Practice with Dr. Bruce B. Baird
“Value is at the heart of building an Investment Grade Practice. Top practices must hold their value for new buyers.” If you’re anything like me, you look at your practice and think, “Man I should be further down the line than this.” Building value in your practice takes time, care, intent, and...  Read More
Episode 85 – Requested Replay: What is IGP?
“Being a dental practice owner is one of the most courageous acts of independence to be found in the business world today.” – Dr. Victoria Peterson You deserve a dental practice that gives you a life you love today, and builds value to support your future. But, wait, you say. It’s not that easy. I...  Read More
Episode 84 – Navigating Dental Practice Ownership
“Nowhere else except dentistry does the interview include the person asking ‘when do I take over?’”  – Chris Sands “Hire and mentor a million-dollar associate.” It sounds so easy. But as you probably know, it’s not. In last week’s episode of Investment Grade Practices, we had a mind-blowing...  Read More
Episode 83 – Unlock Your Practice’s Full Potential
“The million-dollar associate should be the goal” – Dr. Victoria Peterson You are in your early 40s, and you have owned your practice for about 10 years (or less). While the entire country talks about selling, your practice is on the rise and you’re finally able to enjoy a little bit of profit. So...  Read More
Episode 82 - Setting the Standard for Success
“The number one job of a leader is to provide clarity.”  ~ Dr. Victoria Peterson In this episode of the Investment Grade Practices podcast, your host Dr. Victoria Peterson recaps her conversation with the remarkable Dr. Jonathan Ehlers from the previous episode, and provides listeners with some...  Read More
Episode 81 - Empowering Your Associate
“You have to be honest with yourself, and establish standards and your practice philosophy early. Don’t just cross them, you have to have the hard conversations, because at the end of the day it’s going to make your life better.”  ~ Dr. Jonathan Ehlers In this episode of the Investment Grade...  Read More
Episode 80 – Contracts: Learning the Basics
“In my opinion, there are 3 phases of a contract: how you get into it, how you operate through it, and how you get out. The goal is for the business owner to set things up so there are no surprises later on.” – David Cohen In any Investment Grade Practice, there are 3 levels: Investing in...  Read More
Episode 79 – Would You Throw Away $150,000?
“Part of having an Investment Grade Practice is having the wherewithal to manage the levers so you can continue to operate successfully.” – Nicholas Partridge Would you throw away $150,000 of profit every year? Of course not. But that’s what you might be doing if you get rid of an insurance plan...  Read More
Episode 78 - The Art of Patient Connection
“People who like and trust you are more likely to work with you.”  ~ Dr. Victoria Peterson In this episode of the Investment Grade Practices podcast, as we wrap up our exploration of the most vital metric in your dental practice, we invite you to delve into the importance of establishing...  Read More
Episode 77 - The Power of Reactivation
“In this scenario, your treatment coordinator could pull in an additional $30,000 per month based on treatment that you’ve already recommended.”  ~ Dr. Victoria Peterson Over the last two episodes of the Investment Grade Practice podcast, we discovered the most important metric in your practice to...  Read More
Episode 76 - Financing: Getting Patients to “Yes!”
“It doesn’t matter if they get the work done over four months or four years. What matters is they’re in control, and you have a plan.”  ~ Dr. Victoria Peterson In the previous episode, we learned that the most important metric in your practice is if your patients are saying “yes” to treatment, and...  Read More
Episode 75 - The Most Important Metric in Your Practice
“Figure out who you are, who you serve, and then develop your philosophy of care from there.”  ~ Victoria Peterson There are so many different metrics that we can use to measure the success of your dental practice.  But if you truly want to gauge how well your practice is doing, it comes back to...  Read More
Episode 74 – Empowering Your Team to Lead
“The number one thing that has made it easy for me as a leader, Is being super clear about what characteristics we as a team should embody.” – Regan Robertson Have you ever been frustrated with team members who hide out, forget simple tasks, or downright refuse to take accountability? It comes...  Read More
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